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By William Schnoebelen ©2003

And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.—Romans 1:27

To be honest, I never thought I would have to write this article. We have been in the ministry since 1986. In that time, we have penned many warnings to the Body of Christ about various false religious systems: Mormons, Freemasons, etc.

However, I never dreamt that things would get so bad that I would have to discuss the shadow cult of homosexuality. I use the word "cult" with great care, because it is indeed a sect with its own strange religious dogmas, values and ethics. It even has its own church, the Metropolitan Community Church.

The past couple decades have seen an unprecedented assault on traditional values regarding manliness, s1ex roles and especially homosexuality. This attack is reaching a crescendo in 2003:

"Gays" are now being brazenly promoted by TV with shows from dramas to sit coms.

The Supreme Court in 2003 struck down an anti-sodomy statute in Texas.

New York City recently opened a $3.2 million high school for homosexual, bisexual, etc. students.

The Episcopal Church has ordained at least one openly sodomite bishop, a man who left his wife and two children 13 years ago to go and live with another guy.

This last item is exceptionally bizarre, because Paul gives clear guidelines for being a bishop. Among them are:

A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour; given to hospitality, apt to teach; —1 Tim. 3:2

If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly. —Thus 1:6

Strange to say, there is nothing in there about a bishop being in a "faithful, monogamous relationship" with a man. Yet this same bishop-elect, whose name is Gene Robinson (should you wish to pray for him), has gone on record as stating that the Bible's condemnation of the "gay lifestyle" means nothing to him. Yet this fellow is being entrusted with the spiritual care of an entire diocese. Talk about having headship

problems in your church!

Deceiving and Deceived!

Scripture warns in no uncertain terms about the dangers of people like this being deceived. Paul, again, warns: "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived."-2Tim. 3:13. Like a contagion, the seared conscience of this one man will cover his whole diocese with a shroud! Beloved, this is a spiritual warfare issue!

So what is this "pink gospel" dogma of homosexuality? It rests on six primary "articles of faith":

1.) Homosexuality is innate (they are born that way) and cannot be fought against or changed in the human personality. It is not a mental illness (even though psychiatrists thought it was until very recently (See note 1)). This is their foundational belief upon which all others rest.


Constitution. Disapproval of the "gay life style" is bigotry and hate, similar to racism.












3.) Homophobia (fear of homosexuals) is a thought crime that must he stamped out at all costs. Legislation is needed for this. TV shows and movies must teach our children this.

4.) Gays not only have a right to do whatever they want to in the privacy of their homes, they also have a right to flaunt their behavior in public to help "evangelize" other closet homosexuals. This is their form of "soul-winning."

5.) Where religions (especially Christianity) condemn homosexuality, it is because of faulty Bible translations or writings by self-hating gays like the apostle Paul. Yah’shua (Hebrew name of Jesus) was probably gay, and had an affair with "John the Beloved." (See note 2) Biblical condemnations of homosexuality are only directed against promiscuous gays like "temple prostitutes.” (See note 3)

6.) Since being homosexual is perfectly healthy and normal, it is not only appropriate but wonderful if gay people are teachers, day care workers, scout leaders, etc. Everyone who might disagree about homosexuals being in charge of their children is a homophobe and guilty of thought crime. A corollary to this dogma is the idea that children must be taught about how wonderful homosexuality is at the earliest age by the educational system. This will ensure that they do not grow up homophobic and so that if they are gay, they will love themselves unconditionally.

This is happening all over! This politically correct gospel has spread through the workplace, the health professions, government, and even into churches. Several of the larger mainline denominations (other than Episcopalians) have openly gay people in their ranks and some even have little problem with homosexual clergy in leadership.

When I worked as a substance abuse counselor in a secular setting, I had an addictions client who was incarcerated for the criminal transmission of the AIDS virus and child sexual abuse. Yet the rules in our state health department would forbid me from even suggesting to him that perhaps his "gay" lifestyle had ruined his life and the life of at least one other person.

Even if you attend a more conservative church where homosexuality is not endorsed, there are still issues. Due to IRS regulations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to preach against sodomy because such preaching is contrary to the policies of the US government. If your church is an "IRS-approved" church (which it really should NOT be! 501-c-3 corporations are un-Biblical), your pastor may be muzzled in regard to such "sensitive" subjects. In many countries, it is now illegal to speak against homosexuality or even quote Bible passages that condemn it. Such activities are now branded "hate speech."

