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Create a material master for Finished / Semi finished product.

Create a material master for all sub components Create Bill of Material for Finished / Semi finished product: CS01

Then save the entries

Create info record for subcontract vendor: ME11


then save the entries.

Create Purchase Order: ME21N Item Category: L

To view list of components required Click on components

Go back and save the entries.

Check the Availability of sub components. Issue / Transfer the components to Sub contractor with ref to Sub contracting PO. Option1:

then execute

Select the components then click on Post Goods Issue button on Application tool bar

continue till complete issue of selected components.

display the stock overview MMBE

Option2: Stock Transfer MB1B or MIGO_TR or MIGO

Movement type: 541 Click on TO Purchase Order

THEN click on Adopt details

Since this component already transferred and we dont want issue again Cancel the displayed entry

Repeat the same process for unwanted components

This line entry needs to be issued. In this case press enter

then save the entries.

Post GR with ref. To subcontracting PO MIGO:

Check the entries then Post

Check: 1. Display Material document

2. Check Accounting entries:

3. Display stock overview of sub components

Stock overview for Finished / semi finished product

scenario: Issue of sub components varying from vendor to vendor: Create Alternate BOMs as per the requirement for the same material Change the Material master data in MRP4 View To pick the relevant BOMs MM02:

Click on Prod Versions Button

Place the cursor on Version number and click on details

then continue. Repeat the same process for remaining versions Continue Go back and save the entries. Change info record for BHEL Vendor with version 01 ME12

Save the entries. Repeat the same process for remaining vendors with relevant version.

Create the PO: ME21N