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2 April 2012


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APRIL 2012

nO. 09

Grandpa has been retired from the LAFD for 45 years and at 97 years old is still living in his own home and taking care of himself. Learn the secrets that enabled him to enjoy such a long retirement, marriage and life. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 06



The best handball players share several common traits. LAFDs nest reveal how they reach peak performance in an attempt to improve the competition. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49


Gunshots resulted in multiple victims and a Major Emergency structure re in Hollywood and a blaze destroys a row of businesses in Van Nuys. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28

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On the cover: Major emergency structure fire - Van Nuys photo submitted by Rick McClure, Captain, OCd-C
April 2012 3

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4 April 2012

By John Jacobsen

This may sound somewhat like a run on sentence, but this is straight out of our bylaws. Most of us are not overly interested in reading bylaws; however this one in particular needs to be occasionally reread. It is with this lengthy phrase in mind that your Relief Association is operating and I hope that most of you would agree that we are living up to it. grass Valley, California. Can anyone pinpoint what the attraction was when a cluster of retirees started migrating to this area? Was it the beautiful scenery, the potential to strike gold or just to move to a place surrounded by a lot of other retired firemen? Regardless of the answer, it is quickly nearing the time of year for another Grass Valley Reunion (May 16th -20th). While the majority of the attendees have always been retired, I think it is an event that a lot of members who are still working would really enjoy. There will be a Golf Tournament, a Pot Luck Dinner, a Social Hour and Catered Barbecue to name a few points of interest. It has been and always will be a great opportunity to see someone you might not have run across since you had dragged a hose line down a hallway with them. Stories are told, memories are challenged and just an overall great time to improve your social relations and welfare among the members will be happening. Look for the specifics on www.lafra.org and the page outlined in this Grapevine. Check your mail box for a postcard indicating that Open Enrollment is near. The entire packet will be following shortly thereafter and will reflect that the dates for this year are April 16thMay 11th. The Open Enrollment Guide will provide an overview of the LAFRA PPO Medical Plan for an effective date of July 1, 2012 and will tell you how to enroll or make changes to your coverage. A question that routinely comes up revolves around eligibility for the LAFRA PPO Medical Plan. As an Active member, you

he purpose for which the Association is formed is to bind the members thereof together in a closer bond of fraternity, for mutual protection, and to assist fellow members and their families in sickness, distress and death, and to promote and improve social relations and welfare among the members.

must be a Relief member in good standing. As a Retired member, you must be a member in good standing and you must have been covered under the Plan for a total of seven (7) years while you were active to receive the applicable group rate. If you dont have the seven years invested, you will be charged a higher subscriber rate until you have been covered for 84 months. The philosophy behind this is to keep the shareholder feeling alive and well. It is not just dumb luck that the benefits provided and the services we enjoy are the way they are. The ownership that you all take in our LAFRA medical plan is one of the many reasons why it continues to remain rock solid. Many of you have read and probably discussed the recent announcement that UNUM will no longer be issuing group Long Term Care (LTC) policies. The company philosophy was to cease growing this portion of their business due to a combination of historically low interest rates and the uncertainty of risk and pricing trends. I would like to set your mind at ease as to how this may impact the LTC plan that is being passed through the Relief Association. It does not and will not affect our Plan that is already in place. This decision will not impact the quality of service provided to current policyholders and claimants. Our existing policy will continue to be administered and accept future enrollees. All current members on claim will continue to receive their benefits and all future submissions will be processed and paid as outlined in your policy. For those of you who are looking for the glass half full portion of this announcement; we are pleased that we were able to implement this LTC plan when we did and to have jammed our foot in the door before it closed. Just remember, do what you can while you can because who knows what tomorrow will be like. Respectfully,

John e. Jacobsen President@Lafra.org (323) 259-5200

April 2012 5

midst the articles and letters in the June, 2011, Grapevine Magazine, between the shots being taken at the gold badges, buried amongst the complaints of brown-outs and company closures, there was a simple note offering a donation to the Widows and Orphans Fund in the name of Zella Nelson. Like the man who wrote it, the note was short and to the point. It read, Please accept my donation to the Widows, Orphans, and Disabled Firemens Fund in memory of my wife Zella Nelson. Also, thank you for the use of all the medical equipment during my wifes illness. Sincerely, Allan A. Nelson, Eng 103-A, Retired (2/27/1967) Fallbrook, CA. The letter and donation were from my grandfather, Allan Nelson. Grandpa lost his beloved wife Zella in February of 2011 after 74 years of marriage. My father, Roger Curry, was a rookie at Grandpas last assignment. Grandpa was very impressed with Roger, so much so that he invited my mother, Karen Nelson, down to the fire station to meet this handsome young rookie. That invitation led to the marriage of my parents, Roger and Karen Curry You probably skipped right by it, but take a second and do the math: Grandpa has been retired for 45 years! At 97 years old, he is still living in his own home, still takes care of himself and he even drives his SUV around town on errands. His drivers license was just renewed and he is scheduled for his next exam when he turns 101 Engineer Al Nelson served the LAFD from 1940 to 1967. During his time of service, there was no such thing as Scheduled Overtime Duty, Deferred Compensation, or the Deferred Retirement Option Plan. There were no 90% pensions. There was no practical SCBA. I remember Grandma telling me stories of Grandpa coming home from work and throwing up black tar from a fire that hed been to the night before. Air Management for firemen (thats what they called them back then) meant simply taking a deep breath at the front door and staying as low as you could. Grandpa told me that if it got real bad, you could get a little fresh air if you pursed your lips and pressed them into the nozzle right where the water comes out.

Firemen rarely called in sick in those days and there was no such thing as family illness. Grandpa simply worked his 10 shifts a month and spent his days off taking care of his family. If he needed a day off, he would trade shifts with another member (and it didnt matter the rank, captains could work for firemen, etc). Trades required no paperwork, just a note on the calendar. Captains didnt care so much who showed up for work or what rank they were, just so long as they had a crew. Grandpa told me a story about a fireman he worked with whose wife had cancer and was dying. Every day that this fireman was supposed to work, another fireman worked in his place so that he could stay home and be with his wife. The fireman was off for over year before his wife passed, and when he returned he didnt owe a single trade. After 27 years with the LAFD, Grandpas back was so bad that he required surgery to fuse some discs. He felt very strongly that the City didnt owe him anything for his bad back. Having a bad back was simply part of the job. Instead of filing a work comp claim, he took his Service Pension and then waited a few years after he retired to have the discs in his back fused. He utilized his Relief Association insurance and paid the deductible out of his own pocket. After leaving the LAFD, Grandpa and Grandma moved down to Fallbrook where they loved, laughed, and shared the last 44 years.

My family doesnt discuss money openly, but I know that my Grandpa retired on 56% of his engineers salary of $10,000/year. Grandma and Grandpa retired on approximately $5,600/year. Pensions werent fluctuating back in those days and it wasnt until Proposition P came along a few years later that he even got a cost of living adjustment. Over the years cost of living raises have increased the amount of his yearly pension, but I doubt that there is a firefighter on the job today that could live on Grandpas yearly salary. However, over the years Grandma and Grandpa have not only lived very comfortably, they have squirreled away a substantial nest egg. Grandpa has no debt. No mortgage, credit cards, openend loans, home equity lines of credit, car loans; nothing. Surely your Grandpa must live in squalor. Is that what youre thinking? On the contrary; He wants for nothing. Well, nothing except for the company of his beloved wife. The home that he and Grandma shared was their dream home, although, dreams were much simpler back then. They began construction of their little ranch home in Fallbrook a couple of years before Grandpa retired. At 1700 square feet, their home is modest by todays standards, but its very charming and it sits on one full acre of land. Their home is perched on a small hill and they designed it so that the large back deck and master bedroom take full advantage of the terrific view. Grandma kept their home immaculate and her little kitchen was perfect for baking some of the most amazing breads. Grandpa continues to do all of the preventative maintenance and only hires help when the job is too big for him. Since retiring, Grandpa has treated himself to a brand new truck every couple of years, although he switched to an SUV this time around. By the time he turns in his old truck for a new one, theres only 30,000 to 40,000 miles on the odometer and the truck has never been driven over 50 miles per hour! Grandpa pays cash for his trucks every time.

6 April 2012

So howd he do it? How do you earn so little, retire on so little, and yet save so much? How has Grandpa enjoyed such a long Marriage, Retirement, and Life? Here are some lessons I have gleaned from my Grandpas life:

Grandma and Grandpas generation see the simple solutions in our complicated lives; if its broke, fix it. If its the right thing to do, do it. Get in, do the job right, and get out. I wonder where wed be as a department if we looked at things through my grandpas eyes. We throw around a lot of words these days like Leadership and Duty. I sometimes wonder if we truly know what those words mean. For Grandpa, leadership and duty meant mastering your job responsibilities and knowing who you are on the department and in your personal life. He knew that the departments needs were bigger than his personal needs and that the needs of his family outweighed his personal interests. Grandpa faithfully served his department by humbly reporting to work each shift and fulfilling his duties to the best of his ability. When he went home the next day, Grandpa always made sure the station and his apparatus were in better condition than when he reported for duty the day before. He reveled in the simplicity of firefighting. Know and master your position on the department and you will make the department better. Grandma and Grandpa were faithful to each other and to those who were a part of their life. Grandpa was a dedicated servant to his family, to his wife, and to his department. Grandma and Grandpa saved, sacrificed, and served their fellow man and in return they found themselves surrounded by family and friends. Thank you for these lessons Grandpa. Thank you for your service to our department and the lessons you have taught us. I have paid attention and I am doing my very best to live my life in a way that will make you proud. I am so sorry for your loss. I think of Grandma every day.

leadership and duty

marry a Great Gal and Be FaithFul

I say Gal because Im speaking for my Grandpa and he retired long before females ever entered the LAFD. If youre offended, you can substitute spouse for Gal. Grandpa wont mind. He found a great one in Zella. Grandma supported him and raised his children while he served his City. She understood that she had chosen to marry a civil servant and she never expected to lead a glamorous life. She understood that being married to a fireman takes sacrifice. Grandma understood the long hours her husband had to work and she knew that there would be holidays that he would miss. Grandpa made sure that she knew that going in. Grandma always cooked for Grandpa on his days off. Restaurants were too expensive and besides, they enjoyed spending time at home with each other. Grandma never called Grandpa away from the station when the kids had the sniffles; she knew that his job was too dangerous, too important, and that his crew depended on him being there. Grandma was strong and independent when Grandpa was away, supportive and loving when he was home. Im sure that, as all couples do, over the years my grandparents had their share of disagreements. But Grandma and Grandpa understood that the grass isnt greener on the other side of the fence, it is greener where it is watered. Grandma and Grandpa worked hard to ensure that their marriage lasted. They remained faithful to each other and to their wedding vows; forsaking all others. My Grandma passed away just shy of their 75th Anniversary.

some of their best memories are when they sacrificed and saved for something big. Imagine my grandma and grandpa lying in bed dreaming of their retirement and talking about how wonderful it will be when they build their little home in Fallbrook. Often times, by the time they had saved enough for a major purchase, the novelty of the item had worn off and they were able to apply the savings to something else. Not wasting money on impulse purchases and saving his money allowed Grandpa to retire with only 27 years on the job. That was actually longer than most back then. In his day, firemen retired between 20 and 25 years. Today we go 30, 35, sometimes 40 years. Is it because the cost of living is so much higher, or is it our expectations that have gone through the roof?

keep it simple

Grandma and Grandpa didnt take elaborate vacations. They loved fishing and would return year after year to their favorite fishing hole at Convict Lake. Grandma and Grandpas freezer was always stocked with trout. Keeping it simple applies to the Fire Service as well. I remember when I first made captain, I was bragging to my grandpa how complicated fighting fire had become. All of the rules that we were bound by: two-in and two-out, rapid intervention companies, medical stand-by teams, etc. I was very impressed with myself for being able to work in such a complicated environment. Grandpa listened intently and then asked a very poignant question, Why dont you just put out the fire?

live within your means

If you break a shoelace, tie a knot in it. Dont buy a new pair of shoes! Grandma and Grandpa were raised at a time where you didnt buy anything unless you paid for it in cash. This was not only an ethical view, it was reality. There simply werent any credit cards. If given the chance, Grandpa would tell each and every firefighter on the job to only use a credit card if you can pay it off at the end of the month. If you couldnt pay in full, then you saved and dreamed. Ask any married couple and they will tell you that

April 2012 7

8 April 2012

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April 2012 9

10 April 2012

The views expressed by the Battalion News writers do NOT necessarily reect those of the Firemens Relief Association

During the early morning hours of February 28, 2012, all 9-1-1 call taking and resource dispatching was moved from OCD at City Hall East to the new Metropolitan Fire Communications (MFC) facility in the Citys Emergency Operations Center at 500 E. Temple St. (new Fire Station 4) With the move, OCD became the back-up facility and the radio call sign OCD became inoperative. The new call sign for all radio transmissions is Metro. Tours of the new facility can be arranged by calling the MFC Floor Captain at (213) 5768920.

