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Personal Information

Name Date of birth Gender Current city and state of residence Current occupation Mailing address E-mail address Telephone number Emergency contact name and telephone number Dates and duration of availability Position desired (Volunteer, internship)

Relevant Skills
Native language Additional languages spoken (please indicate level of proficiency) Computer literacy: For each program, indicate your level of ability: A = Advanced P = Proficient B = Basic X = No knowledge

Program MS Word MS Excel MS PowerPoint MS Access SPSS/STATA

Level Program MS Publisher Facebook/Twitter Adobe Photoshop Web publishing and management (Java, HTML, etc.) Atlas Ti


Other: Please describe any other skills you possess that you feel will enable you to make a positive contribution to Apne Aap Women Worldwide.

Institution Degree/Certificate Major/subject area Date of completion

Please describe and explain any previous volunteering or internship experience.

Please provide contact information for two individuals who can serve as references.

Name Title Company Telephone E-mail

Name Title Company Telephone E-mail

What kind of work are you interested in doing? Please see job descriptions on the next page and explain why you are suited to a particular position or positions. How has your previous experience prepared you for this?

How will working at Apne Aap contribute to your personal and professional growth? What are you hoping to gain from working with Apne Aap? Apne Aap operates in Delhi, Kolkata, and Bihar. Please indicate whether you have a preference for one of these locations.

Internship job descriptions

Communications and Advocacy Interns in this department will assist in a variety of tasks relating to publicity of Apne Aaps work and advocacy on behalf of the women and girls we assist. Daily responsibilities may include monitoring Indian and international media for articles relating to sex trafficking and prostitution, editing and layout of the Red Light Despatch, drafting of op/ed pieces in response to developments in the field, managing Apne Aaps Facebook and Twitter accounts, and whatever duties may arise as new projects are undertaken. Operations Operations interns will assist in the daily management of the head office, and may be assigned a variety of tasks. These will be related to developing and managing the organizations human relations systems, assisting with IT needs, coordinating the offices finances, and daily clerical work. Monitoring and Evaluation Interns in this department will assist in new and ongoing research projects. This may include design and development of field surveys, data analysis, and scholarly research on new developments in sex trafficking in India and worldwide. Programs Programs interns may participate in capacity building, staff training, and assisting with project management. They may also assist the head of programs with research analysis, proposals, communication with consultants, coordination of meetings, and providing support to field offices. Field Field internships may be located in Delhi, Kolkata, or Bihar, and very according to the applicants skills and training. Because we do not have adequate support staff to provide translators, field internships are generally limited to those who speak Hindi and/or Bengali. Exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis if the applicant has exceptional skills or can explain how s/he will be able to overcome the language barrier to complete a particular project.

Most interns will be placed at Apne Aaps headquarters in Anand Niketan, New Delhi. Due to office constraints all interns will be required to provide their own laptops for the duration of their internships. Wireless and wired internet is available.

I hereby agree to work as a volunteer or intern at Apne Aap Women Worldwide and to abide by the rules of the organization. If I am accepted as a volunteer or intern, I will read and follow the UNICEF code of conduct with regard to child protection and child rights. I will also read the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and follow their principles in my work. I understand that I may sometimes have to go into red light areas for field work, and that I will be responsible for my own security and safety and will treat all individuals with sensitivity and respect cultural norms as required for this work. I will respect and protect the confidentiality of the women, girls, men, and boys with whom I work on behalf of Apne Aap. At the conclusion of my work with Apne Aap, I will prepare a written report detailing the outcomes of my work and indicating areas in need of continued attention. I will make all outputs of my work available to the Apne Aap staff for use by Apne Aap in any capacity deemed appropriate. Name: Date: