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The writing in this very long article comes from a book I was working on in 2001,

showing some of the ideas and concepts I was experiencing within myself at that
time in my life. It also shows the gradual development of my work and the place to
where all my concepts and beliefs came from and why I have so much
determination in presenting my ideas on perception of life in my writing today:

A simple perception of life

Written in 2001
By Stacey T Pollock

Life can be simple, depending on the way in which we view reality. There is no
reason to see life as a constant battle for survival. Life does not have to be
uncomfortable or boring. Not tiresome or competitive. It does not even have to be
cumbersome or challenging. Life is what we make of it. It is a vision of what we
believe it to be.

This concept may seem hard for people to grasp at first, but after seeing the full
version of the facts it will come as no surprise to understanding. Deep down we have
perhaps always understood that life is our own creation. There is a much more simple
way of grasping what is around us. The details may not have surfaced as yet, but we
are constantly searching for them. We search for a simple answer to life and it is right
in front of our faces.

This concept that I will bring forth to you in this writing focuses around my search for
a ‘simple life’. I will detail my understanding of how life is viewed and perceived.
The concepts that I will focus around are things that I have gradually come to terms
with through a series of process steps of understanding within my own life. I did not
just one day think all these ideas up in some sort of vision or dream. Instead I
gradually searched and learned, experienced and involved myself in life. I eventually
became the answer to my question. What I mean by this is that I grew with every
experience in my life and became the answer to my questions. I am now living out
my vision of a simple life, and can not now imagine how I lived any other way. The
change in my life has been incredible, which is the reason why I felt this information
should not just stay in my own mind. I want to share my ideas on how I view reality
and came to terms with changing my life to suit a more simple vision.

I came across this ‘simple life’ concept when the world of realization jumped into my
lap. Until that time I had never really lived in what I now see as the real world. I
instead lived in what I believed to be the real world. I lived in fairyland where life
had to be what I wanted it to be. Did I always get what I wanted? The answer is no.
I got what I created in life not necessarily what I wanted in life. There is a very finite
separation between wanting something and getting something. It took several jumps
of realization before I came to terms with this. In fact, I went though what I
envisioned at the time as hell and back before I realized that I was going in the
opposite direction to achieving my goal. When looking back I do not see this stage of
my life as being challenging, but instead as a needed step towards realization. It was
a process I had chosen to go through, one which would have been different for anyone
else going through the same experiences.

Each individual sees things in their own way. We all believe certain things and have
our own expectations of life. There is never one way of achieving a particular goal.
That is the main thing I want every reader to understand before viewing my work, that
the concepts in my writing are based on my own way of thinking. You are not under
any pressure to take this writing on in literal terms. The writing is just another point
of view, one that you can take on in your process of understanding or you can choose
to discard if it holds no interest to you. In fact, the whole concept of my writing lies
around making our own decisions and choices in life.

I do not claim to be an expert on life, but my ideas have certainly changed my own
outlook as well as other people around me. They are simply ideas waiting to be taken
on in any form one wishes to receive them. When I came to the realization that there
was a much more simple way of viewing life, I decided to share it with a close friend
of mine. He views this idea in his own way and took it on with an open mind. The
whole concept, used in his own way, made significant changes within his life. He
views things in a much different light. His attitude to life changed so much that he
moved beyond depending on others to make his decisions, to making them for
himself. He realized that he is the controller of his own life and through all of the
choices that he makes he creates his own reality. This is a very powerful concept,
which once realized can make what was once seen as dramatic to being seen as simple
and easy to understand. It will undeniably change a person’s view of life forever.

I hope the information in my writing will be as interesting for you as it is for me. It is
in the writing of information from my mind into writing that I feel I have made a
significant step in my life. Moving beyond never thinking I could ever have the
ability to write, to enjoying a new expression that also helps me on my own path of
Perception of reality

The first step to seeing beyond what we already know is by understanding what we
are seeing and dealing with in the present. There can not really be any other life
experience or concepts out there until we realize that we are already living within one
now. If for instance, in your present mode of thinking you judge your life in a
particular way, you will not move beyond this mode of thinking until another one is
presented before you. You will not even see any other forms of understanding of life.
Simply, your way of thinking will be the only way. Your life will consist of your
decisions, beliefs and expectations only. If however a new concept were to be
presented to you, you would only take this on if it molded into your current concepts,
beliefs and ideals on life.

You as an individual conscious person will only see what you want at the present
time, blind to everything else. In fact, anything beyond your mode of thinking does
not exist because you have never even conceptualized it before. You cannot be a part
of something, or even have understanding of something, if you have never been faced
with it before. There is an unlimited amount of extra information out there, but if you
have no need for it you will not even want to look at it.

New ideas on life might not fit in with your current beliefs structures and expectations
of how life should be lived. You might be blinded to these other experiences because
you choose to view life in your own particular way. Viewing the world in this
particular way is not a bad thing; it is just one way of seeing it. Nothing is bad unless
a person labels it that way through set structures and beliefs. To detail this in visual
context, here is a diagram that shows one particular way of viewing the world:

You are the circle at the center of your life viewing outwards. Your present mode of
thinking is the two arrows facing upwards. The barrier that blocks you from seeing
any other way of thinking is your beliefs and expectations. The arrows outside of
your current beliefs and expectations are the information you have never considered
or perceived before.
Limited perception through beliefs is basically one mode of thinking through your
consciousness. It is a way in which you as an individual can view and interact with
the world. Your consciousness, the outer you, is your connection to the world. It is
what places you in the world as you know it and it creates a way in which you can
interact with it. The consciousness creates modes of thinking that help you to
perceive life and deal with it. Here is a diagram that shows how this structure works:

36 0 d e g re es
T h e fu ll
c o n sc io u sn ess

5 d eg rees
T h e lim ite d
p e rc e p tio n
o f c h o ic e

The inner circle represents the inner you, perhaps what could be described as your
mind. It is the main reason you are here on the earth but it is not fully understood as
yet. The circle around this is the consciousness, the outer you. Basically the
consciousness is the spectacles you wear to view the world. If you have limits on your
viewpoint of life it is possible that you are only viewing the world in 5 degrees or less.
The full consciousness of reality extends however to 360 degrees, a full view of all of

The five percent of view, the limited perception, is one way so far that we might have
come to understand and see life. This limited viewpoint on life has become a natural
part of our development over many years of experience passed on in generation. Your
parents lived through their own experiences and passed their viewpoint of life onto
you. The limited perception is constantly being changed depending on current
concepts and beliefs. It is now not the same as it was fifty years ago. Perception of
life is never stagnant and can be constantly changed and expanded upon.

Perception of life constantly changes because of our experiences and development in

life. Your conscious idea of reality seems to be moving away from the past when in
fact it is only changing its positional viewpoint from the core. What this means is that
you are able at any time to return to what you consider to be old experiences. Old
experiences are still there but are now not needed through the use of a new set of
beliefs and structures. The next diagram shows how our conscious perception of
reality can change over time:
N ew B a rrier
P e rc e p tio n o f B e lie f
o f R e a lity

O ld T h e F u ll
P e rc e p tio n P o s s i b i l i ty o f
C o n sc io u sn e ss

The inner circle is your mind. Most people are unaware of any changes that occur in
their inner self. The outer you the conscious self is however always aware of the
changes occurring around it. Old structures are moved away from or replaced by
new ones. New beliefs create walls to hide away old experiences. This does not mean
that they do not exist. They still remain in your consciousness but are avoided by our
current viewpoint because they hold no relevance to us in the present time. The
limited perception seems only able to view life in a small percentage, limiting your
access to any other forms of information.

Structure is one of the main components of limited perception of life. The viewpoint
of the limited state is to categorize, organize and place everything into particular order
in life. Everything is seen to need structure before it can work. If I were to give you a
spontaneous idea, one that was not part of your understanding or beliefs, you would
structure it somehow in order to fit into your expectations and experiences. You
would label this idea, placing it under a category straight away. For instance, if I were
to say to you ‘lets tell Suzie that we do not like her’, you would most likely label this
idea as not a very nice experience. However, someone who had grown up under
different circumstances, who had different beliefs, might answer with ‘that sounds
like a good idea, because she needs to know what we think of her’. What this means
is that this idea should not be seen as bad or good, but merely the way we ‘choose’ to
perceive our reality. Labels are created in order to understand the things presented to
us in life.

Through the creation of labels you also place yourself within reality. Your limited
perception makes sure that everything has its place and that there is order all around
you. Through your beliefs and structures you give yourself an identity and put
yourself in the desired order of circumstances in your life. In fact you have become
so ordered in life that everything is often worked out before an experience actually
takes place. You have learnt to live out an event before it actually materializes.
Basically, you are living in a movie. You have already rehearsed all the lines and
studied all the angles. It has already been titled, ‘My Life’, the scenes have already
taken place in your mind and now you just have to wait for the performance to take

‘My Life’, is your creation played out by the limited perception. Your life cannot be
controlled by this way of perceiving unless you let it. Remember any limited
perception of life is a personal choice. Through our consciousness we create this
perception in order to understand our reality.

