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Marketing Strategies of Samsung Galaxy Handset

Submitted to: Muhammad Intisar Alam Course Instructor, BRAC University Submitted by: Name Student ID

Section MKT421 SPRING 2012 Date Submission:3rd April, 2012 3rd April, 2012



Muhammad Intisar Alam Course Instructor,

BRAC University 66, Mohakhali

Subject: Submission of term paper for completion of course.

Dear Sir, This is to inform you that we have completed the term paper on Consumer Behavior. This term paper focuses on the association between consumer behavior and marketing strategy of Samsung Galaxy handsets. The term paper, titled Marketing Strategy of Samsung Galaxy Handests has been prepared for the completion of the course, consumer Behavior (MKT421).

In the making of this term paper, we have followed all your specific instructions involving report writing so as to present our views and in the easiest manner. However, we will be glad to clarify any discrepancy that may arise. Thank you. Sincerely yours, Name Md. Saleh-Ibne-Rashid Priyanka Das Katha Rafi Uddin Sharik Md. TanvirAhasan Std. ID 09104117 09104033 09104040 09104092 Signature ................

1. Introduction This report would depict the overall Consumer Behavior implications of Samsung Galaxy Phones. Samsung is the company with a 21% market shares in the Global Market for

mobile phones. The study would clarify about the Company background, marketing mix, external & internal influences of the consumers and other supporting activities related to the consumer behavior. This report also includes the present situation of Samsung Galaxy handsets in Bangladeshi Market. This section presents the background of the report titled Marketing Strategy of Samsung Galaxy Handsets and outlines the objectives, scope, methodology, and limitations of the report

2. Objective of the study 2.1 Primary objective

The primary objective of the report is to gain a clear understanding and practical knowledge of the effect of consumer behavior on the purchase of Samsung Galaxy Handsets in the market. 2.2 Secondary Objective Consumers get influenced by a number of factors while making a purchase decision. The secondary objective of this report includes both external and internal factors that are observed in the buying behavior of the consumers. It also includes critical thinking in the area of research and findings of the analysis of consumer behavior.

3. Methodology: For the information used in the report we used both primary data and secondary data.

Primary Data: We used the information we found from the people we interviewed in the organization and the information we got from the company for conducting this report. As primary data we collected information by visiting Samsung mobile Exclusive store which is located in Bashundhara City shopping mall in level-1 and Transcom Electronics Limited which helped us to gain knowledge about the products and other information regarding Samsung Galaxy handsets. Secondary Data: As secondary data in the report we used the information we found from different web sites.

4. Company background: Samsung is a Korean word which means tristar or three stars. Here three includes big, numerous and powerful and star represents eternity. The Samsung was founded in

1938 by Lee Byung-chul in Ingyo-dong (the then Su-dong). At that time the company was known as Samsung Sanghoe having 40 employees. At that time this small trading company dealt with groceries produced in and around the city and produced its own noodles. In 1947 the headoffice was transferred to Seol. During the Korean War, Lee Byung-chul was forced to leave his company and started a new sugar refinery company in Busan. In 1948, Lee Byung-chul invested together with Cho Hong-jai and built a new company named Samsung Mulsan Gongsa which means Samsung Trading Corporation. Samsung had huge diversification in many areas like insurance, securities, retailing, ship building etc. In 1969 Samsung Electronics was introduced in Suwon, South Korea. In 1970, Samsung introduced another subsidiary Samsung-NEC jointly with NEC Inc. to manufacture electric home appliances and audio-visual devices. The number of black and white televisions manufactured by this company since 1981 was over 10 million. In 1988 the company got merged with Samsung Semiconductor and Communications. This decision was taken on the basis of fast growing domestic demand for electronic goods. In 1987 when Lee Byung-chul died, Kun-Hee Lee became the chairperson of Samsung. From 1990, Samsung started expanding globally and built factories in US, Britain, Germany, Thailand, Mexico, Spain and China. In 1997 all Korean companies shrunk and so did Samsung. They sold many of their businesses and cut some employees down to get rid of debts. But they managed to keep electronics industry with them and continued to grow. In 1993, Samsung introduced the lightest mobile phone of its era, the SCH-800 which was available on CDMA network. On 27th April 2009, Samsung launched the first Samsung Galaxy smart phone named as Samsung i7500. Electra International Limited first brought the Samsung products in Bangladesh. From the middle of 2011 Transcom Electronics, to be more specific, Transcom Mobile got the permission to bring Samsung handsets in Bangladesh.