As mentioned above, the major part of this deception is the promotion of the idea that one cannot help being "gay." The party line is that people are born gay. This, of course, removes it from behavioral problem and makes it similar to being born female, African or Asian. This is one of those BIG LIES that, if told often enough, come to be "common knowledge." It then opens up homosexuality as a civil rights issue.

Fuzzy Science?

Actually, even homosexual researchers have been unable to isolate a "gay gene" or any other biological pre-determinant. (See note 4) Other than all of us being born sinners due to the Fall of Adam, no one has any such predisposition that can be established in a laboratory. In short, there is no more basis for being born "gay" than there is for the discredited theory of evolution. Both are fairy tales for grown ups (no pun intended!).

Additionally, the fact is that there are several major ministries (such as Exodus International) that help deliver people from the bondage of being homosexual with a lot of success. Obviously, if "gayness" was a genetic trait, one could not be delivered from it, anymore than one could be delivered from being white.

Even some conservative politicians and pundits are afraid to tackle this subject, saying it is a "private matter" or that the government does not belong in the bedroom. That, of course, is nonsense. Down through the centuries and through most of US history, homosexuality has been regarded as a serious crime. There are more reasons for this than the Biblical mandate.

All sorts of public health problems originate from homosexual acts. This makes it much more than a "private matter." If our government can pass laws forcing people to wear seat belts in cars because of public health issues and insurance costs, it can certainly regulate sexual behavior that brings with it a host of disease problems, many of them fatal.

“Bug Chasers” and So On

HIV infection is just the most well known of these diseases, but it is by no means the only one. The emergency rooms in San Francisco are brimming almost nightly with "gay partners" being brought in after performing unspeakable and violent acts on one another

in the name of "love." Most of these are so disgusting as to not be mentioned in a decent

publication. Should anyone wish the medical documentation on this, Dr. Paul Cameron has done an excellent job of research in his pamphlet, "Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do." (See note 5) But it is not reading for the squeamish.

A lot of these medical tragedies have to do with Sado-masochistic activities like beating,

whipping, branding, etc. One needs to ask what such activities reveal about the emotional and spiritual health of their devotees. There would seem to be a lot of self-hatred among the "happy gays."

Additionally, there are many other diseases to which homosexuals are more susceptible. Just as an example, around 70% of homosexuals report having a sexually transmitted disease. As of 1992, 83% of AIDS in white people occurred among gays. Somewhere between 25-39% of gays have serious infestations of intestinal parasites. (We will not gross you out with details!)

These issues develop partly because of the extreme promiscuity of gay men and because of the unsanitary conditions of these encounters (bath-houses, backs of porn shops, etc.). In one study in Seattle, the average "gay male" reported having more than 100 different sex partners in one year, doing all sorts of disgusting behaviors with them. 10% of these men came down with hepatitis B and 7% contracted hepatitis A during the six-month period of the study. (See note 6)

According to a study of obituaries in homosexual journals, the median age of death for homosexual men was 42, for lesbians it was 44. Less that 2% of gay men died of old age, 20% of gay women died elderly. Compare this to the general statistics: the median age of death for married men is 75, for unmarried and divorced men it is 57. The median age of death for married women is 79. For unmarried and divorced women it is 71. 80% of married men died of old age and 32% of unmarried men died of old age. 85% of married women died old and 60% of unmarried women died of old age. Those are horrifying figures! (See note


Many of these victims of homosexual violence or disease end up it hospitals or hospices for the dying. Think about it. Someone has to pay for all that care. Even if they have insurance, such activities make all medical insurance skyrocket. As Cameron writes:

Homosexuals rode into the dawn of sexual freedom and returned with a plague that gives every indication of destroying most of them. Those who treat AIDS patients are at great risk, not only from HIV infection, which as of 1992 involved over 100 health care workers, but also from TB and new

strains of other disease. Those who are housed with AIDS patients are also at risk. Dr. Max Essex, chair of the Harvard AIDS Institute warned Congress in 1992 that "AIDS has already led to other kinds of

