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Checklist of Due Dates

Completion Date Section I Application for Job Shadowing Hand in two weeks before you Job Shadow Parent Permission Form Medical Release Form Parent Evaluation of the Career Shadowing Experience Before You Job Shadow Student Worksheet for Contacting Job Shadowing Hosts Section II Job Shadow Interview All forms due no later than the last day of class before 1st Semester Finals begin preferably before Winter break Job Shadow Student Observations Job Shadowing Student Evaluation BHS Student Evaluation of Career Shadowing Job Shadowing Host Evaluation Job Shadow Verification of Attendance Thank You Note to job shadow employer Grade level assignment Student Student Student Student Employer Employer Student Parent Parent Parent Parent Student Student Date Completed Form Location (Section)


Make copies of pertinent paperwork for a personal file

Note: All the forms and assignments listed in Section II are to be completed and placed in a 3ring pocket folder in the order listed above. All requested information is to be placed on each form. All requested information must be written or printed legibly.

The student must request that the Host return the Job Shadowing Host Evaluation and Job Shadow Verification of Attendance forms to the student in a sealed envelope. The envelope is to remain sealed until it is turned in as a part of the 3-Ring Pocket folder. The 3-Ring binder is to be submitted to the Academy Administrative Assistant or your technology instructor. The latest date your Job Shadow Package can be submitted for full credit is the last day of school before 1st Semester Finals begin. Failure to submit your package by the due date will result in a 15% grade reduction. Thereafter; the grade will be reduced by 10% for each additional week the package is late.

The pages in this section are to be completed by a parent or guardian for each Job Shadow Experience. The following three forms need to be completed and mailed to the Academy Administrative Assistant two weeks prior to the student beginning his/her Job Shadow visit: Application for Job Shadowing Parent Permission Form Medical Release Form Bartlett High School Academy 701 Schick Road Bartlett, IL 60103

Application for BHS Academy Job Shadowing

Students name: Amanda Lozada Grade: 10 Name of company: Person to whom the student reports (Host): Gregory Dupre Companys address: Position to be explored: Date of visit: Phone Number ___________________ Work Hours:

Parent Permission Form

Amanda Lozada has my permission to participate in the Job Shadowing

experience. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide transportation to and from the job site or arrange for a trusted adult to provide this transportation. (This individual must be listed on this permission form or the student will not be released to him or her.)

I understand that my child must present proof of a job site visit in order to receive credit and to be excused from school by using the Job Shadow Verification of Attendance form.

I hereby release Bartlett High School and the job sites listed above, from any and all liability.

Print parents name:

Signature of parent:


Daytime phone:

Home phone:

Drivers name:

Drivers phone number:

Medical Release Form

Please complete the information below and have your student give this to their job shadow host for use in the event of an emergency and you cant be reached. Students name: Amanda Lozada Date of birth: 03/18/1996 Doctors name: Dr. Jenny Tan Phone number:

List of medications currently taking and dosage



In the event of an emergency, I authorize medical treatment for my minor child Amanda Lozada .

Parents name (printed): Parent signature: Daytime phone number: Home phone number: Cell phone number:


Student: Amanda Lozada ID#: 100029240

Dear Parents/Guardians: It is important to have your input so that we can continue to make career shadowing opportunities a valuable experience for students. Please take time to fill out this evaluation and give it to your child. He/she will return it to the Bartlett High School Academy Administrative Assistant as part of their Job Shadow Package.
Completed by ________________________________ Relationship _________________________

Please check one:



Does Not Apply

Did you know about your students interest in career shadowing? Did you understand that it was the students responsibility to find transportation for the shadowing visit? Did your student discuss his/her shadowing placement instructions with you? Do you feel that this was a worthwhile experience for your student? Did you know that no class time was to be missed while shadowing? Was any class time missed? Did this concern you? Call me @ _______________about offering an individual shadowing experience or group visit to students in the field of ____________. Note: Please use the back if needed. Please add any comments your child shared with you that you feel are significant.

