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The objective of this course is to develop the research skills of students in investigating ther e s e a r c h p r o b l e m s w i t h a v i e w t o a r r i v e a t o b j e c t i v e f i n d i n g s , i n t e r p r e t a t i o n o f d a t a a n d conclusions of their investigation in the

form of systematic reports. They are also expected tolearn basic statistical tools of analysis to sharper their research studies.


Meaning and significance of Research in Management, Different Approaches to research Scientific method and non scientific Methods, Types of research Historical studies, cases t u d i es , s u r v ey a n d e xp er i m en t a l s t u d i es , c r i t e r i a fo r g o o d r es ea r c h , t h e ma n a g er a n d researcher relationship.
MODULE 2 Formulation of research problem, Defining research problem, Generating research hypothesis,Research process, Research Design, Classification of research designs, Need for Researchdesign, Features of good research design, Research proposal MODULE 3 Sampling Techniques, Steps in sampling, Types of sample Design probability and NonProbability sampling designs, size of sample, sampling errors, concept of Measurement andscaling, Scaling techniques, characteristics of sound measurement. MODULE 4 Sources of data primary vs. secondary data, sources of primary data observation, Interviewmethods, survey method, questionnaire construction and design.

MODULE 5 Processing of Research data Editing, coding, classification and Tabulation. MODULE 6 Hypothesis testing Null and alternate hypothesis, level of significance, one and two sampletests, Measures of central tendency, Measures of variation, Measures of Dispersion andskewness, Test of randomness, correlation and Regression ana lysis, ANOVA, DiscriminateAnalysis, cluster Analysis, Data Analysis by software packages. MODULE 7 Technical Report writing, Types of reports objectives and function of report formaland informal, report writing process, target audience, pre-research proposals, progress reports,final reports, guidelines for effective writing, Research report format, Presentation of a report,Persuasive nature of reports, Reports for Decision Making, tech nical proposal, instructionsmanuals, precis writing and reporting committee findings. BOOKS RECOMMENDED 1.OR Krishnaswami & Rangantham, Methodology of Research, HPH2.Donald Cooper and Pamela Schindler, Business Research Methods, TMH3.Dipak Kumar Bhattacharyya, Research Methodology, EB 4. KN Krishnaswamy, Sivakumar and Mathirajan, Management Research Methodology, Pearson5.Wiilam Zikmund, Business research Methods, Thomson

2nd sem MBA syllabus 1)Research methodology & technical writing 2)Financial management 3)Production & operation management 4)Human Resource management 5)Marketing management 6)Quantitative methods & operation research 7)Legal aspects of business..