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Asseveration of true Name & Notice for Date of Nativity [Live birth]

To all parties, including all Heirs Successors, Nominees, Employees, Agents & Assigns take Notice,

I hereby do state and declare that as the real, life force sentient living breathing soul commonly known as Wynona of the family Snipes, AKA Wynona of the family Smith did bare a child on the fifteenth day of March in the year of our Lord and saviour two thousand and eight, and that the real live, life force sentient living breathing soul commonly known as the baby Master: John -William of the family Snipes of which was a name chosen directly by myself and none other, and was chosen as an identifier by me for the purpose of reference only & was hereby born/birthed from my loins and took his first breath on the land mass commonly referred to and known

as Australia, on the geographical location known as Sydney, on the area land mass known as Randwick. Take Notice that if the date of nativity requires a name to represent this date of Nativity and holds no value or is deemed to be untrue or incorrect based on third party evidence of which John may need to acquire in the future, this record may stand as to the only true affirmation of the true date of Nativity. John William Snipes may have no way to attest to the facts stated herein for lack of being a party to an event or record that he wasnt able to attest to as an infant. All registration of Names both in upper and Lower case or in any such altered

arrangement must be expressly verified as to what purpose it may serve the title owner Wynona-jezabel:[Snipes]. All information pertaining to the names John William Snipes and the information pertaining to its use must be at the discretion of the mother and the father with full power of attorney in fact. The name or identifier known as John William Snipes where used at any such time verbally, written or otherwise is not to be used as chattel paper or chattel property unless express consent is given by the guardians or the one holding power of attorney.

Any such recording purposes are solely at the discretion of the one with power of attorney and or guardian with the primary entitlement belonging to John William Snipes. Testimonies to an event of this such nature should be accompanied with an affidavit under full commercial liability by the Real man so stating the truth of said recording. The guardians exercise their full right to choose the name of their son John William Snipes under the common Law right as so attested before God. Any other such recording would contravene scripture & the religious beliefs as so stated in the only Authorized KJV bible of which is held in reverence by both parties as to there religious beliefs and faith held deer to both guardians known as Wynona-Jezabel:

[Snipes] & Wesley: [Snipes]. It is left solely at the discretion of John William Snipes for what ever purposes the name may or may not be used for or is to be used for in the future, for what ever purpose/s be it private or Public and that the parents will not be held liable after such date that John William Snipes is able to contract in any such way or form.

The intellectual property rights of the name John William Snipes are the sole property of Wynona-Jezabel: [Snipes], and John William Snipes is held indemnified of

all liabilities of said name till which time John William Snipes can lawfully contract & copyright the said name (John William Snipes). Any commas or reverse orders of the name spelled correctly here as John William Snipes shall be taken as the intellectual property of another PERSON or CORPORATE LEGAL ENTITY that has no reference to the real living baby known as John William Snipes as referred to in this document. Any PERSON or CORPORATIONS attempting to represent the name John William Snipes should obtain the express written consent from his guardians and such use/s of said names cannot hold John William Snipes liable for any violations that may

arise from such copyright infringement. It is the express intent by the maker of this document that the child, boy or man that may one day be known if he so chooses by the name John William Snipes may express his right to survive from sustenance by his labour and share generously as a creditor from his labour and be free from the bonds of mammon.

I Wynona-Jezabel: [Snipes] The Agent/Living Soul, do hereby authorized Wesley: [Snipes] Full Power of Attorney over my son John William of the family Snipes (the

life force sentient living breathing soul). and all derivatives of said name created by way of recording or registration purposes, and having the exclusive power of attorney, to contract for all business and legal affairs for John William Snipes. The term exclusive shall be construed to mean that while these powers of attorney are in force, only the attorney in fact may obligate for business or matters, for John William [Snipes]. This grant of Exclusive Power is Irrevocable during the lifetime until such time that John William Snipes reaches the mature age of eighteen [18] years and twenty eight days of age from the time of his nativity of which time he will enjoy and be free to contract with all corporations of his own free will. These Unlimited Powers of Attorney with full duty of care to conduct business for include and are

