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A Libertarian Believes: Money is not about the material things but about the power to negotiate the transfer

r of material property between people Private property is very important and ownership of the real world is transient and traded based on relative status/power in the market Individual liberty is premier; final choice to agree to be interdependent with others lies in each individuals free choice. The privilege to vote and choose authoritarian plans needs to be fundamentally agreed upon by untied members of an organization The best way to provide polling/voting/suffrage in an company of able-people is to establish a mutually agreed upon constitutional republic which is the extent of the organizations public policy The unchanging universal term length in the republic determines how libertarian or authoritarian the republic is and forces poor coordinating leaders to seek reelection with better plans prepared. Libertarians believe the term length should NOT be 0 years nor should it be infinite years but rather it should be shorter than a lifetime and longer than a month. There are no enforceable distinctions between political liberty, freedom of religion, and the world of material things; an individuals choice to labor with material things as they choose to that are salable to others inherently ties capital markets and political republics together. The republic government is where the supreme power resides rather than in a private bank. The money defined in the republics constitution is the only money worthy of faith in the organization. A Libertarian Knows: The the purpose of money is to track the exchange of property amongst fellows or people of equal ranking. Property should never be confiscate, but agreeable traded among fellows. Money should never be debased by secret money creation that reduced political negotiating power in the marketplace. The person with the most property can get the most money in exchange for the property and then can buy other property of the same value in terms of that money. Property and money are separate; an exchange is made only after negotiations and when a deal is reached. When people are interdependent they agree to share the real world by using republic money also known as fractional votes to trade property. This tends towards the equal sharing of material property while maintaining a system of private right to property. Only when people agree to share the real world equally can they afford to buy the property that they work on prior to working on it. Otherwise, they do not own the property that they work on and they are slaves under socialism. know that they should be rewarded for their work and that they cannot capitalistically do this unless they own the material property that they are working on.