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Arnold & Itkin File Jones Act Suit for Injured Worker

After a Texas worker became injured on a crew boat, he sought the help of Texas offshore injury attorneys at Arnold & Itkin who were able to file a claim on his behalf. Houston, TX, April 10, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Recently, a Newton, Texas man was injured in an accident while he was working aboard a crew boat. After the worker sought the help of Arnold & Itkin attorneys, Jason Itkin and Cory Itkin filed a Jones Act lawsuit on his behalf. The actual incident happened while the Texas man was working aboard the crew boat where he was employed as an engineer. The boat ran aground in the Sabine Pass, which is located near Port Arthur, Texas. When the ship ran aground, the worker was thrown from his chair. Because of this incident, he suffered severe injuries to his neck and back. Arnold & Itkin LLP filed the claim in Jefferson County, Texas and is now pursuing a substantial settlement on his behalf. The attorneys at Arnold & Itkin were able to file a Jones Act claim on behalf of this man because he qualified as a Jones Act worker. What this means is that the man, because of his status as an engineer on a crew boat, is entitled to the provisions set up in this particular act. One of the requirements of the Jones Act is that the worker in question be employed in a capacity that is necessary to the operation of the ship, which this man was. Also in order to qualify, the worker in question must be employed on a vessel that operates on a U.S. navigable waterway, which was the case in this situation as well. There are many claims that can be filed under the Jones Act, such as maintenance and cure, pain and suffering, unseaworthiness and others. Offshore workers are subject to numerous injuries while working in their maritime occupation. No matter what type of injury is involved, if it was caused by the negligence of an employer or other third party then the affected worker is entitled to filing a claim. Since this Texas man came to Arnold & Itkin with what he believed to be a claim, they were able to analyze his case and determine that negligence was involved. Now it is the job of attorneys Jason and Cory Itkin to fight for the rights of this injured worker, as they have done with so many maritime workers in the past. Arnold & Itkin is proud to represent those who have been injured while performing their job duties in maritime occupations. Arnold & Itkin is a law firm serving maritime workers who have been injured in Texas. This firm brought in an impressive $250 million in settlements on behalf of their clients in 2011 alone. This testifies to the high level of legal representation that they provide to each one of their clients. The firm is well-versed in maritime law, and can help you if you are looking to file a Jones Act claim another type of claim under maritime law. You also have nothing to worry about in regards to affording this firm, because they work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you don't pay a penny for their services until they make a recovery for you. High quality doesn't have to come at a price. If you want help getting a recovery for your injuries, then speak with a Texas maritime attorney at their firm. For more information, visit www.texas-offshore-injury.com.

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