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Issue # 337

April 4, 2012

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Larry Stanley for Henry Board of Education, District 2

I want to serve Henry County in positive and meaningful ways. Our school system is highly regarded and recognized across the state. It will be an honor to serve with the other board members as an advocate for students, parents and school system staff. The role of a school board is to set direction and provide oversight and accountability. While day-today management is delegated to school system staff through the superintendent, board members are elected and therefore must be accessible and accountable to the county s voters, taxpayers and residents. The quality of educational services provided by the Henry County Schools affects quality of life for the county. It affects the physical, intellectual and emotional development of every student. It affects the local business climate. Every board member has a huge responsibility.

Larry Stanley will accept the responsibilities that follow the authorities of the board. First on the list is maintaining accessibility, openness and always answerable to the needs of the entire system.
Hands-On Accountability
A poll conducted by Georgia State University indicates that school boards should have the responsibility Hiring, firing and promoting of teachers Hiring, firing and promoting of principals and school administrators? Setting policy about promoting and retaining students is mainly seen as a board role, but Administrators in each school polled next highest.

Setting discipline and safety policy is also seen as a shared role between the local board and Administrators in each school.


Larry Stanley will consistently apply a conservative social and fiscal voice to the Board
Pursuit of Excellence
The decisions made by the school board affect virtually every important aspect of local schools from boundaries to bus schedules, curriculum to clubs, and funding to field trips. The Georgia Constitution requires that an elected school board oversee each school system. Members of a local school board are to manage and control and to make decisions on almost every aspect of public school operations. Each school board -- as a whole -- serves as the governing body. Individual board members have no authority outside of the board room. Many of the day-to-day responsibilities for which school boards are responsible generally are delegated to the superintendent. However, responsibilities of a public school board also include, but are not limited to some duties that cannot be delegated, such as:

Buying and selling school property (including the power of condemnation),

Calling elections to authorize a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) and bond elections to authorize the issuance of bonded debt

Making the policies and rules necessary to govern the school system Reorganization and consolidation of schools within their control Authority to hire employees on the recommendation of the superintendent. Responsible for arbitrating personnel recommendations from their superintendents. These recommendations include such things as disciplinary action, recognition, and dismissal requests. Responsibility of approving the district s annual budget.

Larry Stanley will not join any effort to create bonded debt that is not absolutely, 100% necessary
The 2009 Bond Referendum was a fiasco and it was rightly rejected by the voters of Henry County.
The Referendum would provide revenue for 2 high schools, 1 middle school and 4 elementary schools plus additions and renovations at existing schools. Losing by 70% to 30% of voters, even school system employees did not see the need for an additional $265,000,000 in bonded debt.


Larry Stanley will not join any effort to increase the Henry County school millage rate AND will always stand to protect Henry County taxpayers
Henry County Schools already collects the legal limit on property taxes
See WWW .MILLAGERATE.COM The millage rate (also known as the tax rate) is a figure applied to the value of your property to calculate your property tax liability. One mill equals one dollar of tax on every thousand dollars of taxable value. Your tax dollars are used to fund the cost of your government each year. The three parts of the millage calculation 1. The budget 2. The net tax digest 3. The millage rate The budget: Determining what services are to be offered by government, what the cost of those services will be, and how expenses will be funded are fundamental responsibilities of elected officials during the budget process. The budget process can be fraught with political influences, to which any critic of out-of-control, pork barrel spending can attest. The millage rate: Currently, a taxing authority can set the millage rate at whatever level it chooses. Although no analysis of statewide data exists, anecdotal experience indicates that most jurisdictions do not set their millage rate mathematically, but rather set the millage rate arbitrarily and politically. The bottom line Currently, there is a constitutional limit of 20 mills for the funding of schools. School Boards can adopt a rate above the cap only by voter approval. New School Board members are taught a process which can be described as a millage value estimation. BoE members are taught to divide last year s actual tax revenue by last year s millage and use that dollar value of a mill to compute how many mills will be needed to make up the budget shortfall for the current year. The process is invalid because it produces a millage rate that has no mathematical relationship to the actual needs of the budget. The only way to control the budget, and correctly evaluate the millage rate, is by thoroughly scrutinizing every line item of the school system s revenues and expenses.

Larry Stanley will always stand to protect Henry County taxpayers by opposing out-of-county students


School choice options in Georgia

See WWW .GREATSCHOOLS.ORG In Georgia your child can attend any school in the district (called intradistrict choice) or outside the district (called interdistrict choice), provided that there is space and the receiving district agrees to accept the student. I have heard school board members or school principals say, We will provide educational opportunities for any child coming to our door. Enforcement of school zones based on county of residence has no meaning unless the county school system actively enforces a consistent policy. That means the receiving district Henry County Schools - must not agree to out-of-county school attendance.

