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Logro: Los estudiantes del nivel bsico comprendern y expreso en textos
narrativos todo lo que es de mi inters, basado en mi entorno familiar, social y
Present simple
Present continuous
Wh questions
Verb to be
General information

Adems, desarrollara las siguientes actividades:


Revisar los temas vistos en clase.

Estudiar el vocabulario de estas pginas del student`s book.
Desarrollar el taller. Anexo.
Preguntarle al profesor sobre las dudas que encuentres en el taller.
Con el docente revisars el taller para aclarar dudas.

Todos los triunfos nacen cuando nos atrevemos a comenzar.

Eugene Ware

Name: _________________________________________ level: _________

1. Complete the sentences. Use the present simple or present

continuous form of the verbs.
My father ____________ (start) work at nine oclock every morning.
Sorry Mike, I cant talk to you now Im busy. I ___________ (do) my
My cousins ______________ usually __________ (not stay) with us in
the summer.
Julia sometimes_____________ (go) to the beach.
My brother ____________ (not use) the computer at the moment.
Be quiet, Amy! we_________ (watch) this programme.
Jane isnt here at the moment. She _________ (do) the shopping.
What ____________ you ____________ (do) after school on Fridays?
____________ Steve and and Matt ___________(play) basketball this
afternoon ?
Can you help me? I _____________(not understand ) this question.

2. Complete the text with the words.

is- Works- shopping- go out- moment- morning-hate- up right- the

Peter and his Sister Sharon usually___________ with their friends on Saturday,
but this__________ theyre busy at home. They are tidying ___________ after
a big party for Sharons birthday. At the ____________ Sharon is doing
___________ washing up in the kitchen and Peter__________cleaning the
bathroom they ___________ housework, so they arent having a lot fun
__________ now. Their parents arent at home. Mrs. Fletcher always
_________ on Saturday mornings and Mr. Fletcher is doing the ___________
at the supermarket.

3. Write the questions. Then write true answers.

Example: you /get / a lot of homework?
Question: Do you get a lot of homework?
Answer: yes, I do
1. Your parents/ help/with your homework?
Question: _______________________________________
Answer: _________________
2. You/ study/ in front of the television?
Question: __________________________________________
Answer: ________________
3. Your English teacher / give you / a lot of tests?
Answer: _______________
4. All your friends / learn English?
Question: _______________________________________________
Answer. _____________
5. Where / you / have lunch?
Question: _______________________________________________
Answer: _____________
6. The school day / finish?
Question: _________________________________________
Answer; _______________
4. Choose the correct answer:
1. Paula cant speak to you now. She _________ to Greg.
A. talks

B. is talking

2. Cathy often ______ on the weekend.

A. works

B. is working

3. Danni____ in her diary every night.

a. Writes

b. is writing

4. Look at Ben! He _____ with Carol.

A. dances

B. is dancing

5. The group is in a restaurant. They _____ lunch.

A Have

B. are having

6. Hes a street performer. He _______ the guitar and sings.

A. Plays
B. is playing.
7. We _______ aerobics classes every Saturday.
A. Have
B. are having
8. Greg _____ up late
A. never gets
B. is never getting.
9. Pedro and Danni _______ hands
A. Dont hold

A. arent holding

5. Choose the best answer

An Australian native


1 the largest living marsupials in the world. They live in Australia

in small groups. They are about two meters tall and 2 about 60-90 kilos .3
have babies and
they carry them in a pouch. They4

two5 front legs and two strong back legs,

a long muscular tail and a small head. They can jump very high. They eat grass,
leaves and short green plants. Kangaroos 6 the only large animals to use
hopping as a means oflocomotion. They live about 4 7 6 years.

1. a. is

b. are

c. be

2. a. weigh

b. weight

c. weighing

3 a. Them

b. They

c. Their

4 a. have

b. had

c. has

5 a. short

b. shorter

c. shortest

6 a. are

b. is

c. being

7 a. to

b. for

c. in

6. Answer the questions

What is your name?

What is your last name?
What is your address?
What is your telephone number?
How old are you?
Who is your best friend?
Where do you live?
When is your birthday?
Where is your father working?
Where do you study?
What do you do after classes?
What do you think about the new principal?
What is your favorite restaurant?

7. Write a composition about your life.


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