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Rockland Hospital has redefined the healthcare delivery system in India. Its motto Where caring is a way of life", is the guiding principle for the entire Rockland family. Located in Qutab Institutional Area in the close proximity of the lush green Sanjay Van, the Rockland Hospital is run by the Foundation for Applied Research in Cancer (FARC) of which Sri Rajesh Srivastava is the Chairman. Today, Rockland hospital is a multi-specialty hospital, with focus on specialization with perfection. A diligent team of professionals and highly qualified doctors renowned in their respective fields of speciality like Padmashree Prof. (Dr.) P.K. Dave (Orthopaedics) and Prof. (Dr.) M.P. Sharma (Gastroenterology), Dr. KK Pandey (Oncology), are a part of the Rockland family. Special attention has been given to the design and aesthetics of different categories of rooms for the patients. The breath taking view of Sanjay Van and Qutab Minar is a unique sight is unimaginable in a metropolis like Delhi. The ultra modern, technically advanced operation theatres with laminar airflow and pneumatic instruments are well equipped to carry all sorts of sophisticated surgeries. Post-Operative and Intensive-Care beds connected to a centralized gas supply and an advanced monitoring system are supervised by experienced and trained nursing staff. Strategically designed health packages are a noteworthy feature of the hospital services. They have been planned keeping economy and the highest standards of quality under consideration, with an aim to benefit each and every stratum of society. The idea behind starting this hospital was to provide quality services to society at all times. The visionary behind the Rockland Hospital, Sri Rajesh Srivastava relentlessly strives to contribute to the growth and development of society keeping the cultural traditions intact.

The Rockland Hospital has created a niche for itself in a short span of time both within the medical fraternity and patients. The group has started expanding its Healthcare Network with the construction of a multi speciality Hospital at Manesar. The five acre site is situated at the prime location at IMT Manesar and is right on the NH 8. It will cater to the huge workforce at the IMT Manesar. The site is also near to the proposed Reliance SEZ and KMP Highway. Two more Hospitals are being initiated one at Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh for which 5 acres of land is already acquired and the second one at Dwarka sub city in Delhi.

VISION AND PHILOSOPHY To use multidisciplinary approach with ethical practices by a team of highly responsive, caring and efficient professionals with a constant focus on excellence in delivering medical services in patient care, continuing medical education, scientific knowledge and deliver benchmarked quality medical care.

Rockland Philosophy Every Organisation, Every Society, Every Nation, Every Group Strives For Success And Recognition. Each Individual Member of the Group Endeavours to Be Held In Universal Respect and Esteem; To Gain Prosperity, Wealth, Personal Fulfilment and Dignity. The Rockland Logo

Blue: symbolises security and trust Red: epitomises energy and dynamism The Rockland logo symbolises our commitment to provide world-class services while maintaining the highest standards of excellence. The logo is dynamic and poly-symbolically imbued with emotive and conceptual values such as life and hope.

The arrow circling round to the point of origin is a symbol of continuity and integrity, as well as a personalised and holistic approach to individual care.

Rockland Hospital which is run under the aegis of FARC, is governed by a trust established in 1986. The trust is a subsidiary of the SB Group, and consists of the following members:

Shri Rajesh Srivastava Chairman

The Chairman of the Group. A visionary entrepreneur starting from scratch has developed and sustained a continuously improving organization worth Rs.200 crore. He is peoples person and believes in team effort.

Shri Rishi Srivastava Member Trustee The leader holding the business development, along with P/R and promotion .Highly acclaimed for his creativity and innovations in all his activities.

Shri Prabhat Srivastava Member Trustee The business leader responsible for financial management has an eagle eyes as the minutes of financial details, and matching up to the bigger picture of the business.

Ms. Sushmita Srivastava Member Trustee

Ms. Mala Srivastava Member Trustee

The best in class specialities and services provided by Rockland Hospital are listed as: Oncology Orthopaedics Gastroenterology Paediatrics Obstetrics & Gynaecology Nephrology Plastic surgery Dental and maxillofacial surgery Internal medicine Cardiology Diagnostics General surgery Neurology Non-Invasive Cardiology Pulmonology Urology Physiotherapy Psychiatry And a lot more.......



