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The solution available on J2ME, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices allows users to take backup and restore contacts and media content on the server so that it can be recovered in case the device is lost, stolen or replaced. The solution includes social networking elements and allows sharing content with friends and uploading to youtube and flickr accounts right from the mobile device.

Industry: Mobile Consumer Application Customer : A leading network services provider Technology Domain: Blackberry Windows Mobile J2ME AJAX & ASP .NET

Business Challenge

The challenge was to develop the first of its kind phone back up service. The customers subscribing to this service would no longer have to worry about losing the content of their device even if it is lost. This service allows users to save critical phonebook data, ringtones, games, photos and videos to the server and seamlessly restore them in case the device is lost or in case they want to switch to a new device. The application also allows seamless sharing of the content with friends and colleagues. The backup can be taken over the air using GPRS connection. Once installed, the application automatically backs up data from the customers phone to a server & the customer can access this data on the web with the help of a username/ password generated by the application. The solution also allows to remotely wipe/lock/shout (put the phone on high

The solution gave the ability to upload and manage the contents on the server thereby eliminating the worry of losing content. With our strong IT team the following technologies made this entire assignment successful: J2ME Client Application C#, ASP .NET based server application AJAX based web interface MS SQL

volume screaming) mode which makes it quite easy to detect the device. All these actions can be done in isolation or combination by initiating a single SMS from the server.

Software Solution

The application provides an intuitive interface for user to sync mobile device content with server

The user can view and share the uploaded content with a group of users by sending link to the content on the server.

The entire upload and sharing happens over the air using GPRS.

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