What portion of this learning experience surpassed your expectations, if any? How can we improve our current advanced job shadow program? Thank you for accepting us as a partner in helping prepare your student for life! NOTE: Please complete and turn in to the Academy Administrative Assistant.


The following pages are to be completed by the student for each job shadow experience. Please return the forms to the Academy Administrative Assistant after each visit (make copies for your records).




Name Date

Before You Job Shadow

Directions: Complete this form before you job shadow. By completing this form you will learn about certain aspects of a job before actually visiting the job site. Companys name: Companys address: Contact person: Date and time of visit:

1. Why have you chosen this job shadowing site? I have chosen this type of career outlook in order to discover physically demanding jobs and what kind of working conditions are out in the real world.

2. What experiences have you had that may relate to this career? (Include hobbies, chores, organizations, or school course work): Simple things like chores and preparation relate to this type of career and can be found in almost any job.

3. Research certain aspects of the job you are going to explore. Also, list resources used to gather information. Please use published documents and current information available. a. definition of the job

resource used:

b. salary range

resource used:


c. education and/or training necessary (check) ______ vocational-technical school ______ special certification ______ bachelors degree ______ doctoral decree ______ apprenticeship ______ associates degree (2-year degree) ______ masters degree other

resource used:

d. outlook for employment (number of projected jobs available in five years and ten years)

resource used:

e. advantages of the job

resource used:

f. disadvantages

4. What do you expect to see during the visit? (i.e., working conditions, various tasks, etc.) During this visit I expect to find many hard working laborers that have to physically work instead of sitting in an office all day long. In this type of career many of the employees are in the low to middle working class and often find jobs in this area to be hard to come by.


Name Date

Student Worksheet for Contacting Job Shadow Hosts

Directions: Use this worksheet to record important information while you are on the phone with the job shadow host. 1. Name of job shadow host: 2. Business address: 3. E-mail address: 4. Directions: 5. Date and time of job shadowing: 6. Hours of shadowing (must be a minimum of four hours): 7. Clothing required (no jeans, no t-shirts): 8. Type of shoes required (no gym shoes, no open-toed shoes): gym shoes preferred 9. Lunch or break arrangements (do you need cash?): lunch break with packed lunch 10. May I take pictures of __no_____host, __no____business, __no___other employees? Gregory Dupre




Name Date

Job Shadowing Interview

Directions: Obtain the answers to the following questions. Try not to be obvious, but rather ask the questions in an appropriate spot during your experience. Remember that your job shadow host will feel nervous, too. Name of job shadow host: Occupation of host/job title: Companys name: Superior Maintenance Gregory Dupre

1. Describe what is made or sold at the business, or what services are provided.

2. Describe the customer/consumer who is served by the business.

3. What is the best education or training your host did for his/her job?

4. Are there good opportunities for young people in this field?

5. What technical skills are necessary to perform this job well and how are they used? _____ Operating office machines _____ Using computers


_____ Operating industrial equipment/machinery

_____ Other


6. Does the job require any of the following skills? If so, how are they being applied? _____ Organization and planning

_____ Interpreting & communicating information

_____ Thinking creatively

_____ Making decisions

_____ Analyzing problems

7. What interpersonal (or people) skills are needed and how are they used? _____ Serving or greeting customers

_____ Participating as a team member

_____ Teaching

_____ Speaking to a large group

_____ Resolving conflict

_____ Supervising employees

8. Are time management skills important?

9. How might this job change in the next 10 years? How will technology affect this occupation?


10. What entry-level positions are available and what type of training and/or education is required?

11. Other?


Name Date

Job Shadow Student Observations

Name of company: 1. Describe the location of the business (city, mall, complex, downtown, etc.).

