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Sea park ayurvedic beach resort (a unit of veda dreams tours pvt. ltd) is located 17 km.

south to international airport trivandrum, just 4 km. south kovalam in nellikunnu beach. Seapark is nestled admist a lush coconut grave with its own private beach & with a scheduled view towards the ocean. FACT FILE Nature of Business Year of Establishment Number of Employee Turnover Ownership Type Major Markets

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Service Provider 1980 51 to 100 People US$ 0.25-1 Million (or Rs. 1-4 Crore Approx.) : Partnership : East Europe, East Asia, Central America, North Europe, Middle East, South America, South/West Europe, South East Asia, North America, Australia/NZ, Indian Subcontinent, Caribbean, East/Middle Africa, South/West Africa, North Africa

Contact details Company Name: Sea Park Ayurvedic Beach Resorts Contact Person: Mr. Sreenath Rs (Manager) Telephone: +(91)-(471)-2484881 Mobile: +(91)-9846793836 Address: Nellikkunnu, Mulloor Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - 695 521 (INDIA) Website: http://www.seapark.in

Sea park ayurvedic beach resort (a unit of veda dreams tours pvt. ltd) is located 17 km. south to international airport trivandrum, just 4 km. south kovalam in nellikunnu beach. Seapark is nestled admist a lush coconut grave with its own private beach & with a scheduled view towards the ocean. FACT FILE Nature of Business Year of Establishment Number of Employee Turnover Ownership Type Major Markets

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Service Provider 1980 51 to 100 People US$ 0.25-1 Million (or Rs. 1-4 Crore Approx.) : Partnership : East Europe, East Asia, Central America, North Europe, Middle East, South America, South/West Europe, South East Asia, North America, Australia/NZ, Indian Subcontinent, Caribbean, East/Middle Africa, South/West Africa, North Africa


Travel Agents We are looking for agents and marketing associates to market different tourism packages to india (Kerala) exclusively for toruists Viewed: 183 Times Posted on: 22-JUL-08

Travel Agents We are looking for tour and travel agents, who develop business with our company . Viewed: 104 Times Posted on: 22-JUL-08 CATEGORY MAPPINGS Hotel Reservation Accomodation Services, Restuarent Services Leisure Amenity Developers Panchakarma Chikitsa, Slimming Programme, Body Immunization Services, Anti Aging Treatment Services, Meditation Per Session Chakra Massage SERVICES Accomodation Body Immunization/Anti-Aging Treatment Panchakarma Programme Yoga and Meditation Per Session Chakra Massage asic Features of Hotel Reservation System Hotel Reservation Features Extensive facility for flexible room / tape chart. Customized Booking Customized reservation includes package rates + additional nights, and multiroom orders Highly Configurable and Easy To Use Easy To Use Administration & Agent Reporting panel Administrator can control all Agents assigned in their system. Printable Report generation and itemized commission statement. Ayurveda Beach Facilities Face Pac Panchakarma Chikitsa Restuarent Slimming Programme

Administrator manageable display for reporting periods, with details such as Order date, Order number, Total amount, Payment method, Status of booking, Sales agent commission rate and Commission amounts available in the account. Key Features of Hotel Reservation System All Features Automatic Calculations Capable to create room reservations and book tours using the clients profile selected from the available client list. Easily integration with your website. Avoids Double Booking Cost effective support and future upgrades. Create Receipts and Confirmations Reporting System Hotel Reservation Software just for $470 USD $250.00 Each License (Fixed) All PHPSHOPPY license holders must retain the "powered by" text at the footer(end of every page) as per the license agreement. Selecting this Private labeling option allows you to remove this "powered by" message for all purchased licenses. allows you to remove this "powered by" message for all purchased licenses. ccording to the recently released PhoCusWright's Online Travel Overview Fifth Edition, online bookings are projected to surpass $65.4 billion in 2005. This represents nearly 30% of the entire U.S. travel market. Further estimates predict that, by 2007, the online leisure/unmanaged business travel market is expected to represent nearly 40% of the total travel market, surpassing $93.6 billion.

