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George L. Gregory
To contact me, please use the contact page at http://www.bountifulknight.com/ Printable Version

An Introduction
I am a senior project director and workflow developer with more than eighteen years of experience. I have acknowledged strengths in workflow organization, project direction, and technical-artistic coordination. I am a creative and change hardy team leader with a strong desire to succeed, and am comfortable solving technical problems and providing artistic direction. My expertise is broad in scope and includes the following skills: Streamlining and automating workflows Employee management and education Programming: PERL, SQL, Applescript, Javascript OS setup and maintenance Organization and execution of large scale projects Direction, design and production of print and web media Hardware, networking, server setup - Mac, Linux and NT Proficient in graphic arts, database and business software

Employment Philosophy
I believe employment as a concept is for the primary purpose of providing for the life and well-being of the families of the people involved. The success of the company is the vital secondary goal to preserve that life. For me, automation and workflow planning are powerful tools to give employees the ability to accomplish more for the success of the company without adding undue burden to their daily life and often even reducing their workload. My goal is to facilitate abundant life for employees while helping them achieve a greater level of success for the company.

Professional Experience
HEALTHSOUTH CORPORATION, Birmingham, AL HealthSouth is one of the nation's largest healthcare services providers with revenues in excess of $2 billion. Pre-Press Operations Manager / Macintosh Server and Systems 2002Administrator Present I am responsible for all aspects of workflow and pre-press functions in connection with all marketing materials, business supplies and forms printing. Our final

workflow is a fully automated "blind" solution based on FilemakerPro, Artworks Odystar, Applescript, PERL, Adobe CS and Acrobat Pro. By developing an extensive data set for each customer, press, bindary opperation and job, we can produce pressready plates and proofs at the click of a mouse with little or no human interaction. The same interface provides us with all job ticket information to move the job through the shop and out the door. Extensive Job information and UPS data give our Customer Service Reps on-demand information to help our customers and provide the reporting for administrative needs. To keep this workflow running smoothly, I manage multiple servers, workstations, networking, operating systems, software, maintenance, file archiving and backups. Recognized for automation and workflow streamlining which facilitated five out of the six full-time employees in the pre-press department being transferred to other positions and a significant reduction in material usages. Simultaneously increased our "through-put" capabilities and reduced the time needed to accomplish a normal day's work allowing more time for development and further improvements. Project Manager for Business Supply Automation 2000-2002 I was responsible for development of an online entry/ordering method to automate the production of business supplies and forms for the corporation. Operating a combination of LINUX and Macintosh solutions, this system gave us the ability to typeset, preview, approve and run film through a web interface several years before mainstream solutions were widely available. Designed, developed, and implemented a web-based internet system that resulted in both significant time and cost savings even in prototype stages. It significantly reduced the need for outsourced typesetting. Although full rollout of the project was canceled due to corporate restructuring, the use of this automated system allowed for all business supply production to be brought in-house. This has resulted in a savings to HealthSouth of several hundred thousand dollars each year since the completion of the project. Senior Pre-Press Operator 1999-2000 I was responsible for pre-flighting and successful output of all print jobs, developing output workflow and training employees. Shifted output workflow from TrapWise/PressWise to Preps and Agfa InRip Trapping including development of an extensive impositioning template set. Standardized film punches and imaging areas eliminating 80% of manual stripping and overlays for plate burning.

George Gregory Digital Artist (previously Digital Art Studios), 1990Birmingham, AL Present Prior to my employment with HealthSouth, I was full-time self-employed as the Owner/operator of Digital Art Studios, a graphic art and web development consulting firm. I provided a full spectrum of print media production, logo and branding creation, workflow/systems development, web creation/design, program development, and every aspect of web site administration. After coming on board with HealthSouth, I changed the name to better reflect the part-time nature of what is now freelance work. Hillview Lake Publishing, Birmingham, AL - Provided production management for The Flicker Magazine along with the complete conception, design, development and implementation of the Flicker.com web presence (no longer online). Alabama Public Television, Birmingham, AL - Complete restructuring and re-creation of APTV.org including a full overhaul of all CGI functions. Bangers Distribution, Birmingham, AL - Creation of a vast artwork and text database along with development and scripting to automate conversion of database downloads into tagged text files formatted for easy production of large product catalogs using linkages to that artwork/text database. Color Unlimited, Birmingham, AL - Fulfilled a one-year contract establishing Macintosh services and training employees to integrate Macintosh and Scitex Systems using a PS/2 Dolev Bridge. Gained experience with high-end (Hell/Scitex) equipment and the foundational concepts of 4-color process printing. SetPoint Graphics, Inc., Northbrook, IL - Aided in the transition from traditional typesetting to Macintosh-based services. Provided illustration and production along with basic Macintosh organization and network/hardware management. Programmed complete job tracking system and initiated multimedia services. SBC Woman's Missionary Union, Birmingham, AL - Web site development/design for Youth On Mission Provided print design, illustration, web development, training and consultation services for Focus on the Family, Jim Poole design, Gravlee Graphics, Strong Automotive Merchandising, Samford University Computer Corporation, Magnolia Diamonds and Westwood Baptist Church, to name a few.

B.S., Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama, 1990 Major: Graphic Design (78 hour concentration)

Advanced Coursework

Graphic Design Photography Computer Graphics Illustration Computer Operations Mechanical Drafting

Technical Skills
Hardware: Macintosh, LINUX and IBM desktops, laptops and rack servers (with raid arrays), Heidelberg platesetters, Agfa RIPs and imagesetters, large format and desktop printers, networking hardware and computer peripherals. Software: Filemaker Pro, Artworks Odystar workflow, Four51 Online Ordering, PageFlex, Adobe Creative Suite, MS Office Suite, Quark, Freehand, Preps, PrintSmith, Flash, Dreamweaver, Acrobat Pro, BBEdit, Carrara Studio, Vue d'Esprit, Poser and a vast array of support applications. Programming PERL, CGI, Javascript, Applescript, Terminal, XML, Languages: Hypertalk, HTML and BASIC Platforms: Macintosh OS 10.4 (Server and standard), OS 9, Windows NT (Server), XP, 2000, 98, 95, Linux Red Hat (Terminal only and Gnome/KDE) References available upon request