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Gekkeikan Sake Company Ltd.

In 1637, Gekkeikans founder, Jiemon Okura established his sake brewery in the town of Fushimi which was famed throughout Japan for its delicious and excellent quality water. Through years of constant efforts to produce only the best, Gekkeikan now leads the industry in both quality and quantity. Access to ideal ingredients combined with a convenient location near countrys ancient capital in Kyoto enabled Okura and his successors business to thrive in the years that followed. Today, Gekkeikan is one of the worlds oldest family-owned companies and is a member of the exclusive Les Henokiens an association of member businesses with over 200 years uninterrupted family ownership. As a family-owned business in Japans ancient capital of Kyoto, at Gekkeikan they are accustomed to preserving traditions. They believe that balance of a sincere respect for the past and with great enthusiasm for the future is what distinguishes the Gekkeikan brand. We at Sultania have brought to India the following products from their repertoire. Gekkeikan Traditional Sake The most common type of sake in Japan. Rich in taste and mild in flavor, Gekkeikan Traditional sake is highly versatile. Serve either at room temperature or chilled or slightly warmed Alcohol content: 15-16%.Available in 1800 ml. large bottle. HORIN Junmai Daiginjo Sake This ultra-premium sake is made from Junmai (pure rice) using slow (dai) fermentation at low temperature with great care(ginjo). A delicate aroma and mild flavor distinguish this sake. Horin is brewed with two types of high quality rice, Yamadanishiki and Gohyakumangoku, which are finely polished to 50%: Serve chilled or at about 10 in order to enjoy a delicate aroma. Alcohol content:15-16%. Available in two pack sizes i.e. 300ml and 720 ml. bottle. Nama Sake This is contemporary un pasteurized draft sake. Immediately after fermentation is completed it is passed through micro filters and bottled immediately. This process gives Nama Sake a fresh fruity and smooth character. Serve chilled. Alcohol content:14-15%.Available in 300 ml. bottle. Taru Sake Rich in taste and refreshing in cedar flavor this sake is matured in cedar wood barrel and is enjoyed in room temperature or well chilled. Alcohol content:15-16%.Available in 500 ml. bottle. Petit Moon Daiginjo Luxury Sake This luxury sake is carefully fermented to create a refreshing fruity aroma and mild flavor. This little sake is attractively packaged in a distinctively modern iconic blue bottle. Serve chilled. Alcohol content: 13-14%. Available in 135 ml. bottle. Pure Plum Wine Selected from fully-ripened plums from over 200 years old plum trees are the secret to this wines refined taste and aroma. Enjoy chilled, on-the-rocks or in various cocktails. Alcohol content: 13-14%. Available in 750 ml. bottle. URL http://www.gekkeikan.co.jp/