The understanding of the limited perception may take some time to come to terms
with. Not many people sit back and study the way they perceive their own reality.
Most people usually just live life how they always have, never fully understanding
why they do certain things. I suppose life is sort of taken for granted. It is considered
something that we have to put up with. There will come a time when a person will
wish for something more than the limitation that life present before them. They will
want to search beyond the structure and order looking for a simple way to view life,
which comes to us mostly when we are older and wiser and have experienced a lot
and have more to work with. Through the decision to take a look at our lives and how
they are experienced we come to understand why thing occur. We come to understand
limited perceptions of life and choose to view life with more possibility.

What I have written here so far has only touched the surface of what the limited
perception is all about. I have not even gone into detail about the way it functions. In
the next chapter I will describe the limited perception in more depth giving a serious
of examples to how it works. I’ll describe how current limited perception can work
for some and hinder others.
Choosing a life through limitation

Limited perception in life is created by our own choices in life. We can choose to live
life through limitation or the possibility of much more than what we see and accept as
our reality. These facts are just a couple of the things that are needed before a person
can come to terms with and understand their choice for limited perception and how it
works. You now know that you have created a way in which to view reality. Now is
the time to understand how it functions and to judge whether it benefits or limits you
in life. You can start to look for answers to questions like:

Why do I think the things I do and react in the way I do?

What is my purpose in life?
Do I need to do that?
Am I living the life I want?
How will I make choices for myself?
Why can’t life just be comfortable?
Do I have to accept change?

Through questioning the way we think, we start to consider the reasons why we end
up in circumstances that we do. We can find long awaited answers and start to
understand how life is created from our perception of life. These answers can only
come from within a persons own mind. In asking another person for answers it will
only result in finding out what they themselves believe in. It will not necessarily get a
person closer to understanding their own individual path.

Other people’s ideas will form new belief patterns in our minds, ones that are not our
own individually. This can lead to such a jumble of information that a person might
not know where to start to unravel it all. Other people have their own way of dealing
with life. They have their own beliefs and structures and have not lived life through
your experiences. This means that your experiences in life are accomplished on your
own. You are the sole proprietor of your life and you have full responsibility for it.
Taking responsibility for your life is one of the first steps to understanding yourself.

Through learning to understand self, a person can gradually observe how their life
functions and how it has changed over time. They will start to see the reasons behind
the things that they experience and why things play out, from this they can
contemplate why they should or should not be doing things in life. It is all very
simple and logical really. The limited perception is structured and organized and it
does not take much to see it for what it is. A person can look at what they are doing
and analyse it. It is all their scripted and in logical order and can be viewed through
the mind.

What is your conscious understanding of life now?

How is limited perception working for you?

Beliefs, expectations, needs, wants, do not, can not, should do and must are all part of
the limited perception state. Anything that falls under these categories in your life
means that you are living through the limited perception of reality.
Do you ever see yourself saying things like?

I must do that.
I should have these things already.
I must have that now.
I want it all now.
You must do that.
You have to do that.
Don’t do that.
You should not do that.
I should not do that.

The limited perception has to have everything put into place in life. Therefore by
saying that we have to do something merely shows that we are putting life into order.
All of the above sentences are then really just orders. Orders used to structure life.

When orders are not put into place people tend to fall apart. If children are not put
into their place, the situation seems to turn into what might be described as unruly. It
is considered that if children become unorganized and undisciplined, it results in them
being destructive and unmanageable. If work does not live up to an individual’s
expectations, it becomes unlivable and stressing. When a person can not get what
they want they feel like their life is going to end. They might feel that the object or
experience that they miss out on is the only thing that can ensure a better experience.

If the events that you believe you should have achieved in life did not work out, life
becomes basically unlivable and relentless. This states that in order to live life a
person ‘must’ go by rules and everything should be put into its place.

Limited perception or current concepts and beliefs are the things that set rules and
structures in order to place us into life experiences. They create a way of living,
which means that if we believe that through these rules life is made possible, then it is
seen as the only way in order to achieve our goals.

Through current concepts and beliefs it is possible to set certain goals of achievement
within certain boundaries. A person can create process steps to organize their life
around what you want based on set boundaries. If for example you wanted a car, and
you want to achieve it in the near future. Through set structure you may be able to
achieve purchasing this car by organizing, saving and working towards it. Certain
structures in life can help us to get specific things, through organization and planning.
If used in a conceptual way, current rules and structures can be an advantage in our
lives to get what we want based on preconceived notions and ideas, and just as long as
the things we want sit within the same choices that belong within this method or

It is possible to achieve anything you want through determination, with time and
patience. Certain structures in life can help us create what we want depending on our
own choices. There are rules however that we must abide by to get what we want.
Everything needs to be well organized and structured all the way to achieving our
aims, based on rules and regulations.
There are barriers to achieving through limited perception and self focused life. Most
often a person’s determination will die before they are able to reach their goals.
Through the constant struggle with rules and barriers, there is only so much drive and
determination a person can have before they decide that it is not worth it to them.
Needs are also constantly changing resulting in goal adjustments all the time. If a
person’s goal in one moment is to have a family and the next a career, these two paths
are going to undeniably come into some sort of conflict with one another, especially
for a woman in life. Unless a person was extremely determined they could have both
at the same time, in most cases having to settle for one or the other at different stages
in life.

There is a strong possibility that a person is not going to find a lot of time studying
when you have children to look after. These are just simple facts to consider when
determining a pathway of life set on current rules of structured society. A person
needs to be extremely structured in life to achieve further than what they have got
right in front of their face, when working through limited perception that is our
current focus in life. They will basically only achieve the larger life goals through
great determination and knowledge of how to receive these experiences. The point of
all this is that it is possible for the belief and structures to give a person what they
want, if they are willing to work at it and accept rules and barriers in life.

It is great when you can achieve things in your life, rules and belief will help you to
create and develop further within set life goals. Achievement will always give you a
good feeling for a short time and then it will give you a boost to work towards more.
You will always be achieving through a determined limited and structured world.

The real question is does structure and limitations truly satisfy a person? When they
finally reach their goals does it give them the feeling of fulfilment?

Current concepts through limitation have some endearing qualities but they can seem
quite tiresome. Structure in life can become tedious and mundane. This can lead to
making it hard for a person to reach distant goals. There is only so much waiting and
heartache a person can take before they feel unable to deal with what they have placed
themselves within.

People do not only want to achieve their goals, but they also have impatience and get
easily tired from all the waiting for their dreams to be reached. New experiences that
come far more easily can lead people astray from your goals. A person might wonder
then, why don’t I ever get what I want? It is quite simple.

A person can alter their perception of life because their experience is forever
changing. One minute you want to buy a house, a little cottage by the river. Then the
next you want a unit in town. Through current perception of life based on limited
view, you really need to simplify and be specific because you are going to have to
structure your life around this goal. The money or mortgage that you have needs to be
suitable for the type of house you want. You need to be able to organize your life so
you can afford the particular house that you want. What this means is that you need to
be realistic. Everything in life is organized and structured because socially and
economically we all work through limited perception. You will need to organize and
structure yourself along with everyone else in order to get what you want.
This may be a bit of a hard hitter for most people, the concept of having to work for
what they want in life seems heavy and challenging. It does not mean that in every
circumstance a person has to physically slave away, but they will still have to create
the desire and choose the right options when the time comes. There could also be
some relentlessness involved to get what you want. You might also have to sacrifice
other things in your life to achieve your aim.

This is where people come into conflict with each other in limited self focused
perception. If for instance you have different aims to people around you, their will be
times that they will not remain around in your life. You will move away from them if
they have different goals to you. It is a horrible fact, but something everyone learns at
some stage in their life and that is that a lot of people utilize other people to get what
they want. Not all but most. If someone does not have a need for you it is possible
that they will not stick around for very long. On the same token you will only put up
with someone as long as they have the same focus as you and do not put too much
pressure on your life.

To help others is a choice that you make in order to better your own circumstances of
receiving help in the future. You will expect them to be emotionally there for you if
you need them. It is pretty unlikely that you will stick around someone that takes
from you all the time and never reciprocates. You would have to be harnessing some
strong belief structures before you could put up with someone you did not like for a
long period of time. These beliefs structures would not remain forever, because a
person’s perception of life is always changing. This would mean that you would
eventually find a way to move out of the rut. Belief is determined and will help you
achieve your goals. You would not have to put up with anyone who was not in your
frame of mind for very long. There would be a way that you could structure around
benefiting yourself in the end. Through and ego perception of life, an outward
experience of reality, limited and structured, there is never a doubt that you will
always come out with yourself in mind.

This does not mean that you will not have wonderful relationships with people. If you
and a friend or partner had a lot in common and similar goals, there will be great
rewards in your relationship. Not only do you both help each other achieve your
goals but you will also receive a lot of experience in the process. You can have an
extremely fruitful and loving relationship, but if there is not something to drive you
on you will eventually part the friendship and move on to better pastures.

Perception of self first will always give you the drive to move on in life. It will give
you the power to make decisions for change if something is not benefiting you. It
wants you to have more and to experience life at your advantage. The only thing that
can disadvantage you is if you never quite know what you want. The self first
perception really needs goals to give it structure. It needs to feel like it has a purpose
in life.

If you are forever unhappy with life, self first perception will help you so far but if it
does not have something firm to base itself on it will not know what to structure
towards. If for instance you do not like your situation at home, work or school the
self focused ego will help you to get rid of the things you do not want anymore. What
do you do then? You perhaps do not have a roof over your head or friends to talk to
now. You do not have goals so the limitation of this perception of life has not been
able to formulate a plan for you. This is where limited perception through self can
leave you in even worse situations than before. If there is not structure in your life
there may be catastrophic results.

