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3 May 2012 The CiTy of edinburgh CounCil eleCTions

The CiTy of edinburgh CounCil eleCTions 3 May 2012

CITY CENTRE WaRD Covering communities in abbeyhill , Canongate, New Town, Haymarket, Old Town.

your VoTe for a green CounCillor really CounTs

Did you know that you are electing 3 councillors for City Centre ward, and not just 1? Right now you have a Lib Dem, SNP, and Conservative councillor. Support for the Lib Dems has crashed, as shown by their last place in the City Centre by-election last year. That means there are now 4 parties, Greens, Labour, Conservative and SNP, competing for the 3 seats in this ward.

VoTe JuliTa MaZureK

I came to Edinburgh and fell in love with the city. Its a fantastic place to live in with everything to offer but theres potential to make it even better. I joined the Greens because their principles include a more equal society anda greatersay for people in decisionmaking. As a City Centre councillor, Ill be your voiceinside the Council and work hard to ensure thatcity centre life is improved for everyone.
Julita Mazurek, 35, is an interpreter-tran slator working with th e health service, courts and social services. She holds a Masters degree in languages fro m the University of Kr akow. In her native Poland she took an active in terest in environmenta l issues. Julita now lives in central Edinburgh with her Scottish husband and yo ung son.

VoTe green

A Green vote will help put a Green councillor alongside the councillors from the other parties in City Centre, and keep out the parties who have been letting you down.

So to elect Julita Mazurek, as one of your threecouncillors please put a 1 next to her name.
Chris h , Edinburg 1 Park Way Jenny burgh rrace, Edin 23 Ride Te Julita rgh ce, Edinbu Park Terra



A vote for SNP or Lib Dems says that you are happy with the way those two parties have run Edinburgh in the last five years.




23 Royal



Bob inburgh Drive, Ed 33 Station


2 4 1 3



Can you help Julita Mazurek and the Edinburgh Greens in City Centre, by delivering some leaflets, putting up a window poster, making a donation or joining the Scottish Greens? The Scottish Green Party (Edinburgh Branch) 23 Royal Park Terrace EDINBURGH EH8 8JB t. 07887 682 574 e. city.centre@edinburghgreens.org.uk w. www.edinburghgreens.org.uk


Champion quality of life for City Centre residents Make it easier to get around the city, with priority to pedestrians, and to take firm action to improve air quality Support local traders, not just big chain stores Bring in better waste collection and recycling facilities



Just 18% of 1 votes sees Julita ele cted

Promoted by Dave Owen on behalf of the Scottish Green Party, both of 20 Graham Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5QR. Printed on recycled paper by Cowan Print, 23 Brougham Street, Ednburgh.

green CandidaTe JuliTa MaZureK ansWers your QuesTions

WhaTs your ConneCTion To The area?
I first came to Edinburgh on holiday only a few years ago and fell in love with the city. Then I met my husband, who is from Edinburgh, and we now have a young son so the city isnow my home. We live in the centre so, Im definitely committed to the area - this is where my family will grow up.

Quality of life for an residents, rather th s for big economic reward priority business, is Julitas re. for the city cent

WhaT PersPeCTiVe Can you bring To The CounCil?

As someonewho pushes a pram through city centre streets almost every day I see whatlife is like for people and I want to help makethat quality of life better. As a mother, Im a user of the citys services. Ive quickly got to know a lot about how all these different services work, or are supposed to work, from nurseries, to doctors surgeries, libraries, and transport. But I also see how hard the council works to provide you with services. As a professional interpreter, I help provide the citys services. I work with the NHS, social services and the courts in keeping the city running smoothly and providing both residents and visitors with vital services. So, as both a consumer, and a provider, Ivea very broad range of experience to bring to the job of a city councillor.

MaKing a differenCe
Green councillors were first elected in Edinburgh in 2007. Since then they have worked hard to make Edinburgh a greener and fairer city. Cllr Steve Burgess Successfully campaigned for lower car-parking charges for vehicles which cause less pollution. Steve also secured a commitment to look at ways of investing in services using income from tourism. Cllr Maggie Chapman Pioneered the eith Decides scheme, giving the community more say over how money is spent in their area. Maggie was also instrumental in ensuring the Council rejected deeply unpopular changes to social care services. Cllr Alison Johnstone Won a commitment to invest money in school energy budgets, worked with campaigners to keep Meadowbank Stadium at Meadowbank, and with local traders to promote and protect small independent businesses in the face of unfettered supermarket expansion.

Julita, here with Green MSP Alison Johnstone, needs just 18% of 1 votes to be elected to the council.

WhaT Will you do onCe eleCTed?

Green councillors have made a big differenceto the Council in the last five years.I want to join them mainly because they put peoples well-being first and get things done. The city centre is the retail and commercial heart of Edinburgh but its also where people live, so residents needs have to be protected as the city gets busier. We can do this by always involving local people in council decisions which affect them, by helping local businesses and shops carry on supporting communities, and by weighing up every council decision against its effect on quality of life here. Protecting residents needs will be my top priority.

That is with just three Green councillors. Think what more Green councillors could do!

Greens in Edinburgh want to make Edinburgh a fairer and greener city and listen to the priorities of local people.
Well defend public services provided by public bodies - opposing privatisation and demanding accountability from companies the Council works with. Well support a programme of green jobs, investing in energy efficiency of homes, public buildings and energy generation. Well protect public assets - our local schools, parks, libraries and leisure facilities. Well use the councils powers to back local businesses over giant supermarkets and chainstores, breathing new life into neighbourhoods. Well give more power to communities, including community councils, parent councils and residents groups.

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