not limited to the following, whether public, private or otherwise items/words/gestures/meanings that may be written, verbal or otherwise: To perform the following; acts, actions, motions, engage, amend, secure, exercise, demand, request, register, to act as, acquire, redress, claim, exchange, buy, sell, trade, purchase, give, amend, accept for value and discharge, set-off, write-off, information, charge, charge-back, retain, create or reject any and all kinds of the following including but not limited to: certificate/s, investment/s, real estate/s, agent/s endorsement/s, trustee/s, principal/s, code/s, fine/s, fee/s, taxes, debts, practice/s, real property, act/s, statue/s, invoice/s, other property, benefit/s, bond/s, cheque/s, interest/s, license/s, deed/s, instrument/s, negotiable instrument/s, promise/s, bills of lading/, bills of any kind, securities, debenture/s, document/s, contract/s, agreement/s, plan/s, memorandum/s, order/s, right/s, duties, notice/s, records, registration/s,

article/s, script/s, execution/s, detail/s, analysis, protection/s, right/s, rites, duties, privilege/s, reference/s, trust/s, permission/s, liberties, withdrawal/s, hearing/s, ruling/s, judgment/s, mention/s, sighting/s, service/s, confirmation/s, deliveries, will/s, docket/s, summaries, acknowledgement/s, copies, caution/s, interview/s, advice/s, lodgment/s, charge/s, form/s, claim/s, passport/s, passbook/s, allotment/s, share/s, stock/s, card/s, draft/s, letter/s, voucher/s, permit/s, key/s, promissory note/s, other types of note/s, account/s, obligation/s, liabilities, application/s, release/s, declaration/s, guarantee/s, deposit/s, withdrawal/s, proclamation/s, affidavit/s, assertation/s, atestation/s, arrangement/s,

mediation/s, state/s, creation/s, production/s, exemption/s, pardon/s, summon/s, invitation/s, administration/s, tender/s, submission/s, possession/s, properties, orientation/s, media/s, medium/s, viewing/s, authorities, power/s, power of attorney, energies, attachment/s, adhesion/s, good/s, communication/s, arbitration/s, value/s, belief/s, association/s, organization/s, ration/s, file/s, number/s, tag/s, pass/es, operation/s, challenge/s, assurance/s, statement/s, receipt/s, policies, pledge/s, advice/s, slip/s, adjustment/s, discharge/s, custodies, transfer/s, liabilities, credits, debits, transmissions, concessions, units, proxy, conversions, issues, warrants, options, swaps, estate/s, issue/s, business/es, loan/s, mortgage/s, title/s, undertaking/s, trust/s and coupon/s for any and all purposes.

With Full Power of Attorney in Fact for:

All bank accounts, bank "safety" deposit boxes and the contents therein, transmitting utilities, credit card accounts, mutual fund accounts, certificates of deposit accounts, checking accounts, savings accounts, retirement plan accounts, stocks, bonds, securities, and benefits from trusts; All vehicles, autos, trucks, four-wheel vehicles, trailers, wagons, motorcycles, bicycles, tricycles, wheeled conveyances and moving Units; All manuscripts, booklets, pamphlets, treatises, treatments, monographs, stories, written material, libraries, plays, screenplays, lyrics, songs, music;

All books and records, all Trademarks, Registered Marks, copyrights, patents, proprietary data and technology, inventions, royalties, good will, all scholastic degrees, diplomas, honors, awards, meritorious citations; All records, diaries, journals, photographs, negatives, transparencies, images, video footage, film footage, drawings, sound records, audio tapes, video tapes, computer production or storage of all kinds whatsoever, All fingerprints, footprints, palm prints, thumbprints, RNA materials, DNA materials, blood and blood fractions, biopsies, surgically removed tissue; bodily parts, organs, hair, teeth, nails, semen, urine, other bodily fluids or matter, voice-print, retinal

image, and the descriptions thereof, and all other corporal identification factors, and said factors physical counterparts, in any form, and all records, record numbers, and information pertaining thereto; All biometrics data, records, information, and processes not elsewhere described, the use thereof; and the use of the information contained therein or pertaining thereto; All Rights to obtain, use, request, or refuse or authorize the administration of, any food, beverage, nourishment, or water, or any substance to be infused or injected into, or affecting the body by any means whatsoever;

