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sexto comprendern e interpretaran rdenes sencillas en un contexto determinado, escribirn mensajes cortos y extraern informacin de textos sencillos, con el fin de que ellos expresen sus opiniones sobre su entorno. TOPICS Verb TO BE Vocabulary Personal information. This - that Adems, desarrollara las siguientes actividades: 1. Revisar los temas vistos en clase.
2. Estudiar el vocabulario de las unidades 1, 2, 3 del student book

3. Desarrollar el taller. Anexo. 4. Preguntarle al profesor sobre las dudas que encuentres en el taller. 5. Con el docente revisars el taller para aclarar dudas.

El xito nunca llega solo; hay que trabajar arduamente para conseguirlo.

NAME------------------------------------------------- GRADE-------------- DATE--------------

1. Complete the sentences using verb to BE (am-is-are) 1. My name James. 2. Mary the secretary. 3. John and Lucy at school. 4. I a student. 5. The boys in the garden. 6. He a lawyer. 7. Susie a housewife. 8. She a student. 9. They my friends. 10. You a student.

2. Write the next numbers in letters. 3----------------------------58--------------------------18-------------------------14-------------------------------12------------------------------98-----------------------------23--------------------------60--------------------------100----------------------------

3. Write the nationalities for these countries. Japan-----------------------United Sattes-----------------------


France ----------------------------Spain-------------------------------

4. Write the name of the next classroom objects






5 . Match forget drive wash climb walk talk send drink iron Stara comenzar planchar beber enviar olvidar conversar caminar conducir lavar escalar

6. complete the sentences using verb TO BE ( am-is are) a) I ___ an English student. b) You ___ a good person. c) We ___ singers. d) He ___ a teacher. e) They ___ angry. f) The car ___ black g) Dan ___ happy h) Lissa ___ tall i) The movie ___ funny j) Lissa and Martha ___ nice. 7. Correct the mistakes a) I is at school . b) We am happy. c) It are a toy. d) He arent surprised. e) They is at school. 8. Choose the best option .
1) Sara [ am / is / are ] a teacher. 2) Jan and Sue [ am / is / are ] here. 3) I [ am / is / are ] at home. 4) A cat [ am / is / are ] soft. 5) My cat [ am / is / are ] gray. 6) His cat [ am / is / are ] black. 7) The students [ am / is / are ] sleepy. 8) It [ am / is / are ] warm today. 9) I [ am / is / are ] very busy. 10) Watermelons [ am / is / are ] tasty.


9. Complete the text using verb To be( am- is-are)

Peter Baker from Manchester, but Paul and John from London. Manchester and London cities in England. Hamburg a city in Germany. Sandra at school today. Jack and Peter her friends. They in the same class. Mr and Mrs Baker on a trip to the USA to visit their cousin Anne. She a nice girl. Peter says: "My grandfather in hospital. I at home with my grandmother." What time it? It 8 o'clock. you tired? No, I not.

10. Write the meaning of the next words and expressions. Have a nice day Good morning See you later Bus driver

Fine Good bye England Nice to meet you Soccer player Where are you from?