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Coke Analysis

Created By: John Reed Stats 1510 Day Instructor: Brian Jean

Abstract Soda can weights were examined in this experiment to see if the type of soda affected the weight of that soda can. We used three different type of soda Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi, and Diet Coke and weighed random cans on a scale then we documented the data. Then took to TC Stats on our Ipads and put the data in spread sheet format to nd out the mean median upper and lower bounds. We also used Tc Stats to perform test on the data such as an F Test and Anova test as well as to create graphs to better explain the shape of the data.

Introduction: In this project we were given three different types of soda Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, and Coke Zero. We created a list of random numbers in TC Stats, we then went off of those random numbers and weighed the soda cans that were chosen. We used a rand sampling technique to get the weights of each individual soda can. The sodas are independent of each other because the weight of one kind of soda has no effect on the other type of soda. Population Of Interest: Weights of Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi, and Diet Coke Level of measurement: Ratio Type of sample used was a simple random sample Type of variable is Quantitative Continuous variable The study was an observational study

Coke Weight Project Summary Statistics

Coke Zero, Diet Coke , Diet Pepsi Box and Whisker Plot For Weight.

Shapes Of Data Diet Coke: Slightly Skewed Right Diet Pepsi: Not Symmetric Multimodal Coke Zero : Slightly Skewed Right

Mean, Median, Range, Variance, Standard Deviation Diet Coke: Mean (372.02) Median (371.86) Range (6.61) SD (1.98512) V (3.9407014144) Diet Pepsi: Mean (368.86) Median (369.63) Range (9.05) SD (2.654438) V (7.046041095844) Coke Zero: Mean (371.6027) Median (371.89) Range (6.62) SD (1.990949) V (3.9620862690) Is the data Normal? Yes the weight of all three soda cans are normal as you can see in the normal plots. Coke Zero:

Diet Pepsi:

Diet Coke:

Analysis Of Variance: Coke Weight Assumptions Is the data Independent? Yes because they are all separate and have nothing to do with each other. Is The Data Normal? Yes because as you can see above all the weights normal plots are normal with no outliers. Now since the data does not violate any assumptions we perform and F test with Soda weight that has the largest Standard Deviation and Smallest deviation. The biggest is Diet Pepsi with a 2.654 and the smallest Diet Coke 1.985

As you can see the Hypothesis for the F test is Ho is equal to 1 and Ha is not equal to 1. The Pvalue is 0.2888 which is less then alpha (0.05) So we Fail To Reject now that we failed to reject we perform the One-Way ANOVA test

One-Way ANOVA Test:

As you can see in the chart the Pvalue is 0.0005 which is less then alpha (0.05) so we reject the Ho which means that one group is not equal to 1 or is different now we have to perform Fishers LSD to nd out what group that is.

After using Fishers LSD with a .95 condence interval you can see that Diet Pespsi is the odd one out and not equal to 1 Conclusion: After performing all of these steps we see that there is sufcient evidence to show that all of the soda weights are completely independent and the type of soda has nothing to do with the weight of the soda can.