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Case Study

Titan / Freshly sliced bread

Package design
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Package design

After the successful creation of HapiHap, the most enjoyable toast bread brand, Titans management team decides to develop a second project together with Brandtailors consultants and designers. In the context of a growing sliced bread market, Titan develops a good quality product range to tackle this highly competitive and over-fragmented sub-category.

The sliced bread category is like an average between toast bread and fresh bread medium price positioning, both modern and traditional, broadly addressed and suited for all the different types of food that Romanians have.

It was important that the package design solution for Titan sliced bread would generate a memorable element to differentiate it from all the competitors. On the other hand, we considered it equally important to create a conceptual connection with HapiHap toast bread, in order for the more premium toast bread brand to transfer a certain degree of perceived quality towards the sliced bread range.

Silviu Filipovici Senior Brand Designer

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The package design solution for Titans sliced bread features a classic Romanian plate that most people still have in their kitchen and use to serve their family meals on inspired from the traditional table ceramics, yet contemporary in terms of usage. The overall brand chromatics is based on white, so to create a link with Titan being reputed for the quality of its flour, but the color coding differentiation system is organised using bright shades of primary colors.

Only a few months after its market launch, Titans sliced bread range is already generating unexpectedly large sales volumes these are the results that a strategic approach towards package design can have over a product range thats well fundamented in its category and properly suited to the brand it belongs to.

Brand audit - Andreea Florea Package design - Andreea Florea, Silviu Filipovici Project management - Cristina Ionescu
Project implementation started in April 2012. Follow us on LinkedIn Download our credentials

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