April 2012 11

Greetings and beware April Fools Day from the sinners and the saints of the Second Battalion. There is a long standing tradition in the fire service of career bench marks being celebrated with a special dinner. Five years on, ten, fifteen . . . you get the idea. You get to let everyone know your seniority # and they get to enjoy a free meal. Its fair. Last month Lincoln Heights alumnus, Inspector Rudy Martinez, held his 35 years of service dinner at the Second Oldest Fire Station in the City. Armed with cases of lobster, pounds and pounds of marinated prime rib, chafing dishes and skilled retired kitchen help, Rudy took over the kitchen at 8am, made lunch for the on duty crew and proceeded to orchestrate a delicious surf and turf meal for fifty. Thanks to reigning Captain Dave Soto, a local mariachi band serenaded the attendees with local musical flavor. Old friends were reunited, even older stories were told and a great time was had by all. I would like all those who owe a dinner to take note of a class act and realize some traditions are worth keeping. Rudy will be retiring soon after this reaches your mailbox, so the time and expense he went to came from the heart. And you know you make a good tamale when people are disappointed with prime rib and lobster! My second story involves the heroes of Lincoln Heights and New Years Eve. Actually its told more with pictures than words as the crew stops a drunk driver provided geyser employing the Year of the Dragon technique. Send your version of the truth to: battalion7news@yahoo.com
r like ew yea G parkin

thanks to the new reconFiGuration plan closinG enGine one, we now have plenty oF room to entertain.


skilled retired kitchen help plays with

the crustaceans that

Grilled to perFection.






watches over the prime riB and mashed


mariachis provided By

really captured the mood oF the

capt. dave soto east side.

liGht Force one employs the year oF the draGon techniQue to aBate the haZard.

appy n says h nothinG t. hydran oF a on top

12 April 2012

The topic of this months news is Do Your Job! On several occasions now, Engine 23 has gone to 69s for fuel. Just after starting to get fuel, Engine 23 gets dispatched with Rescue 69 in 69s district. The crew at 23s stops fueling, quietly gets in the rig and handles 69s call like the professionals they are. Now you might think that Truck 69 would jump in and take the run IN THEIR OWN DISTRICT and allow 23s to finish fueling and get back to their district (beach walk). The truckies went on like nothing ever happened. Maybe if we pretend we didnt hear it, no one will notice or maybe they had a blissful moment of remembering the good ole days of having an Engine 69? On a cold windy night last month, Truck 37 responded with Engine 19 to an auto into a hydrant in 19s district. Nothing gets the blood flowing like a 0200 hours fire hydrant ice bath in the middle of January in another district. When the crew from 37s finished slaying the watery dragon they noticed the guys from 19s watching from the safety of their engine, windows up, heater on in a warm embrace watching the truckies do what they do. It was then that someone from 37s remembered Heyyyy?! Dont they have a hydrant shut off tool on Engine 19? Heyyyyyy! While on the topic of 37s and 19s, they would like to say goodbye

to Scott Hambly who is pursuing a professional paddle tennis career. The Wack Pack will miss you - Happy Trails! And a warm welcome to Matt Romo, and props for making the move out of such a comfy spot to learn your craft and be a well rounded firefighter. And remember guys, the now common saying of They start off liking you . . . A little off of topic, comes a story of a Radio Held Hostage. On scene of a fire in the battalion, a member ACCIDENTALLY yet KNOWINGLY drops his radio while throwing a ladder. A member from 59s decides to pounce on the radio and hold it hostage for the remainder of the incident in a desperate attempt to get some (unneeded) ice cream. The younger, better looking, and yet more experienced firefighter from 37s is pressured into purchasing some low-cal ice cream (knowing all along this is ill gotten cream). The story continues - the SOLID members of 59s catch wind of the actions of FF Finders Keepers and they immediately head to 37s, hat in hand, with some better ice cream, and a promise that things like this wont happen again. Since we are talking about Do Your Job, I should take this opportunity to recognize Yvonne Gutierrez from 92s for doing exactly that. She has been sharing pool duty for the last year, never complaining (well maybe a little), always does an outstanding job and with a good attitude. Thank you Yvonne for setting the standard. Battalion Nine is gonna miss you.

(The day this was submitted 92s is going back to Battalion 18) Also, if you didnt see the fire hydrant that Captain Jim Vels from 23s painted for Joe T, then youre missing a real work of art. Jim Vels talent really shows in this hydrant work of art.

A lean and mean Darnell Tolbert took top honors at the Golden West Classic body building competition way back in 1988. Darnell still is in pretty good shape despite being one of the old guys at Fire Station 69-C. Its not personal, Its just business Ministry of Misinformation ninewriter@yahoo.com

while Battalion 9 companies were overhaulinG one structure Fire in 19s district, they discovered that FlyinG emBers had iGnited a wood shinGled rooF down the street. photo By Brian haimer

April 2012 13

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14 April 2012

laFd helicopters and 88s usar team, in conJunction with the Glendale Fd, successFully rescued a hiker and
hill in the mountains aBove

kurt corral - Fs 100-a, rick mcclure - ocd-c, ray keene Batt 18-B, and GeorGe James Fs 102-c attendinG the Fire house world conFerence in san dieGo last FeBruary.

his two doGs oFF oF the side oF a steep


photo By rick mcclure, laFd

Battalion 11 bids a fond adieu to Captain II Henry Olvera who put in over 37 years of service with the LAFD, the last eight at FS 29 A Platoon. He chose not to have a retirement dinner so we have to show our respects here in the Battalion News. We wish you a long and healthy retirement Henry! Last month, the battalion that never sleeps (Batt. 13 for our friends in Rio Linda) wrote about a certain chief officer that either did not study the rules about organized mess or just fell asleep in his Leadership Academy. (please refer to the Feb 12 Grapevine) So as not to be outdone, one of our own beloved Battalion 11 chiefs tried to one-up the SOD A/C in that story. The main character of our story is detailed to . . . PSD! Thats right, the arm of the Fire Department that disciplines us if we misbehave!

So one morning, working his own shift, he walks into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. As they discuss who is cooking for the day, he counts into BOTH meals (in front of the other six members working there I might add!) So, lo and behold, when lunch is called the chief strolls into the kitchen, notices that the lunch menu is not to his liking, and does an aboutface, mumbling that he does not eat meat and hes out of lunch. Thankfully the dinner menu was within his DIET and he licked his platter clean. When dinner was complete and it came time to pay for meals, the exchange sounded like this: I am only paying for one meal because I didnt eat lunch But you counted IN sir? came the timid firefighters response. Oh no, I counted out of lunch retorted our principled leader. The firefighter, not wanting to argue with the chief, looked toward his captain for assistance in this conundrum!

Hey Chief, how about five bucks for dessert? questioned the crafty captain, looking at a chance to make up the lost revenue. What??? Im not SOD, this is my shift! The story ends with the A shift mess going over-budget for the day and a few members of FS 13 really mad at their fearless leader. Now really chief, do you believe that not one person at 13s knows you are getting paid overtime when you work back for yourself? Not to mention, you cant count out of mess after the meal is made. As not to be too harsh on this wayward leader, maybe he was off sick that day at Leadership Academy. You know the day they went over Honesty, Integrity, Principles and Ethical Leadership. eyeonbatt11@yahoo.com

April 2012 15

Battalion 12 companies work a t/a on mission hills on march 3, 2012.


405 Fwy


photo By Juan Guerra, epn JuanGuerra.smuGmuG.com

24s, 74s and usar 89 work to shore up a BuildinG struck By an auto on FeBruary 24, 2012. photo By david doc de mulle, the Foothills paper

the captain From enGine 24 records patient inFo the old Fashioned way on a three car accident on the 210 Fwy at sunland Blvd on FeBruary 20, 2012.

16 April 2012

photo By david doc de mulle, the Foothills paper

Greetings from the Battalion that never sleeps! Well bi-monthly battalion inspections are back in full swing and were glad to see all the hard work going on in-between runs, errands, closures, runs, training, move-ups, details, and runs. As always, preparations start a week or so out with the dreaded list. The list that seems to get posted at every station either on the grease board or taped to a clean wall. The list that lets us know what we have to accomplish 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 day out. The list . . . we would be lost without it. One of the things Ive always loved about the list is that no matter what gets crossed off of the list, the next shift comes in and says, this {{insert proper area}} isnt clean! What did the {{insert proper shift}} do yesterday? Well, thanks for all the hard work, and Im sure all the stations passed no problem! Speaking of inspection, recently the Inspection Schedule was sent out to all the stations regarding inspection times and what the emphasis of the inspection was going to be on. The emphasis was listed as, Personal standards (uniform and grooming), PPEs (structure and brush), and quarters, along with a thorough check of apparatus (records and compartments), and an update on the status of the LAFD. Isnt that everything?!? So the emphasis is on everything? Got it . . . Also, where the Inspection Schedule times were, there was a comment next to FS 64 that said Lunch. Now is that the chief taking the liberty of inviting herself to lunch (no phone call was made) and having the crew dirty-up the kitchen preparing it, or is she just planning on getting lunch in their district? Im sure its the latter because there are so many excellent food choices in 64s district. Too bad for the Battalion 13 chiefs that 79s went to Battalion 6, because they were a sure thing for battalion at lunchtime. As I mentioned earlier, theres always the phone call around 7:30 in the morning, followed by the announcement on the P.A. which usually sounds similar to, Apparatus and #, you have a _____ . Please be on the road in 5 minutes! Apparently, Fire Station 64 recently received this call at 7:30 am from Battalion telling them that E 264 was to go NAV and the inside member was to take the Plug Buggy and do a BATTALION wide bottle run. What happened to the sister station concept? I guess now that there are seven stations in the Battalion, they couldnt figure out how to make it work. Oh and did I mention that Battalion made it extremely clear that the Pump was not to be manned and the engineer was to ride on the Truck as the inside member. This seems like a recipe for disaster. Engine 64 had just gotten

back from an AM move-up and was amidst a cluster of EMS runs, when the stars aligned and TRUCK 64 was dispatched to an auto fire on the freeway with comments of a person trapped. Engine 57 was sent along with them, but it would take a few minutes extra for them to get there. Spotting the loom-up, the truck hustled to the run hoping to keep the fire at bay with an array of extinguishers, proper PPEs, and the hope that a triple (who do have water carrying and discharging capabilities) would show up on scene soon! Luckily when they arrived, there wasnt anybody trapped, but unfortunately the auto met an untimely demise. Im sure it seemed odd for the members on the truck to show up at an auto fire and just stand there watching it burn while they couldnt do a thing about it. The department somehow got away with another near miss, but I wouldnt want to be the one to explain to the family members how we didnt send the closest water carrying unit because it was shut down for a BATTALION bottle run . . . Just sayin. This next story comes out of 65s. An out-of- house SOD member was working on RA 65 and was ready for a nice day of R+R when a run finally came in for the rescue. Turns out the run called for the Heavy Lift Gurney, so one of the normally assigned members jumped on the rescue and sent the SOD guy to the engine. Now that the SOD guy had no run to go on, he decided to head to the kitchen to see if he could help out with lunch preparation. As perfect timing would have it, just as the cook finished explaining what was needed to make the entire lunch, he received an important phone call that he had to take. Our hero was left in the kitchen assisting with lunch by himself. Twenty minutes go by, 30 minutes, and nobody can be found. Finally he finished preparing the meal and went into the front office and found the original cook taking care of some important office work, which included

taking personal phone calls and monitoring the TV; moreover, one of the regularly assigned members came in the kitchen and sat down at the table with the morning paper and didnt even ask the out-of-house-lunch-making-member if he needed any help. Must be part of his study program for the next captains test. Leadership by example . . . Over at 57s, one of the members was up to cook. Being assigned to a busy triple means that you really have to be a master of multi-tasking and time management. Luckily this member decided to take some worry out of his busy work day and went shopping off duty. When he came home and unpacked his home groceries, his wife saw what he was going to prepare for lunch the following day and decided that it looked good for dinner. Not wanting to shortchange the crew, but also wanting to make his wife happy, this member was caught in a real pickle. He decided to call his most trusted confidant and friend, his RA 257 partner. The partner gave the go-ahead and promised to keep it just between us. As they were putting away the groceries next morning at the station, the crew noticed that the bag of frozen meatballs was not only open, but also a little light. Nothing was said until 06:30 the following morning when the trusted partner could no longer hold it in. Oh well. Hey Cookie, your wife owes $5 for lunch. This multi-tasking chef is also an avid handball player and recently competed and did well in this last singles tournament. Recently, a C shifter, who has only played a few times, was looking to improve his game and asked this salty veteran of the court to show him a few things. The handball vet gladly accepts, gets suited up in his newly acquired tournament shirt and shorts, and takes the handball rookie to the court. Three games later, the vet comes out of the court with his head on the floor and his tail between his legs and apparently for the first
truck 66 memBers cleaninG up aFter a Fire 5146 s victoria ave on FeBruary 2, 2012. photo By yvonne GriFFin, epn