5. Analysis 5.1 Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix refers to the process of designing and integrating various elements of marketing to ensure the achievement of the enterprise objective. This process became famous in 1964 when Neil H. Borden published his article The Concept of the Marketing Mix.

5.1.1 product/service As mentioned before, Samsung has named its smart phones Galaxy. There are a huge number of handsets that Samsung offers and in global market there are more then 135 Galaxy handsets available now. Some of these are

Samsung Galaxy i7500 Samsung Galaxy Ace Samsung Galaxy Beam Samsung Galaxy Fit Samsung Galaxy Gio Samsung Galaxy Mini Samsung Galaxy Nexus Samsung Galaxy Prevail Samsung Galaxy R Samsung Galaxy S Samsung Galaxy S Plus Samsung Galaxy S II Samsung Galaxy W Samsung Exhibit 4G Samsung Stratosphere Samsung Galaxy Y Samsung Galaxy Pro Samsung Galaxy Z Samsung Galaxy Note

Among the tablet phones they have

Samsung Galaxy Tab Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Though Samsung offers a number of Galaxy handsets all over the world, only a few models are exclusively marketed by Transcom in Bangladesh. Those are listed below Samsung Galaxy Ace Samsung Galaxy Pro Samsung Galaxy pop Samsung Galaxy y (young) Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1) Samsung Galaxy Tab Samsung Galaxy S 2 Samsung Galaxy S

5.1.2 Price Price is very important component of marketing mix. The price of the product needs to be fixed in such a way so that the consumers think that the price of the product is perfect. There are two ways of setting price. One is penetration and the other is skimming. It often happens that lower prices of the same quality products result in more sales than higher prices. It is known as penetration of pricing. On the other hand, price sometimes serves as a signal of quality. For example, a product priced less than its competitor then it is perceived as having low quality. Some of the handsets of Samsung Galaxy series are expensive and some are less expensive. This is because the main competitor of Samsung Galaxy series is iPhone series from Apple and HTC and the price of these handsets are costly. To compete with them, it was necessary to set high price or else people might thing it is of low quality. Here we can say that they are following penetration of pricing rule. Another noticeable thing is that Samsung Galaxy y is for young people. They normally do not use too expensive handsets. For this handset their competitors are Nokia and others

brands. Samsung set the price of this handset BDT 13490 so that the young people of our country can afford this handset. 5.1.3 Place Established in 1885, Transcom is now one of the largest companies in Bangladesh. It has recently become the distribution partner for the world famous brand Samsung Mobile. Transcom Mobile Limited (TML) is the Transoms latest venture into the Mobile Handset business and the company is exclusively distributing Mobile phones to all over the country. It started its' operation on 22nd June, 2010. At the beginning it operated nearly half of the country. At present TML operates nationwide as a single distributor with trade marketing operation of Samsung Mobile. There are many stores in Bangladesh selling Samsung Galaxy Handsets but among them the Transcom Electronics has three exclusive stores, two of them are located in the Gulshan area and another is in Bashundhara City Shopping Complex. In these places, the interested consumers can experience the phones by using them instantly. 5.1.4 Promotion Being one of the Leaders in the Global Market, Samsung spends a lot of money globally for its Promotion. We could not gather the specific allocations for the country but here is a glimpse below that how much effort Samsung puts in these sectors globally .