If however you remain strong and determined, limited self first perception or ego, will
lead you out of catastrophic situations into rewarding ones. It will see you as special
and deserving of all the things that you work for. It will expect rewards and praises at
all times for everything that you do. This ego perception wants you to be singled out
and considered different and special. You are the obvious person who deserves it all
in life. You are the only person who is able to truly see yourself from within, the
person who sees yourself as the truth and reality. Perception through limitation and
self sees you as big and important, you are an idol figure. You are what holds the
world together, that gives it meaning. You must contribute in life as much as possible
to show this importance and stature.

Importance shows in how much you can do in life, how much you can achieve. You
must achieve so you can show everybody how great you are. To show that you can
prove you can do anything and everything better than them. For instance, perhaps
your brother gets a lot more credit from your parents for his achievements. You feel
you must also live up to these expectations, or beyond them. You learn from a young
age that your parents’ approval is important. In fact they might be seen as a sort of
martyr for some people in the first part of their life.

There is this extremely interesting play of self first limited perception (expectation)
within family circles. Your parents are forever proving to you their importance and
better abilities. Then you are forever trying to live up to their expectations of life until
you move away from the circle and have your own family. Then you become the
great figure of importance in your own family and so on. Have you ever heard of the
saying, ‘I have more life experience than you, so you should listen to me’? Yes, your
parents have more years on them and have experienced a whole set of circumstances
in their life. That you will admit to. The only thing is that you can not really begin to
understand the experiences because you never lived them out yourself. Your
experiences will be different and you will deal with them in a different way. Even
though this is so, they can still be there to listen and give their advice. People can
give you their idea on how life should be run. In the end it is your decision to take on
any of these beliefs for yourself, only if they work for you. Remember that the
limited perception of life is constantly changing, which means that life experiences
will change as well.

Another good example of a great importance in life is the idea of being needed in your
job. It is necessary to be the best one for the job. You must then live up to your
boss’s expectations so you can be considered important and special, no matter what it
takes. Perhaps consider then that the whole workplace is trying to achieve the same
goal as you. There is no way that they are going to get your job if you can help it.
They are not as important as you and you will prove it. You will perhaps have to find
a way of getting rid of them so they are not a threat for you anymore. Like what I said
earlier, everyone who does not have your goal in mind will be discarded by the
wayside. The other people in the workplace will be thinking the same thing as you for
themselves. The only time it is possible for one of them to support you is when they
want the job that you will be leaving, or that you are helping each other on the
journey. They might see that you can make significant changes in the office that will
benefit them in some way in the future. People will only vote for others that have
their interests in mind.

How are you going to show that you are the important one, that you are better and
wiser? The simple way is through giving and helping what you consider the less
fortunate to you. Through giving you become the good guy who is caring and
considerate. You become the martyr.

What is really happening though is that you are singling yourself out from the rest of
the people. Showing that they are helpless to live their life their way and in some
cases that you see them less able than you, which results in you showing them how to
live their life. Through doing this for a while you become wanted, needed and
special. These people will keep coming back to you for help, because you have
become a target for their needs. People will start taking you for granted and expect
you to do the things you have always done and will try to get even more from you.
You will tire of helping them when it starts taking a lot of your energy and time.
These people will not be benefiting you anymore instead they will be consider to be
using you. They will then have to be put into the category of not having your needs in
mind and will have to be discarded of. You will have to move on and start the cycle

Life can then be considered as a continual cycle of give and take, people who are
using people to get to the top and vice versa. The funny thing is you never really
make it to the top, only in your own mind do you believe this. Just because you
consider yourself important does not mean that everyone is going to agree. You may
only ever be considered important by a small number of people around you who are in
turn using you to get what they want. It turns into just a continual cycle of life that
fuels everyone’s ego in the process.

There are always processes and cycles that you will go through when dealing with the
limited perception. It is also continually changing its perception. Here is a possible
example of the ladder tree of importance that is in life through business:
O w n e r o f a la rg e c o m p a n y

D ir e c to r s a n d u p p e r m a n a g e m e n t

C o - o rd in a to r s a n d lo w e r m a n a g e m e n t

S u p e r v is o r s a n d p r o d u c tio n w o rk e r s

C le a n e r s a n d h e lp s ta ff

This is just a simple example. The most important person is at the top of the
structure. They are made to feel responsible for the people below in order to define
their status. This works all the way down the chain. If you are at the bottom of the
chain you have the least responsibility but have the most needs. This is reversed in
meaning if you are at the top of the chain, you will become less dependent on others
but more responsible for them. They will need your guidance to survive.

We as a society create chains of importance in everything we do. In the army there is

a chain of command. The household has a chain of importance, the parent or
moneymaker at the top. Even animals are placed in food chains of the strongest
animals at the top and the most vulnerable at the bottom. Basically life is just one big
cycle of order. Through the creation of chains of importance you are able to define
meaning in life. You can label yourself somewhere in the chain and have a real
purpose of giving or taking.

Everything must have its place and be named. One thing you are good at is making
lists and at placing things into categories. You not only create a name for yourself,
but a list of features and personality traits as well. You have perhaps categorized
yourself as being a nice and all rounded person. This maybe because you have an
ability to balance what you need and what you give. You have to give yourself an
identity in order for others to interact with you. People will be able to place you in
their categorized list of life. Just being in a list makes you part of the chain. Like
chain mail that is sent to several friends who have to then send it to others. You are
one of the links of life.
In summary, through structure, categorizing, organizing, labeling and ordering we
create the limited ego self first perception. This perception of life whether we see it as
having possibilities or limitations is one way in which a person can view life. It was
created by the consciousness as a way of understanding this third dimensional reality
that we view into. Through understanding this perception of life it can reveal the
reasons behind your beliefs and actions. You will be able to make judgments and
perhaps move beyond certain misconceptions. In understanding that you are the
creator of your life, you will be able to achieve anything you desire.
Common belief structures of the limited ego perception

When viewing through the ego perception of life you create in you certain belief
structures. You live by your beliefs and expect others to accept and abide by them.
Have you sat down to consider your beliefs and where they come from? Why do you
have the beliefs that you do? Here is just a small list of common misconceived

Life is meant to be a struggle.

I’m useless.
If I do good things I will receive good fortune.
If I do bad things I will get bad luck.
I never get anything I want.
It’s too hard, I’ll never make it.

The beliefs that surround the most common misconception, ‘Life is a struggle’, are
what we place on our own heads through choice. We are choosing to create our own
life to be seen as struggle and to be seen in this way. Maybe a person has not yet
considered that their life seems hard because the things that they reach for are not
what they want, that perhaps they are striving for the wrong goals. This might be
because they are living in another person’s belief patterns, not their own.

Life becomes such a struggle because it is what an individual creates for themselves.
Society has rules that you have to live by. In order to get the things that are needed a
person will have to structure their life within society. This is the society that we
choose to create from, a society that reflects an individual’s choices as well as the
choices of all other people involved.

Perhaps life would not be such a struggle if a person were going in the right direction,
choosing things in life that benefit them and help them to create more. They might
need more people around them, or things that interest them. There is no reason why a
person has to do something they hate except for the limitation of expectation.
Conflict comes into play again and a person in this structured life will fight against
having to do something that does not benefit them in the end. Being forced to live up
to another person’s ideals will only empower a person to change there direction in life.

No one is useless and all have the ability to do anything they want in life. Whether
they decide to do one thing or another, they will always contribute to life, through
making decisions that change their experience around them. There will come a point
when a person might realize that they probably see themselves as useless at what they
do because they are not really enjoying the experience. If it is not what they envision
as their dreams they will have trouble working towards it.

Through the self first perception you will only strive for things that get you what you
want. If the particular circumstance that you are in has no outcome that will benefit
you, why be there? What is your purpose for being there? If the thing you are doing
is something you are not interested in then there is no need to have it in your life. You
are not useless; it is the circumstance that you are in that is useless for achieving your
own happiness.

The way you perceive life is very important to your goals. You need to realize when
something is not working for you then look for something that fuels you, something
that does not diminish all of your energy and dreams. When all of your energy is lost
there does not seem to be much time for anything other than the useless things that
you are doing. This places you into a rut where life does seem like a struggle.

Once in the rut you find it difficult to get out because there is no energy left to strive
for anything else. You will need to organize a way to someday get out of what you do
not enjoy. Perhaps by taking a holiday to think things through, to regain your energy
and give yourself time to think through your situation. Once your energy is regained
you will be able to make conscious decisions to change your lifestyle towards what
you want.

When on holiday from the life you lead, you will be able to sit back and review
circumstances from different angles. You might even come across desires long
hidden. Then when you go back to life circumstance you can immediately go about
changing it for the things that you want. There is always a way, even if it seems first
out of reach. Through the self first approach you will find a way to organize and
structure you life towards your goals.

Life is what ‘you’ make of it. It is also what you create through your belief structures.
If you believe you will receive good fortune, you will see it that way. Through
believing it you will gravitate towards a hope of achieving your desires. You will not
necessarily consider the efforts that you went through to get the good fortune. Instead
you will just appreciate that you are fortunate and everything in your life will seem to
reflect this, because you are focusing on it and nothing else.