April 2012 17

time ever - SPEECHLESS! Nice work Susca on your victory after only your 4th time playing! Its ok J.J., keep practicing and your crew doesnt mind if your wife counts in for lunch. This last gem comes out of 64s. Earlier in the day, RA 64 had transported to Centinela, transferred the patient and was just about to clear when RA 79 was dispatched to a run in 64s district. RA 79 let OCD know that RA 64 was available, and OCD in-turn dispatched RA 64 from Inglewood to a run in 64s district. No big deal, happens all the time. Fast forward to 2:30 am. RA 64 was dispatched to 79s district and on the way to the run, they happened to notice that RA 79 was available and let OCD know that. Since karma is . . . well karma, OCD sent RA 79 on the run in their own district and RA 64 back home. But not before OCD sent a message to 64s over the MDT that said, If you hadnt rolled over and gone back to sleep, you wouldve been there by now! I thought the MDTs were supposed to be used for professional communications only! I guess it is true that some members from OCD may have forgotten what its like to hit the pavement each and every day. Oh and as for 79s, sorry Hans but even though youre now in Battalion 6, you still have to come up to 64s when both of their rescues are out. Well, thats all Ive got. Remember to stay safe and keep taking care of one another! . . . and remember, 2+2 makes sense, play nice, stay marginal, know your audience, and get a cool nickname! Keep sending in your stories to: wattsfire@gmail.com

enGine 64 takes care oF an auto at 94th street and Flower on march 4, 2012. photo By tod sudmeier, epn.

enGine 33 tackles an auto at 83rd street and central ave on FeBruary 17, 2012. photo By tod sudmeier, epn.

enGine 60 Gets an auto Fire at oxnard st laurel canyon on FeBruary 1, 2012. photo By mike meadows, epn


18 April 2012

First things first. For the retirees, a little explanation of the Pool. Once upon a time, there were just firefighter pool positions. However, with the new closures and redeployment, the pools are in all ranks (but naturally, not the paramedics). Some ranks suffer more than others, mainly the poor A/Os. Instead of a seniority based reshuffle, it is like spending a weekend in Vegas to see if you were suddenly in a pool. The members that had a resource shut down were automatically in a pool. However, if you were not affected by a closure, you may suddenly find yourself sharing a pool spot with a displaced member. Some shifts and stations remained unaffected, others become ridden with pool spots in all ranks and shifts. Therefore, you have stations with tight crews (ranked members with 30+ years) that are suddenly dealing with the pool uncertainty. It is just not the guys with a year and a day anymore. However, the SOD has been slowly creeping back. There have even been days in which ranked members have worked down. There have been No new hires, and people finishing up DROP have been creating more vacancies. All except the poor A/Os. Not as plentiful or retiring like engineers, they dont have the sick time to burn like Captain IIs. They have to scrounge for a SOD day or even not be placed at all, and end up running errands for the chief. Good luck guys, hang in there. Start studying or think about jumping ship and pumping some water (?). Time for some rumors. Actually, not much dirt out there, but just a little reshuffle. The long awaited who will they shut down is here. Well 87s got their wish and there will, in fact, be an RA 18. That infamous, supposedly PhotoShopped pic of RA 18 can once again be the screen saver at 18s. Now its time to watch the scramble at 103s. This time, they will not get much sympathy and be able to stop it like the last time. 28s can say so long to the HEOs which will be moving to 109s. Its a shame the department couldnt do this the first time around and avoid having the guys lose their spots at 28s. Thats all I got. Unless I hear otherwise. Feels free to email some stories. LAFDBatt15@gmail.com

and relatives, Jeff walked in and didnt even notice a table of 25 people there to celebrate and thank him for allowing us to work with him all those years. A very humble man, Jeff was totally surprised and overwhelmed at the situation. He thought he would be able to just walk away from the job unnoticed. UFLAC VP Frank Lima was there to present Jeff with a beautiful plaque and Jeffs last Captain, John Virant, presented Jeff with his retirement badge. A retirement dinner fit for a great guy, it was filled with good food, adult beverages and a few funny stories. Best of health and longevity to you and your family Jeff!! Hows that golf game coming with all that free time now?

Welcome Julianna Christine Fernandez, daughter of Jay Fernandez (70-A) and Catrina Sprague. She was born on January 26, 2012, weighed 7lbs - 14oz. and 21 long. On Feb 9th, 2012, recently retired Engineer Jeff Simon (107-C), unknowingly would be attending his own retirement dinner. With careful planning, Jeffs friend Eric Dillon, his former relief Michael Caro, and Jeffs wife Christine were able to keep the event a secret. The dinner was held at Masa Sushi in Camarillo. Attended by a close group of friends

on FeBruary 14, 2012,

companies From

responded to a vehicle vs a tree in

Battalion 15 sylmar.

photo By rick mcclure, captain, ocd-c

April 2012 19

104s and 73s handled an auto into a structure on FeBruary 25, 2012. photo By Juan Guerra, epn JuanGuerra.smuGmuG.com

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visit: www.LAFrA.org

mail: p.o. Box 41903 Los Angeles CA 90041

phone: (800) 244-3439

20 April 2012

April 2012 21

n February 22, 2012 the fiftieth anniversary of Fireboat 4 marked an important milestone here at the Port of Los Angeles. Her purring engines and shiny decks make it difficult to believe she has been gracing our waters with her presence for five decades. Ready at a moments notice to spring into action, she was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of her assignment here at the Port. The Los Angeles Harbor boasts a bustling commercial industry of huge proportion along with extensive recreational and residential areas. Fishing, working, and passenger ships use their assigned terminals here. Pleasure boat marinas, wharfs, and ecological preserves offer visitors some fun in the sun, while commercial production plants hum along close by. The obvious diversity here creates a unique challenge in keeping people and property safe. We have been privileged to have Fire Boat 4 on our team as we continuously strive to provide superior support and protection to the Port of Los Angeles. Join us as we celebrate this extraordinary vessel and her 50 years of service to the Port of Los Angeles! Past and present crew members of Fire Boat 4 will be on hand on Fire Service Day, May 12, 2012. Bring your family and friends for a tour and boat ride aboard a true piece of Los Angeles history. For further information please contact Fire Station 49 at (310) 548-7549.

