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Walter Russell Cosmogony - A New Cosmology Of The Un Totality

Dr Walter Russell (1871 - 1963).

Reference is made herein to the term 'Cosmogony' in relation to Walter Russel's Science & Philosophy as espoused in his written works and lectures. We have sourced this term from writings about Dr Russell's works published by the Universe of Science and Philosophy (formerly the Walter Russell Foundation). The term is not to be confused with the limited study

area of cosmology known as 'Cosmogony', defined in Wikipedia and other dictionaries as any theory concerning the coming into existence or origin of the universe, or about how reality came to be. Walter Russell did not believe in a Universe limited by the bounds of space-time, as in popular science theories of creation that proliferate so-called areas of theoretical, cosmological and mathematical physics, such as the Big Bang Theory, the Expanding Universe, Black Holes, and Dark Matter. His works and philosophies deal with:

the eternal concentrative creation and radiative expansion cycles of spiraling vortex motion & rhythmic balanced interchange of energies that give rise to the existence and ordered (yet sometimes perceptually chaotic) functioning, as we perceive it, of the Universe and everything in it, a higher order of governance - many may refer to as cosmic mind, universal consciousness, or the unified field - but which Russell refers to as GOD, being the CAUSE of everything and the GOVERNANCE for how everything changes and interacts with everything else, from quantum to cosmic realms of the Universe and beyond - the seen and the unseen, the perceived and the un-perceived.

In researching Walter Russell's works, we have encountered several valuable sources of information that have added to our understanding of his works. In particular, we wish to acknowledge the research and original insights of Robert Arnett Otey - whose Vortex video appears on this webpage; Dale Pond - who we refer to elsewhere on this website and who developed the theory of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, extending the works of Walter Russell and John Worrell Keely; and the Universe of Science & Philosophy - the official website for all written, spoken and derived works of both Walter & Lao Russell. Where the term 'Cosmogony' is used on this website, we have coupled it with the expression 'A New Cosmology of the Universe - In Its Totality' to more aptly describe Dr Russell's works which encompass his theories and philosophies of the workings and underlying principles of the Universe - in its totality. It is now clearer than ever that Nikola Tesla was correct when he wrote back to Walter Russell in 1927 after receiving and reviewing a copy of his first major treatise on Universal Cosmology, "The Universal One," urging him to bury this work in a sepulchre for a thousand years, for it would take humanity that long to develop sufficient awareness to even begin to comprehend Russell's theories and philosophies of the Universe. Thank you to Robert Arnett Otey for his valued assistance in helping us make the important clarification on 'Walter Russell's Cosmogony - A New Cosmology Of The Universe - In Its Totality'. This has allowed us to better highlight the true context and significance of Walter Russell's timeless landmark scientific and philosophical works.

Dr Walter Russell
We have only recently started studying the immortal works of Walter Russell (1871-1963) after a lifetime of business and science "done the old way". There is nothing more profoundly truthful and eye-opening in the world of science and philosophy than the Cosmogony of Walter Russell -

A New Cosmology Of The Universe - In Its Totality. Magnificent though it is, Walter Russell's ground-breaking scientific knowledge is not widely known, principally due to the lack of desire by the scientific community, past and present, to accept his works for what they are - A TRUE SCIENCE AND PHILOSOPHY OF OUR UNIVERSE, DERIVED THROUGH COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. It is up to those who read this message and the works of Walter Russell to make up their own minds on this matter and, if you so choose, make your friends and colleagues aware of his truly magnificent science in the hope that this, in some small way, may assist consciousness on the planet to ultimately awaken to a true scientific understanding of the Universe and the cause of all things, for the benefit of humanity and our evolving civilization. It is now abundantly clear that mainstream science concerns itself ONLY with studying the EFFECTS of Causes using just the five senses that we humans possess. Mainstream science has become overly complex, unrealistically mathematical and highly compartmentalised, virtually every sub-category being treated as a closed system unto itself with its own set of laws, theories, hypotheses and emphirical bases, and it refuses to admit the existence of higher, hidden, workings that cause the effects we observe, causes which our limited senses simply do not perceive. Because of this and a fundamental error of eliminating the "Creator" from the study of all things in the Universe, virtually all mainstream science theories and laws, which are based on incomplete emphirical data and illogical assumptions, are fundamentally flawed and therefore invalid. Walter Russell's basic premise is that there is only one true science for all things, the Cause of all things is a simple concept to understand, and once we comprehend what that IS, then and only then can we start to comprehend the truth of how and why things in our Universe work the way they do. According to Walter Russell:

"The whole Universe is manifested through One Force divided into pulsations so that it appears to be two opposing forces that continually cycle in rhythmic balanced interchange to seek out balance and unity, but this is never the end result for if it were there would be no motion, and no life, and no Universe." "Electricity and Gravitation are one and the same force as so are Magnetism and Radiation the opposing force, both evident in every effect of motion in which they move in opposite directions against a resistance set up by each against the other, thus creating a 'plus' equilibrium condition of increasing pressure gradient and smaller volume that we know of as 'matter' and a 'minus' equilibrium condition of decreasing pressure gradient and larger volume that we know of as the 'space' surrounding matter - the positive, contracting, generative, electro-gravitative force being in the centripetal direction of closing harmonic spiral vortices in which all attributes are endothermic, and the negative, expanding, degenerative, magneto-ratiative force being in the centrifugal direction of opening harmonic spiral vortices in which all attributes are exothermic." "All direction is curved. All motion is spiral and cyclical. Resistance to motion is the cause of

curvature of space. Every mass in Nature is doubly charged. Each individual or cell being generally just preponderantly male or female." If you can comprehend Walter Russell's Science and Philosophy, you can change to a new mindset and scientific framework based on True Knowledge of CAUSE and EFFECT and know that what holds true in the cosmological realm also holds true in sub-atomic realm and indeed every other realm of reality including the physical and the non-physical. You may then consciously discard the erroneous teachings found in mainstream Quantum Physics, Particle Physics, Newtonian Mechanics, Einsteinian Relativity, Cosmology, and current scientific concepts of Gravitation, Energy, and the Structure and Properties of Light and Matter. You will know that the Universe did not start with a 'big bang' but has existed forever and is in a continuous state of creation - birth and rebirth. And yes, the Universe is expanding but will not die a 'heat death' for it forever undergoes balanced rhythmic cycles of expansion and compression, as does every other thing of creation. Atoms are not structured the way modern science says they are. There is no need for twenty or more sub-atomic particles in science which in reality are merely figments of scientific imagination. The second law of thermodynamics that science uses to postulate that the Universe will ultimately self-destruct is invalid, firstly because the law is simply not applied properly in the context of energy transfers, and secondly, because the Universe and all things in it are open systems - not closed ones, all in continual cycles of evolutionary generative and degenerative motion, birth and rebirth, forever. And you will ultimately understand how consciousness and spirituality have a fundamental place in the "Interdimensional Science" of the Universe, since everything that exists emanates from thought. "The Universal One" book by Walter Russell was his first major treatise on Natural Science written in 1927. This book took six years to write and was not well-accepted by the scientific establishment of the time, clearly since it rocked the scientific boat and conflicted withthe views and established theories of many eminent scientists of that era and before, including Albert Einstein - who Walter felt had made grave errors in interpreting gravitation not as a force of Nature but as a property of space-time. His new scientific philosophies, embodied in The Universal One treatise required for their broad-based acceptance not only the upheaval of many existing scientific theories, but also matters such as the nature of God. Once, when asked how he acquired his scientific knowledge, he answered: "...I always looked for the Cause behind things and didn't fritter away my time analyzing Effect. All knowledge exists as Cause. It is simple. It is limited to Light of Mind and the electric wave of motion which records God's thinking in matter." In 1974, in the preface to the revised version of The Universal One, Lao Russell asserted that "... Dr Russell's thought and awareness matured in expression and he clarified and rectified errors he felt that he had committed in his earlier writings." Walter Russell's contention is and remains that gravitation is force, or rather one half of the One Universal Force. Gravitation is the cause of motion in one direction, and radiation, the other half of the One Universal Force, is the cause of motion in the other direction. He contends that the attractive power of gravitation and the repulsive power of radiation are non-dimensional in that they require no time to act nor are they measurable in any other dimension for they are primary cause.