If you consider yourself however, unfortunate in life, you will indeed focus on all the
things around you that show this. You may never live up to your expectations and
nothing will ever be good enough. What is considered to be good fortune in life will
pass you by because you do not expect anything else. You will continue focusing on
the things you do not want rather than the things you consider fortunate.

Whether you are fortunate or not comes from your own belief structures. How
fortunate do you have to be before you are fortunate? How fortunate you are depends
on your expectations. You might have to have a million dollars before you ever
consider yourself fortunate. Maybe you have to be in a long lasting relationship
before you can feel like you have made it all the way. It all comes down to what you
as an individual believes. Everyone has different views on life on what is and not
important to experience. What you consider to be important in life is the right way for

Through the self first perception things are only good and bad when you believe them
to be. You are the choice maker of your life. If for example you believed that people
should not smoke. This is your belief, not necessarily what the next person is going to
accept as the truth. You will gravitate towards people who have the same belief
It is unnecessary to have to change someone that does not follow your belief structure.
You can not change what another person believes unless they themselves make a
conscious decision to do so. They will look at all the options that you give them and
weight them up but this does not mean that they will accept your theory. It is more
important to make changes in your own life than to worry whether everyone is doing
the same thing as you.

You are a unique individual with your own mind and you can make your own
decisions. Just because everyone is doing it, does not necessarily mean that you have
to do it also. It will not necessarily make you any more accepted and fulfilled if you
go and do something you do not really want to do. If you do not like it you are likely
to complain and annoy the people around you and by doing this you are taking away
their enjoyment. The reality of life is that people do not really want to hear about
what you believe and think unless it is in the same league as their own thoughts. They
are not really interesting to hear that you do not like what they are doing. It is best to
find someone who has the same goals. You do not have to be what you do not believe
yourself to be. If you do something against your beliefs you are destined for failure
because you already know you will not enjoy it.

Through finding people in life who have the same interests and goals, it will give you
focus. These people can give you the drive to further your interests. Someone with
the same passion as you will be able to give you new insights and knowledge. They
will be encouraging to the end, because they believe in the same thing. In turn you
will give them also new ideas and encouragement as well. It is a win, win situation

It is pretty obvious really that it is better to follow people that have the same interests
as you. There is nothing worse than having to put up with someone who contradicts
everything that you say and do. The least time you spend with someone like that the
better. You do not want to end up loosing interest in your goal and creation of life, if
they are already working for you. What you think of your life and what you think of
yourself is the most important thing in the self first perception of life. You are the one
who has to put up with yourself twenty- four hours a day. It is an advantage if you
believe in yourself and your life. You are the one who needs to be happy; otherwise
you will be the one who suffers the consequences.

Your happiness is the key to a good life. Choose what you believe in that gives you
an advantage on your situation. If you keep saying things like, ‘I never get anything
in life’ or ‘I never get anything I want’, then you make this decision for yourself. It is
as simple as that. Choose to want to get the things you want in life, instead of
always saying that you will not get it. It is in the way your thinking that is setting up
boundaries. Nothing is too hard unless you believe it to be. You will make it in life to
where you want if you accept and structure towards it. It is highly possible to have
anything you desire in life, you just have to believe it and work towards it in
everything that you do.

Acceptance in life is all in the way a person views their reality. Your beliefs and
actions are what create your life. If you have beliefs against what you really want it
will only cause you to push away your desires in life. Think of what you really want,
not what you do not want. In doing this it makes it so much easier to plan and
organize towards your goal. You can not plan and organize if you only know what
you do not want. The important thing is what you do want. If you want life to be
easier, and then find the beliefs that hinder your goal and change them. ‘Life is too
hard, I’ll never make it’, simply will not suffice. ‘Life is easy, I can achieve
anything’, is really what you want and something worth focusing towards.

When you really want something in life it shows because the process never feels like a
hassle, because you grow as you go. Every experience you have on your way to your
goal helps in the process of getting there.

Through the self first perception there will always be growth processes. You will go
through a set of experiences in order to achieve your goal. The set of experiences
might be in the form of changing your perception of life. You might need to change
the way you view reality and accept your circumstances before you can move on to
your goals. The way in which you are viewing your life might be what is hindering
your accomplishment. You will learn over time to change your situations to benefit
you. Remember the self first ego perception of life wants what is best for you.

Nothing in life, which includes your beliefs structures, are unable to be changed. All
situations in life can be altered to blend with your expectations of life and desires.
Just because your mother did it that way does not necessarily mean that you have to
do it that way yourself. If your friend wants to jump off a bridge, it does not mean
that you have to follow. Remember that:

‘You’ have your own beliefs and perceptions of reality, and your own mind in order to
think and perceive life.
‘You’ make your own choices in life to suit your experiences and expectations.
And ‘you’ create your own reality.
Your ego perception seen through possible and probable

I wanted to find a way in which to explain and show you how beliefs and choices
affect your reality. The concept of possible and probable realities, if used in a simple
way, is an effective diagrammatic explanation. I will only be explaining it on the
conscious level, anything beyond that is really up to the individual’s own perception.
I have found that the easiest way to view possible and probable realities is through
visualization. The diagrams that I will be showing you are in a form that I have
created with my own mind. The way you wish to interpret them is up to you.

Possible and probable realities are in simple terms the choices or paths that a person
has taken, or will take throughout their life experience. Basically this means that
every time a person makes a choice in life they are picking from a serious of possible
and probable experiences. Possible realities or experiences are all of the choices you
have in life. Probable realities are the choices you are most likely to choose,
depending on your beliefs and expectations. There are unlimited possible realities but
limited probable ones. Here is a simple diagram that explains how this works:

The white central circle is your mind and inner self. The grey outer circle is your
conscious self, the way in which you view reality. All of the arrows coming out from
your conscious self are your possible realities. I can only show a small percentage of
arrows to indicate this. However there are unlimited possible realities that can
surface at any point in your life around you. The light grey arrows indicate your
most probable choices.

The diagram is just to give you a lead in to where I am heading. Using it you will be
able to visualize my explanation as I go along. The concept of possible realities was
created to show the conscious self that it has the ability to make choices in life. There
have always been a number of possibilities in your life that you have been able to
choose from at any one time. In fact you can see this by realizing the unlimited
number of circumstances you have already been faced with in your life. It is obvious
that you personally were not born on earth with a set of instruction manuals. There
was no stamp of ownership placed on your either. If there are only your reasons for
being here in reality, think of the possibilities such a thought could provoke.
Unlimited concepts, ideas, abilities and life experiences and what ever else you can
add to the list.

You might be thinking, ‘I have always had to go by rules in my life’. Remember that
you and other ego conscious people within society created rules. You made all the
rules, or at least you choose to go by them. Just by looking at the youth in society
today we can see that rules can be easily broken. Through bringing up children you
can also see that rules were what you had to teach your child. Rules are learnt
responses taught by you and society. Initially when you were a child you did not have
rules structured within your mind. The very first thing you wanted to do was look at
everything. Life was unlimited fascination, nothing meant as bad or good. You as a
child wanted to touch and experience life no matter the cost. Life has so much
potential for you to create within. You did not come with a set of instructions, but
instead you arrived with an unlimited number of possibilities. Possibilities are
endless, as endless as your imagination.

‘Anything is possible in life’, that is the statement that has been a living experience
for me for the most part of my life. The full extent of this statement was not fully
realized though until I finished school and left home. No one was there anymore to
give me rules and structure. Life became my responsibility and experienced by my
own choices.

The awareness of this, that I now had no specific beliefs or rules to go by, was a big
and interesting shock. I was leaving the rule filled structured life of family to create
and experience on my own individually. I had always been very experimental,
determined and self-creative as a child. When it came to living my own life, I was
ready for it. I made the choice to leave home when I was sixteen and work. It turned
out to be an enormous and wonderful experience helping me to see how much I can
achieve, and how much possibility there is in life.

Most of my life I rarely did what I was told to do, I was forever in trouble. Life had
to be experience in my own way, which still rings true today. Through being so
determined in my own life as a child showed to be a great advantage for me later in
life. Through this determination I adjusted easily into making life choices on my own
when I dived right into the deep end of life experience. I might have been considered
the horror child because I never did what I was told, but I made up for it later when I
could make decisions on my own easily.

Ever since then I never look back. I later went into art collage, a dream I had always
wanted to live out, and then wriggled my way into University to study teaching and
three-dimensional design. I am amazed at this, because the complexity of this subject
was something I could never imagine myself being able to handle, but something I
excelled at. Turning into a sponge, I soaked all the information in I could. I learnt
about life and how to experience it at the best of my abilities and to my own
advantage. The things I have achieved were not necessarily things I thought I could
do at the time. It was through knowing anything was possible and that I was able to
achieve my dreams that I could reach towards my goals. Writing a book for one was
something I never imagined I would fall in love with doing. This just proves to me
more that I can do anything if I set my mind to it. Anything in life is possible if it is
only believed to be true.

Making choices in life is something that we all have to face. Just in knowing that you
have unlimited possibilities, you can achieve anything, life’s choices will then come
far easier to achieve. You can have all the things that you want, it is all up to the way
a person views their own reality. Just through experiencing what you once thought
was impossible, you will see that your abilities are infinite. You can achieve anything,
‘Anything is possible in life’, based on choice and acceptance.