According to the Travelers Use of the Internet, 2005 Edition, released by the Travel Industry Association of America (TIA), there has been strong growth in online travel booking. Survey results indicate a majority of online travelers (78% or 79 million Americans) turned to the Internet for travel or destination information in 2005 much higher than the 65% of online travelers in 2004. currently, 34% of online travel bookers claim to make all of their travel purchases online. Importantly, nearly eight in ten online bookers (78%) use the Internet to do at least half of all their travel booking.

Research shows that it is important to have a strong Internet presence in todays competitive hospitality industry. Gatesix provides its hotel clients with the highest quality Internet presence as well as a seamless, embedded online reservation engine that allows for easy navigation for the consumer and greater flexibility for the hotelier. Our online hotel reservation system, "gRes" was crafted from strategic knowledge of the hotel business and a passionate commitment to excellence in hospitality services. To have a secure online control of your Inventory, get an integrated online reservation engine in your website. he key features comprising our online hotel reservation system are:

Custom internet reservation engine: Complete online reservation of the rooms for the ease of both the hotel and the customer. Picture view: The customers can view the rooms in detail before booking. Dynamic packages: Allows the hotel to provide flexible packages to different types of customers. Special offers: Allows the hotel to include special/seasonal offers. Group bookings: Allows the customer to book space for a group in the case of weddings or corporate meetings. Inventory management: Provides complete control over the inventory including room allocation and corresponding room rates.

Benefits And Disadvantages Of Online Travel Agencies

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Once upon a time Before the dawn of the information super highway, brick-and-mortar travel agencies were the key to booking travel arrangements and finding deals on airfare. These agencies helped travelers plan trips and book flights, hotel and car rental reservations, and other travel necessities. But as the Internet started to dominate all areas of commerce, travelers began to turn to online travel agencies instead of the brick-and-mortars. These "virtual" agencies offered all the travel planning options and discounts conventional travel agencies offered without requiring travelers to leave their home. No longer did travelers need to make appointments and meet face-to-face with a travel agent just to make travel arrangements. There was now a convenient online solution to booking travel arrangements and finding discounts on airfare. Reality Check
online travel agencies

haven't completely decimated the conventional brick-and-mortar shops. Traditional travel agencies still do a great deal of business with travelers and are one viable solution to booking travel arrangements. However, as busy as our lives can be, online travel agencies do offer a quick and convenient solution to finding airline tickets without taking you away from home, or even work and the brick-and-mortar shops realize this. Some conventional agencies are also hitting the web and establishing travel websites to cater to those individuals looking to quickly search for and book flights. So even though online travel agencies haven't completely decimated the conventional travel agency industry, they have established a viable and convenient alternative to booking vacations, business trips, and other travel plans. Life Still Exists in the Brick-and-Mortars Conventional travel agencies still command a large portion of the travel booking industry. Their face-to-face service is what keeps them in business and, depending on the needs of the traveler, a more realistic solution to booking travel arrangements. When you book your travel plans through a brick-and-mortar travel agency, you're working with real people and if you're a frequent traveler, it's nice to have a "favored agent" to turn to for travel information and advice. With an online travel agency, you're simply interacting with a virtual interface that allows you to search for and book your own travel plans without ever speaking with a live person. Many people prefer face-to-face interaction and would never even dream about using a travel website to book their travel plans. There is still something to be said about personal service and the conventional travel agencies are capitalizing on it by offering personalized services and conveniences to travelers.

So Where do We Go from Here? As you can see, there are benefits and disadvantage to both conventional and online travel agencies. Each one offers its own experience and features that make it unique from the other and in favor with different people. When it comes to selecting the best option for you, you merely need to ask yourself "What am I looking for in a travel agency?" The best way to answer this question is to check out a few online travel agencies, compare them to some brick-and-mortars, and see which ones have the savings, products, and The
advantages are convenience (you can do it from your home), no travel agent fees to pay, online specials, and you have plenty of choices in choosing your itinerary/accomodations services you

