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with the feelings of a woman after her relationship ends, pain and anger at her lover's betrayal and the desire for revenge. STUDENTS LEVEL: Second Year of ESO. PURPOSE Songs can be a useful tool to teach English to our students. Songs can be a challenge for students because they are often faster than an instructors speech however they can also be enjoyable and serve to reinforce certain aspects of English. Often songs can be used to practice particular grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation points. Certain songs can be used to lead into discussions, to start on a debate. One of the great things about some of the more lyrical songs is that they involve the student to think about what is really going on, based on not just the words but also the feelings, emotions and other variables. CONTEXTUALISATION The school is located in the east of the downtown of Lucena. The school has got Compulsory Secondary Education: from 1st Year of ESO to 4th Year of ESO. The school shares the building with the School of Languages of Lucena and they teach different levels of English and French there. The school has plenty of resources and facilities, available to all students. The facilities include: a caf, a playground, a covered sports area, an assembly hall, laptops and computers, digital boards. An extensive use is made of the Internet in classes.

Students have got computers in the classes, laptops and digital boards. Students live quite near the high school. In general terms students belong from low to middle class families. The students, in general do not give much importance to studies, they are more interested in joining the job market as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the present situation in the town is quite different from that of previous years, the furniture companies existing in a flourishing town had to close down with the crisis, and there is a high rate of unemployment. Therefore students abandon the education system and they are not able to find jobs either. Parents represented by the Parents Association, show little interest in the education of their children. This school year 2011-2012 there are two levels in the bilingual program, with whom we are taking part in Cantalenguas Contest. Bilingual students show high interest and enthusiasm towards studies and high motivation towards the English language too. They are willing to participate in all the suggested activities and they work well in groups. BASIC COMPETENCES

Linguistic competence The subject contributes in an obvious way to the development of

competence to communicate in a foreign language. Communicative classroom activities, biography of a singer.

Digital and information processing competence - students will look for their favourite
singer to write his/her biography.

Social and civic competence reflect on love relationships, feelings. Cultural and artistic competence importance of music in our culture. Competence and attitudes to continue learning in an autonomous way students are
encouraged to establish their own resources for the study of the subject: vocabulary and grammar book, favourite websites, .... OBJECTIVES To write a biography about a singer. To revise past forms. To distinguish the different categories of words: verb, noun, adverb, adjectives To acknowledge the importance of songs to learn and extend English vocabulary. Learn words and expressions connected to feelings. Reflect about love and lack of love and the different feelings: betrayal, anger, revenge, jealousy..

Discuss in class about relationships.


BLOCK 1. LISTENING, SPEAKING AND CONVERSATION Listening to the song, listening

and completing different parts of the song, talking to your partner about the song, giving opinions about love relationships, conversing end of love. BLOCK 2. READING AND WRITING. Finding synonyms , reading about Adeles biography, completing a crossword, doing a quiz about love


Using past simple to talk about actions in the past, recognizing different categories of words, finding synonyms.


Singing a song, getting information about a British singer, discussing about love relationships, talking about emotions and feelings. METHODOLOGY In our planning we will follow an eclectic methodology but predominantly we will use a communicative approach in which the four skills will be integrated. This approach enables us to include activities where learners communicate and where tasks are completed by means of interaction with other learners. It will be an open, flexible and integrated methodology. The foreign language will be used as the main vehicle for communication in order to stimulate real life situations. Students will be encouraged to talk in English from the very beginning first using classroom language and then getting engaged in the different communicative activities presented such as discussions, role playsWe will favour cooperative learning based on the negotiation of meanings with others, and teamwork promoting creativity and dynamism. The

four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) will be presented and worked in an
integrated way, trying to emulate real communicative processes.