Each time you make a choice in life there are a number of possibilities to pick from.
You do not just have one direction that you can take; your life is not pre-planned or
predestined. There are an unlimited number of options and choices that you will pick
from as you experience life. Here is a simple example of this process:

Y o u le a v e h o m e to e x p e r ie n c e life . T h e r e
a r e c h o ic e s th a t y o u c a n n o w p u r s u e . Y o u
c h o o s e fo r m th e m o s t p r o b a b le c h o ic e s
b e c a u s e th e y a r e a ll y o u c a n s e e r ig h t n o w .


Y o u c an w o rk so yo u c a n Y o u h a v e a ls o a c h o ic e to
m a k e m o n e y to s p e n d w o r k p a r t- ti m e a n d s tu d y
o n a ll th e m a te r i a l th in g s Y o u c a n m o v e i n w i th p a r t- ti m e .
th a t y o u w a n t. a g r o u p o f frie n d s s o th a t
y o u c a n a ffo r d to g o to
U n iv e r s ity a n d w o rk
p a r t- tim e d u ri n g th e
eve n in g s.

P e rh a p s y o u w a n t to O n e p o s s ib ility m ig h t b e
tra v e l a n d w o r k th a t y o u g e t m a r ri e d a n d
as yo u g o . s ta r t a fa m ily.

There is a tree of endless possibilities, and this is at just one point that you will make a
decision in your life. Here is a complex diagram of how the tree might look ‘after’
you choose just one of those options:
(The dots represent the endless probabilities that you can choose to take at any
moment in time)

This diagram looks complicated but is basically showing you the endless possibilities
that one choice can create and how they can overlap each other. Imagine with
unlimited possibilities and choices how big the concept structure would be. It would
look like one massive web where possibilities were always being created, that were
constantly being overlap and that were never ending. Is this concept overwhelming
you or exciting you?

Which ever way you choose to see and experience this concept, choices are constantly
showing you more endless possibilities. There is so much opportunity that you can
take on at any one time. You can also go back to previous opportunities that you at
one stage decided to pass by.

This shows really that:

Life is expansive!
Life is opportunity!
Life is your choice!
Life is experience!
Life is creation!
Life is unlimited!

How do these words compare to the way you view reality at this present moment?
The reasons for detailing the possible reality concept is for an eventual purpose of
showing you how the ego self focused perception works in with the choices we make
in life. If any of the words listed above make you feel uncomfortable it might be
because you are viewing through limited perception.

Life might not seem to you to be unlimited. Perhaps the choice you made to work
instead of study is because you believed that in order to make it in life you must work
to get what you want. You perhaps feel that there are certain choices in your life you
have to make because they blend in with your own expectations and that of others.
Beliefs and expectations can put barriers between you and certain life opportunities.
Possibilities can become limited because of the way you view your own reality.
Basically, possibilities turn into probabilities. Here is the same diagram as before but
now indicating how beliefs and expectations can limit you:

The grey blocks are the barriers of your beliefs. They block you from seeing the full
extent of your opportunities. Beliefs limit your options by creating walls that can not
be seen through unless they are broken. There are some ways shown in which you
can work around your beliefs but the process of getting there can end up taking
longer. Even more limiting are the hollow circles that are your expectations of life,
what you feel you should achieve. If you have expectations you are destined to follow
the path towards them.

Beliefs and expectations can create large obstacles in your life. They also stop you
from seeing the full extent of opportunities around you. These barriers are restrictions
in your life, they do not stop you from living or experiencing life but they will limit
you. You will still carry on to your expected destinations and beyond but you will not
see any other options or ways of getting there except through what you believe and
what you expect. There will be experiences and opportunities that you will perhaps
miss out on all together. Seeing life through beliefs and expectations may lead you to
believe that:

Life is limited!
Life is restricted!
Life has barriers!
Life has obstacles!

It is because you are not seeing the full extent of your life. You are living your life
through probabilities and creating obstacles that you have to fight to get around. This
could deter you from seeing your aim and from avoiding your goals. If you are held
up with something in your life, and you are unhappy, it is your beliefs that are most
probably holding you there. Changing how you think is the only way you can change
your circumstances.

Everything you come across in life has its purpose. You gain experience through all
of your interactions and they will affect you whether you believe it or not. Just the
smallest word can change the way you see life. A change of atmosphere can alter
your judgment of a situation or person. Every choice you make can alter your
perspective. Through the understanding of how cause and effect works, you can make
little changes in your life that will affect you greatly later.

In knowing how your decisions and the small changes you make create results, you
can start to find ways to alter your life to favour you. Even a thought can change your
perspective of life. You are the one being affected by what you believe. If you want
to change your life, if you want to experience more, learn about yourself. Consider
the way you think and judge life. You can understand more of what is going on
around you if you can see yourself within it. Realize yourself first and then you will
be able to stand back and see the life that exists around you.
Is life meant to be easy?

Whether life is easy or not is something that a person has to individually judge for
themselves. You create all your life circumstances. If you judge life as being hard,
you are the one that is making it that way through your beliefs. No one else can be
the cause of your life being hard because you are the one letting someone else affect
you. There is really no way that anyone can control you because you have your own
mind that others cannot penetrate. Other people are not controlling your mind; you
are not being told what to think. There is no power over you to make you do things
you do not want to do. Outside influences will only control you if you allow them
inside. If you are not happy with certain areas of your life, think of ways to change
them. It is up to you to find ways of reaching for what you want.

You have the ability to think for yourself. If you are unhappy in your life, think of
ways in which you can make changes towards what you want. You have a mind that
gives you the ability to create. You are an intelligent being if you believe yourself to
be. You can study, research and make your own assumptions on situations in life. If
for example you want to loose weight and there is a chocolate bar in front of you,
your favourite one, what do you do? You can ask yourself ‘do I really need that
chocolate bar?’ Which do you really desire most, to loose weight or to eat the
chocolate bar? There is no doubt that you already know how a diet works. If you
choose to eat the chocolate bar, then maybe you do not really want to loose weight. It
is as simple as that?

Through every choice you make there is an outcome. You know that if you eat too
much chocolate, through cause and effect you will slowly put on weight. If you had
never seen chocolate before in your life, you would perhaps experience the results of
eating too much. You would then make assumption on the results of your experience.
Experience will and can teach you a lot. If you never do things because of certain
beliefs and expectations, you will not learn from variety and possibility.

It is pretty impossible to make correct judgments on things in life if you have never
experienced them. You cannot say that all nightclubs are dangerous if you had never
been to one before. Just because the news reports of one incident of something
happening in a nightclub, does not necessarily mean that all the nightclubs are
dangerous. Through making judgments without experience you will always come
across contradiction. The people who attend the nightclub might comment that it is
fun and that the incident on the news was just a one off and that it did not affect them
because they were not involved, and that the nightclubs they had been to were great.

You can make judgments on life through experience and you can learn about life
through research. It is less likely that you will experience something if you do not
know that it exists. You can find out the unknown through reading and research but
you cannot judge it until you experience it yourself.

Reading and research expands your mind. It shows you more possibilities in which to
experience life. There is no end to the amount of information you can go out and find.
Just by talking to someone you can expand your knowledge. Through reading the
newspaper and watching television you can see certain things happening around you.
How you judge what the information is telling you is up to you. You can take it or
leave it.

What you might not realize though, is that through becoming aware of new
information you can become open to experiencing what is involved, whether you look
for it or not. Sometimes learning comes from having to experience life first. For
example a teenager might be told about a particular circumstance in life constantly as
a way to avoid the situation. The teenager will possibly still not understand the
circumstances until he/she experiences it on their own. Remember just because you
had a bad experience once does not necessarily mean that it will happen to another
person. They will most likely have a different outcome to you. There is not one way
in which a person can experience life. You have a different way of approaching life to
others through your unique conscious mind. You outwardly create your own
individual reality.

Learning in life helps you to get to you goals and to experience life. It gives you more
options to choose from when you are looking for particular needs. Learning to
understand yourself, for example, can help you to find your own reasons for life and
why you choose the choices you do. If you want to make changes in your life, learn
about what you are wanting. Knowing what it is that you want in life can make the
experience more worthwhile. Through learning and experiencing every detail that is
obtainable to your goals you will gradually find the answers you are looking for. The
answers may not be what you expected but they will certainly change your
perspective of the reality around you.

Question life and what it has to offer:

Is life meant to be easy or a struggle?

For what purpose am I experiencing current events?
Are there things that I need to achieve in life?
Why do I need to do those things?

If you are looking in the right place you can find answers to any of your questions.
That place is within you. As the controller of your life you have all the answers.
What you believe or expect to be true will be. You are the creator of your own life
and you are the one who needs to make decisions on its outcome. In the end you are
the one who needs to be happy with the results.

Sometimes it can help to understand yourself by writing or talking about the things
you experience. Just through actualizing something you can find answers. Most of
the time answers are simple they can be right in front of you, you perhaps just need to
see them. You will be quite surprised at how much you can avoid things if they do not
seem to come easy to you. Avoiding things does not necessarily make life easier. It
does not always find answers for you.

