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Exam 847: IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 System Administration Operating Fundamentals
Competency listing for Exam 847: IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 System Administration Operating Fundamentals Exam 848: IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 Building the Infrastructure Exam Type: Multiple Choice Description: Covers IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 material as it relates to these competency areas:

Domino and DB2 Integration Install and Configure Mail Managing and maintain Managing Servers Platform Support Security

Competencies Measured:

Domino and DB2 Integration

Configuring Domino to run a DB2 datastore Enabling a DB2 default user name Installing the DB2 access server Understanding DB2 integration enhancements Understanding Domino and DB2 interaction

Install and Configure

Configuring client provisioning Configuring component update for composite applications Configuring Directory Services Configuring Directory Services\LDAP services Configuring Domino services Configuring Domino Web Access Configuring Ports Configuring Server Fast Restart Configuring User ID Recovery Creating Internet Site Documents Creating Policies Identify the architecture and key components of the Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino environments Implement Sametime for Domino Web Access (DWA) Registration\Certifiers Registration\Domains Registration\Groups Registration\Organizational Units Registration\Organizations Registration\Servers

Registration\Users Understanding Installation Package Options Understanding Server Installation Order (platform independent) Understanding the Certification Log


Creating Domino (Notes) Named Networks Creating Mail Topologies Defining Mail Routing Protocols Defining supported message formats Implementing Mail Services\Domino Web Access (DWA) Implementing Mail Services\IMAP Implementing Mail Services\POP3 Issuing server commands Planning Mail Topologies

Manage and Maintain

Define directory terminology Examine Lotus Domino server functionality Manage files and disk space Monitor server status Performing Basic Administrative Tasks Setting administrative preferences Start Lotus Domino Administrator Understand Support for new LDAP Attributes Understanding the Administration Process Understanding the Domino Administrator UI Utilizing the Domino Administrator client View mail routing status Viewing Person documents and groups Viewing replication events and topology Viewing server configuration documents

Managing servers

Configuring new Domino Domain Monitoring options Configuring Send to IBM feature Configuring Web Administration Bookmarks Implementing new Domino Domain Monitoring probes Understanding Domino Directory enhancements Understanding new Domino server console commands Understanding streaming replication features Upgrading Domino Servers to version 8 Utilizing new Administration Process (Adminp)

features Platform Support

Defining Domino attributes Defining Domino attributes\Certifier Documents Defining Domino attributes\Configuration Documents Defining Domino attributes\Connection Documents Defining Domino attributes\Group Documents Defining Domino attributes\Messaging Defining Domino attributes\Person Documents Defining Domino attributes\Program Documents Defining Domino attributes\Replication Defining Domino attributes\Server Documents Defining Domino attributes\Server Tasks Identify Lotus Domino databases


Configuring Administrator Access rights Configuring the Access Control List (ACL) Configuring the Access Control List (ACL)\Enforce a Consistent Access Control List Configuring the Access Control List (ACL)\Maximum Internet name-and-password Defining Security Fields Managing encryption key lengths Restricting Server Access Understanding changes in database encryption levels Understanding database Access Control Lists Understanding new Java Security standards Understanding Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) Understanding password protection for Notes and Domino id files Understanding public and private keys Understanding the Access Control List (ACL) Utilizing the Access Control List (ACL) log