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Complete Software Solution for Banks and Payment Providers



Online Banking System

ARBES OBS Online Banking System


for banks and payment providers

ARBES OBS is a complete-yet-modular modern banking system. Due to its exibility, scalability and modularity, the system can be used by banks of various types and by payment providers. The extent to which banks use the ARBES OBS system ranges from complete coverage of their agendas, for which ARBES OBS covers all BO and FO operations, the support of remote branches, G/L generation and the providing of complete functionality for all communication channels such as the Internet, GSM, e-mail, etc., to the use of separate ARBES OBS modules in cooperation with the banks legacy solution. Payment providers use ARBES OBS to administer client accounts, to communicate with banks maintaining NOSTRO (Jumbo) accounts, to automate the processing of incoming transactions and matching them to client accounts, and to expose the rich and secure payment functionality over the Internet to clients as well as to merchants, eShops and business partners. The ARBES OBS system includes modules allowing secure Internet payments, ePayments for eGoods and efcient microPayments. ARBES OBS supports both the centralized and branched topology of the bank or payment provider. Remote access is supported by the ARBES OBS WebOfce module, a thin client intranet application running in a standard browser over any secured intra/internet connection. ARBES OBS WebOfce can also be used for any third-party outsourcing organization such as call center providers, agent networks, business partners, etc. The ARBES OBS modules for Internet and Mobile Banking can run either with the core of the ARBES OBS solution or separately with any legacy banking system. They provide a exible secure modular and modern interface to all banking products and services over the Internet and GSM. Due to the complete separation of the business logic and presentation layout, the solution can be tailored to a specic company graphic layout while maintaining the standard functionality. Mobile banking goes well beyond mere SMS banking as it covers SIM Toolkit, Java, PDA and WAP technologies.

ARBES OBS can be used in conjunction with ARBES TOPAS (a portfolio management system), the ARBES FEIS accounting system and the ARBES CRM system. The full combination of these systems renders a complete platform for comprehensive support of bank or payment provider processes.


Continuous operation 24/7 Modular structure Parameter-driven core banking module Multi-currency, multi-language, multi-product environment Integrated G/L accounting Internet and multi-generation Mobile Banking modules Special modules for Payment Providers Support for ePayments and microPayments Light-weight module for branches and third-party external partners Robust reporting engine for on-demand and automated reporting Impenetrable security, system topology, client and staff identication and authentication, automatically generated audit log trail Automated system monitoring status of all system components, security attacks and suspicious client or staff activity Flexible and scalable architecture and topology from a single server to a complex multi-server fail-over environment Proven rapid implementation Comprehensive training program On-site and remote post-implementation support

System description
ARBES OBS is a modular system. Individual modules can be freely combined according to the specic needs of the bank or payment provider. Additional modules can be added gradually as needed by the OBS client or when the client becomes ready for implementation. This exibility makes it possible to start with a set of key modules and to continue step-by-step up to the complete coverage of company processes. All modules share a common central database. All data is kept in the database in singular form with no duplication or replication necessary. This ensures data consistency and efciency. Specify the individuals that are to have access to an account and dene complex rules for account manipulation (entering transactions, depositing or withdrawing cash, obtaining account information such as transaction history or a current balance) over any supported communication channel for an unlimited number of persons The standard account properties can be extended by custom tailored bank-specic attributes that can later be used to automate such specic tasks as due diligence verication, account opening workow processes, etc. All changes of the account parameters are automatically veried and tracked into the system audit log.

The core module is the main building block providing the functionality for accounts, transactions and the audit trail. The module denes the core data structures used by all other modules. The core module is required in all implementation scenarios except when a bank wants to use its own legacy system and use just the ARBES OBS Internet and Mobile Banking modules.

ARBES OBS automatically processes transactions originated by the bank staff, clients over the direct communication channels and by the system itself (fees, interests, deposits, loan maturity, etc.). Processing is launched periodically in congurable intervals. Transaction processing works in several steps: Complex validation of manipulation rules, limits, overdrafts and statuses of all accounts used in a transaction. ARBES OBS supports 4-eye conrmation a transaction exceeding the 4-eye limit set on a debited account will generate a request for approval by an appointed BO ofcial. Creation of transaction log records affecting credit and debit account balances. Currency conversion is processed automatically if required. Currency rates are taken from current bank currency rates or they can be specied for an individual transaction. Calculation and processing of transaction fees depending on the transaction type, currency, account type, communication channel and conversion. Generation of notication messages. Messages can be generated when a transaction is processed or failed to be processed and can be sent over any supported communication channel (e-mail, fax, GSM-SMS, call center, etc.).

