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Dezia Harper Unit Lesson Plan 1 Winter 2012 The Middle Colonies: Lesson Plan

Purpose/Rationale In accordance with state standards fifth grade students are to complete a unit on the American Colonies. This unit includes the New England, Middle and Southern Colonies. This lesson is the first of two relating specifically to the Middle Colonies. Connections to Standards/Benchmarks/Curriculum Curriculum materials: Houghton Mifflin: Build Our Nation, Level 5 Common Core Standards: o 5 U2.3.1 o 5 U2.3.2 o 5 U2.3.3 o 5 U2.3.4 o 5 U2.3.5 Objective(s): The students will be able to List the natural resources found in the middle colonies and what these resources are used for. Management considerations: Students tend to be restless because this lesson follows the math lesson without a break. -I will allow students to stand and stretch at one point during the lesson. Students tend to zone out if they are not actively engaged and taking notes during the presentation. -I have created note taking sheets on which students must fill in the blanks. Also I have inserted pop quizzes in the form of a game show into the PowerPoint presentation. Students tend to want to share any thought that comes to their mind. -I will limit comments and say things like ok, last comment Introduction/hook (scripted) Alright everyone, last week we did a lot of work on the New England colonies and this week we are going to be moving down to the Middle Colonies (Show color coded map). Ask: Since we are moving south what kind of differences do you think well find between the New England Colonies and the Middle Colonies?

Dezia Harper Unit Lesson Plan 1 Winter 2012

Outline of your lesson sequence, including teaching strategies used. PowerPoint presentation with visual inquiry and note taking. (20 -25min) o Pop Quiz Game Show throughout PowerPoint. What accommodations did you make to meet the full range of your students? -I have included pictures to accompany the terms covered in the PowerPoint presentation. -I have provided a note-taking sheet for students who learn best through writing ideas down. -The homework sheets are designed for students to draw conclusion about the lesson as a whole in the text book, however this can be difficult for students who are struggling readers because they may have a hard time understanding what they are reading. In order to accommodate these students I created a second revised version of the homework packet with the same questions in multiple-choice form. *I have set up listening stations in the morning for struggling readers (or anyone) to listen to the chapters on tape* Closing/wrap up (scripted): (7min) Ok so lets recap what we learned today. I will name resources and ask students to tell what they are used for Forest -> Building homes and furniture. Beavers -> Hunting and fur trade. Rivers -> Travel Waterfalls -> Powering Mills Fertile Soil -> Farming Why were the Middle Colonies called the bread basket colonies? Introduce homework: Packet Lesson One (5min) Begin working on homework (Any remaining time).

Assessment: I will judge how well students grasped the concepts based on their verbal answers to the questions I ask above. Also, I will assess the lesson based on the students engagement during the lesson. If being observed: On what aspect(s) of your lesson would you like me to focus? -Ability to engage all students.

-Ability to present lesson in a clear and easy to understand method.