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Case Study

Rancho / Food to feed masculinity

Package design

Visual identity

Package design

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Following an in-depth consumer research on canned meat or meat-based ready meals market, which revealed that although men are the main consumers in this category, there is no brand to address their specific needs or speak their language, Scandia Food approaches BrandTailors to develop Rancho, a medium-priced brand directly targeted at them.


With a product range designed for men pressed meat, pate and meals with a high content of satiable meats (pork and veal) and a strong, spicy taste appreciated by the target, Rancho had the right premises to become the brand-of-choice for men. The brand development was inspired by these product attributes, leading to Rancho being defined as the brand of canned foods that feeds masculinity, satisfying hunger and boosting the ego altogether.

The visual identity was meant to be the very embodiment of manliness, drawing its inspiration from the universe of westerns and ranches, to go hand in hand with the brand name.

Anca Tzloanu Brand Consultant

Consisting of a bulls head engraved on a metallic belt buckle, the symbol has the power to make men feel good about themselves and their choice.

Distributed primarily in traditional trade outlets, the brands package design brought the challenge of making the product denominators even more visible than the brand name, to help consumers make their choice easily,
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Silviu Filipovici Senior Brand Designer

even at a distance of two meters away from the shelf placed behind the counter. These premises commanded a strong and vivid color-coding for an unparalleled shelf impact.

The package design concept builds further on the logo idea, introducing the leather belt that compliments the visual identity and at the same time generates the graphic system, by separating the appealing product shot from the denominators. The belt created the opportunity for introducing the picture of a gun, as an element that makes the western look and feel complete and the chilli peppers, as bullets, suggesting the spiciness of the range.

Brand consultancy - Anca Tzloanu Logo design & package design - Silviu Filipovici Image retouching and preproduction processing - Mihai Prplea Project management - Ionu Militaru
Project implementation started in March 2012. Follow us on LinkedIn Download our credentials

Silviu Filipovici Senior Brand Designer

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