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High economic school of professional studies Pec-Leposavic

Direction:Foreign trade and customs management

Subject:English III Topic: Student's life

Mentor: Prof.Dr Lidija Labovic

Student: Dalibor Ivanov Num: 036/09

November 2011.

A lot of people around me think and often say,that my life is simple and easy,cause Im a student,and as one,Im privileged. They consider me protected from bad influences in our country,after all we live in Serbia,and Serbia is economicly weak,and its in bad position politically so our lives are very difficult in these circumstances. And because all of that they think my life is piece of cake at this point. They say that Im lucky,they envy me,cause they believe that Im not aware of the real situation and all things ,responsibilities and worries that come with it and which make life so scary and terrifying sometimes. Ive been often given an advice: Enjoy yourself,kid,this is the best time of your life,you dont have to worry about certain things yet.

Elaboration My name is Dalibor and I live in a small town called Baljevac.Im 24 years old,I study High Economic School in Leposavic.From my point of view,my life is no fairytale,and I would lie if I said that I agree with their opinion.Students life is difficult.Lectures require concentration and dedication.Theres a great sacrifice,and a lot of giving up and putting aside a lot of other things. We do all that for some higher goal,for our own future,for a better tomorrow.After all,our generation will become one day a part of this society.When it comes to attending lectures,which are very important for us students,that part isnt easy as well. Me and my fellow-students live away from college,and the travel to get there isnt exactly a straight line.The university is on territory of Kosovo and Metohija.The things have gone worse ,since the present situation on Kosovo is very unstable,and that situation affects us as well. The road that was used regularly for all traffic is now closed.To be more specific - blocked.So we are now forced to use alternative roads. For example,there were times when we used one way to the university,and the other to come back. Those roads are in very poor state and the travel looks more like an adventure that lasts a couple of very uncomfortable hours than a simple drive.I admit that I found it exciting , cause every road had its own bumps and obstacles.Now its just exhausting. But,we do what we have to do for what is important.And lectures are very important. They are essential to our studies,thats where it all begins,thats where we make everything clear.That is what professors are for.The rest depends on us. There has to be a lot of hard work,we have to take studies very seriously and approach the whole thing from the right angle cause it will pay off in the future.That will change us into serious personalities that will become the column of our whole society. My personal opinion is that I have already built a serious attitude towards studies and Im well aware of the fact that in the future I might become a part of federal institution and that my knowledge would be very useful.I cannot allow situations where I wont know what I should know. Those kind of awkard,unpleasant moments would leave me speechless and emberraced,and they would make me regret the times that I spent on some useless things instead of trying to master the material which is not easy at all.

Looking that much in the future,it motivates me to study harder,and with those thoughts on my mind,I dont find studying difficult and I spend most of my day on that. Theres also another thing that has an important role thats love. Emotions have a great influence in my life,sometimes they bring peace to me,they maintain balance amoung the feelings in general,but sometimes they become so chaotic and thats when it gets difficult. I agree that that part of life should not be ignored in any way. After all,studies are not just a couple years of our lives they are certain time where our personalities receive a great form in society and in such process,the fact is that in our future there should be someone who will be there for us,with who well start a family.. But that part isnt exactly handed to us either.When it comes to that I havent gone very far,cause Im focusing on my studies and having someone on my mind,wouldnt be a good thing for me,cause it gets complicated and its difficult to have the both things in my mind separated. The one often slips into the other so it gets confusing.I forget my priority.This statement was proven several times.Whenever I fall in love,I seem so lost,that I become a case for medical research. Because of that reason I have decided to point all my attention in one way.But,Im not exactly immune on those feelings so it often happens that I take the wrong turn. For example,I fell in love with this amazing girl with beautiful eyes and I got so distracted that it happened that I studied,and afterwards when I tried to resume what I studied,I realize that I havent remembered a thing cause I kept thinking about those eyes.They were like the virus in a system,they caused chaos,and bit by bit they took over everything even my heart. I realize thats normal,so I have no other choice then to surrender to those feelings,and try real hard to get my concentration back so I could maintain my present success.

Conclusion In this text I described the position Im in,from my point of view which is,to be honest,different from what most people think.Of course,I can only speak for myself. I dont know,maybe some other student finds things that were and are difficult to me,easy,and the other way around.The other student may not even take it seriously.But,I do. I take it very seriously,and Im all about the struggle for success,and that isnt an easy task. I look at the life this way: One great test,that requires more than presence and hope that well pass it .Life is harder than any exam we ever faced in college and to pass it,we must not only use our knowledge but also we have to have the will,the strength and the persistence. Im not gonna say that thit is the hardest thing in the world,but Im not gonna admit either that is as easy as some of my friends think. There are a lot of paths ahead of us,and its not simple to choose the right one.Expecially when theres a little voice in your head,constantly asking: Where to now?