ARBES OBS administers all types of accounts (current, deposit, loan, escrow, duciary, internal, G/L and others), all with multi-currency behavior. The system makes it possible to: Set the highly exible and congurable type and behavior of an account Attach an account to a precongured fee and interest structure, either by type or individually; the accounts can be grouped to optimize the fee and interest strategy List the allowed contra-accounts that can be credited from an account Specify a limit for 4-eye conrmation; any transaction debiting an account more than the specied limit will automatically require the approval of an appointed bank BO ofcial Specify account overdraft limits Specify the period for account statement generation and distribution Administer payment cards issued for an account

ARBES OBS offers wide-ranging support for standing orders, wire transfers, direct debits, collections, cash operations, currency conversions, internal G/L transactions and other types of transactions. ARBES OBS also processes holds transactions decreasing the available account balance but leaving the current balance intact. Holds are used internally, for example, to keep track of preauthorized amounts stemming from payment card authorizations. Transaction processing automatically detects and executes EOD, EOW, EOM and EOY operations. All operations with transactions, both human and system initiated, are automatically recorded into the system audit trail log.

Records in the trail can be periodically and automatically scanned for system inefciencies, errors in processing or for suspicious staff or client activities. Reports of such ndings are then automatically sent to the system administrators, security specialists, etc.

System administration
ARBES OBS is a parameter-driven system. The products and their behavior are not hard coded but rather driven by parameters. The system administration allows for the denition of all parameters and the introduction of new products and services, new fee and interest structures, new languages, currencies, etc., all in a secure and user-friendly environment. System administration also allows for user management. Users can be assigned to roles; access rights for more than 100 system-provided operations can be derived from the roles or assigned on an individual basis.

Audit trail
The audit trail automatically keeps track of all operations and changes made by bank staff, clients and batch processes over any communication channel. The audit trail makes it possible to recreate any historical information as it was at any specied time in the past.

Optional ARBES OBS Modules

ARBES OBS allows remote mode of work using the light-weight intra/internet application. ARBES OBS WebOfce implements all functionality necessary for BO and FO operators in the environment of a standard internet browser. The application is optimized for high performance even on slower connection lines which makes it ideal for external users like third-party outsourcing partners (call centers, bank agent networks), eShop managers or other business partners. As security is a big concern, the authentication of users adheres to the highest security requirements and all communication is encrypted.


The module administering term deposits and loans automates the lifecycle of various types of term deposits and loans and projects the nancial aspects of term deposits and loans into the G/L.

Term deposits
ARBES OBS supports term deposits of many various types plain term deposit maturing on date or on call, revolving term deposits, saving term deposits and others. All operations with term deposits are automated. ARBES OBS also supports non-standard operations such as premature termination or partial withdrawal. Term deposit details and history are integral parts of the consolidated account statements.

ARBES OBS administers exible customizable types of loans. The specic loans and combinations of loan and term deposit products can be supported. All operations are automated and projected into the G/L.



The payment card administration module administers communication with payment card production and the processing company. The card branches and the types of the payment cards are fully customizable. The module exports in batches all requests for new plastic cards and provides support for the export of payment card balances and limits and the import of card authorizations and settled transactions. All information concerning card authorizations and transactions becomes an integral part of the core transactions, which enables the incorporation of it into the consolidated account statements and a detailed overview of payment card history.

The ARBES OBS eCommerce module provides B2C and B2B functionality. The module exposes automated secured Internet XML interfaces allowing eShops to automate ePayments for their tangible and non-tangible goods and services. The interface allows both single individual payments and combined payments stemming from microPayments. The nancial ow between the bank (payment provider) and the eShop is optimized to keep external bank charges to a minimum. The communication between eShops and the ARBES OBS systems is fully automated, XML-based and digitally signed.


The reporting module allows for the dening of complex consolidated account statements and virtually any reports from the data kept in the central database: Management reports (trends, efciency of branches, departments and individual staff members) Regulatory reports Marketing reports (efciency of marketing campaigns, verication of the marketing hypothesis, research of segments, etc. Accounting reports (G/L, Charts of Accounts, Prot & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Positions, Open Currency Positions, Accrued Interest, etc.) Statistical reports Client reports The reports are generated on demand or regularly in predened periods and they can be subsequently distributed via e-mail or published on the intra/internet. The reports take the form of Excel, Word, HTML, plain text and XML documents. ARBES OBS provides a versatile communication module allowing the denition of formats and contents for the import and export of any data from the central database. Once congured, the communication via batch data les can be fully automated or manually controlled. The rich operation reports allow the monitoring of the smooth processing and provide prompt notication of potential problems. The standard precongured communication includes: Processing of outgoing transfer instructions for any corresponding bank Statement processing from a corresponding bank Export, import and processing of SWIFT records Automated import of currency rates from any external source

Optional ARBES OBS Modules

ARBES OBS Internet Banking provides bank clients with a secure, efcient, exible and fully congurable interface to all banking products and services. The graphic design, menu structure, supported languages and integration with the core banking system is fully customizable. The products and services exposed by the Internet Banking module range from a standard banking portfolio to state-of-the-art electronic payment or microPayment tools. The ARBES OBS Internet Banking module generates full-featured HTML pages for standard web browsers, WAP pages for mobile phones and simplied Internet pages optimized for low-resolution PDA displays. Security of the Internet Banking module is comprised of the following: Client identication and authentication any combination of a unique client ID or payment card number with a static password, a bank-generated password sent to a pre-registered client GSM phone, a one-time password generated by a security token or a randomly generated digitally signed password (PKI). All communication is encrypted with HTTPS SSL 1 28-bit or higher. All client requests and actions are automatically recorded into the system audit trail. The ARBES OBS implementation team provides guidelines for a secure system environment fail-over system topology and architecture, backup strategy, tools and procedures for system monitoring and maintenance, etc. The Internet Banking module works with both the ARBES OBS Core module and any other banking system through a well-designed communication interface.


