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Electronic Reservation Slip

Transaction number: 0473634261 Train number and name: 22308/BKN HWH SUPFAST Tickets Date: 19-Mar-2 012 08:17:25 AM From: Nagaur (NGO) Climb into the car's location: Nagaur (NGO) Scheduled departure time: 20:49 PNR No: 2562395556 Tour Date: 20-Mar-2012 Sitting in the car Date: 20-Mar-2012 By: JN Howrah (HWH) Category: 3A Distance: 1767 KM Quota: Tatkal Total fare: 4,758.00

Reservation Boundary Location: Howrah JN (HWH) Adults: 3 Children: 0 Individual mobile number: Reservation Status / ID Type / Coach No / Seat No / berth Current Status number CONFIRM CONFIRM CONFIRM B3 / 0015 / SL B3 / 0013 / MB B3 / 0014 / UB Voter ID / JSC1445253


Age 31 31 32

Gender Male Male Male

IRCTC Service Charge: Rs 20.00

Important 01-07-2011 The new schedule will be affected. ERS published in the current departure time of train departure times
and may vary. Customers are requested to visit to make sure before you start questioning the railway. E - Enter the passengers in the ticket of a passenger rail travel during the valid ID - (Voters ID card / passport / PAN card / driving license / Central Government / State Government issued photo ID / accredited school and College Student Identity Cards with photograph issued by / nationalized bank passbook which picture / credit cards issued by banks with laminated photographs) during a train journey on one of the Mulprati e - is essential to keep up with tickets. Valid ID is not all passengers will be traveling without a ticket will be processed as per existing Railway rules. The accommodation has been that he could not move and only a valid identity card while no one is served during the trip.Passenger during the journey must have a photocopy of the Electronic Reservation Slip. If the passenger does not travel during the electronic reservation slip to Rs 50 per ticket fee, will be taken by employees and Tiktjac excess fare ticket will be issued in lieu thereof. The applicant will be allowed to cancel my ticket through the Internet. If the Electronic Reservation Slip booked through an agent to cancel the ticket to contact the agent. Train's current position (arrival and departure information), to the reservation PNR status, fare inquiry, availability and reserve berth / right information is available at phone number 139. For other information call 011-39340000 or care@irctc.co.in the e-mail to. Or care@irctc.co.in the e-mail to.