1. Television Percentage Budget Allocation: 19% ($46,550,000) 2. Out-of-Home Percentage Budget Allocation: 3% ($7,350,000) 3. Magazines Percentage Budget Allocation: 6% ($14,700,000) 4. Newspapers Percentage Budget Allocation: 6% ($14,700,000) 5. Radio Percentage Budget Allocation: 7% ($17,150,000)

Sales Promotion:

1. Rebates Percentage Budget Allocation: 5% ($12, 250,000) 2. Contests/Sweepstakes Percentage Budget Allocation: 4% ($9,800,000) 3. Discounts/Offers Percentage Budget Allocation: 9% ($22,050,000) Internet/Interactive:

1. Website- Percentage Budget Allocation: 12% ($29,400,000)

Direct Marketing:


Personal Selling:
1. Percentage Budget Allocation: 7% ($17,150,000)

Promotion, Publicity and Public Relation

Being one of the Leaders in the Global Market, SAMSUNG spends a lot of money globally for its Promotion, Publicity and Promotion. Samsung is also enjoying upper grade market share in mobile market in Bangladesh and believes that it will grow up to a better position very fast. The different Samsung Galaxy Handsets are being advertised in various popular & important Television Channels, Magazines, Newspapers, Radios etc. They do have a different team which analyzes to ensure the best return on every single unit of money spent. We can say that it pushes the very popular galaxy phones through every possible media. Besides all these they also use billboards, Posters in different locations where there is a mass potential consumer. For promotional purposes, they do have different experience booths around the Dhaka city for the consumers to have the feeling of the handsets and whether it created, changes or

matches the desired expectations which would lead them to purchase decision. The main experience booths are located in Bashundhara City Complex. The other two are located around Gulshan. Their recent addition to the Samsung Galaxy series is the Galaxy Note. They do have a different booth for this particular tablet phone. They are trying to promote two particular handsets now. Those are, Samsung Galaxy Y and the Samsung Galaxy Note. The Samsung Galaxy Y is a android based phone for the new generation and the Samsung Galaxy Note is the handset which is even challenging the recent iphone 4s of apple globally and also in the smartphone market of Bangladesh because of its Promotion and special product specification. For the promotion and publicity purpose they do organize different musical programs in different locations of the country and also in the television channel. They also offer Scratch Cards with the phones sometimes where the consumers are given a coupon upon purchase and get surprise gifts instantly or are being given a coupon and wins exciting prices in a lucky draw. They also have a Smart team which interacts with the people roaming inside different showroom and tries to identify and offer the closest possible match among the variety of galaxy handsets to the customer.

Samsung Galaxy Handsets packaging is always very important and the consumers of these galaxy handsets always wants that the packaging would highlight the premium nature of the product and do both the product and brand justice it demands. Samsung Galaxy Handsets created packages reflect the excitement, combining the otherworldly nature of the Samsung Galaxy Brand. The consumer is ensured that, they would feel excited and delighted while holding and opening the phones boxes. And the feeling is positively different.

Target Market
Primary Target Males and Females Ages 23 to 44 1. Young Professionals 2. Already Established Professionals 3. Family Formers with Children Secondary Target Boys and Girls Ages 13 to 17

1. Generation Y A generation highly influenced by technology, that is able to motivate parents into purchasing

Since August 2011, all the smartphones of the Galaxy series are categorized in the following way:
Letter S Meaning Super Smart High-End Devices Class


High-End Devices


High-Cost Devices for the middle class, Standard Price but High end


Cheap Devices


Meant for Young Users

5.2. External Influence on Consumer Consumers are frequently influenced by the external forces, as they live in a society. Those external factors are culture, group influence, family influence and role influence. Usually marketers focus on those external issues and according to those factors they adopt marketing strategies.

5.2.1 Cultural Factor Culture is the complex whole that includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, customs and any other capabilities and habits acquired by humans as members of society. Culture influences a lot in the consumption decision of a consumer. Cultural Values Relevant to Consumer Behavior Other Oriented Value: Collective: In our country, we prefer to do any task collectively. So, if any particular group of people uses any kind of product of Samsung and that group gets satisfied with that product, then eventually other people will also be motivated to use that product. Samsung tries to provide their service based on that so that they can capture this group. Youth or Age: The main target markets of Samsung Galaxy are the youths. The young generations are looking for more features for in the mobile phone. So Samsung galaxy brings phone with new features. They also target the executives and provide different products for them which carries different features according to their need.

