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In Hungary you can use personal and public transportation and as I know the personal transportation is more popular here. I think it is not a good way because I can see lots of cars with only a driver without any passangers. I think it is not economical and not healthy. Lots of cars make traffic jams and pollute the air. We should use public transport. You can find trams, undergrounds, buses and trains which you can use for travelling. I live in Gyr and you can find buses and trains as a public transportations. The public transportation is fast, cheap but sometimes is not comfortable. If you want to find a fast and comfortable way of travelling and you are rich enough, you can take a taxi. If you use a public transportation often you can buy a season tickets and if you are student or retired you can get discounts too. My family live in Mr so I visit them twice a month and I always buy 50 % (per cent) discount ticket because I am student. It is 500 Forints. The distance is 60 kilometres. It takes about 1 hour by bus. I prefer travelling by bus to train because travelling by train takes longer and I have to change the train in Komrom. When I travel home I always listen to the music or speak to my friends. So it doesnt seem long time to get home. I have a driving licence and I like driving. I got my licence in 2004. My longest way was 250 kilometres. It was tiring but I enjoyed it very much. I would like to buy a car when I will work. My favourite car is Honda Civic and I would like to buy a Japanese car because those are reliable and safe. I think there are some problems on the roads so we need develope. But I think there are some good changes. I can see more and more roundabout which is safer and it makes the traffic faster. Unfortunately there are lots of trucks on the roads which cause lots of accidents and troubles.

On the road you have to keep the traffic rules and you have to know the traffic signs. We should take care ourselves and the other members of the traffic. Sometimes the pedestrians dont know the rules so they cant keep the rules. It is very dangerous and I think everybody have to learn these rules. There are different speed limits in Hungary. The speed limit in built-up areas is 50km/h, outside built-up areas is 90km/h and on motorways is 130km/h. The motorways is the place where you can travel fast and you dont have to change the speed several times. Sometimes there are rush hours in the traffic at 8 oclock a.m. and 4 oclock p.m. in Gyr. It means that lots of people go to work and lots of students go to the schools in the morning and they come back homes in the afternoon. The rush hour doesnt mean traffic jam but sometimes it causes it. There are a new inventions is for example the ITS system (Intelligent Transportation System). It is a system of hardware, software and operators that allow better monitoring and controlling of traffic in order to optimize traffic flow. This system can change rythm of the traffic efficiently. This intelligent system is very import in a modern traffic. http://www.listen-to-english.com/index.php?id=494 http://www.listen-to-english.com/index.php?id=466 http://www.listen-to-english.com/index.php?id=465 http://www.listen-to-english.com/index.php?id=326