Rockland Hospital was a great place for me (Pranav Kaistha) to sharpen my theoretical and practical skills. I had an amountable exposure to electromechanical instruments of departments like Physiotherapy, Dialysis, Ophthalmology, Intensive Care, Pathology, Radiology, etc. During my first few days of training I was toured by Er.Vishal Garg (Biomedical Engineer) to various departments and arranged introductory classes from the same. Post this introduction we conducted daily tours to enquire about any working issues or faults with instruments. This was also utilized for opportunities to develop insight into these machines to anticipate problems and provide preventive services to avoid breakdown. The daily rounds were also useful to identify normality in working of the instruments. Rockland Hospital has also been very generous in providing me with freedom to take my time and skills to test by providing with initial assessment and quick- fix or early management of situations. Also Mr. Sarvesh Kumar (H.O.D. Maintenance) gave me a very secure and free mental environment to guide through technical and administrative complexities functional in Rockland Hospital. At times I was entirely responsible for the workings of department, initial repairing of machines and decision of initial planning and management of faults with instruments under the guidance of Mr. Arun Kumar Mishra (Biomedical Technician).

I convey my heartfelt gratitude to Shri O.P. Bhalla the Director-Principal of MRIU for the encouragement and unstinted support given by him. I would like to convey heartiest thanks to the Chairman of Rockland Hospital for providing such an intensive and extensive training. I acknowledge continuous guidance and incessant support rendered by Mr. Sarvesh Kumar Head of the Department of Bio-Medical & Maintenance in my overall career development. Without the help, guidance and support of Mr. Vishal Garg (Bio-Medical engineer) under whose supervision I had the opportunity of working, it would have been absolutely impossible for me to complete the training. His contribution is profusely acknowledged. Moral, intellectual and very frequently required support by Mr. Arun Kumar (Bio-Medical Technician) is also hereby acknowledged. Lastly I would also like to thank each and every person who contributed directly or indirectly for completion of this training.
Pranav Kaistha


Advise and assist in the application of instrumentation in clinical environments. Conduct research, along with life scientists, chemists, and medical scientists, on the engineering aspects of the biological systems of humans and animals. Design and develop medical diagnostic and clinical instrumentation, equipment, and procedures, utilizing the principles of engineering and bio-behavioural sciences. Develop models or computer simulations of human bio-behavioural systems in order to obtain data for measuring or controlling life processes. Evaluate the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of biomedical equipment. Install, adjust, maintain, and/or repair biomedical equipment. Research new materials to be used for products such as implanted artificial organs. Adapt or design computer hardware or software for medical science uses. Advise hospital administrators on the planning, acquisition, and use of medical equipment. Analyze new medical procedures in order to forecast likely outcomes. Design and deliver technology to assist people with disabilities. Develop new applications for energy sources, such as using nuclear power for biomedical implants. Diagnose and interpret bioelectric data, using signal processing techniques. Teach biomedical engineering, or disseminate knowledge about field through writing or consulting.

Departments visited in the hospital during training conduct: Various departments equipped with numerous Bio-Medical machineries with high end technology were taken care of. Also the equipments were provided with Preventive Maintenance and Repair regularly in the following departments: Pathology Lab CT Scan X-Ray Ultrasound ECG / TMT / ECHO / PFT Ophthalmology Physiotherapy MICU, KTU, SICU NICU Operation Theatre Labour Room Endoscopy General wards Dental & Facio-Maxillary Dialysis Emergency / Day Care Unit



Training undergone at: Rockland Hospital B-33, 34, Qutab Institutional Area New Delhi-110016 Website: www.rocklandhospital.net

Prepared by: Pranav Kaistha Bio-Medical 5th SEM Roll No. 286015 CITM


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