TASKS The unit will be divided into 4 sessions. The first session students will read Adeles biography and will search over

the internet, information about their favourite singer or music band to write a biography. During the second task students will be working with the song, discussing about love relationships and filling a quiz about love relations where they will learn extra vocabulary (http://www.bbc.co.uk/apps/ifl/worldservice/quiznet/quizengine?ContentType=text/html;quiz=1121_love_relati

The third session students will actually listen to the song and complete the different activities connected to it. The fourth and final session will consist of discussing about relationships, learn idioms about relationships with people, matching game with relationship idioms, feelings and emotions crossword and a reading about love problems. MATERIALS AND RESOURCES Digital Board, Internet, laptops and computers, worksheets. ASSESSMENT Initial warming up activities. Formative interest in the activities proposed and participation in the class, homework activities, computer activities. Interest and motivation in all the activities. Singing and remembering the song paying special attention to the pronunciation of sentences in another language, writing a biography about a singer, class discussion.

About the singer. Adeles Biography

Adeles full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (born 5 May 1988), better known simply as Adele, is an English recording artist and songwriter. First, she shot to fame in 2008 when her debut single Chasing Pavements. Then, in 2011 her single Rolling in the Deep topped the US charts for seven weeks whilst Someone Like You went to number one in the UK. After that, both singles came from the album 21 which topped charts from New Zealand to Norway selling millions of copies worldwide. Next, the album was well received critically and surpassed the success of her debut. 21 helped Adele earn six Grammy Awards in 2012 including Album of the Year, equalling the record for most Grammy Awards won by a female artist in one night. Finally, the album helped her receive numerous other awards, including two Brit Awards and three American Music Awards.
Answer the questions.

What is her full name? When was she born? When did she become famous? What is the albums name including the song Rolling in The Deep? Which single went to number one in the UK? How many Grammy awards did she get with with 21? Which other awards did she obtain? Choose your favourite singer and write her/his biography.


1. What kind of emotion best describes the song? a. Happiness b. Pain c. Jealousy 2. What does the girl in the song want to do? a. Revenge b. Forgive the man c. Talk to him and get back together

a. What would you do if you were betrayed by someone you love? b. Is revenge useful? What are other better things to heal your broken heart?

Listen to the song and cross out the words you hear. There are two words which arent in the song. Fire finally crystal every underestimate hurt scars- love almost breathless cut breath baby despair shared soul blessings sorrow
Put the words in the table. soul blessings sorrow starting rolling ahead remind reaching feeling crystal underestimate scars leave sow verb noun adjective adverb

Listen to the lyrics and fill in the space with the words from the column There's a fire ______in my heart ______ a fever pitch and it's bring me out the dark Finally I can see you______ clear Go______ and sell me out and I'll lay your ship bare Choose the correct option See how I leave/live with every piece of you Dont underestimate the things/thinks that I will Theres a fire starting in my heart Reaching a fever pitch, And its bringing me out the dark.
Correct the mistakes The stars of your love remind me of us They keep me telling that we almost had it all The stars of your love they make me breathless I cant help thinking Chorus: Fill in the gaps We could have had it ______ Rolling in the ________ You had my _________ inside of your hand And you _________ it to the beat


Put the sentences in order

( ( ( ( )Baby, I have no story to be told )Think of me in the depths of your despair )Making a home down there as mine sure won't be shared )But I've heard one of you and I'm gonna make your headburn

The scars Chorus Fill in the gaps Throw your soul through every open ________ Count your blessings to find what you _______ ______ Turned my ________ into treasured gold You ________ me back in kind and reap just what you sow Find in the song a word or a phrase meaning the following. 1) Very easy to understand. ______________________ 2) To fail to understand how strong, skilful, intelligent or determined someone, especially a competitor is. ___________ 3) A state of very strong emotion. _______________________ 4) (A cause of) a feeling of great sadness. __________________ 5) To do something unpleasant to someone because they have done something unpleasant to you. ______________________ 6) To be grateful for the good things in your life, often to stop yourself becoming too unhappy about the bad things. ______________________ 7) Everything that happens to you is a result of your own actions ____________________

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Questions for discussion Who is she addressing to in the song? Is she heartbroken? Why? Is she annoyed? Why? Does she want revenge? What do these mean? We could have had it all? Played it to the beat