Even the great Nikola Tesla pointed out at the time that it would take humanity a thousand years to comprehend and come to accept the immortal scientific knowledge and philosophies which Walter Russell had produced. Walter Russell therefore consoled himself to the lifelong task of rewriting "The Universal One" treatise and teaching his new knowledge to the world in more digestible portions. During the ensuing 36 years of his life through to 1963, he produced many magnificent publications that incorporated further original knowledge and, in their course, corrected errors that had crept into his original work, "The Universal One". A listing of several of Walter Russell's prominent works (and those of his wife, Lao Russell) is provided below. You can purchase these and other works from the "University of Science and Philosophy" which is the official source of all publications of Walter and Lao Russell. Initially known as "The Walter Russel Foundation", the University of Science and Philosophy was created by the Russell's to disseminate their Science and Philosophy of the Universe to the world. The University of Science And Philosophy Website is available for your convenience at the bottom of this webpage. Please enjoy! In our new "Interdimensional Science for Humanity", Walter Russell's Cosmogony - A New Cosmology Of The Universe - In Its Totality, represents one of the four primary sources of knowledge, listed below, that we have drawn upon for inspiration, guidance and direction:

Walter Russell is the author of "The Universal One", "The Genero-Radiative Concept", "The Secret of Light", "A New Concept Of The Universe" and "A Complete Home Study Course on Universal Law, Natural Science and Living Philosophy" ... These Works are amongst the most enlightening, immortal, scientific knowledge and philosophy ever given to humanity, from a higher intelligence, for the future benefit of all humankind. Dr Milo Wolff is an extraordinarily creative and intuitive 20th & early 21st Century physicist, pioneer and inventor of the Spherical Standing Wave Structure of Matter. He views the workings of Nature as simple, only scientific theories of how it works are complex, and most scientists do not seek to understand ... their personal satisfaction comes from memorising and following rules that resemble the practice of religion ... old physics is like a set of rules that are obeyed, like religion, without concern for their origin. Aaity Olson is the author of "Alchemy Manual For This Millennium" ... a wonderful two-volume ebook containing scientific knowledge that was channelled to her over the past 50 years from the "StarPeople". Her work reinforces many of the concepts pioneered by Walter Russell and is supported by outstanding and informative graphical illustrations and artwork. Carla Rueckert is co-author of the "Law of One" series of books (also known as "The RA Material"), channelled in the 1980s by higher beings within our galaxy in the midsixth density. This material provides eye-opening insights of the highest integrity into humanity's extraterrestrial heritage, our current challenges in third density, and things we need to know to help us along our evolutionary path to fourth density and beyond. In my view, The RA Material represents one of the most significant sources of true scientific and metaphysical knowledge ever channelled to this planet.

