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HRD Module 5 CEC Evaluation Training Synopsis

1. General Questions (Some might need behavioural observations) a.How many trainees attended the training program? b.Did the training program start on time? c. How was the class participation of trainees & trainees co-ordination with each other? d.Where the trainees had training related enthusiasm or interest? e.What level of management is generally focused in this training program & why? (deciding the cadre, level of management bottom or middle level) f. Did they conduct any pre-training test to know the current level of employee competency? g.How many hours of training program were there? What is the frequency of the training program (i.e., how many times this training is given in a week or month or quarter or year)? 2. Need Assessment a.What is the starting point of this training program? (history needs to be assessed, why this training program was started any incident or competitors approach or market demand) b.In which year the first training program was delivered? c. Are there any changes made in training program since its inception? d.How is this training linked to & supporting team or organizational performance? 3. Objectives of Training Program a.What is the main objective of conducting the training program? b.Is it stated what the trainee must learn or be able to do after the training? 4. Make versus Buy Decision

a.Is the training program purchased from outside or developed in-house? it is purchased from outside: Who is the vendor? Is it designed specifically for the organization? Are the training materials provided by the vendor? Is the trainer or instructor provided by the vendor? Since how many years the vendor is selling such programs? vi. What is the cost to the company in purchasing the program? vii. Does the vendor have credentials, certificates or degrees to sell the programs? viii. What are the training methods used? ix. Does the vendor take any follow-up or evaluations of the programs delivered by him? c. If it is purchased developed in-house: i. Who has designed it people or employees involved in designing the particular program? ii. Is there any train-the-trainer programs conducted? 5. Selecting the Trainer a.Who is the trainer or instructor? How many trainers were there? b.Does he have effective training competency (skills needed to deliver the training program) & subject-matter expertise c. If the training is given through computer-aided techniques, then trainers ability in using the techniques? 6. Lesson Plan (this can be available readymade in form of leaflet) a.What is the content covered? b.How are the activities sequenced? c. Timing & planning for each activity? d.What are the experiential exercises used, if any? 7. Training Method & Media b.If i. ii. iii. iv. v.


Which training method & media is used? (you can refer the different training methods from your textbook)

8. Training Program Announcements a.Where the trainees informed beforehand about the training? Before how much time program announcements were made? b.If any announcement was made, did it specify the purpose of training program, when & where it would be conducted? c. How the employees can qualify to participate in the program? d.How these announcements were made through supervisory channels, bulletin boards, intranets, newsletters or mailed individually to trainees?

Program Outlines a. Were the trainees provided with any training materials exactly before the training? b. If yes, what were the contents of those outlines? c. How the employees can qualify to participate in the program? 10. Training Manuals or Textbooks a.Which types of training materials were used? b.Were there any textbooks, reading materials, exercises or self-tests? c. Were the training materials produced in-house (if yes, by whom) or purchased from outside? 11. Scheduling the HRD Program a.Was the training scheduled during work hours or after or before work hours? Why? b.Was it scheduled on a specific day of the week? And on a specific time of the day? Why? c. Where the trainees served with any refreshments in between the training session? (Behavioural observation) 12. Arranging the physical environment (would require behavioural observation) a.Where was the training conducted inside organizational premises (board room, conference room,

training room) or outside the organization (training centre)? b.Was the training premises free from any distractions such as noise, poor lighting or any physical barriers? c. How was the seating arrangement semicircle, on chairs, classroom form? d.What was the temperature of the room comfortable or too warm or stuffy? e.How was the overall ambience of the training room?

13. Preliminary

Evaluation of HRD Program a.Did the training achieve its objectives? b. What were the trainees reactions after the training program? (requires interviews with few trainees) c. Is any post-training test conducted for evaluating the trainees competency after training? d.Does the trainee use the learned training, in his/her job behaviour? How the HRD department evaluate this? e.Is the training effort in line with organizational goals & strategies? f. Does the training have an effect on overall organizational performance g.What are the methods of data collection used by evaluators to evaluate the training program (interview, questionnaire, direct observation, written tests, simulations/performance tests, past performance data) h.Is any self-report data generated after the training program? i. Are the results or data collected from employees after training kept confidential? j. Are there any feedback sessions for trainees?

14. Cost-benefit Analysis of HRD Program a.Does the organization conduct any cost benefit analysis for the training program? b.What are costs of training program Direct costs, indirect costs, development costs, overhead costs, compensation for participants? (please refer textbook for details)

c. What are the operational result areas which are quantified? (refer textbook for same investment part) d.Calculate ROI for the training program e.If any other method is used by organization for evaluation kindly mention that?