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Atlas Copco Breakers & Portable Air compressors

A golden combination, made to work together

Atlas Copco has been around construction sites for a good many years, and has learnt a thing or two about what works best when it comes to pneumatic tools and compressors. The combination is a marriage made in heaven: namely the TEX 140-280 series of handheld breakers, and the magnificent Series 7 of compressors. They work together well because theyre both designed and built by Atlas Copco, a company that really understands how to maximise productivity. But were not complacent never have been, never will be. So thats why weve made changes that still further improve the symbiotic working relationship of breaker and compressor.

The latest TEX series includes the well-proven features that Atlas Copco is known for: for example a solid body concept, and the two-step trigger, SOFTSTART. The new housing design contains fewer parts and that means greater reliability. It also allows for fast and easy on-site service, as all you need are a few basic tools. The two-step SOFTSTART trigger gives you better control when starting a cut and makes working under difficult conditions both easier and less tiring. The Series 7 provides an absolutely reliable source of compressed air to drive your pneumatic tools, and because of its capacity to provide large amounts of air, it is easily adapted to do sandblasting applications as well. The Series 7 offers you different motor and size options depending on the output that you require and the applications you will use the machine for. The smaller models use the highly reliable 3-cylinder water-cooled Kubota engine while the larger models are equipped with a Deutz engine, both using an innovative range of single axle, oil injected rotary screw components.

TEX Breakers - Solid body concept - Trademarked two-step trigger control (SOFTSTART) - Ideal for both service jobs and general demolition Series 7 - Build to ISO 9001 quality assurance standards - All controls on a single panel - Heavy duty filters as standard - Range of motors for different output and application requirements - Low operational cost - High autonomy can work for over 1 shift on one tank of fuel - Meets EU/US Environmental norms on both exhaust emissions and noise

Weight Air consumption at 6 bar

kg l/sec 33 42 43 33 50 58 62 72 89 89

15.5 25

19 25

19.5 26

23 26

23.5 30

27 30

28 32

31.5 32

XAS 37 Kd XAS 47 Kd XAS 47 Dd XAS 47 DdG XAS 57 Dd XAS 67 DdG XAS 67 Dd XAS 77 Dd XAS 97 Dd XAS 97 DdG
*according to ISO1217 ed.3 1996 annex D

1 2 3
Number of breakers per compressor type

TEX Breakers - Simplicity and great reliability - Easy to maintain and service - Highly flexible performance and range - Better control even under difficult conditions Series 7 - Easy to use, maintain and service - Flexible and efficient output - Long service life - Low operational cost - Low noise output - Full range of options

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Never use compressed air as breathing air without prior purification in accordance with local legislation and standards.


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