desire Make the most of the worlds greatest direct-to-customer medium. The Internet, the greatest direct-to-customer medium has thrown up incredible new possibilities for the hospitality industry. Over 20% of hotel inventories were bought on the net last year, of which 70% was in direct-to-customer sales. This generated revenue of over US $ 14 billion, promptly giving birth to a whole new distribution channel. What's more, the significant reduction in selling and communication costs is driving the profitability numbers up. Today, in the highly competitive hospitality industry, you just cannot afford to ignore the demand for direct access to your room inventory. Not just from your industry sales partners but from your direct customers as well. With the power of the internet, you can now put your room inventory on their desktops at a fraction of the cost of reaching them through conventional means. Just why is an Internet Reservation System so hot? Reservations made over the Internet, cut your operating cost, attract affluent customers and reduce your dependency on traditional channels which are expensive. You can provide your customers with faster, easier and guaranteed access to your inventory 24 X 7, enhance your brand visibility, cut through the lethargy of intermediary channels and build customer loyalty through direct interaction. But I already have a reservations page on my website. Sure, having a reservations page on the website is fine. But can it guarantee a closed sale? Only when the customer is sure that he is being offered a room at a displayed price with all the amenities on the date or dates he has requested and has paid for it in real time do we consider it as a reservation. Most online hotel reservation systems cannot deliver this. ResAvenue comes with a comprehensive real time internet inventory manager and booking engine pre-integrated into a multi-currency, free sub-merchant account, multipayment options, payment gateway, so you can close the sale instantly. And the money is as good as in the bank. And since the customer pays upfront, he feels satisfied because there is a sense of closure to the transaction and he logs out knowing that he does not have to scout for any more hotel sites and has had a first hand experience of your high standards of service right at his desktop. The goodwill you reap from this direct access is immeasurable. So, just what is holding you back? Does the facility cost a lot of money? Youve probably heard that adding an eCommerce component to your business is an exercise that involves high entry costs, integration of complicated software components, and maintenance of huge hardware infrastructure, technical staff and complicated

logistics. And the return on investment appears at a place well beyond the horizon. Thats all true, but only if you want to handle the entire operation yourself. The smart thing to do is to let someone else manage it for you. Try ResAvenue. With ResAvenue, you do not have to make major changes in your IT infrastructure; the entire operation is hosted and maintained for you by us on a 24X7 basis within the overall subscription charges. Plus the amazingly low set-up cost comes without any hidden charges and helps you achieve your online sales targets in no time at all. Your time to market by integrating ResAvenue with your existing branded website takes place within 24 hours. We manage the infrastructure with 100% efficiency and give you the flexibility of pricing and managing your own online room sales inventory. Is it very complicated to run? Not so. We have made it all easy for you. We have created a world class internet based reservation system with an online multi-currency payment gateway built-in which has a complete bouquet of payment options including all major credit cards, 19 internet banking options, cash card* and mobile payment* options. The interface is so userfriendly that it empowers you to operate effectively, efficiently and economically from Day One of the implementation. Due to the highly intuitive nature of the system, your staff can run the system within a few hours without any formal training. *These options are available for Indian guests only. How does it work at the customers end? The ResAvenue hotel reservation software enables hotels and other accommodationproviders to accept instant real-time reservations. Guests visit your hotel website pages, look at your room descriptions, images etc. When they decide to book a room, they click on the reservation link (it is advised to keep one on every page) shown as Reserve Now or Check Availability. The reservation link takes guest to the ResAvenue hotel reservation system (the URL address can be hidden so that your own domain name is still displayed and the ResAvenue pages have the exact look of your website pages, so that the customer doesnt realize that they have moved on to the ResAvenue hotel reservation system. The reservation screens are user friendly and the guests can easily view rates and room descriptions in nearly 10 major international languages. Your guests enter their chosen dates and available rooms are displayed. They choose a room or rooms and then enter their credit card details to pay either the full amount or a room night deposit as specified by your business policy. Your guests see a confirmation screen and receive an auto-generated email from you confirming their reservation. You receive an auto-generated email, fax, SMS from ResAvenue summarizing the reservation. The process is that simple. How much control do I have to manage my inventory? You have complete control to enter and modify room description, rates and allocations all accessible 24 hours a day from any PC with an internet connection. Its easy to increase your room allocations or to close out dates which are fully booked. If you have a smaller property, you can choose to manage all guest reservations through the ResAvenue M.A.R.S. (Merchant Accounting and Reporting System) back office, updating booking and payment status as and when you require. Just like a mini-Front Office System. You can feature password-protected wholesale contract rates, allowing your Wholesale

