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Tennis Lesson Plan

Name of Coach : Date: 11 Feb 2012 (Saturday) Standard: Beginner Topic : Basic Introduction / Some Strokes UG 1: Understand the basic of tennis rules. Subject : Tennis Time : 2 periods (1000 - 1200) Venue : Type of lesson : Guided activities

UG 2: Understand the basic of tennis strokes. Forehand, Backhand, Volley & Serve. Area(s) you would like observer to focus on: The basic strokes

Brief Outline of development of lesson : Stage / Objective Duration 1000-1015 Warm up (15 mins) Brief on Tennis rules and regulation and scoring system

Skills Stretching of all important muscle group Know the basics

Activities /Strategies Introduction: About how we started and what tournament we have competed in Dressing for tennis Emphasize that it takes time and practice to be able to grasp the sports It would be impossible to master the sports within a few session But good coaching will enhance the playability Explain the rules of singles and doubles. Explain how the games is being played Coach to demonstrate the different grip of holding the racket properly for forehand and serve Explain that it takes consistent effort and practise to master the different strokes


http://www.y outube.com/ watch? v=gJjWO4Ua 5PY&feature =related

1015-1035 (20 mins)

Brief on the basic

of tennis, the basics grip for forehand and serve. Touch on footwork being the foundaton.


Focusing & Observational

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Today will only focus on

forehand. To start we need to gain a feel of the ball by doing this drill

Activity: Bouncing on the floor as many time as possible

Coach to demonstrate how to

bounce the ball on the racket on 1 side consistently

Coach to demonstrate how to bounce the ball on both side Coach to demonstrate how to bounce the ball on 3 sides 1035-1055 (20 mins)

To lay down the

most intuitive and basic shots of tennis the forehand

Focusing Remembering

Coach to demonstrate simplified forehand and swing Activity:

Ask them to pair up. 1 player to

hit the strokes and 1 player to drop the ball beside them and wait for 1 bounce before they hit. After 5 balls change.

http://www.y outube.com/ watch? v=AJv7lzOA YZE

Notice any common mistake

like racket face too up, wrong timing, not aiming at the centre of the racket, correct them accordingly

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1055-1115 (20 mins)

To further lay down the most intuitive and basic shots of tennis the forehand

Observational, Remembering

Objective is to get as many ball over as possible Coach to give instruction and demonstration to the players to have the pair toss the ball out instead of dropping Emphasize that they have to position their footwork properly this time before making the shot Same thing the pair will play for 5 shots each Coach to feed the ball softly to the forehand and for them to hit the ball across Optional plan: To play a mini game against the coach a pair at a time focusing on their forehand Optional plan: To play volley game near the net

1115-1150 (30 mins)

To feed balls to the player and have them queue up

Observational, Remembering

http://www.y outube.com/ watch? v=cDMTf2z DNkw&featu re=related

1150-1200 (10 mins)

Warm down and debrief about session observation

Observational, Remembering

Do warm down exercises Debrief