ARBES OBS comes with a wide range of mobile banking technologies using a broad set of GSM technologies allowing clients to communicate with the bank anytime from anywhere in their preferred manner. All information exposed via ARBES OBS Mobile Banking comes directly from the core database; the active operations are sent directly to the core banking system for immediate processing.


ARBES OBS Mobile Banking implements the functionality in technologies brought about by several mobile generations: Plain SMS Banking SIM Toolkit Banking Java Banking WAP Banking PDA Internet Banking All technologies provide secure and immediate access to sensitive client banking data and also allow active operations. All methods of mobile banking (except for plain SMS) communicate in an encrypted manner.


The ARBES OBS scalability and exibility makes it possible to run the system on a single server as well as on server farms installed in a complex global topology with automated load-balancing and fail-over features. The monitoring modules continuously check all servers and services, notify the appropriate administrators about system problems or misbehavior and execute fail-over procedures in the case of disaster. The monitoring modules can also be plugged into other third-party monitoring tools.


ARBES OBS has been built from the outset with the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in mind. The functionality of all modules is securely exposed to third-party software.

is always the number one priority at ARBES
The architecture of the ARBES information systems and the expertise in the creation of banking applications is based on the following principles and technologies: Proven ORACLE database technology as an ORACLE Certied Partner, ARBES has access to the latest security developments and database products and our qualied specialists are continuously trained. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for all Internet-based connections. All data changes are logged on the central database level. The central access right control system allows for the information system administrator to assign user access rights depending on the type of user. It is possible to activate the 4-eyes principle for processes and records to be approved by multiple users in selected, operationally strategic ARBES applications. Disaster recovery ARBES offers consultation and methodology design for disaster situation solutions for which it is necessary to restore system activity, restore data or activate a backup work location.

The implementation process of information systems, the subsequent service support and the maintenance of installations are all managed in accordance with methodology that fully complies with ISO 9001:2000 standards. A part of the preparation of a new ARBES solution is always a pre-implementation analysis of the processes and business activities of the user organization, carried out as an implementation study. This analysis essentially eliminates potential project defects and species the key details required by the client organization in a timely manner and without subsequent difculties.


Automatic annual upgrades. Qualied consulting services via the Help desk during regular business hours. Contractual reaction time during the solution of disaster situations. Ability to perform secure, authorized remote administration and diagnostics. Product training either at the client premises or at ARBESs own specially-designed training facility.


Accomplished Solutions
ARBES Group, established in 1991, is a European Software Provider which has developed a wide range of highly-scalable and exible software solutions for Banking & Finance and Accounting & Financial Control. As a result, ARBES has extensive experience in software solution design, development, support and maintenance. The family of ARBES information systems includes a wide range of solutions for Retail and Private Banking, Portfolio Management, Brokerage, Collective Investment Management Transfer Agency, Financial Leasing and Factoring, Client Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning with strong domain expertise in Accounting. Operating from London and Prague, the latter being the site of its main development base, ARBES offers the advantage of being easily accessible to international clients, providing highly professional cost-effective software development as well as IT consulting services.


ARBES OBS Online Banking System. A banking solution for retail and private banking providing professionally secured Internet & GSM Banking functionality. ARBES TOPAS TOP Portfolio Management, Accounting & Trading software solution. A large modular system being used by investment companies, investment funds, pension funds and brokerage houses. ARBES TA Transfer Agency and Collective Investment Management system. ARBES NEMO a solution for real estate investment fund management. ARBES FACTORING a sophisticated solution designed for companies providing Financial Factoring services. ARBES LEASING a modular system used by leasing companies. ARBES FEIS a large modular ERP package with a domain in Accounting. ARBES CRM a universal Client Relationship Management system. ARBES TENDER a comprehensive software solution for the management of tender processes.

All ARBES implementations and services are delivered by using project mechanisms in full adherence to ISO 9000 standards. The ISO 9001:2000 certicate was approved by DNV for Providing of software development and sales including all related services as well as for Providing of IT professionals according to customer demands needed for development, implementation and project management in the eld of information systems.


Throughout the companys existence, ARBES has carried out numerous custom development projects for its clients including complex e-banking retail system development, portfolio and asset management as well as for other demanding business activities. ARBESs solid technological and project expertise along with its drive for thorough understanding of customer requirements guarantees our clients modern, professional and intelligent solutions.

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