Warmest Regards,



The Universal One (1927) The Universal One (1927) is Walter Russell's first expression of his new Science and Philosophy (collectively - The Russell Cosmogony -A New Cosmology Of The Universe - In Its Totality) explaining the Mind-centered electromagnetic Universe. The Universal One reveals the possibility of transmutation of the elements. This is a Universe of Mind, limited as to Cause, and to the Effect of Cause. More than one thousand editions of this treatise were sent to the top experts of research and science. Most never responded, and only a few, including Fritz Berger and Nikola Tesla, took the content seriously. It is said that Nikola Tesla told Walter Russell to hide his Cosmogony from the world for a thousand years. Russell later revised the content of The Universal One in The Secret of Light (1947) and A New Concept of the Universe (1953), and A Complete Home Study Course on Universal Law, Natural Science and Living Philosophy (1950). The Secret Of Light (1947) Twenty years after writing The Universal One, Walter Russell re-presented significant parts of the Russell Universal Cosmology in a simplified manner with more conventional scientific wording, The Secret of Light (1947). This book presents a Universe in which Creator and Creation are proven to be a seamless, unified Whole, and in which the dualism of "Mind and Matter" disappears. The Secret of Light illuminates the many questions regarding the nature of "Science and Consciousness." In revealing what he terms "Natural Science", Russell presents a two-way, magnetic-electric thought-wave Universe, cyclic in nature and eternally "creating," in contrast with the "created, expanding, entropic universe" of conventional science. Russell's philosophy of the invisible world of Cause (the nature of consciousness, knowing, thinking, sensing, inspiration, intuition, energy, and the creative process) and the visible world of Effect (the nature of light, the wave structure of universal creation, the creation of the elements that make up our visible world, and the cycle nature of life and death) are shown to represent a unified continuum. The Message of The Divine Iliad (1948-1949) During his 39 day and night period of Illumination in 1921, Walter Russell jotted down some 40.000 words that express what he learned while he experienced the Light of Cosmic Consciousness. These pivotal texts, that were published bit by bit and are referred to in almost all of his works, have been compiled in this comprehensive two-volume edition, including explanatory talks as well as a questions and answers section. The leather-bound edition of The Message of the Divine Iliad includes the "Books" from Volumes I and II, Walter Russell's inspired, poetically expressed spiritual philosophy: The Book of Desire; The Book of Rest; Who Am I?; Cosmic Messengers; Salutation to the Day; Invocation for the Night; The Book of Love; The Book of Beauty; and The Book of Healing. Bound in maroon leather with gold lettering. The Complete Home Study Course (1950) The Complete Home Study Course was written to extend knowledge embodied in The Russell

Cosmogony of Science and Consciousness (A New Cosmology Of The Universe - In Its Totality), for use by ordinary people in daily living, self-emporwement, and spiritual development. It presents Universal Law, Natural Science, and Living Philosophy as an integral unified Whole, the knowledge and understanding of which lead to personal empowerment in the co-creation of ones own life and destiny. The current release of this Course (known as A Course in Cosmic Consciousness) is Version 4. However if you are a science buff, you might be interested in securing a copy of the previous Version 3 which contains more extensive material on Walter Russell's Science. This third version is advertised on the following site (Click Here). A New Concept of the Universe (1953) This book contains a revised version of key parts of the original Science and Philosophy from The Universal One treatise. The Russell Cosmogony (A New Cosmology Of The Universe - In Its Totality) with its new concepts of light, matter, energy, electricity and magnetism is a simple yet complete, consistent and workable cosmogony that enables scientists to visualize the Universe as a unified whole, and, it is hoped, will ultimately open the door to the new age of Transmutation. Atomic Suicide? (1957) If we knew the WHY and WHAT of radioactivity we would not dare to use it. "Atomic Suicide?" explains that WHY and WHAT. The truth about whether radioactivity can or can not be used as the next world fuel stands or falls upon one issue alone: can science protect organic life from extinction? The facts about radioactive death elements are clearly spelled out in this highly informative volume. "Atomic Suicide?", while explaining the nature of radioactive elements, provides an excellent source of information about Russell concepts of the nature of the universe, including a philosophic discussion of the unity of science and consciousness. Part I: What is Atomic Energy?; How Radioactivity Kills; The World Voice. Part II: The True Nature of This Mind and Motion Universe; Prelude - The Transformation of Man; We Define God; The True Nature of Electricity and Gravitation; Our Eternal Universe; The Oneness of Gravity and Magnetism; The Mind Nucleus of the Atom; The Material Nucleus of the Atom. Part III: The Bridge Between Man and God; Nonconformity of the Lee-Yang Theory. In The Wave Lies The Secret Of Creation (1994) Dr Timothy Binder was, at the time, President of the University of Science and Philosophy. This series of full-color science paintings and black-and-white charts by Dr Binder visually expresses the essence of Russell's whole-cycle, generative-radiative, negentropic-entropic, rhythmicbalanced-interchanging vision of universal process. Russell's paintings will fascinate and intrigue scientist, lay-person, and artist alike. They are symbolic, visual statements of how the Cosmic drama of creation is played.

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