If AIDS is not eliminated, other new, lethal microbes will emerge, and neither

dangerous epidemics

safe sex nor drug free practices will prevent them." At least 8 and perhaps as many as 20 patients had been infected with HIV by health care workers as of 1992. (See note 8)

Homosexuals are also much higher at risk for depression, mental problems and suicide. Gays are 24 times more likely to commit suicide and 116 times more likely to be murdered (mostly by other gays) than are members of the same age in the "straight" population. Defenders of homosexuality claim that the depression and suicide rate is because of persecution and homophobia here. (See note 9) But even over in Sweden, which is a utopia for gays and is very liberal toward them, suicide and depression among homosexuals is quite high. Simply put, the "gay" life is anything but gay!

An even more unbelievable practice which will doubtless end up costing taxpayers and insurance companies millions is the practice of “Bug-chasing.” The celebrated rock culture magazine Rolling Stone did an article on this latest craze within the gay community. Bug chasers are sodomite males for whom getting infected with AIDS is the ultimate sexual thrill. (See note 10)

The main focus of these guys’ lives is running around trying to find someone to infect them with HIV. The forbidden aspect of having unprotected sex with someone who is HIV positive is what gives this creepy "alternative lifestyle" its rush quality. This gives a new, nihilistic meaning to the expression, "flirting with death."

The Numbers Racket

Additionally, it is important to understand that homosexuals exert an influence in our nation far beyond their numbers. This is partially because many powerful figures in the entertainment industry, politics and media are homosexual. Obviously, such people are very wealthy.

This influence has also grown because they have gotten the body politic to believe the lie that around 10% of the population is "gay." These numbers were originally inflated in the infamous "Kinsey Report" and were further inflated by Masters and Johnson, the prominent "sexologists" of the seventies. These peoples' use of statistics and science to arrive at their numbers has been found to be highly questionable.

Obviously, most politicos are going to pay attention to a well-organized (and wealthy) voting bloc that comprises one-tenth of their constituency. Gays, prominent in the arts (film, art, dance, design, etc.) tend to be disproportionately wealthy and so can contribute a lot of money to politicians who work to please them. Ironically, the true figures on the homosexual population are probably closer to .5% to 1%. (See note 11)

A third way that sodomites have managed to deceive the population of this country is through the use of the dangerous "hate crimes" concept. Americans are people who believe in protecting the victimized. By claiming to be persecuted, they have garnered much support.

Of course, this makes a crime against a sodomite more serious than a crime against a straight. Whatever happened to equal protection under the law? Also this entire concept involves

the Orwellian notion of "thought-crimes" where a person can be prosecuted for what they had in their mind during the crime. This is, of course, a very bizarre approach to law enforcement. It is difficult to really establish what was in a person's mind at the time of the alleged crime.

Gay activists like to make it sound like there is an "epidemic" (their favored word) of violence against homosexuals. Actually, crime statistics do not bear this out. For example, in 1997, there were 20,000 murders and only 9 were regarded as "hate crimes." (See note 12) That is .05%! Similar percentages show up for assaults and rapes as well.

None of this is to say that violence against homosexuals is permissible. Of course, it is not! All people, even those who defy YHWH, are entitled to the protection of the law. (See note 13)

But they should not be some special protected class! This is especially true in the light of the fact that frequently sodomites target straight teens and young men and abuse them horribly or even kill them. But that is not a hate crime. Where is the sense in that?

There was the huge media outcry when Matthew Shepherd, the young “gay,” was brutally killed a few years back. But the same year, a young African-American teen was strangled by two sodomites with his underwear and there was barely a peep from the media. It is all the height of hypocrisy used in an attempt to gain political leverage.

Tag Teams and Tunnels

There is yet another side to this epidemic—the spiritual consequences. There are very sound reasons why YHWH forbade sodomy in both Testaments. He wasn't just trying to be a homophobe or a spoilsport. Sodomy was a key part of the ancient mystery religions and seemed to have been part of the practice of the pagans surrounding Israel (remember Sodom!).

Many times, it was believed that the priests of such cults had to be in touch with their "feminine" side. This was often achieved through bisexuality or sodomy. Often, these priests would dress as women as well. This may well be the ancient and forgotten origin of the "priests in skirts" act seen in the Roman church.