Environment Oriented Values: Performance or Status: In our country, our cultures reward system is based on both performance and status. If anyone does something really good, then our society appreciates that person. Again, if the

status of any person is very high, that person also earns respect from others. Depending on that Samsung Galaxy has introduced its new phone. Change: The people of Bangladesh are now looking for the change and now they are becoming more conscious about technology. To keep up to date with the new technology now they are using variety of products. Samsung has identified the changing norm of people and now they are offering products like Samsung galaxy. Self oriented values Leisure: The people of Bangladesh are more relaxed than the other western country. They love to hangover with family or friends. On those particular occasion people can use the different features of their phone like good camera of the phone. Brand People of our country now becoming more Brand conscious about a particular thing or product. People can buy the product of Samsung because they have a very strong feeling about that product. 5.2.2 Group Influence A group is defined as two or more individuals who share a set of norms, values or beliefs and have certain implicitly or explicitly defined relationships to one another such that their behaviors are interdependent. Group influence plays a very important role in the consumption of a product. Types of Groups Type of Contact

Group characterized by frequent interpersonal contacts are called primary groups. In the consumption decision process, this group plays the most important role. However, Group characterized by limited interpersonal contact is referred as secondary groups. Whenever, Samsung organizes programs or sponsors any program they try to target the young generation who will later influence other of their groups. Attraction The nature of human being is to get along with the aspiration reference group. By using the Samsungs Galaxy with different new look and features they try to stay acquainted with the group they are in. The Nature of Reference Group Influence Informational Influence Primary group and secondary group can provide information and it will influence others. When a member of a particular group will provide information about the product of Samsung Galaxy, then other members will get motivated to purchase their products. Identical Influence Due to identical influence, a member of a particular group will feel the need to behave like other members of the group. For example, when a member of a group will identify that his/her other friends are using new products of Samsung like Galaxy-S then he/ she will feel the need to use the same type of product of Samsung. Degree of Reference Group Influence Visible Usage When the product of Samsung galaxy is visible to a particular group, then the group influence will be the strongest.

Low Individual Purchase Confidence The reference group can help a particular member to boost his/her purchase confidence. For example, a group member will gain confidence when he/she will learn positive words regarding a particular brand like Samsung Galaxy they will become positive about purchasing this product. Advertising Strategy To attract a large group of people, Samsung advertises through posters, banners, magazines etc. The opinion leaders are used in promoting those products. Moreover, in different occasions, as these opinion leader get free sample of products, so they convey positive words regarding those products and they also motivate others to buy those products . 5.2.3. Family influence The socialization process starts from the family. So, family influence is a very important factor in the consumption process. The Nature of the Family Purchase Role In most of the time, we ask our family and then seek their opinion about a particular product. The members of the family can play several roles in the consumption process like-

Initiator In this case, any member of the family can initiate the problem that they need to purchase a cell phone. But based on the need of the individual person and the demand of that person they decide that which one they will go for. Information Gatherer

The young people actually collect the information about the features and use of the mobile handset of any brand also the person himself can do it by taking information from other user of the product. Influencer In our country the young members or the members who keeps knowledge about the product of the particular brand like Samsung can influence to make the final choice. Here specially friends and colleagues who are using the product influences most. Decision Maker In this stage, the individual who is going to use the product will make a decision. Purchaser The person who is going to use the product has not always had to the purchaser. The user of the mobile phone may purchase the product or any one on behalf of him may purchase the product. User User is the ultimate person for whom the product has been purchased. In this stage the user uses the product.

5.2.4. Role influence

Role influence is usually done by role models. Role models are regarded as a potential group of people who are able to leave an impact on the other peoples consumption decision process. Role models can range from direct models such as parents, friends, relatives to sensational role models such as celebrities.