Clients / Agents / your other Sales offices to make instant reservations from your website at the contract rates. You can do the same for your Corporate Clients also. You can also collect valuable information that could help market your property better. Guest email addresses are stored in the database and can easily be retrieved for mailshots. You can view statistics such as how many people have checked availability, how many have booked, total room nights actually booked and the total revenue generated. All in all, the ResAvenue reservation system offers immense opportunities to improve your business by making the most of your presence on the internet. This looks fine for a big hotel chain, but will ResAvenue work for my property? The ResAvenue online hotel reservation software is perfect for any property selling accommodation over the Internet. It works equally well for a small guest house as it does for an international hotel chain. ResAvenue enables guests to check availability directly from your website or from the hotel page or any other third party pages. The challenge for any hotel today is how to increase the visibility and reach of their property at as low a cost as possible. The multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-payment options nature of the ResAvenue reservation system empowers your global customers to complete the transaction without language, denomination or geographic barriers, The ResAvenue reservation system offers you a unique opportunity by enabling you to compete with any hotel property with a distinct advantage.

What is my return on Investment? What investment? ResAvenue has no set up fees or high integration costs. For most standard or first class hotels the cost of implementing ResAvenue on their website (US$ 99/- per month or lesser) is less than one room night worth in costs. For a modest 50 room hotel which has 1500 room nights available for sale every month ResAvenue would cost a minute 0.00066% of its value every month. Of course there is also a 5% / 7% transaction fee per sale, which includes all fees charged by the credit or debit card proc ulti-lingual, Multi-currency Solution to Sell Globally Gain worldwide visibility and enhance true brand value. Maximize the commercial potential of your web property. Anyone, Anytime and Anywhere is the operating credo of the internet. Use this reach to your advantage. The Internet puts your property on the desktop of any potential Customer /Agent /Corporate Client anywhere in the world, 24X7. And it empowers him with the facility to close a deal with you immediately. ResAvenues multi-currency, multi-lingual capabilities ensure you dont lose out on a sale due to currency conversion issues or language barriers. ResAvenue allows your customers to reserve a room at your hotel in 10 major international languages. It also gives them the convenience of transacting in multiple international currencies.

Provide Direct Access to Customers, Trade Partners

Give Customers and Trade Partners direct access to your inventory. You can decide the amount of inventory to go up for sale and the pricing strategy for each unit. Adjust your inventory allocation and rate structure to account for seasonal variations. You can implement online strategies like festive and limited offers. Create new efficiencies for your existing Agents, Wholesale Distributors, your other Sales Offices and Corporate Clients with customized Login Access. You can control your room inventory that is opened out to the trade channel, according to your business policies. Provide special login facilities, set predetermined contract rates, empower them with direct access to your room inventory and collect monies from them instantly.

Complete Solution Complete real time solution both reservation and online credit card and Internet banking enabled payment system come together. By giving the customer the facility to pay up immediately and give him a confirmation in real time, you can close a sale instantly and stop him from moving on to a competing hotel website. Your direct customers will now have the reassurance of completing their reservation in real time and they will then focus on other aspects of their travel itinerary.

Widest Range of Payment Options ResAvenue clients can offer their guests the widest range of payment options:
Credit Card Options

American Express Bank Ltd. Citibank Ecards Discover Network MasterCard

20 Chinese Banks

Carte Blanche Diners Club International JCB Cards VISA

Agriculture Bank of China

Bank of Communications

Bank of China China Construction Bank Corporation China Minsheng Bank Citic Development Bank

China Merchant Bank China Post Bank

Everbright Bank of China Guangdong Development Bank Huaxia Bank Pudong Development Bank Shenzhen Development Bank Xiamen Commercial Bank
3 Singapore Banks Citibank DBS United Overseas Bank Limited