Many of these pagan gods were androgynous (both male and female). An example is Baphomet, the hidden god of the Lodge, who is depicted as a goat headed deity with the sexual characteristics of both a man and a woman.

Satan is using a tag team to bring all this about. Isaiah 19:11-14 warns us that those who follow false priestcraft or go to "Egypt" will be afflicted with a perverse spirit. Here, Satan has done this by "tag-teaming" us with two powerful entities, the Roman Church and the Lodge.

It seems as though where the Roman Church is strongest (in the northern US among the immigrant population) the Lodge is not as strong. But in the south (the Bible belt) Catholicism may be weaker, but the Lodge is stronger.

This is a powerful, multigenerational influence. There is a reason for the plague of pedophile priests in the Roman church. They are afflicted with a perverse spirit. Figures as high as 70% are quoted for the number of priests in the Roman church who are "gay."

Similarly, the Lodge is based on the ancient Egyptian religion of Osiris. Osiris is the "slain and risen god" of Egyptian lore. He was murdered by the evil god, Set and dismembered. Set scattered his remains all over the landscape. Isis, Osiris' mother and wife, wept and grieved. She traveled around and found almost all of his parts except the sexual organ. She was able to raise him from the dead, but in a somewhat defective way — so he had to go and reign in the kingdom of the dead, the Egyptian underworld.

The central myth of Masonry, called the “Hiramic Legend”" is a thinly veiled, version of this drama. Hiram is supposedly the master architect of Solomon's temple. He is murdered and his body hidden. When King Solomon and King Hyrum of Tyre finally find it, they raise him with the secret Masonic grip. But his part of the Master's Secret Word is "forever lost," just like Osiris' missing organ. There are more parallels too numerous to go into for this article. (See note 14)

Suffice it to say that Masonry is thoroughly Egyptian, and even boasts about that fact. Many lodges are done in Egyptian architecture. In fact, the House of the Temple, the supreme headquarters of the Scottish Rite in America (in Washington DC) has twin giant sphinxes right on its front steps. How much more Egyptian can you get?

Thus, Freemasonry provides a source of contagion for these perversions. Though the Lodge's involvement in sodomy is not as obvious as the Roman Catholic scandal which recently caught the public's eye, we have ministered to many, many people (both sexes) who were victimized by pedophile Masons. There are now entire support groups now for such survivors. I know as a Mason, I personally struggled with temptations toward sodomy and pedophilia that left as soon as I renounced the Lodge. Fortunately, I never surrendered to those vile impulses.

The Lodge supports this tendency with subtle symbols. For example, as we have documented elsewhere, the "god" of the Masons is the phallus. (See note 15) Few Masons know this, of course. But this is why the monuments one sees in cemeteries to departed Masons often include the obelisk, a phallic symbol. (Washington's Monument is the best example!) When men join together, with no women present, to worship a phallus, one can only guess at the spiritual consequences of such activity. (See note 16)

The Masonic "holy of holies" (the male organ) is veiled by the apron all Masons wear. This serves to draw attention to that area. The apron itself is sacred in Qabalah to the god, Mercury, who was androgynous.

Masonry's tendency to homosexuality has been given a real "shot in the arm" by the most infamous Mason of the last century, Aleister Crowley. While space does not permit a full look at Crowley's impact on the spread of homosexuality in Lodge and society, suffice it to say that as

he founded his new religion, Thelema, partially on a magical system which included an XI degree working (eleventh degree). (See note 17) This was homosexual sex magic - unheard of in the Western magical tradition.

While complex, the key part of this XI degree working is the idea that through sodomy one can access forbidden parts of the occult Qabalistic Tree of Life and open up the Tunnels of Typhon! Once open, these channels can give access (supposedly) to all sorts of dark gods to come in and resume control of our society. This is accessing the "back-side" of the Tree of Life, called the Qlifot (which means shells or harlots in Hebrew). (See note 18) This is the worst sort of black magic.

Opening the Floodgates

Normal heterosexual activity outside of marriage, which the Bible terms "fornication," is already a major channel for demonic spirits to travel between the two parties. This is what we call an "ungodly soul tie." Every evil spirit that Party One possesses will travel through to the other Party as the two become one flesh in a manner that the Creator only intended to occur in marriage.