There are many elements to the role of school board member. And many factors that you, the shareholders of the school system, must share with me. I look forward to a series of events that will be announced soon. In the meantime, contact me via email at LRSTANLEY@CHARTER.NET.

Larry Stanley
Candidate, Henry County BoE I need your support. Please consider a contribution to my campaign. Contact: Stanley for Henry Board of Education 260 Oak Leaf Drive Stockbridge, Georgia 30281

Georgia s 2012 Tax Reform

By Rep. Steve Davis


There is a lot of misinformation going around what was adopted for tax reform this year. The details are attached but know the bill is an overall tax cut of over $50 million and is a huge victory. It increases in the marriage deduction from $5400 to $7400 and provides a great improvement for our retired citizens earning retirement income by increasing their exclusion from $35,000 to $65,000 each for a family exclusion of $130,000 plus their social security! This is a huge benefit for the 95% of all retirees. This was a great compromise bill and is a huge step in the right the direction.

Components of Tax Reform Package

o Eliminates the state sales tax on energy used in manufacturing Members of both the Tax Reform Council AND the Competitiveness Initiative recommended that we exempt energy used in manufacturing


We are one of only 10 states that tax energy used in manufacturing This initiative will help the state attract more companies like Caterpillar, which just announced that it will be creating more than 1,400 jobs for Georgians A four-year phase-in period Local communities will have the ability to keep this as a revenue source, if they choose to. When fully phased-in, will save our manufacturers around $150 million per year. o Eliminates the birthday tax on motor vehicles When you title a car in Georgia after Mar. 1, 2013, you will pay a one-time title fee instead of annual ad valorem taxes due by your birthday every year and also avoid the sales tax due at the time of your vehicle s purchase One time title fee rate of 6.5 to 7 percent, which is less than/equal to the sales tax in most counties Minimal fee for transfers between immediate family members Clarification: People who do not purchase a new/different vehicle have the option of staying on the ad valorem tax or paying a one-time fee of 5% of what their car currently is worth. Older cars should probably stay and cars that are just a couple years old should probably switch. Reduces the marriage penalty in our income tax code by cutting income taxes for married couples Cuts income taxes by $140 million every year Increases the personal exemption for married couples by $2,000 per couple from $5400 to $7400 Revises sales tax exemptions on agriculture to ensure fairness and consistency The agriculture exemptions have been cobbled together over the years and are not consistent. (Currently for example, energy used to heat and cool poultry houses is exempt, but not energy used in other livestock facilities like for dairy or swine). Includes three broad agriculture input exemptions for energy, machinery and equipment and other inputs like seed, fertilizers and insecticides. Will save our agricultural producers about $17 million every year Curtails abuse in our conservation easement income tax credit program for donation of conservation easements while maintaining this credit program Reduces partnership cap to $500,000 (corporate cap stays at $500,000, individual cap stays at $250,000) Caps the transferability of tax credits for easements to one from the unlimited amount allowed under current law Restores about $6 million per year to the state Caps retirement income exclusion for seniors at current level of $65,000 ($130,000 per couple). This will NOT be a tax increase for anyone taking the exclusion now. This will just freeze the exclusion at current levels. Previous estimates of the $35,000 income exclusion were found to be around a $230 million annual tax cut. This year, the estimates have been revised upward to a projected cost of $700 million annually to the state, missing the mark by a half billion dollars. Eliminates sales tax exemption for film productions Eliminates the exemption received on the purchase of items or goods used in film making in this state. Keeps the 30 percent credit for films intact Restores about $11 million to the state per year


Allowing certain regionally significant projects to be exempt from sales tax on construction materials This idea was generated by the Governor s Competitiveness Initiative and will be an important deal-closing tool for state. Provides a two-year sales tax holiday for school supplies and energy and water efficient products This cuts sales tax by roughly $40 million every year for two years for Georgia consumers and keeps Georgia businesses competitive with counterparts in neighboring states E-Fairness Treats out-of-state businesses the same as businesses who call Georgia home. Taxpayers are already required to remit use tax now if it is not collected by the seller, so this isn t a new tax. Creates a one percent sales tax exemption on commercial aviation fuel to make our fuel rates more competitive with other major airports. Georgia s tax rate is currently the highest in the nation Eliminates the other exemption on aviation fuel currently in state code

Georgia Pundit

April 3, 2012

T-SPLOST Tax-funded Propaganda


With all due respect to the geniuses in charge of this education campaign, the challenge is not to convince Atlantans that traffic is horrible; tHE CHALLENGE IS TO CONVINCE US THAT THE T-SPLOST WILL ACTUALLY REDUCE


I-75 Jodeco Road overpass, ramp targeted The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) recently announced $39 million in statewide transportation infrastructure projects, a list which includes a $15.7 million reconstruction for the I-75 interchange at Jodeco Road in Henry County.