Perhaps you are avoiding things that surface around a particular event already
experienced that did not meet to your expectations. Avoiding it will not get rid of the
problem and is more likely to create problems. The more you avoid the more you will
eventually have to overcome. A small problem can become a large problem that you
may not be able shake off as easily. In avoiding things you are not allowing yourself
to experience life. A person cannot learn about how to fix their problems until they
face them. Problems will become as hard to fix as they are made out to be.

Remember they are only problems because ‘you’ create them to be. You are the one
who needs to make yourself happy. Through facing life you can find the answers to
all of your needs. Instead of depending on others, make a choice to find your own
way in life. You will probably find that you will be more satisfied because you are the
one who knows what you want. You are the only one who can make yourself
completely happy.

In turn you do not have to feel responsible for others. Everyone else has their own
path towards happiness by finding themselves and experiencing life. You do not need
to live another person’s life for them. They need to make their own decisions and
question and experience their own life. You can give them advice on what you know
but they need to make their own decisions in the end.

This means that you are not responsible for what others do. You do not make them do
anything, they chose to follow your advice and the consequence of their decisions are
a result of their own choices. The best thing is to let people find their own way
around certain situations that they are in. They need to learn and experience life
themselves. You have enough to deal with when it comes to yourself; you do not need
to create more work than what you already have. It only results in stressing your own
life. Through helping others ‘too much’ you can end up not having enough time for
yourself and your own needs. This does not mean that you cannot be there for others
though consideration, but just that you have to also consider your own path in life
which in turn helps them to learn from seeing what you do.

Learn about yourself and what makes you tick, you do not need to concern yourself
with anything else, other than what you can contribute and achieve. Find answers to
your long awaited questions and experience what you want in life. This is your life to
experience and your life to create. It is your only concern so experience it to your full
potential. Live your own life the way you see fit, and do not concern yourself with
the problems other people have. You can give more to people by showing how you
live your life in complete happiness. If you are stable and assured of yourself, other
people will see this and start to question themselves if their life does not compare.
You give them a reason to create for themselves. They will see in you what they want
in themselves and will in turn search for a way to get what they want through their
own means.

No one person is better than the other. We are all individual conscious people
experiencing in the same reality. There is no reason to think that someone is higher or
stronger or better. It is only in the way a person thinks that makes anyone better than

The person you consider better than you obviously has what you are aiming for. You
have the ability to create the same situation for yourself. You can be what you want to
be, it is all up to you to achieve it. Life can be easy and a lot less hassle depending on
the way a person sees and judges life. Just by accepting that there is a much easier
way, you are heading towards finding an answer. Through learning and experiencing
there is so much more you can achieve and understand. The more experience a
person creates for themselves, the more expansive their experience becomes. When
someone views life in as many different perspectives as they can they are more able to
make better decisions which will perhaps result in life becoming less limiting and
difficult. Life is basically as easy as you make it; it is all in how an individual creates
upon their reality through choice.
Developing beyond the self focused reality (ego)

‘A simple life’, might not have to involve the perception that I have already presented
so far in this writing. In fact there might be thousands or more other ways in which to
view reality. How do you go about finding these other possibilities? It is simple. You
can go within yourself to find answers but in order to see other possibilities it is
through your research that you see other options. You need to know what kind of life
you are leading now to even see other possibilities.

That is why I adapted the first half of the book to understanding how the ego self
focused consciousness works. It is the process I went through in order to see and
understand the numerous other possibilities that are open to me. Ever since I can
remember I have had this urge to find and understand myself and my position in life.
I knew that there had to be other ways in which to experience reality, so I searched for
them with desire for answers to my experiences.

Firstly, I examined the way I was fitting into life. I looked at my interaction and
reaction to circumstances around me. Examining the roles I played within family,
social and work environments. Researching how my choices and reaction of being
within these life structures created certain outcomes. Gradually through looking at
myself and examining how other people interact with me I was able to see the
structure we have as conscious people creating for ourselves.

I have always had this feeling within me, that of a knowing, that life can be seen much
more simply. That it was a possibility that my conscious self was creating the
complexity within my life. Knowing this then meant that there was also a high
possibility that life could be viewed more simply. I searched for ways of moving
beyond my current understanding.

Just by knowing that there had to be more to experience was a valuable step to finding
answers. The answers came gradually within every experience I was having. It was a
goal of mine to find these answers, which made it a main focus in my life. Everything
I experienced would move me towards finding out more.

The steps I took to finding answers not only came from within my own findings but
through other people’s knowledge. There just had to be more people out there that
were considering life the way I was. In this process I read quite a number of books
and accessed information via the Internet. I found there to be so much wonderful new
ideas and information out there. There is a never-ending supply of information that is
processed in an unlimited number of ways. An almost unlimited supply of books on a
portion of every subject you can think of.

There is no way of ever being able to write a whole concept in just one book. I had to
seek a number of authors as well as books to see the whole process of an idea
culminate. The new information that I was becoming aware of was life changing. It
was extremely exciting to watch myself gradually changing in character and mind.
Even in writing this book I have opened my own mind. Every bit of new information
expands the mind. Just by the process of thinking of all possibilities, everything can
expand and grow.

It is in part of the development steps of understanding yourself that you seek others
for new information. There are people out there who have mastered certain concepts.
The ideas they have are different to yours because they are developing from a
different consciousness. They have individuality that seeks its own information and
knowledge. They write about it in order to express their own experiences. It is
through expressing the new information that you are experiencing it, which means
that you are basically actualizing the information within your own life.

Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. You, for instance, might
express yourself through public speaking or talking to friends. Maybe you are
expressing it through art or music. There are unlimited ways of expressing and
creating. Each expression holds different and new experiences for the viewer. For
example, there is not one specific way of showing someone your love. You might
show this through giving them part of what you see as love. Maybe you show love
through touching and affection. Perhaps love is a determination that you have in
everything you do.

Everyone individually has a way of expressing in all areas of life. You are unique in
the way you think and all that you do. When someone reads into your life they are
experiencing your unique expression. If you produce a painting, when the viewer sees
this, they will automatically have a reaction to its unique form. Their reaction will
then be somehow related into their own life experiences. Perhaps the forms within the
painting have a resemblance to certain things already existing around the viewer. The
overall design of the painting might blend in with what they are currently feeling and
experiencing. They will have noticed the unique value of the painting in relation to
their own needs, desires and knowledge.

No one else can fully understand your unique expression, unless they could see inside
your mind. They can only relate to your expression through their own experiences.
When Jackson Pollock created his drip paintings, everyone thought it was too simple
to be unique. They considered these paintings to be childlike and something they
could easily do themselves. What they did not consider was the unique value of his
work. It was in the way he expressed through his style that was later considered
valuable, not necessarily the type of method he used. No one has ever been able to
express exactly like Pollock since. His unique work was special unto himself and it
has taught us the pure value of individual expression.

Others can influence you but the work that you do will be of your own individual
expression. This means that there is no way that you can copy other people, but they
can indeed inspire you. Other people with similar interests and experience can give
you the drive to further to your goals. Their work helps to expand your mind and
develop your individual expression.

There is nothing wrong with furthering and utilizing information given to you by
inspired teachers. There are many teachers or interested people who enjoy focusing
on particular experiences. They might then write and talk about their findings in order
to create awareness in others, and to most importantly delve deeper into themselves.
The messages and information they give you is there to make you think. Information
is there to be experienced, criticized and expanded on within your own life.
Inspiration from teachers may be at some stages the driving force for your own
individual expression and soul searching. It might not be the reason you find answers
inside yourself, but more an inspiration behind wanting to find answers within

The more you learn the more you expand your mind and create possibility for more
experiences. Every choice you make in your life is your own, solely. You can be
shown ways of living life through other people, if you choose to follow what they say;
it is your own decision. It is you that accepts whether something is to become part of
your life or not. You make the decision to follow certain rules and expectations.

Even in the most extreme of circumstances of someone putting a gun to your head, it
is still your decision to follow what the person tells you. There is still a possibility
that the outcome will not result in death if you do not decide to let them make you do
things you do not want to do. Injury is part of life experience, as a result to the things
that you decide to do. Death is also a life experience that we will all come across at
some time in our life. It is one of the facts of life that we all know will occur one day
for each and every one of us.

The death of your friend or family member is considered unfortunate and unnecessary.
What is not considered as much is the experience that comes into your life from
someone’s death and how it impacts your life. Death is considered a bad thing but
really it opens more doors for individual growth. Of course you consider the
possibility of dying within choices that you make in life, and try and live as long as
you can in order to experience more.

Everything you choose in life may have a probability of the experience of death.
Through choosing certain paths in life you will with out a doubt die one day. You
would not be living in the now if you did not consider the possibility. Whether you
choose to consider it a bad experience it is up to you and your belief structures. In the
end it is another experience, not just for you but others around you. It opens doors to
developing independence, moving into new relationships with others and to seeing
things within yourself you may not have realized as you fight through fears of change.

If what you considered an unfortunate circumstance was to come into your life it is
because it comes on a path that you are following. Through the series of decision you
made leading up to the event you have now come across this new experience and
circumstance. Remember every decision you make has an outcome. Certain
experiences are the result from a series of prior choices or experiences.