A simple prayer can break this soul tie, if you are a Christian and have the authority to do so. (See note 19) Otherwise, a person will be having sex with every person that their partner has ever had sex with or ever WILL have sex with, and condoms are no protection. If some of these people have demonic infestations, those demons will travel through the covenant link (your "one-flesh-ness") into YOU and oppress you. This is why YHWH so strongly advised against fornication and adultery and assured us that

Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. — Hebr 13:4

Whatever one can say about fornication and ungodly ties, it goes quadruple for homosexual activities. Because of the ancient magical engines of evil powering sodomy, its practitioners are accessing places of the deepest evil (called in the occult "Transyuggothian" or Trans- plutonian Space). No wonder male homosexuals tend to be so violent, self-hateful and promiscuous (all characteristics of demoniacs in the Bible). (See note 20)

From my own involvement in Transyuggothian magick, I can tell you the key component is an obsession with death and destruction and with sexual perversity. This kind of energy is pure "anti-life" in a way few people understand. No wonder homosexuals have such short life spans. Their activities are vampirizing the very life out of them!

Crowley "turned a key" in the kingdom of hell (with demonic help) that transformed acts of sodomy into magical gates for very evil entities. No wonder most sodomites have such serious demonic problems! Beloved, we need to pray against these spirits and pray for sodomites to be saved and set free. We also need to pray for our nation!

Tactics for Prayer

An illustration of how serious this problem is spiritually is to look at the Holy Land for a parable. Without wishing to sound too mystical, it is evident that the Lord God designed marriage to be an exchange of love and an exchange of energy. When a husband and wife come together conjugally, it is almost like the two poles on a battery uniting. The love - true, Christian love (as well as erotic love) can flow freely and refresh the husband and wife.

The Lord Yah’shua the Messiah is present as a third Party in every Christian marriage, and He blesses these conjugal unions in an incredibly deep way. This depth is illustrated in the Song of Songs, where the sacredness of erotic love within marriage is celebrated as one of the Creator’s greatest gifts.

It is not just coincidence that Paul used the marriage state as a metaphor for the relationship between Yah’shua and His church (Eph. 5:31-32). True Christian love is one of the ultimate acts of worship, because it is how we partake in the power of God's ability to create life - and because it is how we celebrate our love for one another in a sacred and unique fashion which the Lord never intended to be experienced outside of wedlock.

This flowing back and forth of love between the husband and wife is what is so renewing and enlivening. But it is exactly the opposite in the homosexual act.

A parallel and a parable can be found to this in Holy Land geography.

The Sea of Galilee is a fresh water lake that is a wondrous source of fresh water and fish for the entire region. It literally teems with life. This is because it flows out from itself south in the Jordan River. It gives of itself . freely and allows itself to be replenished freely. This is a metaphor for marriage as God intended it.

Head south a few miles, and you will find an entirely different body of water. The Dead Sea has no place for its water to circulate. It takes from the Jordan, but gives nothing back. It is the ultimate symbol of selfishness. In this, it is like the homosexual act, which cannot give anything because the “polarities (if you will) are all wrong.

Though homosexuals may think they are giving and loving, they cannot be - because YHWH did not create a channel for their supposed love or energy to flow in this fashion. Such activities are truly crimes against nature. Like two positive (or negative) poles of a magnet push each other apart, so the affections that these people (hopefully) feel for one another just repel one another.

That is why it is so hard for sodomites to stay in faithful relationships. Something deep in their souls is repelled by what they are doing. They mistake that repulsion for a dislike for their partner and an insatiable desire for the next “hot date.” Like the Dead Sea, their relationships become stagnant and lifeless. Nothing can live in the Dead Sea. It is the lowest and one of the most blasted places on earth — just like the state of mind and heart of many “gay” people is very low and desolate.

Indeed, it is no coincidence that at the southern region of the Dead Sea is where many

scholars believe that the ruins of Sodom lie. The entire region is an object lesson in the futility of the “gay” lifestyle: pitted with brimstone and full of misery and despair beyond anyone's ability to grasp — including the "gays" themselves.

Many do not know how miserable they really are. Yet they seek to numb the spiritual void within themselves with countless sexual liaisons, alcohol, drugs and sexual behavior so strange as to beggar description. They have a deep, dark hole within themselves only Yah’shua can fill. Yet they refuse to give up the lifestyle that is eating them alive.

