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The Secret of the Jury:

Another Fact the Government Doesnt Want You to Know

Have you ever received a jury summons? Have you griped and complained about having to spend your time sitting around the court building? Have you tried to scheme a way to get out of it? Hopefully after you discover the secret of the jury you will look forward to your next jury summons and find yourself enthusiastically participating in restoring good government, one victim at a time.... Almost every Jury in the land is falsely instructed by the judge when it is told it must accept as the law that which is given to them by the court, and that the Jury can decide only the facts of the case, thus making the jury a rubber stamp. This is to destroy the purpose of a Common Law Jury, and to permit the imposition of tyranny upon a people! (Citizens Rule Book) The Judge is employed by the government and as part of the government, the judge has his employers interest at heart. Therefore the judge will often not tell you the secret of the jury, i.e. that jurors (the citizens) outrank all government employees in the courtroom, since they are representing the sovereign the people themselves us!! (JPFO GranPa Jack #2)

Think about it. You have always known that one purpose of the jury is to protect the accused from the accuser, even if the accuser is a Government employee. If you cannot judge ALL aspects of the case, how can you do that?? Seriously!?!
They instead will be told what the judge wants them to know for examples that they may not judge the law but only the facts and if the facts are correct, they must convict even if they believe the law is not Constitutional, or that the law does not further the purpose of peace in THIS case. In truth however, it is actually the Jurys responsibility to insure that justice is done. Truth is, the jury is, in fact, the primary source of justice in the courtroom and the secret of the jury is that they can do justice by judging not only the facts of the case , but also the law itself, and its application to this particular case including the intent of the accused. They can, for example, refuse to convict because the law is a bad law, they can vote their consciences and no one can question an acquittal - no matter what evidence the government presents. Now you know the secret of the jury!! Unchecked power is the definition of tyranny, and it is the jurors duty to use the jury room to reverse the tide of oppression and tyranny, one victim at a time. You, yourself as one knowledgeable juror out of twelve have the power to make a difference and insure justice is done. Juries do not have to be a rubber stamp. Without an an informed and courageous Jury, it is impossible to insure the integrity of our judicial system. You, alone, have the power, and the obligation!!! Without exercising the full power of the jury, the peaceable restoration of liberty, power and honor to We the People will be impossible.

For additional information refer to: Can You Get A Fair Trial In America? GranPa Jack #2 - www.jpfo.org Citizens Rule Book Gun Owners Foundation 1-800-417-1486 Jury Nullification Clay S. Conrad Feel free to copy and distribute. Knowledge leads to freedom. espadrgallo@comcast.net