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REPORT S AVAI LABLE Daily income reports by garment types and payment modes.

Summary of daily cleaning orders received and collected by customers with total cash collection balancing. Detailed listing of all cash bills issued. Cashiers collections analysis on daily basis. Management reporting by departments, product categories, groups or individual garment items with profitability. Cancelled bills / void items audit listing. Discount, sales tax, service tax listing. List of all regular customers and income analysis from them. Garment items code listing. Barcodes printing using only standard laser printers. Sales/Income item listing. Stock balance for those sales items. Stock sales analysis. Stock transactions listing. Stock ledger listing.

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS. To operate the system, you require a minimum of Pentium Celeron class PC for this Windows based system. This system is a single user version. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT. All ACE Software applications are developed in house under the Windows environment using standard operating systems such as Windows 2000, ME, XP and 7. The applications are developed using Visual FOXPRO language which has very fast database handling capabilities for large volume of data. SUPPORT SERVICES. We provide telephone and on site support to our customers either directly or through our resellers. Training and support services are part and parcel of our service to our customers. The system comes with complete self training videos. VALUE ADDED SERVICES. We believe not in just providing our customers with the Software applications but to provide the services needed in order to ensure that they get the full benefits from using the applications software. In line with this, we provide consultancy services in relation to the software solutions proposed, we discuss with our customers on their requirements, workflow and then provide proposals on solutions that meets those needs. If you have purchased the system with full support then in the implementation process, we will train your users on how to use the system to your maximum benefit, how to automate your retail processes so that the system itself is able to provide to you the type of information important for you to use and expand your retail business further. This is our commitment to our customers - a complete solution to cater to your retail business management needs. CALL US FOR A NO OBLIGATION DEMONSTRATION TODAY OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO SEE THE ONLINE DEMONSTRATION AND UNDERSTAND WHAT DO FOR YOUR LAUNDRY BUSINESS.


Integrated Computer Unit OR Standard PC

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BENEFITS: Very easy

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to use - use pictures to denote the different types of garments so that the user only needs to touch the screen to select. Very systematic and organized - can print Cleaning Orders upon receiving laundry from customers and Sales Bills upon returning the items to them. Helps you provide faster service - can store the details of regular customers such as name, address and contact numbers. Track your daily cash - helps you manage your daily cash receipts. Know your daily profit instantly - know from which type of garments cleaned you are making the most profit. Manage your sales items stock quantity balance immediately - allows you to sell laundry items such as detergents and accessories. Know your daily outstanding cleaning list provides you with daily outstanding cleaning orders report for easy management. Manage your laundry business easily - provides you income analysis from individual regular customers and income types such as dry cleaning and laundry. Immediate detailed and summarized management reports to assist you. Upgradeable - can upgrade to higher versions in future to integrate with ACE full accounting systems.

BUSINESS SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT SDN BHD (BSD) established since 1986 is a very experienced application software development Company and specializes in the development and marketing of ACE SOFTWAREa market proven high quality range of Software products.

H. At the end of the day, you print the system de-activation report to obtain the total cash tally for the day and you can print the Cleaning Order report to show the total cash income for the day.


Easy to operate as the screen will display the type of garments with pictures.

EASY TO LEARN AND USE. The entire system works basically with one main Touch screen which makes the system easy to use. Keystrokes are minimized in order to ensure speedy input so that the user need not learn so many keys. The different options in the system are displayed as buttons on the screen for the user to touch.

BSD has put together her many years of Software development experience in the AcePos Laundry System - a Point of Sales Laundry system to manage your cleaning business. AcePos Laundry System BASIC version is suitable for any type of laundry cleaning business where you track items brought in by customers for cleaning, you track the process of returning the items and you can identify the items using different types of garments. The following is the proposed workflow for this system:A. Customer walk in or call to pick up their garments - you will select Walk In or Pick Up and select type of garments based on photos in the system and this will print a Cleaning Order which will be printed in duplicate. The original copy is signed by you and given to customer as proof of receipt. The duplicate copy is signed by the customer and returned to you as acknowledgement of their agreement to the terms and conditions of the cleaning process. The total amount paid by customer is entered and printed here as well. For your staff who goes out to do the pick ups they must bring along a manual copy of pick up documents to acknowledge receipt of the garments. Select EXPRESS button if customers wants express cleaning. If the customer is new, you can enter their information to store their personal details if needed for future faster service to them. Using the duplicate copy of the Cleaning Order you can use the Cleaning Order number to write on the wash tags for identification of the garments. When garments are cleaned they are hanged in your Ready to collect section arranged by the sequence of the Cleaning Order numbers on the hanging rails. When customers come back to collect their garments, they must produce their copy of the Cleaning Order whereby you will check whether they are ready. If they are ready they will be in the Ready to collect section and you can search easily based on the Cleaning Order number sequence. Next you select the Cleaning Order and convert it to sales, collect the final payment if any and return garments to customers. The system will print the Cash Bill in duplicateone for the customer and one for own record that the garments have been returned. The customer must signed on the duplicate copy of the bill as proof of receipt of returns. The Cleaning Order is stapled to the Cash Sales Bill and filed for future reference.

Unit selling pricecan be changed or fixed. Have two different prices for normal cleaning and express cleaning. Number of decimal points for unit price changeable. Payment by cash or credit cards. Local currency type can be changed to allow the system to be used in other countries. Payment in foreign currency is allowed. Password control for different users and security levels for different options such as giving discount, cancellation of items or complete orders, ending a POS Terminal sales function. Easy search by garment code if you want to. Easy and fast search for regular customers account codes or names to provide faster service. Options for canceling one item in a Cleaning Order or many items or the entire Order is available. Option to reprint a Cleaning Order or Sales Bill. You can change the terms and conditions that you wish to print on your Cleaning Orders and Cash Bills. Option to write off uncollected Cleaned Orders. After the cleaning process, there is option to return all the garments or just some of it depending on request of customers. Option to manage sales items such as detergents, hangers with stock balance quantity as well. Summary report on daily basis for total garments collected with payment, total garments returned to customer and final collection amount. Comprehensive management reports on the total income analysis from each type of cleaning, garments or others depending on how you classify your items.

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SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE. AcePos is designed to capture all POS information for management reporting. Even with large volume of retail information stored in the system, reporting is fast to ensure superior performance. FLEXIBLE. The system is flexible in its configuration of hardware systems that goes with it. It can be installed in integrated hardware systems which has all components such as computer, cash drawer, customer pole display and printer all in one or in modular hardware systems which has all loose components linked together.





Cash drawer

Customer Pole Display