Opening up to and experiencing your life more can result in broadening of your mind.
Through learning and developing new pathways of experience you can open up
doorways to numerous new possibilities. Your extent of knowledge surrounding the
outcome of these possibilities is the result of learning and experiencing. You cannot
know how to deal with a situation if you have never been faced with it before.
Through learning and experiencing you open up your mind to more knowledge for
facing circumstances into the future. You open the door to more possibilities when it
comes to you making a decision within new situations. One of the possibilities might
mean escaping so called unfortunate outcomes and experiences.

Learning and experiences are necessary for growth and expansion and give us the
reason and purpose for life. Your consciousness exists in certain natural boundaries of
experience. Three-dimensional reality consists of linear creation. You are always
living in constant experience and there are always outcomes to your choices. There is
a feeling of time and a forever moving forward. You are always a part of something
that in turn creates more experience. Through thinking that you will not want to be
part of an experience, you become a part of something else. One of the most probable
outcomes in your three-dimensional physical life is that at all times you will be
creating, learning and experiencing. In your now conscious reality you cannot just
disappear or not exist. You are ‘being’ within an experience.

Through being and experiencing you are at all times learning and creating. New
knowledge will bring forth different experiences. It is up to the individual person to
look beyond limitations, to create what they want in their life. In order to do this a
person needs to find out what it is they want to know and find an answer for their own
life and choice of experiences. Questioning how they can make an easier life for
themselves? When will they have the things they want? It is up to every individual
person to decide on how they wish to view life and receive answers. Everyone creates
their own reality and will with out a doubt end up experiencing all of their results.
Viewing life through limitless eyes

Life can be very simple, it is all in the way a person views it. You can choose a life of
satisfaction through making a choice to expand beyond your beliefs and expectations.
Beliefs and expectations can create life experiences but limiting ones, as I wrote
earlier about viewing life through the ego or self focused state. You can choose to live
this way if it creates what you want. In turn if you are not satisfied make the
conscious decision to expand your mind in order to create more possibilities and ways
to view life. There is also another way to experience life that does not have to have a
purely survival and ego perception, one that does not have to rely purely on challenge
and wanting more and more. There is a way to simplify life even more to a point
where things become calm and enjoyable without all the pressures and strains.

One of the first steps to simplifying your life is to learn to live in the present moment.
Consider and experience the way you are living right now. Right now you are
obviously reading this writing, soaking in similar, new or different information. What
are the feelings that you are receiving at this present moment? How often do you ask
yourself, ‘Am I enjoying what I am doing right now?’ There might be feelings of
excitement, peacefulness, tiredness, boredom or indifference that are present to you
just through reading now.

There is a possibility that you can become numb to the present experience. Perhaps
your life seems mundane and boring and so you have become a sort of robot. You
may be living your life so mechanically that you do not even realize that you are
switched off most of the time. If you can not remember what you did five minutes
ago, you perhaps need to ask yourself, ‘Am I living life to its full capacity and
enjoyment?’ There is so much room for mistakes and mishaps when you are not
focusing on what you are doing. When your mind is not concentrating on the present
and instead thinking of other things. Through not concentrating on what you are
doing you can create more work through turning off to life and the experience that
comes with it.

How often do you ask yourself, ‘What do I feel like doing right at the present
moment?’ Instead of, ‘What should I be doing right at the moment?’ There is no
spontaneity in a life when you live by what has to be done every second of the day. A
life full of lists, and must do’s, is basically a life full of commitment, organization and
structure. You end up a puppet, run by ego expectations that are based on living life
to set ideals. Just through thinking that you having to do something, or that you need
to get something done, creates a whole series of instructional workload. A life full of
needing and having generates no time for inspiration and creativity. When your life is
so full of instruction there is no time left for experiencing the full potential of the

If you are forever having or needing to do things you are forever looking towards
future events. There is no time to consider what you would rather do or feel like
doing right in your present moment. Basically, if you are living in what you want to
receive in the future, you may never truly receive or enjoy what you experience in the
present. You may forever work towards future expectations and so-called needs. It is
funny that a person can spend so much time creating for needs and wants in their
future that they may never consider the fact that the important part of this creation is
in the now. You are forever living in the future without realizing that the important
decisions for these events are chosen in the now present moment.

If you are not happy with your present situation, then you will possibly still be that
way when you finally get what you thought you needed. Maybe you are not satisfied
with life because you are forever wanting more and not seeing what is received in the
moment, that when you finally get to the point of the experience there is another need
that takes its place.

There is no time like the present! Now is the best time to experience life, to get what
you feel you want because your drive and desire is presently alive. How will you
know if you can sustain your current drive next week? Next week you are going to
feel like doing something else. You may not even finish what you have currently got
the drive for. Putting things off for the future means that you may never experience
the things that you want. Do what you desire right now. Make the choices for
experience right now. Otherwise you may forever be living life through what you
have to do, or will do, rather than what you can spontaneously experience and grow

Do you often find that the most spontaneous things you have done are the most fun
and successful moments. It is because you had your full concentration in what you
were doing. You were using the full extent of your effort because it was something
you enjoyed and felt like doing. It goes without saying that if there is something that
you do not enjoy doing in your life you will only put in half the effort. This means
that you are perhaps only currently using half of your potential. There is no
satisfaction when the job is only half done because when there is always more to do
things may never get finished. Finishing something is where the satisfaction comes
in. It would be more rewarding if a job was to be totally complete.

Of course the more rewarding jobs are the ones you love doing, mostly spontaneous
ones that are selected in the moment. These are the jobs you place your full
concentration on to get finished. Your mind does not wander off if it is focused and
enjoying the moment. You are not thinking about what you would like to be doing.
Instead you are living out your full experience and enjoyment in the moment. In fact
it cannot really be called a job then can it? It becomes an enjoyable experience.

You are perhaps saying that there are some things that you have to do in life whether
you like it or not. Yes, through expectations we have created many have to do’s, but
forget to realize that we are living in a life where we choose our experience.

Ask yourself:

Am I truly getting what I want in life?

Am I satisfied with my current situation?
Are my expectations being met?
Am I happy?
Should I have to live my life this way, if I do not enjoy it?
How can I live in the now moment and still get what I want?
Living in the now means that you are always getting what you want. You are always
getting what you spontaneously need and wish to experience. It can become a more
fulfilling life because while you are enjoying what you are doing you are getting the
full experience met. You know that you made the choice to do it and that at any stage
you can get out of it if it does not satisfy you. Remember you create your own reality.
You have a choice at any stage in its development to change it, just through a simple
decision. It is your decision to experience what you want and at any time you can
make this choice to change your ideas on life and move to new experiences.

What living in the now means is that you do not have to have expectations, needs or
wants. You do not have to live a life, as I talked about earlier, where you need to fight
for things through systems and order. Life does not have to be considered purely
through ego and self focused reality. This is the current perception of how people see
now, through fighting to get what they want and thinking of self first. However if
people open up to living in the moment they can also choose for a life the does not
have so much pressure or constraints.

Living in the moment helps you to enjoy what comes to you in the present and enjoy
and experience life to its full potential. Choosing to live in the now means more
possibilities for experience. There is unlimited potential in the now for you to achieve
anything. The choices you make now will effect your future decisions. Through
choosing to live in the now moment you will create unrestricted possibilities for the
future. It also holds back pressures and conflicts with others, because it takes away
the fighting and struggling part of life, where we are always driving towards bettering
self through competition reaching to future ideals.

There is never one way of achieving a particular goal. If that goal is something your
really want in the present moment you will be able to choose from a myriad of
possibilities for this. For example, if you all of a sudden feel like travelling to a place
you have always wanted to experience. You will at the present moment think of a
series of ways to achieve this. One way might be to go out and immediately buy
tickets for airfares. Another might be to ring up and find out prices and available
dates. Everything you do in the present contributes to your future present moments.
It opens up doors for more choices and opportunities, without the strain of focusing
on the task in full. There are a series of steps to take towards your goals. If you are
really very interested in travelling you will gradually in the present moment make
choices that will eventuate to that possibility. You do not have to focus on the
pressure of the result as yet, but merely work towards achieving a desired result. The
experience of planning a holiday is also part of the experience. The process of life is
where we will find moments of enjoyment and experience what we receive at all

The choices that you make in the moment bring on possible outcomes that you will
have on access in future present moments. What this means is that everything you do
and choose in life contributes to your future experiences. If your dream is to become
a famous painter, there is no time like the present to start this experience. Grab out
your paintbrush and start painting now, your inspiration is experienced in the present
moment. There is no real goal experienced here, instead a spontaneous inspiration
created in the moment. A spontaneous thought can bring on so many possibilities for
your future creativity.

Have you ever considered that it might be easier to achieve things in life if there were
not expectations and pressures around you? Pressure means that you are not doing
what you want in life. If you are feeling pressure, stress, abuse, unhappiness or
dissatisfaction these are indications that it might be a good time to change what you
are doing. Have you ever heard the saying, ‘If there is a will, there is a way?’ Who
ever wrote it knew they created their own reality. If you have the drive to make a
change you will always see it through. There is only so long that you can take undue
pressure before you feel like you cannot take it anymore. It will seem that you are
forced to make sudden decisions for change.