50t Anniversary Celebrat h ion

Fire Boat 4
Since 1962 Serving the Port of Los Angeles

Fire Service Day Saturday May 12, 2012

Bannings Landing 100 E. Water Street Wilmington, CA 90744 10 am- 4 pm Retired Members Reunion 11am Camaraderie, Food, Drinks & Memories For Additional Information & RSVPS

Fire Station 49 - (310) 548-7549

22 April 2012

On the evenin of December 3, 2011, there was a gatherin of alumni from Fire Station 10 and 14 at the AT&T buildin. This is the high rise buildin just north of 10s, which was known years ago as the TransAmerica buildin. Back in 1976, Fire Station 10 was dispatched to a reported fire in this buildin and as they cleared the front apron they immediately looked up and saw fire comin from several of the upper floors. Due in large part to this fire, the Department developed our High Rise firefightin procedures. Alright, enough about ancient history. Captain Jerry Bedoya, FS 10-C and Captain Mike Overholser, FS 14-C decided it would be fun to get current and former members of 10s and 14s together for a Christmas party. Their efforts paid off because it was a great party, with 117 guests in attendance. I saw quite a few retired guys and many current members from both assignments. The view of the City from the top floor was also spectacular, especially if you appreciate the L.A. freeway system! A big Thank You to June Butler, whos the General Manager of the buildin. She was very gracious and arranged free parkin for all guests as well as securin the Room at the Top for this event. By the way, after all was said and done, there was an $800 surplus of cold hard cash which was donated to the Widows & Orphans Fund. Thanks again to Jerry Bedoya and Mike Overholser for your time and efforts in puttin this party together. I understand this may be an annual event, so keep a look out for information on next years Christmas Party. Hey, maybe you guys from Montana and Colorado will join us next year and witness the beautiful sights of Los Angeles for yourselves! I was standin in line at my favorite hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop the other day and noticed a young couple in front of me. After observin several minutes of passionate kissin and huggin, I assumed they werent married.

And when the guy paid for his sandwich and left his girl friend to pay for her own, that pretty much solidified my marriage theory. I can still remember datin my wife and the times we went to Bobs Big Boy and Tiny Naylors for dinner. I always paid. Geez, imagine the money I would have saved if the womans movement would have come along sooner! Then theres this: Watchin everyone playin on their Smart Phones and never speakin a word to one another. Only the sound of thumbs glidin across the keyboard. I dont get it. Hey, maybe if I start wearin my pants around my knee caps this New Age stuff will all make sense to me!

CoWBoY huMor A man and his ever-naggin wife went on vacation to Jerusalem. While they were there the wife passed away. The undertaker told the husband, You can have her buried here in the Holy Land for $150 or we can have her shipped back home for $5000. The husband thought about it and told the undertaker he would have her shipped back home. The undertaker asked him, Why would you spend $5000 to have her shipped home when you could have a beautiful burial here and it would only cost $150? The husband replied, Long ago a man died here, was buried here and three days later, rose from the dead. I just cant take that chance! KEEP SMILIN! A/C choppedup@att.net

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April 2012 23

Wednesday, May 16th - Sunday, May 20th, 2012

The Scheduled Activities Include:
- Golf Tournament - Pot Luck Dinner - Social Hour & Catered Barbecue

riend, d! ell a F Frien T a Bring

- Check-In & Reacquaintance

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 Thursday, May 17th, 2012

- Golf Tournament at 9:00 am Coyote Run Golf Course, $50 per golfer - Ice Cream Social

Friday, May 18th, 2012

- Potluck Dinner at 4:00 pm - Social Hour hosted by Relief/Credit Union

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

- Catered Barbecue at 2:00 pm - $30 per person

LOTS of RV Spots Available!

Present at the event:

(44 full hook ups and 100 water & electrical only), two dump stations, shower and toilet facilities.

Juan Albarran, LAFRA Vice President (323) 259-5202 email: jalbarran@lafra.org

24 April 2012

$30 Per Night, Per Vehicle Full Hookups
Name: Address: Phone:
Staying at:

$26 for Water & Electricity

Spouse: City:

$22 for Dry Camping

State: Email:


Hotel/Motel RV at Fairgrounds


Number in Party

Any RVers coming in before May 16th or staying after May 19th will need to make their own arrangements with the fairgrounds RV Oce.

$30 per person
( included)

Call RV Oce at (530) 273-6217 for more information.

USDA Ball Tip Roast & Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast Vegetarian Entree upon request - P L EA S E O R D E R A H EA D. Tossed Green Salad Garlic Bread Toms Ranch Beans Beverages Vegetables Dessert

MAIL TO ATTN: LAFRA/GRASS VALLEY, 815 Colorado Blvd. - 4th Floor, Los Angeles CA 90041
All reservations are on a rst come rst serve basis.


THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2012 - 9 AM
Name (Male): (As it appears on your Drivers License)
Drivers License #: State:

Cost $50.00 per golfer. Fee includes cart, green fees, sleeve of golf balls & lunch. Scramble Format.
Index: Index:

Coyote Run Golf Course (Beale AFB)

Handicap: Handicap:

Name (Female):(As it appears on your Drivers License)

Drivers License #:

I would like to play with:

Phone Number:

MAIL THIS PORTION OF THE FORM & CHECK PAYABLE TO: Ted Bailie - 13920 Strawberry Circle, Penn April 2012 95946 Valley CA 25

