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MATHEMATICS IIM SEMESTER 1 2005 INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS Mathematics IIM is worth 4 units and is designed for students

who have completed both Mathematics 1MA and Mathematics 1MB. 1. LECTURES All lectures will be held in Lecture Theatre G02 in the Mathematics Building. Days Tues, Thurs 9.10am Wed 4.10pm, Fri 10.10am 2. TEXTBOOKS Either Anton, H. and Rorres, C., Elementary Linear Algebra Applications Version, (8th Ed.) (Wiley) or Lay, D. Linear Algebra and its Applications, (3rd Ed.) (Addison Wesley Longman) and either Hughes-Hallett et al, Calculus, Single and Multivariable, (3rd Ed.) (Wiley) or Stewart, J., Calculus (5th Ed or 4th Ed.) (Brooks-Cole). A set of Students Notes summarizing the lecture material can be purchased for the cost of $ 5 from Jan Sutton, Room 103, Mathematics Building. Students will also need the MATLAB Student User Guide which was given to students last year. 3. TUTORIALS AND COMPUTER PRACTICALS (a) Tutorial Allocations Students should have already selected a one hour (weekly) tutorial and computer practical. Allocations and Room numbers are posted on the notice-board at the eastern end of the ground oor, Mathematics Building. Students who have any questions or problems concerning tutorials should see Dr. Tim Svenson (Room G23b). These tutorials will involve a discussion of the previous weeks lectures and some of the assignment questions in Algebra and Calculus. In some weeks, there will be a (compulsory) MATLAB practical in the computing laboratory EMG13 in the Engineering-Mathematics Building; when this occurs it will be indicated on the assignment sheets. Further, Mathematics IIM students will attend an additional tutorial each week, also beginning in week 2. These tutorials will initially involve some extra assistance on the rst Algebra section and then will concentrate on integration techniques. The work on integration will not be covered in lectures and will essentially be revision of topics from Mathematics 1MB. It will be examined by means of two additional asssignments and a compulsory Test to be held at the end of lectures. 4. ROOM G03 Room G03, located on the ground oor, eastern end of the Mathematics Building, is available for use by Mathematics IIM students. For most of this time there will be a tutor present to answer questions and give assistance to students working on the weekly assignments. Students are encouraged to use this room as often as they wish either to work on assignments in a group or on their own to drop in to ask a quick question of the tutor. A detailed timetable of the hours in which the room will be open and when a tutor will be present will be available in the rst week of lectures. Lecturer Dr. P. McCann Dr. S. Cox (Weeks 1-6), Dr. P. Gill Weeks (7-12)

Algebra Calculus

5. MYUNI Students who log on to the University of Adelaides on line course management system, Myuni (myuni.adelaide.edu.au) will have access to the Mathematics IIM site. This site will contain general course information, including the School of Mathematical Sciences Supplementary Policy, calculator policy for this course and documents on Graduate Attributes and plagiarism. In addition, a weekly summary of lecture material including further optional questions set from the texts, copies of the weekly Assignment questions and previous exam papers will also appear on Myuni. There is also a facility to e-mail sta with any mathematical or general questions you may have concerning this course. 6. ASSIGNMENTS There will be a weekly assignment consisting of a number of questions in both Calculus and Algebra. The questions will be handed out each week in the Friday lecture. Answers to odd numbered assignments will be due at 4pm on the Monday 10 days after they are given out in lectures. Place your assignment answers in the correct Mathematics IIM Box located on the ground oor (eastern end) of the Mathematics Building. Put your name on your paper and staple the sheets together. The assignments will be marked and returned to you in the Tutorial. Solutions to the assignments will be distributed in the Wednesday lectures. Answers to even numbered assignments will be computer marked on Myuni. An instruction sheet on computer marking will be distributed later in lectures. The two integration assignments will be distributed and collected in the additional tutorial. 7. ASSESSMENT There will be a compulsory three hour examination held at the end of Semester 1. The details of the various assessment components for this course are as follows: Component Examination Mid-semester Test Assignments Integration Test Percentage 70% 10% 10% 10% Date June Examination period Week 7 Two each week Tuesday 7th June

7. SUPPLEMENTARY EXAMINATIONS Students are asked to carefully read the School of Mathematical Sciences Supplementary policy document. The policy applies to this course, and in addition students should note that an Academic Supplementary exam will only be granted to those students who have obtained a scaled mark of 40% and who have attended at least 75% of all tutorials and computer practicals. The results for this course and the award of supplementary examinations on medical, compassionate or academic grounds will be posted on the notice-board, western end of the Mathematics Building two weeks after the exam. (Note that candidates do not need to apply for an academic supplementary.) The supplementary examination will be held in July 2005. 8. QUERIES OR COMPLAINTS Any queries or complaints about this course or its assessment should be directed to the Director of First Year Studies, or exceptionally in writing to the Head of the School of Mathematical Sciences (Prof. Michael Murray).

21 February 2005.

Dr. David Parrott Director of First Year Studies (Room 104, Mathematics Building) e-mail: dparrott@maths.adelaide.edu.au