Fujian Industrial Bank

Guangzhou Rural Credit Cooperatives Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shenzhen Commercial Bank Company Limited Shenzhen Rural Credit Cooperatives Xiamen International Bank

21 Indian Banks ABN AMRO Bank Bank of India

Axis Bank Canara Bank CITIBANK Federal Bank ICICI ePayments Ltd. IndusInd Bank Kotak Mahindra Group
Oriental Bank of Commerce

Centurion Bank of Punjab Corporation Bank HDFC BANK Ltd. IDBI Bank J & K Bank Karur Vysya Bank Limited
Punjab National Bank (PNB) State Bank of India Yes Bank

The Bank Of Rajasthan

Union Bank Of India


Simplified Multi-currency Processing and Collections Financial dealings simplified. By opting for the ResAvenue US Dollar, UK Pound Sterling and Euro currency processing facility, you will receive Foreign Currency cheques from ResAvenue, to enable you to maintain Foreign Currency balances in your bank accounts. By opting for processing in these Foreign Currencies, your international guests will feel more comfortable, transacting in the currency they understand best and also avoid any currency conversion payment disputes at a later stage. You also have the facility to trigger payouts either by time specification or amount specification. Simplify and improve your collection procedures. Speed up and simplify the cash flow process with online payments, while maintaining a high degree of control. Receive payments directly from ResAvenue on guaranteed payout dates. Financial dealings are simplified as no intermediaries are involved. Claim tax benefits of payments received from your overseas guests. The Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate will be issued by your bank / Avenues for your overseas transactions, to help you claim these benefits.

Map & Apply your Business Policies Manipulate the ResAvenue model to map your hotels business policies. With the ResAvenue Merchant Accounting and Reporting System (M.A.R.S.) interface, enjoy unprecedented flexibility and customization to map your business policies. Variables like cut-off timings, cancellations and no show policies, check-in timings, taxes etc can be easily configured in the model.

CRM Assistance, Faster Inventory Offloads Empower your marketing team with critical statistics and customer behavior data. This data will enable them to run efficient CRM programmes. The Res Avenue M.A.R.S. interface displays several statistics useful for marketing including guest history and the total number of room availability checks. An emailing list is stored in your Res Avenue M.A.R.S. back office that can easily be retrieved for mail-shots. Maximize returns on your highly perishable room night' inventory. React very quickly to market dynamics. Defeat uncertainty caused by volatile market situations. Create special last minute sales packages and configure them instantly through your Res Avenue M.A.R.S. back office.


Collect Bills for Special Deals Organize collection for out of the routine deals done through the telephone and email. This facility is ideal for collecting pre-negotiated payments from virtually anybody, anywhere through email. Just login to your ResAvenue M.A.R.S. back office, select `Collect Bill Payment feature and type in your Customers / Agents / Corporate Clients email I.D. and the amount you want to collect. An email is instantly shot off to your guest containing an embedded link to the payment gateway. When your customer clicks on the link in his email, he will be taken directly to our gateway (and not to your site) to enable him to pay. The money collected is paid out to you in your specified payment cycle. This feature saves you the effort of putting up special links on your website for collection of such unusual pre-determined amounts. Similarly, collect payment from the winning bidder for the inventory youve put up on third party auction sites, like www.priceline.com and ebay.com.

Total Customization, Total Information Total Customization. Enhance your brand image. Customise the payment pages to match your website. This reassures your guests and trade partners and also helps reinforce your brand value. While ResAvenue is hosted on common Internet infrastructure, it integrates into your existing hotel website seamlessly, duplicating the look and feel of your website on to the ResAvenue interface. The entire management of this process is in your control and can be changed by you at any point in time. Total Information. Be in the know, always. The principle behind the information process is that you dont have to search for information; the information follows you. Offer instant information to your hotel staff and trade partners using automated system generated messages via SMS / Fax / Email, Transaction Alerts. Analyse trade performance through Traffic Reports, Time Linked Yield Reports etc.