26 April 2012

More on equipMent
tether - A tether can consist of either a nylon strap or line (i.e., 5/16) of any length between 10 and 50 feet, and can be used for multiple purposes. Depending on the environment, number of search personnel, area to be searched and other similar conditions, it can be advantageous to tether multiple personnel during search operations. The combination of hot, smoky environments, lack of visibility, multiple personnel, demanding time constraints, and a lack of familiarity with search operations can provide the necessary ingredients for search personnel becoming separated, lost, or not being able to conduct an effective search operation. A nylon strap or line can be effectively utilized to provide the ability to search larger areas and maintain positive contact between search personnel and/ or the main search line during a difficult or hazardous search operation. A tether can also be effectively used to maintain control of an inward opening door (when opening into a hot, contaminated environment), maintain contact with a door when searching behind or around the general area behind a door, and other similar general purpose operations. An effective tether can be made from a piece of 12-foot nylon 1-inch tubular webbing that can also be attached together at the ends (carabiners, Velcro, etc) to result in a loop of 10-feet to any desired length. Lights - Each team member should have at least one good flashlight (and two is recommended), and the brighter the better. Many firefighters have one flashlight that is carried by hand and one flashlight that is attached to a helmet. A light allows personnel to see and be seen (by victims or other personnel inside the structure). In atmospheres with limited visibility, a light (strobe, quartz, etc) should be placed at the bottom and side of the entrance used by search personnel. This light can aid in identification (and act as a quick reference point) to locate an exit opening from the interior of a building. Knife - When using straps or lines for contact between personnel or to expand the area being searched, the availability of a knife may be necessary to cut an entangled line or strap. Wire Cutters - Due to the widespread use of dropped or hung ceilings, particularly in commercial buildings, wire cutters can be the only handy tool that can free a firefighter that inadvertently becomes entangled in these wires. Chalk - Can be used to mark doors to indicate the rooms that are being searched, or have been searched.

Secondary phase The secondary phase focuses on the thorough and complete examination of area(s) to be searched, which often includes the entire fire structure and may also include the exterior perimeter of a building. The emphasis in this search is the ability to guarantee there are no victims in the fire structure (or at the incident). If possible, do not use primary search personnel to conduct a secondary search. It is important to use a different perspective for this search operation as the primary team will tend to search the same areas again. In all cases, the completion of a primary or secondary search must be reported to the incident commander in a timely manner.

SeArCh StrAtegieS
Search operations are comprised of two phases that can be accomplished simultaneously or separately as follows: primary phase This phase focuses on speed and minimal time limitations to accomplish a quick search of the general area to be searched. This can be accomplished by an attack team advancing a hose line or by a designated search team. The emphasis is on a rapid advance into the area(s) to be searched in conjunction with a quick traverse around the perimeter and/or quick probing in areas where victims might be found.

April 2012 27


Photos by Rick McClure, LAFD and Mike Meadows, EPN Info by Erik Scott, PSO

More than 125 firefighters extinguished an enormous fire in a 150 x 100 one-story strip mall on Van Nuys Blvd. in less than two hours just after 5:00 pm on February 15, 2012. The structure was of older construction with a conventional roof, parapet, and a common attic space. The open area under the roof allowed fire to rapidly spread across the tops of three businesses before hitting large division walls, halting the advancement of the flames. Shortly into the extended battle, engine firefighters switched into a defensive attack, while truck companies finished cutting holes on the roof. Fire blew through the roof forcing these firefighters to rapidly exit. Two firefighters received minor injuries and were transported to local hospitals in fair condition.

28 April 2012

April 2012 29

Photos by Mike Meadows, EPN and Rick McClure, LAFD Info by Matt Spence, PSO

30 April 2012

Gun-shots resulted in multiple victims, a Major Emergency Structure Fire and two deaths on February 16, 2012. LAPD officers, accompanied by Los Angeles firefighters, responded to a reported shooting at 517 North Harvard Boulevard. Officers and firefighters extracted three victims from the residence before discovering a quickly developing fire at the rear of the structure. Adding to the chaos were reports that the shooter was still in the residence and may have been holding one additional victim. With Firefighters unable make an interior fire-attack and untenable conditions in the structure eliminating the probability of survival, it was determined the best course of action was to let the fire burn itself out. Full-extinguishment came 2 hours and 30 minutes later. Unfortunately, the discovery of two bodies also came, by way of our LAFD Cadaver Search Dog and its handler. They were aided by two others canines from Ventura County Fire. One of the bodies is believed to have been the shooter, of unknown age.

April 2012 31

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32 April 2012

Make A Difference
The Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund is a one-of-kind charity ready to help you and your loved ones in times of unexpected crisis. It is here for you thanks to our kind donorsmore than half are re ghters themselves. One of the easiest ways to give is to include a charitable contribution in your will or trust. By pledging now and paying later, it is extremely a ordable. More important, your gift will help someone in need and make a huge di erence in their lives. We invite you to join this special group of donors, committed to supporting your Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund, by leaving a planned gift.
Marlene Casillas, Development & Marketing Director, at

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For information call

(323) 259-5217 or email me at MCasillas@LAFRA.org 33 April 2012

ohn E. Squire, 68, of Newbury Park, passed away peacefully at home on Saturday evening, January 21, 2012, with his family by his side. He had courageously battled pancreatic cancer for four months. John was born on October 29, 1943 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and moved to Los Angeles with his mother and brother as a young boy. He attended Franklin High School in Los Angeles where he met the love of his life, Patricia. After graduating from Franklin at seventeen, he joined the United States Marine Corps and proudly served our great country. He was always proud to have been a former Marine, no ex-Marines you know, and ew the American ag high in his front yard rose garden. After his service in the Marine Corps,

he worked various jobs until he joined the Los Angeles City Fire Department in July 1965. To put it simply, he loved being a reman. He loved the job and the outstanding men and women he worked with. He worked a variety of assignments and ranks until he nally retired as a Battalion Chief in January 2002. After his retirement, he continued his passion for the re service by working as an Associate Professor of Fire Science at Oxnard College. He loved working with the outstanding instructors at the college and had a true desire to teach the tools of the trade to the next generation of reghters. John was a wonderful and seless husband, devoted father, and a kind and caring grandfather. His family was the most important

part of his life right down to his pal, Buddy, the Labrador retriever. He loved to sh, especially on the ocean. He spent countless days on the water and was happiest on local trips out of Ventura or Oxnard. He also counted the days to his annual trip to the Sea of Cortez with his sons, best friend and brother-in-law, Mike Taylor, and other reman buddies. He also had a true love of the desert, especially the Colorado River and his many Laughlin runs. He is preceded in death by his father, Arthur and mother, Sylvia. He is survived by his loving wife, Patricia; brother, David; sons, Matthew and Andrew; daughter, Rebecca; daughterin-law, Lynn, and grandsons, Garrett and Robert. -Matt Squire

34 April 2012

hat else can possibly be written about John Squire that would tell anyone reading this, what a great person he was? What was there about him that set him apart from the rest? Why was it such a shock to hear of his illness? Most of us thought that tough old Marine would outlast all of us. He was a teacher, a problem solver, and a friend. As a teacher, he taught his firefighters to be safe and to know their job and duties. As a problem solver he taught us to use our brain to figure things out. As a friend he taught us to always be there for someone in need. He taught us all about dedication and love for the job. His last days were spent spending quality time with family and friends. His death was sudden, but his life was not faint. He knew he lived a good life and it was time for his new journey to begin. His memory will always be with us, and his legacy will continue through the men and women of LAFD that he taught and mentored. John would smile if he were here with us today. He would have some funny story to tell to make everyone comfortable, and we would for a moment forget our sadness. I will miss my friend dearly, but I am so grateful for having known him. Those who knew him will never forget John Squire. He taught us so much about firefighting, about life and about being a good and righteous person. Those that were lucky enough to have known and worked with him will continue to pattern their lives from his teachings. He is gone physically from this world, but his memory will live on forever in the hearts and minds of those he touched. May God bless you John. -Fred Lopez, Captain, LAFD retired

memorial service that honored the life of John was held Sunday, February 12, 2012 at the LAFD Museum and was coordinated with the Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association. Donations in his name may be made to the Widows, Orphans, and Disabled Firemens Fund at the Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association, the Wounded Warrior Project, or St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital.