All Rights to request, refuse, or authorize the administration of: any drug, any medication, any injectables including but not limited to vaccines, manipulation, material, process, procedure, ray, or wave which alters, or might alter the present or future state of the body, mind, spirit, or will by any means, method, or process whatsoever; All keys, locks, lock combinations, encryption codes or keys, safes, secured places, and security devices, security programs, and any software, machinery, or devices related thereto;

All documents of travel of every kind whatsoever, inter alia, those signifying diplomatic status and immunity as a free, independent, and Sovereign State-in-fact; All claims of ownership or certificates of title to the corporeal and incorporeal hereditaments, hereditary succession and Parents Partrae; All names used and all Corporations Sole executed and filed, or to be executed and filed, under said names, all intellectual property All credit, charge, and debit cards,

and mortgages, notes, applications, card numbers, and associated records and information; All court matters and judgments, past, present, and future, in any court whatsoever, and all bonds, orders, warrants, and other matters attached thereto or derived there from, inter alia, all speaking and writing, signatures and seals; All applications, filings, correspondence, information, identifying marks, image licenses or travel documents, materials, permits, registrations, and records and record numbers held by any entity, for any purpose, however acquired, as well as the analyses and uses thereof, and any use of any information and images

contained therein, regardless of creator, method, location, process, or storage form, inter alia, all processed algorithms analyzing, classifying, comparing, compressing, displaying, identifying, processing, storing, or transmitting said applications, filings, correspondence, information, identifying marks, image licenses or travel documents, materials, permits, registrations, and records and records numbers, and the like; All communications and data, and the methods, devices, and forms of information storage and retrieval, and the products of any such stored information; All tax correspondence, filings, notices, coding, record numbers, and any information contained therein, wherever and however located, and no matter by whom said information was obtained, compiled,

codified, recorded, stored, analyzed, processed, communicated, or utilized; All bank accounts, bonds, certificates of deposit, drafts, futures, insurance policies, investment securities, Individual Retirement Accounts, money market accounts, mutual funds, notes, options, puts, calls, pension plans, savings accounts, stocks, warrants, escrow accounts, lotteries, overpayments, prepayments, prizes, rebates, refunds, returns, Treasury Direct Accounts, claimed and unclaimed funds, and all records and records numbers, correspondence, and information pertaining thereto or derived there from; and including all TRUSTS, `cestui que trust , trsut corpus, [of any kind].

Notice Using a notary on this document does not constitute any adhesion, nor does it alter my status in any manner. The purpose for notary is verification and identification

only and not for entrance into any foreign jurisdiction, a benefit for the Pagans and Heathens so they whom I pray may become knowledgeable in the truth of the Law by our Holy Father in Heaven.

I, Wynona-Jezabel: [Snipes], in my correct private capacity as beneficiary to common law Jurisdiction, being of majority in age, competent to testify, a self realized and free sentient woman upon the land, my yes be yes, my no be no, do state that the truths and facts herein are of first hand personal knowledge, true, correct, complete, not just true and correct, certain and not misleading, so help me Creator.

Executed and sealed by the voluntary act of my own hand, this _______day of ___________________2009 This Date of Nativity is attested to under affirmation before God. This instrument was prepared by:

____________________________________________________ Wynona-Jeazabel: [Snipes], Title Owner/ Agent

Reserving all Rights UCC 1-308 With the Autograph

Witness: ____________________________________________________ Wesley: [Snipes], Agent for WESLEY SNIPES With the Autograph.

Jurat New South Wales Australia ] ] ]


Subscribed and affirmed before me this _______ day for the ___________________ month in the year of our Lord and Savior, Two Thousand and Nine, A.D.

______________________________________ Notary Seal

Address of Notary ________________________ My Notary Expires ________________________