2. Describe the building.

3. Draw a floor plan (picture) of the business on the back of this page. 4. What about the job environment? (circle response) Where does your job shadow host mainly work? How does your job shadow host work?. What was the general attire worn by other workers? Inside or outside Alone or with others Casual or formal

5. Do the workers wear safety boots, safety glasses, etc.? Are there any special safety precautions which needed to be met?

6. What were the most important and least important tasks for the job you shadowed?


7. Would you consider this job as a future occupation? Explain.




Name Date

Job Shadowing Student Evaluation

Job shadow host: Name of company: Occupation:

1. Were you able to observe a particular occupation that interested you?

2. Did you have enough time to ask questions?

3. Was there enough time to see the complete work site?

4. How did shadowing compare to your research before you shadowed? Explain.

5. How was the shadowing experience helpful to you? Explain.

6. Were you able to assist with any of the work? Explain.

7. Would you recommend this site for other students? Explain.


What did you like best about the shadowing experience?


What did you like least about the shadowing experience?


10. What could have made this experience more beneficial for you?


Student Name: ID# Shadow Date Host Business Career

I hope you had an enjoyable and worthwhile shadowing experience! Return this completed form and your Thank You note to the Academy Administrative Assistant within two days after your visit. If you shadowed during school hours, failure to return this form will be considered an unexcused absence, and the Attendance Office must be notified.


[Your honest feedback will be used in developing your personal portfolio and to assess the advanced job shadow program. Use the back to explain any answers. Thank you!] Agree The shadowing instructions were clear. I felt prepared for a successful shadowing visit. My research about the career was useful. My list of prepared questions was useful. This location/person matched my career interest. The length of my visit was adequate. My host was very helpful. All my career-related questions were answered. This experience helped me learn more about this career. My career choice has been reinforced by this visit. My advanced job shadow experience met my expectations. I would encourage others to visit this site. I knew the name and address for sending a thank you. My thank you letter has been mailed I want to shadow again. When: Career:

Somewhat agree


Does Not Apply

(If different-complete a research form) Please notify me of Career Treks in my area of interest) The part of the visit I liked most was ________________________________________________. I was surprised to learn that _______________________________________________________. I wanted to, but did not learn ______________________________________________________. Suggestions I have to improve this kind of experience: _________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________. My next step in life and career planning is ___________________________________________. NOTE: This must be completed and turned in to the Academy Administrative Assistant after your advanced job shadow.


Sophomores: Create a tri-fold informational flyer about your job site. Be sure to include specific duties, safety issues, skills needed, average salary, education, etc. Then write a five paragraph comparison/contrast paper about this experience and your previous one.


The following pages are to be completed by the employer for each job shadow experience. Please give your job shadow employer the forms and a stamped, addressed envelope so the forms can be returned to you. PLEASE FILL IN YOUR NAME PRIOR TO GIVING THE FORM TO THE JOB SHADOW HOST


Job Shadowing Host Evaluation

Thank you for participating in and assisting with the job shadow experience. Please help us evaluate the experience by responding to the following items. The information will be helpful in improving our program. Job Shadow Host: Student: Please rate your experience. Low Ease in arranging the visit Confirmation by the student Student arrive on time Students attire Students questions Students participation Students behavior YOUR experience 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Average 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Excellent 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Phone Number: Date:

1. What did you enjoy the most about participating in this experience?

2. How could this experience be improved?

3. Would you be willing to participate in this program again? Yes



4. Would you encourage others to host students?




5. Would you, or a representative from your company, be willing to be placed on a list of available career speakers? Contact: Title: Name: Phone:

Please return this evaluation to THE STUDENT


Job Shadow Verification of Attendance

I verify that on


, from


A.M./P.M. to



students name

was present at the following place of business

name of business

as part of the job shadowing experience.

signature and title of host

phone number

complete second verification only if the student visits on an additional day

Job Shadow Verification of Attendance

I verify that on


, from


A.M./P.M. to



students name

was present at the following place of business

name of business

as part of the job shadowing experience.


signature and title of host

phone number


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