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Estate News You Can Use (941) 584-7400 www.HGRealEstateServices.com April 2012

SW Florida Real Estate Market Explodes into 2012
SW Florida Home Sales Up & What That Means To You
We are experiencing a HUGE increase in web traf0ic, phone calls, email requests and more in our real Estate of0ice. What that means to you: If you are holding real estate which has gone down in value in the past, good news is on the horizon because it looks like prices are beginning to rise. If you are trying to sell or simply thinking of selling, now is the time to price it right and sell!

signs. Even if you dont actively follow HOME-SELLERS: the real estate statistics, you cant Find Out What the Homes in help but notice the increase in traf0ic, Your Neighborhood are Selling long lines in grocery stores and For. restaurants. Receive a FREE printout of ALL Unless you have been living under a rock, you cannot help but notice an recent Home Sales & Current SW Florida Is Busy! increase in traf0ic, an increase in People from all over the world are Listings in your neighborhood. business everywhere, and a here and many are looking to buy CALL noticeable decrease in home for sale real estate! 1-800-261-0454 ID# 1041

The SW Florida Real Estate Market EXPLODES into action in 2012 with some very impressive numbers.

FREE Recorded info

How To Beat Others To HOT New Listings - Why call a high-pressure

preferred area. We will mail & email you a detailed sales agent who will just make you feel obligated when all printout, including price, full listing details of the homes that match your criteria. you want is a hassle-free way to know about the price, location, or particulars of a home for sale. Well, you dont This Information is FREE & Obligates You To have to talk to anyone because my computerized system Nothing. will search out ALL homes currently listed or sold Call my House-Hunter Hotline Today at: anywhere in the area by all real estate companies. 1-800 261-0454 ID# 1040 All you need to do is call my FREE, 24hr House-Hunter Hotline anytime and leave your home-buying criteria including price range and
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Real Estate News You Can Use (941) 584-7400 www.HGRealEstateServices.com April 2012

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Real Estate News You Can Use (941) 584-7400 www.HGRealEstateServices.com April 2012
REGARDLESS of what the media message is, or what kind of Kool-Aid they are trying to make you drink, the truth is, Real Estate is LOCAL in nature. Unless some sort of financial catastrophe happens,(usually created by clueless Washington Bureaucrats) What happens in Arizona, California, or Maine, it has little effect on the market in Florida. The following graphs and charts are CURRENT Up-To-Date statistical information about the SW Florida real estate market. The data is compiled on a monthly basis and released on the 10th of every month. We can drill down to individual

zip codes, neighborhoods, streets, and even front door exposure (for those of us willing to pay for it). To the best of my knowledge, my team is the only team in the area who has access. I have pulled out the highlights for you with comments. As you can see by the charts, the real estate market in SW Florida is beginning to do well. Charlotte County leads the field with the largest median price change increase, followed by Sarasota.

This is where the information gets really interesting. Look at the INCREASE in Pending Sales for the area. We are experiencing a large upward movement in pending sales.

Pending Listings Going Through the Roof !

Notice the Decrease in New Listings in the Chart Line. This indicates there are less and less properties coming on the market, yet the pending sales are increasing. Do you know what happens with an increase in demand and a decrease in availability? YEP - price increases!!

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Real Estate News You Can Use (941) 584-7400 www.HGRealEstateServices.com April 2012
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Real Estate News You Can Use (941) 584-7400 www.HGRealEstateServices.com April 2012
The Real Estate Business In SW Florida Has Been Smokin Hot And Many of Us Are As Busy As One Armed Paper-Hangers!
The prices havent really come up, but the volume increase has been HUGE. Cash buyers from all over the world are here buying just about everything in site. Many have had their eyes on foreclosures, bank owned properties and handy-man properties creating chaos in that market. Multiple offers have driven those properties to a point where it makes no sense. Most times now, if youre in the market for a single family home, youre better off buying one off the regular market and moving in or renting it out. The bottom of the market has moved up 60% to 100% over the past 6 months. It has been a great time to buy at the bottom and many of my investors have been doing just that. Major employers are looking at the area and are negotiating with the city. All good signs for North Port and it shows. In fact, my team and I are opening an of0ice in North Port. Right alongside the Olde World Restaurant. Next time youre in town, stop by and say hello! HG Real Estate Services 14385C Tamiami Trail, North Port

Long story short ... .......... The SW Florida Real Estate Market is smokin hot with inventories of available properties shrinking fast. We are back in the upward phase of the business cycle. Northport is BOOMING. The city As long as America doesnt have some council made the decision to make sort of catastrophe, I see no reason for North Port a business friendly town, the upward trend to do go in any other Its all good though, because the direction but up. increase in volume in the housing If you are sales has begun to bring builders and renting investors back into the vacant lot right business (where I specialize) now, its probably Lot sales in general have been brisk. a very Astonishing Increase in Year over High priced lots have not seen much of Year change in Pending Sales for good time an increase because there has been so single family homes to consider buying because rents are many low priced lots available on the increase and will continue to HOWEVER that has been changing at go up if inventory continues and the results are almost astonishing. an almost astonishing rate. shrinking. The main drag of North Port on RT 41 6 months ago, you could buy lots in If you are a homeowner looking to is building shopping centers, South Gulf Cove for less than sell, you may still have a little restaurants, banks, commercial $3,000 each. dif0iculty because of the lack of centers and more like crazy. Rotonda Sands, less than availability for mortgage 0inancing. $3,000 each. Unless, of course you are willing to Northport, you could buy as Think-Outside-Of-The-Box and many as you wanted between offer seller 0inancing. $1,800 and $2,000 each.
Year over Year change in Median Sold Prices for single family homes shows enormous increases!

Those days are long gone and the bottom of the market is: $5,000 and above for South Gulf Cove and Rotonda Sands $4,000 and above for Northport.

Looking for someone to speak to your group about the Real Estate Market? Paul is an entertaining and informative presenter, and an EXPERT in the local Real Estate Market. Contact Paul@TheLotGuy.com


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~~ Vacant Land ~~
Theyre just not making it anymore
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Real Estate News You Can Use (941) 584-7400 www.HGRealEstateServices.com April 2012

Important Real Estate Information Inside!

See Inside for: Save Thousands when you buy a home. Get the Inside Scoop and access to Short Sales, Foreclosures and Bank Owned Homes Learn How To Buy a Homes with little or No-Money down Distress Sale Properties Vacant Land Best Buy Hotlists Done-For-You Property Management Landlord Secrets And were just getting started!

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ar te M on in Esta al mati G Re Infor NNIN tate s U eal E ST ers ely R rhood. Buy im s for T eighbo trick n s and your ams er tip rogr s id P In ellers Sale ome S and eed H rant ua G ore! m and REVEALED INSIDE ... A SECRET Sales Method That
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