Parents as Role Model

Parents act as primary source to convey belief and to reinforce behavior of their child. In addition, parents play the important role in formatting and structuring an individuals attitude and behavior. Parents can influence ones behavior directly or indirectly in numerous ways by providing rules, perspectives and principals through interaction or communications. The parents of a family, who are very loyal to a particular brand cell phone can influence the children.

Friends as Role Model Friends can also act like role model to consumers. For example, consumers can easily be motivated to purchase a particular model of set by getting influenced by the friends.

Celebrities as Role Model

Celebrities are individuals who achieve a certain degree of fame from a society. Celebrities can be actors, sports persons or politicians. Their fame and success allow them to inspire and influence others to buy a product. It has been seen that, young people and adults are more likely to be influenced by celebrities. Thats why Samsung has Amir Khan as the celebrity role model and he is the brand ambassador of Samsung mobile phone.

5.3 Internal Influence

5.3.1. Learning Learning is described by the processes by which memory and behavior are changed as a result of conscious and non-conscious information processing. Learning is essential to the consumption process. In fact, consumer behavior is largely learned behavior. So, Samsung also puts a large effort to help consumers to learn about their galaxy mobiles. Learning under Conditions of High And Low Involvement Involvement is the function of interaction between the individuals and the stimulus. To make consumers learned about the galaxy mobiles, Samsung attempts various techniques.

High Involvement A high-involvement learning situation is one, on which the consumers are motivated to process or learn the material. To ensure high involvement of the consumers, Samsung always uses media & advertisements to provide information about their product, galaxy. Moreover, consumers also get highly involved in the process of learning, through their attractive advertisement on their respective websites. It is seen that their website is quite different because consumers can have the feel of using galaxy mobiles as well as see all the options it contains.

Low Involvement A low-involvement learning situation is one on which the consumer has little or no motivation to process or learn the material. Sometimes, people may not pay attention to the advertisement of galaxy mobiles and then they get engaged in the low involvement learning. At that time the marketers of Samsung come up with new idea, like road rallies,

or setting up booth in front of well-known shopping malls. It helps to increase the level of the involvement of the consumers.

Incidental Exposure When a consumer is unintentionally exposed to the advertisements, then it is known as incidental exposure. Although that consumer does not have any intension to learn, still he/she will be exposed to those advertisements and later on he/she will be able to remember where and when they have seen such type of advertisements. For example, a reader may read a magazine which contains an advertisement of galaxy tab. Although the consumer has no intention to see it, he did. Conditioning Conditioning refers to the learning which is based on association of a stimulus (information) and response (behavior of feeling). There are two types of conditioning and they are classical conditioning and operant conditioning.

Classical Conditioning The process of using an established relationship between a stimulus and response to bring about the learning of the same response to a different stimulus is called classical conditioning.

Classical conditioning can be described by the following figure.

UCS (Popular Celebrity)

UCR (Positive Emotion)

CS (Handset)

CR (Positive Emotion)

Fig: Consumer Learning through Classical Conditioning UCS CS UCR CR Unconditioned Stimulus Conditioned Stimulus Unconditioned Response Conditioned Response

From this figure, we can understand that, the satisfaction of Popular Celebrity (Unconditioned Stimulus) can create a positive emotion (Unconditioned Response) in many individuals. In Bangladesh, there is no brand ambassador for Samsung Galaxy. But it has popular celebrity brand ambassadors in different country and one particular Global brand ambassador. The Global Brand Ambassador for Samsung Galaxy is David Beckham, an English Footballer who is well known in all over the world as well as in Bangladesh. However, If this unconditioned stimulus is consistently paired with a particular type of galaxy handset (Conditioned Stimulus), the brand itself may come to elicit the same positive emotion (Conditioned Response).

Operant Conditioning

Operant conditioning differs from classical conditioning primarily in the role and timing of reinforcement. Operant conditioning can be described by the following figure.

