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The BlackBerry application enables the healthcare service providers in real time resource planning and scheduling with the help of sophisticated demand and supply management procedures. The application alerts users in real-time based on various events and provides them an ability to act on them while on the move.

Industry: Healthcare, Mobile Demand & Supply Monitoring Customer : A leading healthcare company, US Technology Domain: BlackBerry (J2ME)

Business Challenge

Effective handling of demand and capacity management of theHospital resources needs access to real time data on the usage and location of the resources, data on the patient inflow, diagnostics andresource needs. Provisioning the necessary data and the ability to act on the same technically translated into the following: Coming up with an intuitive, efficient interface, without compromising on the user experience. Generating and providing the necessary alerts on the mobile devices. Providing the ability to customize an interface, where a user could put together the necessary features to access the information most relevant to him.

The BlackBerry enabled solution provides the healthcare service providers with real-time access to demand and capacity information of the facility / department in the hospital, thereby enabling them to manage the demand and capacity of the Hospital resources in a much better and efficient manner.

Building an interactive interface, thereby enabling the user to act upon various alerts or interventions.

Software Solution

Real - time access to the relevant data. Provides the necessary Alerts/ Noti cations. Generation of Alerts based on various events such as sta ng, census and acuity. Ability to act on various Alert/Noti cations. Actions based on work ow de ned in the Enterprise database. Ability to customize the interface, by putting together all the features needed by a speci c user, thereby enabling him to access the data relevant to him with minimum user interaction. Intuitive and rich user interface depicting the usage status of various resources in multiple colors such as Red, Green and Amber. Ability to locate and direct the necessary resources to the point of activity. Intuitive MIS Reports and Graphs.

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