I have witnessed to many gay people, and without exception they come across as arid, bitter and hateful. They are the most joyless people I have ever met —individual little "Dead Seas" waking around, looking for someone to vampirize.

Other than real "vampires," they are the closest thing to a spiritual "black hole" one could ever encounter. This is because they are indulging themselves sexually in ways, channels and orifices that are utterly unnatural and utterly closed to the possibility of the creation of new life.

But what is the solution on a spiritual note? Well, first of all — we cannot look at homosexuals as the enemy. They are trapped by the spiritual powers of darkness that hold the entire world in chains (Eph. 6:12). Even though they may defecate in our churches or firebomb them or try to attack Christianity in any fashion they can, (See note 21) we can and must minister the love of Yah’shua to them.

Though it is a cliché to say it, most sodomites are either survivors of very dysfunctional childhoods or else child sexual abuse. When I was involved in experimentation with the homosexual lifestyle while in the minor seminary, the joke often heard was, "My mother made me a homosexual." To which the reply came, "Well, if I get her the wool, will she make me one too?" I personally have never met a homosexual who did not feel either suffocated or brutalized by their mothers and virtually ignored by their fathers.

Though they try to deny it, it is largely true. Thus, they are starving for love —and only the love of Yah’shua can meet that awesome need. If it were possible, even more importantly than that, sodomites need to experience the love of the Heavenly Father!

Most, either male or female, do not relate well to their earthly dads, either because they were abusive or sexually predatory - OR - because they were distant or absent. Only the Father above can fill that void. And we can only access Father through the Son, our Master Yah’shua the Messiah.

Thus, we need to pray for sodomites to repent and get saved. We need to pray that the Spirit would come and introduce them to the love of the Father and the sacrificial gift of the Son. We need to be gently fearless and bold in our witness to them. It is hard for them to forsake their lifestyle, because it is so addictive. But Yah’shua can break the power of any addiction.

For those of you called a larger field of "battle" in the war against this sort of spiritual terrorism

(for that is what it is), you can begin to move out in your community.(See note 22) You can do "Prayer Walks" and pray over gay bars and/or bathhouses if you know of any in your community. Pray over any Metropolitan Community Churches (which are the major "Christian Gay" denomination) that might be in your city. If possible, you might wish to anoint these places with anointing oil and pray against the spirits that hold them. I would recommend praying against the following strongmen:

Perverse Spirit

Spirit of Bondage

Spirit of Legion

Spirit of Whoredoms

Deaf and Dumb Spirit

Parenthetically, I have come to believe that a spirit frequently identified in this day and age also has a part in this. Though not mentioned in the Bible, it is the "Ahab spirit." It takes its name from the evil king Ahab in the Bible who was manipulated by Jezebel (1King 16:30, etc.). Male homosexuals, in our experience, seem to have partaken of an Ahab spirit (which is the bookend or compliment of the Jezebel spirit so well known in spiritual warfare and deliverance).

Ahab surrendered his patriarchal authority to his evil, controlling wife and let her run the kingdom — much to Israel’s detriment. Similarly, many male homosexuals seem to have weak or absent father figures and very controlling, abusive or smothering mothers. In our experience, it is helpful to pray against the Ahab and Jezebel spirits when dealing with this sort of warfare.

The crux of the Ahab spirit as I have been shown in our ministry is seen in the man who refuses to assert his rightful authority (Do not get me wrong, there are woman who have Ahab spirits, just as there are men who have Jezebel spirits). Sodomy is an assault on manhood. A crippled masculine spirit is a fertile ground for the infestation of the Ahab spirit. Come against that spirit, especially in the sodomites for whom you might be interceding.

Finally, realize that ultimately everything about sodomy is utterly "anti-life." How eerily awful that the principle biological fruit of homosexuality is AIDS, a disease which attacks and destroys the body's immune system. Just as sodomites have turned against their own bodies and their natural use (Rom. 1:26), so they have given their bodies as a fertile terrain in which a disease may flourish which turns their own immune systems against themselves. (See note 23) What could be more "anti-life?"