Stimulus (Handset)

Desired Response (Consumption)

Reinforcement (Pleasant Experience)

Increases Probability of response to stimulus

Fig: Consumer Learning by Operant Conditioning

From this figure, we can easily understand that, a particular type of galaxy mobile can create stimuli in the mind of a consumer and this will lead him/her to buy that particular handset. After the consumption, when he/she will use the handset and get appreciation from others, then he/she will be reinforced to use that handset again or can refer to his/her friends to use that handset. Therefore, this pleasant experience will increase his/her probability of response to stimulus. Thus, a person learns through operant conditioning. Cognitive Learning Cognitive Learning encompasses all mental activities of humans as they work to solve problems or cope with situations.

Iconic Role Learning Learning the association between two or more concepts or more concepts in the absence of conditioning is known as iconic role learning. There is neither an unconditioned stimulus nor a direct reward involved in the iconic role learning. A consumer of a galaxy handset user can go through iconic role learning by the mode of advertisement of Samsung.

Vicarious Role Learning Consumers can observe the outcome of others behaviors and then they can adjust those behaviors with their own. Moreover, consumers also can use their imaginary power to anticipate the outcome of various courses of action. This is known as vicarious learning. The advertisements of the galaxy mobiles of Samsung may encourage consumers to imagine the feeling and also may help them to feel and understand the experience of using the product. Such type of understanding of the products not only enhances learning about the products but also influences how the products should be evaluated after an actual trial.

Reasoning The most complex form of cognitive learning is reasoning. As the price of the galaxy mobiles of Samsung are comparatively high, so people will use reasoning before purchasing the product and here the consumer remains highly involved in the learning process. General Characteristics of Learning Strength of Learning Importance

When the importance of the product is high, then the learning also becomes high regarding that product. For example galaxy S, galaxy SII, galaxy X are very much popular to the younger generation; so regarding those products their learning is very high.

Message Involvement The message involvement is also very important in the learning process. If the message of a particular model of galaxy handset reaches to the mind of the consumers successfully, the learning process will automatically be high.

Mood If the consumer remains in a good mood, the learning will be high and vice versa.

Reinforcement Reinforcement also increases our likelihood of learning. Samsung galaxy has different type & versions handsets which can easily create positive reinforcement in the mind of the consumers.

Repetition Repetition increases the likelihood of learning. So, the marketer of Prestige Bengal repeats their advertisement to increase the learning of the consumers.

Imagery If the brand image of the product is high, then the learning of consumers will also be high. So, Samsung always promote galaxies to create an image in the mind of the consumers. Stimulus Generalization Stimulus generalization occurs when a response to one stimulus is elicited by a similar but distinct stimulus. For example, when a consumer learns that the existing handsets of Samsung are good, features are best then they will automatically learn that the new product of Samsung. Even though, who are using galaxy can also switch to new galaxy mobiles by stimulus generalization. Stimulus Discrimination Stimulus discrimination refers to the process of learning to respond differently to similar but distinct stimuli. The galaxy handsets of Samsung may provide the same features or advantages like i-phone or other handsets; however, the marketers of Samsung galaxy can differentiate their product through product positioning or packaging or adding features or changing the color of the products. Response Environment Consumers generally learn more information when they can readily retrieve information. The promotional activity of the Samsung galaxy helps people to archive information and then it affects the buying decision process.

5.3.2 Memory Memory is the total accumulation of prior learning experiences. For the success of any organization, Products learning must have to be entered into the memory of a consumer in a favorable manner. Besides, those memories also must have to be recalled when required. There are two kinds of memory. One is short term memory and another one is long term memory. Short Term Memory Short time memory has a limited capacity to store information and sensation. Marketers of Samsung galaxy does not put much effort in this stage rather than they put more emphasize in the following step, which is called long term memory. Long Term Memory Long term memory is viewed as an unlimited, permanent storage. It can store numerous types of information such as concepts, decision rules, processes, affective (emotional) states and so forth. The long term can be two types, one is semantic and another one is episodic memory. Semantic Memory Semantic memory is the basic knowledge and feeling an individual has about a concept. It represents the persons understanding of an object or event at its simplest level. In most of the time, the marketers of Samsung galaxy try to generate semantic memory with their advertisements. Episodic Memory Episodic memory is the memory of a sequence of events in which a person participated. To generate such type of memory, the marketers of Samsung galaxy usually creates a sequential advertisement which generates more interest in the mind of the consumers.

5.3.3. Product Positioning Product positioning is a decision by a marketer to try to achieve a defined brand image relative to competition within a market segment. The marketers of Samsung galaxy always try to place their products effectively and efficiently in the consumers mind rather than other competitors.

Product positioning has a major impact on the long term success of the brand. Thats why Samsung galaxy puts a lot of importance in product positioning. Through billboards, banners, posters, road rallies, shopping mall campaign, and other promotional activities they are trying to create product position in the mind of the consumers. Product Repositioning Product repositioning refers to a deliberate decision to significantly alter the way the market views a product. The marketers of Samsung galaxy go through the step of product repositioning to differentiate their products from others. They frequently upgrade their products and then they organize the launching ceremony of their new products. This type of programs gives huge publicity to them, because many renowned people join those functions. Moreover, product repositioning also helps them to create a superior image of their products rather than other competitors of the market. Motivation Motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation is what causes someone to act. That is why it is very important for any business organization to understand what types of consumers they are targeting and at the same time they should keep in mind that what motivates the consumers most. There are a number of factors which affects the purchase motives. These factors can be divided into two groups. One is Rational Buying Motives and another is Emotional Buying Motives. Rational motives are conscious, factual, and logical reasons for a purchase.

Samsung Galaxy handsets are durable, easy to use, easy to repair (as they have own customer care centers throughout the country), available at almost everywhere, people are curious about these handsets as it makes them unique in our society and these all works as Rational Buying Motives. On the other hand Emotional motives are feelings experienced by a customer through association with a product. For example, having a Galaxy handset makes it owner proud, prestigious, recognized and unique. Though consumers are not always aware of what motivates them to buy, Samsung tried to find out by using which factor, they can motivate people to use their products. To do this, it is very important to know 1. 2. 3. What motivates the consumers How to make strategies based on those motives How to reduce conflicts between motives

We all know about the Hierarchy of Needs introduced by Abraham Maslow. This theory says that human being is motivated by unsatisfied needs. These needs can be classified into five classes and lower level needs should be satisfied before addressing the higher level needs. These levels are Physiological, Safety, Belongingness, Esteem and Selfactualization. In Esteem level people need recognition, attention, social status, self-respect etc. Using Samsung Galaxy handsets satisfies these needs as these handsets are known as smart phones. The design, features of these phones are attractive and easy to use and that is why most of the customers use this to become recognized.

Personality Personality is an individuals characteristic response tendencies across similar situations. Often it happens that a product have an effect on the personality and vice versa. Marketers should be aware of the personality of their target market. To attract most of the target market, marketers often use brand personality. Brand personality is a set of human characteristics that become associated with a brand, the person who represents the brand. According to Samsung personnel, they do not use any brand personality too represent their handsets of Galaxy series. Because they believe that their products are so much special and unique that they do not need any famous person to

speak for it. That is why we can see advertisements of Samsung handsets featuring famous India actor Amir Khan while Galaxy handsets are advertised with general and common people. Emotion Emotion is difficult to define, and even more difficult to predict. However, they are important to marketers because consumers tend to react to marketing messages and make purchases based on feelings and emotions. Emotion can be used to create product benefits. We are in the 21centure so every people want to connect with world so that they need a smart phone and Galaxy handset offer low cost smart phone. It is very important to have emotional contents in advertisements to enhance the attention of customers. As Samsung Galaxy handsets do not have much promotional activities in Bangladesh but these handsets are strongly related to the people of this country. As mentioned before that Galaxy handsets are much more stylish than other smart phones and make the user unique from other, Samsung had to understand the emotion of the target market. This is why the advertisements of these handsets are made in such a way which would directly or indirectly touch the emotion of the common people. Marketers design and position products to both arouse and reduce emotion. For example, people who are very stylish or love to be unique would easily go and buy Samsung Galaxy handsets. People who are not that much rich but are willing to have android handsets Samsung increased their emotions towards their products by offering Galaxy handsets in only BDT 13490.