Total Security, Total Support

Enjoy high security for your online transactions. ResAvenue's state-of-the-art security systems are constantly updated to keep in touch with the latest in security procedures. Verisign 128 bit encryption and Verified By Visa, MasterCard Secure Code and CVM online payment authentication processes keep your transactions safe. Enjoy total confidentiality. ResAvenue is keenly aware of the highly competitive nature of the hospitality industry. As a neutral party, we stand firm in our commitment to maintain absolute secrecy of a customer's sensitive data at every stage of the operation. We will cement this commitment by signing a legal confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with each and every client as a standard practice. Enjoy peace of mind. You get 24 X 7 world class support from a team who currently handles eCommerce transactions for over 1500 premium websites.

Low Setup Cost Low setup cost with no investment in infrastructure required and no staffing headaches. Since the operation is hosted out of our servers, you can save big money on recurring high-end hardware costs, software licenses and expensive technical manpower. Consequently, your set-up cost is amazingly low with no hidden costs and the total solution comes built-in with a complete multi-currency, multi-payment options payment gateway.

ResAvenue Features in a Nutshell FLEXIBLE RATE MANAGEMENT ResAvenue lets you `fine tune rates by allowing you to: Set an unlimited number of `rate tiers for market segments. Differentiate group rates (GIT) and individual rates (FIT). Set rates based on number of occupants. Highlight ad-hoc, special promotion or even cross-property packages throughout the reservation engine. Run royalty-free affiliate marketing programs.

ROOM ALLOTMENT MANAGEMENT ResAvenue enhances room allotment management through the ability to: Close room allotment. Set room allotments based on rate tiers for better yield. UNLIMITED NUMBER OF AGENTS/CORPORATE ACCOUNTS ResAvenue can help you to expand your client base by allowing you to: Create unlimited logins for travel agents/corporate clients. Group travel agent and corporate client accounts based on rate tiers. CUSTOMIZED RESERVATION PAGES FEATURING PROMOTIONAL INFORMATION ResAvenues custom-designed reservation pages let you: Format your pages to reflect your hotels look and feel. Feature multi-lingual reservation pages. Feature promotional newsletters on reservation pages. Feature packages on reservation pages. Update hotel pictures and information at any time. RESERVATIONS ResAvenues flexible reservation system lets you or your guest: Cancel reservations. Amend reservations. Make package reservations. Request additional meals, airport transfer & other services. PACKAGES ResAvenue lets you: Create an unlimited number of packages at no charge. Manage access to packages for specific periods. MAINTENANCE ResAvenue allows you to: Create new client accounts. Deactivate client accounts. Change rate tiers. USER ACCESS ResAvenue gives you the ability to: Assign unlimited users. Assign different accessible program (module) based on user authority. REPORTING ResAvenue reports on demand: Agent monthly commission. Reservations due for payment.

Client accounts summary. Agent/Corporate production report. Expected arrivals and more. UPDATE HOTEL INFORMATION AND GRAPHICS ResAvenues user-friendly page management lets you: Update all hotel information whenever you need to. Update package details and hotel pictures (such as room, logo and hotel facilities) at will. HOTEL POLICY AND ACCOUNTING ResAvenues administration application lets you: Differentiate cancellation charges for each period. Set minimum length of stay for each period. Differentiate cut-off dates for each period. SECURITY A 10 tier payment security process combined with a dedicated risk management team assessment offers you the best protection against online fraud. PAYMENTS ResAvenue gives you multiple payment methods for your agent/ corporate client accounts: Credit card online payment. Pre-payment (advance payment). Credit facilities. Net Banking facilities. Cash Card* facilities. Mobile Payment* facilities. * Valid only in India PAYMENT OPTIONS Credit Cards American Express Bank Ltd. Carte Blanche Citibank Ecards Diners Club International Discover Network JCB Cards MasterCard VISA Debit Card / Direct Debit Visa Electron / Plus (if enabled by issuing bank for Internet use) MasterCard Maestro/Cirrus (if enabled by issuing bank for Internet use) 20 Chinese and Hong Kong Banks (About 376 million+ Chinese Net Banking users) and growing

3 Singapore Banks DBS Bank, UOB and Citibank. 21 Indian Banks New options are being added progressively. SUPPORT Get email, telephone and 24 X 7 chat support for free.

essor for every sale.