Whether male or female, homosexuality is the abnegation of the life that the Creator intended us to have, both physically (in terms of procreation), emotionally and spiritually. I have yet to meet a homosexual who is not truncated emotionally in some fashion. Their emotional maturation has somehow been arrested or stalled. They are like a plant that is root-bound, in a pot too small for them.

There are certainly exceptions to this rule, but in general understand — all that is alive and wonderful withers under the baleful shadow of the “gay strongman.”

Because of this, in our prayer and intercession for this nation, we need to call upon the Lord of Life (Shaddai el Chaim) to come and heal our land — to drive back the anti-life forces which almost seem hydra-headed: homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, terrorism, etc. We need to proclaim the clear message of Christ, Who said:

John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: 1 am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.


1.) The American Psychiatric Association was bullied and cowed by the "gay right" lobby into removing homosexuality from their list of mental disorders in their "bible", the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual in its revised edition (DSMIII-R).

2.) Episcopal Bishop John Spong has taught for years that Paul was a closet homosexual whose self-loathing and pathological guilt made him write homophobic things in his epistles. Thus, they can be dismissed as the ravings of a disturbed mind, instead of the inspired Word of God.

3.) We can thank the NIV for bolstering this strange idea. At least one editor on the NIV translation committee was a lesbian and gay activist, Virginia Mollenkott. She made sure all references to "sodomites" in the Bible were replaced by "temple prostitutes"

5.) For an online version which can be printed, go to www.familyresearchinst.org/ FRI_EduPamphlet3,html

6.) These figures are cited from the above mentioned Cameron pamphlet in footnote 5.

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9.) As more than one preacher has observed, it is not about homophobia, it is about homo-nausea! Such activities sicken decent people of all faiths.

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13.) 0f course, in the Old Testament, under Moses, these activities (sodomy, etc.) were punishable by death. But we do not live under the Mosaic Law, nor do we live in a society that respects God's Torah anymore. But that is another article!

14.) For a fuller discussion of this and similar issues in regard to Freemasonry's occult/phallic background, see our video: "The Light Behind Masonry" available from our ministry.


16.) 0f course, do not forget the all-male hierarchy in the Vatican which is also built (literally) around a giant

phallic symbol, an obelisk in the center of St. Peter's Square. One cannot help but think that their total exclusion of women and their centering on the phallic symbol has led to some of the evident sins of Roman clergy down through the centuries.

17.) Note that the numeral "11" is two erect phallic symbols, which mirror the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin which adorn every Masonic temple. All of these are subtle symbols of two men coming together sexually. Additionally, Crowley created a further dark - pun - by calling this degree the eleventh degree (XI) because the ninth degree, which taught heterosexual sex magic was of course IX, the mirror image. This gives the reader an idea of how deeply the symbolism can go in these magical contexts.

18.) A fuller

discussion of this can be found in our book, LUCIFER DETHRONED, Chick Publications, 1993, pp.


19.) We provide a sample prayer for this free on our website at www.withoneaccord.org under "Free Ministry Resources."

20.) A full study of this is beyond the scope of this article. However, typical traits seen in the Bible of demoniacs include rampant nudity, sexual acting out, self-destructive behavior (head-banging, throwing self into fire, water, etc.,) rage, terror, violence and strength and hatred of anything Godly. Many of these traits can be seen in the homosexual behavior discussed above.

21.) For a chilling true story of how violent and hateful the "gay community" can be, read Chuck and Donna McIlhenny's book, WHEN THE WICKED SEIZE A CITY, Author's Choice Press, 1993, 2000. This tells what happens when a pastor in San Francisco dared to preach against homosexuality. It should give us all pause about the kind of society we live want for our children to live in.

22.) Taking on these kind of principalities should not be done lightly. It is not for the novice prayer warrior. It is better done by seasoned Christians and in small groups, with the full covering of a Bible believing pastor who understands spiritual warfare.

23.) It is not my place to say whether or not HIV is a plague against homosexuality sent by the Almighty. I have every reason to believe that AIDS is a man-made virus designed to kill off several billion people. I do not really think YHWH works in that sort of way. Yah’shua came to give us life. It is true that the wages of sin is death, but I resist the idea that YHWH is smiting homosexuals with AIDS I think rather that the spread of AIDS in the homosexual community is a natural outpouring of the nature of their sin. This is a deep spiritual topic and one which I am still praying about. Any insights would be appreciated.

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