It will consist of bridge construction above the Interstate, widening ramps and relocating two surface roads, said GDOT Press Secretary David Spear. The work will be done by E.R. Snell Contractor, Inc., of Snellville ... and is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2015.
The Jodeco Bridge. The project BJ Mathis told the Georgia DOT was her highest priority project. The bridge improvement called necessary for The Shailandra Group to move forward with construction of a shopping mall on the west side of I-75. Along with three local roads Mathis named for SPLOST III, one being the West By-pass that transects Shailandra s property, the plan is coming together. Except for some legal troubles between Mr. Shailandra and his co-investors, and a shopping mall that will never happen, Mathis will get her campaign talking points. Pandering pays off. But we should make no mistake about the transportation funding. It came to Henry County through much hard work of Rep. Steve Davis (R-109). During his three terms as our State Representative, Davis has secured over $4.5 Billion for Henry s transportation funding. Let us please give credit where it is due.

John Douglas The Obama administration deliberately leaked secret information on an Israeli air base that was to have been used to strike Iran. This rates right up there with his whispers to the Russian President to give him time, they will get all they want. How can it be that we have such a man in the White House? What have we done to ourselves???

Former Marine Strike Planner: "Start viewing this administration as an existential threat to Israel"

A highly knowledgeable Democratic friend emails Ron Ben-Yishai s YnetNews report US THWARTING ISRAELI STRIKE ON IRAN. The report asserts that the Obama administration is leaking information to the media in order to avert an Israeli strike in Iran. Ben-Yishai observes that in recent weeks the administration has shifted from persuasion efforts vis--vis decision-makers and Israel s public opinion to a practical, targeted assassination of potential Israeli operations in Iran. My friend comments succinctly on the report: Wow. Ron Ben-Yishai is considered to be one of the most serious Israeli defense correspondents. Ben-Yishai gives few examples of the Obama administration s efforts to thwart an Israeli strike on Iran, but the news this week provides what seems to be a case study supporting his thesis. FOREIGN POLICY REPORTS that, according to four senior diplomats and military intelligence officers, Azerbaijan has granted the Israelis access to airbases in that country. Such access would dramatically mitigate the difficulty of an Israeli strike against Iran s nuclear facilities. This leak destroyed any capability of a surprise attack by Israel using these bases. And it came from Obama administration officials. "Bill", a former Marine Corps strike planner, weighed in on the implications of this leak Friday on THE MARK LEVIN SHOW. Read every word: HTTP://WWW.FREEREPUBLIC.COM/FOCUS/F-BLOGGERS/2866604/POSTS


Georgia Pundit

Woodstock Businessman Danny

Dukes has announced that he may have something to announce some

I have a great passion for the children of Cherokee County along with a desire for true public service. In the coming days I will evaluate the opportunity to serve as School Board Chair and the challenges of creating a successful campaign. In pursuing this possibility, I pledge to rebuild the relationship with state and local leaders. A relationship that has recently been tarnished by Board members interested in a personal political future as opposed to what is best for all of Cherokee County. I also pledge to put an end to teacher furloughs and other cuts that have negatively impacted the classroom and the core student educational process. The Cherokee County School Board Chair must always place the interests of students, parents, and teachers first all else second.

Danny s pre-announcement announcement doesn t mention it, but I m going to go out on a limb and guess that he ll be running as a Republican.

Henry County Master Gardeners Tour 2012

All proceeds of the tour will benefit the historic Nolan House and Garden in Heritage Park. Nolan House and Garden will provide the community with a unique learning center for garden lovers and children. It will beautifully complement the existing historic village while providing the Master Gardeners with a place to hold public gardening classes and host special gardening events and meetings.
Tickets $10 On Sale Now.


Where: Heron Bay Golf and Country Club When: Thursday, May 10, 2012 Time: 10:30 am Registration, 11:30 Lunch, 1:00 Shotgun Start For Benefit of: People First of Henry County Please come out and support our Special Needs Community. If you can't play, maybe you can sponsor a hole.

B&M Civil War Research Group 1st Quarter 2012 Please give those who fought for the South The Recognition they deserve. Thank You
April has been set aside as Confederate History and Heritage Month here in Georgia. The war took many lives from here in Henry County Georgia. There were approximately 1,000 men who served in the Civil War from Henry County. Many of them are buried across our area some in unmarked graves. So when April 26th Confederate Memorial Day rolls around please stop and take some time to remember those of our ancestors who paid the ultimate price for our land. We are the shadows of those who walked so tall and brave so many years ago.

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Trayvon Martin Case Leads to Multiple Embarrassments for NBC, MSNBC


The Trayvon Martin case has become a lightning rod for controversy, with the facts of the tragic case becoming the centerpiece of what is slowly beginning to look like a nationwide media war.

State Sens. Emanuel Jones, D-Decatur, and Lester Jackson, D-Savannah, before they headed out to the Trayvon Martin protest just getting underway at the state Capitol. Our home grown race pimps!

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