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Mark Dudek

With 80 case studies from Europe, North America and the Pacic Region, this is an essential guide for architects involved in the design of schools and kindergartens. This specialized eld encompassing everchanging educational theories is explained in the context of varying national and regional approaches.



Schools and Kindergartens A Design Manual

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Design and Construction Highlights

EUR 89.90 / GBP 69.90 978-3-7643-7053-4 HC

Futher titles in this series: Research and Technology Buildings

978-3-7643-2174-1 HC EUR 89.90 / GBP 69.00 978-3-7643-2175-8 HC EUR 85.00 / GBP 65.50

Industrial Buildings

Constructing Architecture Glass Construction Manual Floor Plan Manual Building with Steel et al.

Museum Buildings

978-3-7643-6580-6 HC EUR 49.90 / GBP 39.90

Ofce Buildings

978-3-7643-6650-6 HC EUR 49.90 / GBP 39.90

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Ursula Baus, Mike Schlaich With photographs by Wilfried Dechau

The exhaustible variety of distinctive design of footbridges is beautifully illustrated by the selection of around 90 European examples. Essays clearly explain the technical aspects and the aesthetic potential of different structure designs. For those whose curiosity is aroused by the insight given into this type of bridge building, a compilation of 120 more footbridges provide a starting point for further investigation.
EUR 79.90 / GBP 59.90 978-3-7643-8139-4 HC


Glass Construction Manual

Christian Schittich, Gerald Staib, Dieter Balkow, Matthias Schuler, Werner Sobek In cooperation with DETAIL 2nd, revised and expanded ed.

In Detail: Cost-Effective Building Economic constructions and concepts

Christian Schittich (Ed.) In cooperation with DETAIL

Detail Practice: Building with Steel Principles, Details, Examples

Alexander Reichel, et al. In cooperation with DETAIL

In compact and appealing form, the completely revised Glass Construction Manual presents the current state of the art on planning and building with glass, from the history through the technical foundations all the way to the most innovative applications.
EUR 110.00 / GBP 84.90 978-3-7643-8122-6 Hardcover EUR 69.90 / GBP 54.90 978-3-7643-8290-2 Softcover

This volume turns the spotlight on projects otherwise overshadowed by the spectacular and extravagant buildings that ll the specialist journals: unvarnished, unpretentious buildings that, despite tight budgets, are clearly worked out to the last detail. They exemplify how, and by what measures, cost-effective planning and building are possible.
EUR 65.00 / GBP 49.90 978-3-7643-8393-0 HC

A handbook for quick, goal-oriented reading and implementation. Case study projects exemplify common details using large-scale drawings. The fundamentals of planning load-bearing structures provide design and planning help.

EUR 34.90 / GBP 26.90 978-3-7643-8386-2 SC

Futher titles in this series:

each title EUR 110.00 / GBP 84.50

Futher titles in this series:

each title EUR 65.00 / GBP 50.00

Futher titles in this series:

each title EUR 34.90 / GBP 26.90

In Detail: Housing for People of All Ages

978-3-7643-8119-6 HC

Detail Practice: Energy-Efciency Upgrades

978-3-7643-8121-9 SC 978-3-7643-7631-4 SC

In Detail: Building Skins Construction Materials Manual

978-3-7643-7570-6 HC 978-3-7643-7109-8 HC 978-3-7643-7025-1 HC 978-3-7643-6986-6 HC 978-3-7643-6724-4 HC 978-3-7643-7640-6 HC 978-3-7643-7489-1 HC 978-3-7643-7277-4 HC 978-3-7643-7271-2 HC

Detail Practice: Concrete

each title EUR 34.50 / GBP 26.50

In Detail: Semi-Detached and Terraced Houses In Detail: Single Family Houses In Detail: Building Simply In Detail: High-Density Housing
978-3-7643-7113-5 HC each title EUR 44.90 / GBP 34.90

Facade Construction Manual Timber Construction Manual Roof Construction Manual Concrete Construction Manual

Detail Practice: Lighting Design

978-3-7643-7493-8 SC 978-3-7643-7273-6 SC 978-3-7643-7111-1 SC

Detail Practice: Dressed Stone Detail Practice: Building with Large Clay Blocks Detail Practice: Plaster, Render, Paint and Coatings
978-3-7643-7110-4 SC 978-3-7643-7033-6 SC 978-3-7643-7032-9 SC

In Detail: Japan

978-3-7643-6757-2 HC

In Detail: Interior Spaces Masonry Construction Manual

978-3-7643-6543-1 HC EUR 69.90 / GBP 54.90 978-3-7643-6630-3 HC 978-3-7643-1120-9 HC 978-3-7643-0747-9 HC

Detail Practice: Translucent Materials Detail Practice: Timber Construction

In Detail: Building in Existing Fabric In Detail: Solar Architecture

Glass Structures Design and Construction of Self-supporting Skins

Jan Wurm

Floor Plan Manual Housing

Friederike Schneider (Ed.) 3. updated and extended edition

Constructing Architecture Materials Processes Structures A Handbook

Andrea Deplazes (Ed.)

This book is the rst to present a coherent guide to the planning and design of glass supporting frameworks. The focus is on the pressure-resistant, at supporting element as a basic building block for broad supporting structures. The spatial and constructive forms of multifunctional, self-supporting glass envelopes are vividly illustrated and systematically explained.
EUR 69.90 / GBP 54.90 978-3-7643-7608-6 HC

A classic updated and extended: the new edition of the highly successful Floor Plan Manual: Housing.
Softcover EUR 46.64 / GBP 36.00 978-3-7643-7035-0 English/German

This bestselling volume communicates to students and to those setting out on their careers all essential technical and construction basics necessary for the practical realisation of a wide range of designs.
EUR 49.50 / GBP 38.00 978-3-7643-7189-0 Softcover

Now available in French/Italian

EUR 56.78 / GBP 46.90 978-3-7643-8235-3

Winner of the RIBA International Book Award 2006