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SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY /Office of the / No: SSE/T/MURI/Earthing/ To, M/s .. ..

ADSTE/MURI Dated: 28/06/2011

Sub: Submission of Quotation Please find enclosed herewith copy of Tender Schedule along with Annexure E You are requested to fill up Annexure E and submit your offer to the office of ADSTE/MURI within 03 days from the receipt of this letter. The quotations to be sent to the following address: Office of the ADSTE/MURI South Eastern Railway. Ranchi Division, Post Chotta Muri, Dist. Ranchi. JHARKHAND ADSTE/MURI

SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY Annexure -- E NAME OF THE WORK : - Earthing and termination in location boxes of 6 Quad/4Quad cables in the CNI-MURI section in Ranchi Division of South Eastern Railway TENDER NOTICE NO: SSE/T/MURI/QT/02/11 Sl. No. 1 Description of Work Execution Work :- Schedule A Cost: 195685.00 Quoted tender rates (percentage above or below) in figure and in words % (in figure) Schedule A=.. %(in words) Schedule A=.. NOTE: 1. The Tenderer(s) should quote only one percentage (above/below) in figure and in words over the total value of the Schedule for all the items included in it. 2. Tenders received with Above/Below percentage not quoted, the quoted rate will be considered as Above only. 3. Tenders received with different percentage for different items within the same schedule and when rates in figure & words are not tallying the tender is liable to be rejected. 4. Conditional tender and tender with conditional rebates will also be summarily rejected. 5. Tenderer(s) should not quote any percentage/rate in annexed schedule and if quoted, the tender stands summarily rejected. 6. Rates should be inclusive of all Taxes and Duties, but excluding ED.




Work Schedule for earthing and termination in location boxes of 6 Quad/4Quad cables in the CNIMURI section in Ranchi Division of South Eastern Railway Sl. No. Description of Work Rate Unit Quantity Amount (Rs.) (Rs.) 1 Provision of Earthing protection arrangement as per 2961.25 Nos. 20 59225 Technical supplement including supply of copper wire 7/1.36 as per IS-292 and all other materials, Charcoal, salt etc. are also to be supplied by the contractor. 2 Apparatus case steel(Quarter) with front and back door 4300 Nos key and lock & key of different ward. Insp by Representative of Sr. DSTE/RNC S&T/RNC/OT/IBS/JAA-KSX(DN-LINE)/LOA Dt: 12/7/2010 Quarter Size Location Box 980 Nos Excavation of pit, casting of concrete foundation including surrounding earth work along the foundation, modification of steel apparatus case if required and erection, installation and wiring of Steel Apparatus Case as per Drg. No. Con/SK/T/8 with 4 Nos. of Foundation bolts, 20mm x 460mm to Drg. No. SA-112 A/M with one nut & one washer, fixing of sal wood shelves planks, SW strips, Hylum sheet of size 625 x 37 x 3 mm for wiring terminal description etc. as required, including fixing and termination of cables with number embossed ferrules, wiring including cable insertion, termination/ wiring, bunching of cables with PVC tape, earthing of cable armors etc. as required. Painting of the apparatus case inside and outside after cleaning the surface thoroughly and first coating of anticorrosive paint and subsequent two coatings of Aluminum paint outside and Red Oxide inside. Painting of Salwood planks and SW strips and lettering etc. This includes transportation of materials. The standard ratio of cement concrete shall be 1:3:6 (cement, stone chips (3/8), sand) respectively. This includes supply of sand and filling up of cable pit inside the apparatus case by sand. Note: All the materials required for installation, wiring testing and commissioning of steel apparatus cases as per approved wiring diagrams has to be supplied by the contractor. S&T/RNC/OT/IBS/JAA-KSX(DN-LINE)/LOA Dt: 12/7/2010 Execution of straight through / derivation / termination 2335 Nos joints with VF transformers on 6 Quad cable using RTSF 4 thermo-shrink jointing kit as per specification no TC77/2000 including provision of cable jointing pit. Jointing kit will be supplied by the Railways. Total Amount 17 73100




Rs. 195685/-