Most sudden decisions can lead also to happy outcomes. In most situations if you
have experienced a bad event in your life, anything other becomes better than what
you have just been experiencing. There is no need to feel guilty for what you are
doing once you have made the decision. This is where you can fall flat on your face
and return to unsatisfactory life situations. If you make a choice to do something,
know the consequences and make decisions you know you would like to see through.
Remember life is what you make it. If you fall in a hole find a way to get out of it.

There is nothing out there that cannot be changed or created upon. Every situation
has unlimited potential and possibility, it is all in the way a person views life. There
are no real needs or have to do’s, anything can be changed at an instant. It just takes
one thought or idea to change your whole perspective of life. There is not one way to
tackle a situation or create experience. If for example you knew you were totally
unsatisfied with your job there are a number of open opportunities awaiting you:

• You could scream out ‘I quit’ and walk out of the workplace, possibly then
laying around for a number of weeks, depending on your money
circumstances, until you find the drive for something else.
• You could quit and walk out to the nearest job agency and apply for
another job.
• You could hand in your resignation for a fortnight or more. This might
find you in better circumstances if the boss does not want you to go.
He/she might offer better conditions or pay.
• You could just hang out a little longer until you have saved enough money
to live off for a while, in order to find something better.
• You could put up with job stress until perhaps you get constant headaches
and sickness.
• You could perhaps take stress reduction classes or time management
• You could apply for other jobs while you are still working.
• You could find out about educational opportunities.
• You could borrow money from a friend, travel overseas in hope for a better
life and never come back home.
• You could sell all your assets and pour them into a dream you have always
had. You will at least have some satisfaction for a certain amount of time.
You could perhaps worry about making money only when it becomes a
• You could decide to live off bare necessities and travel the country,
working at different jobs without commitment only when you need it.

The above list is only a small portion of the unlimited possibilities apparent to you at
that moment of dissatisfaction in your job. You will then choose one of these
decisions at the present moment in time, resulting in a number of new possible
circumstances. Just through thinking about new possibilities you create doorways for
later situations.

Consider the way you a feeling now, and act on decisions in the moment. Otherwise
you may forever avoid your true feeling and desires for life. If you are not feeling
satisfied or happy with your situation, find a way to change it. Changing it might
involve just thinking about the situation in a different way. The more you think about
a circumstance being horrible you will create it and believe it. You can change this by
making happy circumstances fun, by thinking about it becoming favourable to you.
Look for things in the situation that you ‘do like’ instead of focusing on all the things
you ‘do not like’. Remember you are the one creating your life; view it in a way that
it rewards you.

Changing your life might involve you making the decision to no longer worrying
about what has to be done. Consider making the most of what you are doing at the
time instead of worrying about what has to be done. Living in the moment can release
a lot of ‘have to’ pressure. Just in the thought of having to do something, even though
you are not yet experiencing it, can make you feel unhappy and dissatisfied. Try
working on what you have now to begin with and leave the future to when it happens.
Make the most of your circumstance when they come to you.

There is less stress involved in something you are currently achieving then in
something you have not yet even started. Worry about the future when it comes to
your present. You cannot fully lay down how your future will map out. Focus on
creating now so you can have more to choose from in the future. The now present
moment is where the creation is happening, focus on better and easier opportunities.

Your head can feel like lead when you are worrying about the things you must do in
the future. Worrying about things before they happen only creates dramas. Like I
said in an earlier chapter, that you create so much structure in your life that you have
decided on the outcome before it actually happens, much like being in a movie or
theatre performance.

Without expectations life does not need to be always structured. You do not have to
do anything in particular unless you feel you must. You have created you life so far, if
you feel there are things you would like to change, make the changes. It is up to you
on how satisfied and happy you want to be. Remember it can be your belief structures
that can create feeling of ‘have to do’. If your situation is already labelled by your
beliefs you will create it to be the only acceptable way to view life. You will no doubt
label things in emotions. Things will be considered good, bad or indifferent.
Everything will have a label on it listed under belief preferences.
If you believe or expect that life should be a big happy romantic explosion of joy, you
will create belief structures around this thought. Everything then that is not
categorized under this heading will be considered bad and unnecessary to experience.
Unfortunately to your beliefs and expectations, life comes in all forms of experience,
not just explosive ones. There are numerous unlimited possibilities for every
situation. If you believe something is bad then you automatically create barriers
against experiences surrounding this thought. The funny thing is that what you might
be looking for is perhaps behind that unwanted experience. Perhaps it is one of the
steps towards your romantic, happy explosion of joy.

It is all up to the way you think as you create your own experiences. If you believe in
something as being too hard, you will create that experience in your mind and you
will live it out. Remember things are only bad if you label them that way. Why not
experience what comes to you at the moment without having to label it. This means
that the present moment cannot really be categorized until it is over. While you live
solely in the present moment you will experience it’s full potential without labels and
expectations, choosing instead for limitless choices and experiences.

Why make life a struggle by creating barriers of beliefs for you future when you can
have a more expressive life living in the moment of creation. You create for the future
by living in the now. The present moment is where you will make decisions affecting
your future.
Living a simple life

Life consists of viewing and living reality in a way that you as an individual
conscious person have chosen for. You can search for a simple life if it is what you
want to experience and create. It can be achieved through the way you perceive and
view reality and life situations. You can view reality in any form you wish, there is
not one way of visualizing or creating. It is all up to you and your decisions, choices,
beliefs and expectations.

This chapter will be a summation of the elements of a simple life achieved through
my own experiences. Through trying to explain simplicity I have had to detail it in
terms through the complex ego perception in the earlier chapters. What tends to
happen is that a simple understanding of life turns into a detailed and complex
analysis of how you as an individual view reality. Understanding the way the ego self
focus perception works was the only way I could show the separation between
simplicity and complication.

There will always be conflicts of interest when the ego self focused perception tries to
view life simply. The ego perception can contradict all the concepts brought forth
through unlimited ideas. There might be several things being asked at this point, such

Life has to be ordered and structured because you always have to think about what
you are doing before you do it.
If I lived and thought in the moment I would not have anything to think about.
I can not stop what is around me and control what is happening to me.

These are all limiting concepts of the ego. The answers are in your own mind,
question yourself through asking why you have to view in this way. Instead of stating
that things are how they are, ask why they are the way they are.

Why does life have to be ordered and structured?

Why would I have to organize everything before I do it?
Why can I not live life in the moment?
Why can I not control what is happening in my life?

It can be all in the way you perceive and ask the questions. You can limit yourself
through actualizing with have to, must do, will not and can not. If you find yourself
using these examples simply ask yourself ‘why?’ Question the way you view reality
if it is not working for you. Remember you are the one living your life and you are
the one who makes decisions on what you think and do. Meaning that you are the
only one who can change the way you see reality.

Consider my example of a simple life and employ it in a way that suits you.
Remember this whole concept of my writing is around thinking for yourself and
making your own decisions. If it does not have any relevance then just discard it. It
is simply an idea, the concept of a simple life, one that has worked for me. Where I
no longer have to, but am doing. I have now a life where I experience it in the
moment to the full degree and appreciate what I have to experience rather than always
wanting more and more. I no longer have to fight for what I want, but enjoy the
experience of life from one moment to the next. Many new things have come my way
through this method of thinking than I ever thought possible. I have found a simple
life and one that I enjoy to experience, one that is rewarding and is open to finding
new experiences and developing upon my own life through knowledge rather than
constant struggle and challenge.

This was the point to where I did not further my writing in 2001, instead taking on
work at a nursing home that was close to where I lived. It was not time for my work
to develop then because I was to experience a different road that I enjoyed a lot and
found great reward from at the time. It helped me to further discoveries being
around others who were dealing with death and even more restrictive

The interesting thing about receiving this job was that I was told of this work
through a friend because his mother was at the time a resident at the home. The
next day I went to the workplace to have a look and talk to the supervisor and then
the following day I was given the job. That is how quick things can come to you in
the moment if you move with time spontaneously.

It was a fantastic experience and the best job that I had to date, one which I will
never forget. It came to me from not wanting it but from finding it on my journey
in life, through opening all of the doorways to possibility around me. I was later to
be there for that friend through the time of his mother dying. He told me of some
wonderful things that pushed me on my journey further. Things concerning how
he was dealing with death and also how he had seen his mother after her funeral in
the house where he lived. Experiences that stood outside of normal conceptual life,
that made me search further into possibility and what life really meant in total.

My writing today is a journey further along my path, where I have ventured into the
soul of life and how it is all formed and realized. I love to search for answers on
the complexity of life and how it is all brought together into a whole. Wanting even
more answers to life has brought me to the point where I wanted to know how all of
third dimensional life is actualized, physically, spiritually and logically. I looked
even deeper into formation and purpose of life that defines itself on the basic
building blocks of life. These are that we are alive now, that we will one day die,
and that we have the ability to create and develop. My writing now comes from my
adventure into studying all methods of beliefs and thinking over many years and
bringing them all together into a practical workbook that defines life on reasoning
and logic rather than on emotional and dramatic lines.

I still follow the path of happiness and simplicity. My writing from years ago is still
a part of me now. It defines the reasoning behind my writing in the present and
how it has formed into what it is today. Even now when I read it again after so
much time, I really find it a great way to conceptualize life, through the moment
rather than always having to view in struggle and constraints. Life is what you
make of it. This is still my philosophy:
‘Life is a perception of the mind; all the answers are within us’

If you are interested in knowing more about my current work you can follow
through to my website at:


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