April 2012 35

By thomas yost, captain, Fs 88-c

you call in at least every two.weeks, and/or after each doctors appointment. However we also have a two-week call list to check up on those of you off ID to make sure you are being taken care of, if you dont remember to call us. If you are having any problems, call ussooner rather than later. We have a list of phone numbers for each Tristar adjuster, including supervisors and branch managers and know whom to call to solve most issues. We can usually fix the problem if we are notified that one exists. One of the myths we hear all the time is that MLU places members on Light Duty. Wrong! Only the doctor can place you on Light Duty. We just follow up on the Duty Status shown on the Doctors Report and find a place for you to work. The other struggle we have is when a member is placed on Light Duty and believes they are unable to drive to their Light Duty spot. The Mayor has stated that we can live wherever we like, unlike years ago when a Los Angeles City firefighter had residency requirements and had to live within the City boundaries. However, how we get to our work place is up to us. If your right arm is in a sling and all you have is a stick shift, and you cant get a ride, you need be responsible to either find another way into work or use our own compensated time off: TS, VC, etc. Look at it another way a member lives in Idaho, and all the airports are closed due to snow, making it impossible for the member to get into work the next shift. What kind of time do they use to be off? They have to use their own time to take care of those shifts. So, call us. If you have problems or questions, we can usually help.

hy are you scared of the MLU? Although we are all captains here, every one of us has been through the work comp system. Among the group of us here we have had three bum knees: meniscus tear, micro fracture, total knee replacement, three shoulder surgeries, and epidurals for backs. A couple of us have even survived cancers from minor to serious. So, We feel your pain. Until I showed up here for Light Duty, I didnt have a clue about what happens here. Now I know better. Our goal here is to get the immediate care you need and make the recovery process smoother. But we cant do this unless you call the MLU office. We can initiate your care, help follow-up to get routine procedures certified, and provide a liaison between you and your adjuster. We ask that

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36 April 2012

arthur J. david, enGineer. Appointed May 29, 1951. Retired on a service pension November 01, 1977 from FS 90-B. Passed away February 01, 2012. rosario J. aBBate, Fireman. Appointed January 29, 1959. Retired on a disability pension March 25, 1979 from FS 59-A. Passed away February 04, 2012. donald l. carter, helicopter pilot iv. Appointed February 20, 1960. Retired on a service pension May 01, 2007 from FS 114-B. Passed away February 07, 2012. John-ted e. townsend, Fireman. Appointed April 01, 1957. Retired on a disability pension October 01, 1963 from FS 88. Passed away February 09, 2012. carl a. latham, FireFiGhter ii. Appointed January 17, 1951. Retired on a service pension March 01, 1973 from FS 93-A. Passed away February 16, 2012. mack e. stevens, captain. Appointed September 07, 1942. Retired on a service pension January 19, 1963 from FS 31-B. Passed away February 18, 2012. wilFord J. knapp, enGineer. Appointed July 11, 1949. Retired on a service pension June 30, 1979 from Batt 80. Passed away March 05, 2012.


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visit: www.LAFrA.org

mail: p.o. Box 41903 Los Angeles CA 90041

phone: (800) 244-3439

April 2012 37

CreateyourmemberloginANDsubscribetothe MembersNewsletteratLAFRA.organdyouwill automaticallybeenteredintothedrawing.

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Lori Harris, who won an Xbox Kinect during our onlinesignupdrive.Hernamewasrandomlydrawn fromthosewhocreatedaloginatLAFRA.org.
38 April 2012

Dear Andy, I was saddened to receive the word of Donald L. carters passing today. Don and I were classmates in the February 1960 Rookie class at Drill Tower 89. I best knew Don as a pilot, as I have flown with him as air recon number of times during brush fires. I also used him in my prescription burning operations many times over the years when I was the Vegetation Management Coordinator. He could always be counted to hit the mark in these operations. Please accept the enclosed donation to the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund in his name. Sincerely, Bob MacMillan, Batt 14-C, retired Lake Havasu City, AZ Dear Andy Sorry it has taken so long to write this note of thanks for all the work you did in making Bernard Subkoskis memorial service so wonderful. We have had many compliments on how nice and appropriate everything was. You and the Association deserve a big thank you. I would like the Relief Association to accept the enclosed as a personal thank you from me and my wife Pat. Barne was a great friend and will be sorely missed. Sincerely, Rudy Bolliger Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Send your letters & comments to the editor at: editor@lafra.org

to: ers r at le dito org . nd E Se FRA lafra LA tor@ i ed

Dear John and our LAFrA Family, How can we begin to thank you for all the love and support you have given our family over this past, difficult year? We are so grateful for everything you have done and continue to do for us. Our road would have been much harder and at times impossible to travel without your help. Thank you also for the lovely floral spray you sent to mark the anniversary of Glenns passing. It reminded us all that we are never alone and help is only a phone call away. With grateful hearts, Melanie Allen, Brandon, Rebecca and Nathaniel McPhie North Hills, CA Dear LAFrA, Thank you all so much for all the help you have extended to us over the past months. I knew I was in good hands when Doak Smith showed up to help with anything we needed. John was so proud of being an L.A. City Fireman and always told me that they would be there to help and you were. The memorial for John on the 12th was amazing and the love we felt from everyone will be with us always. A special thanks to the LAFD chaplain and Jim Dolan, Andy Kuljis, Frank Borden, Doak Smith, Jim Finn and Mike Ketaily. Words cannot convey the feelings of appreciation and love we have for all of you. Thank you to everyone who came to the memorial. John had to be smiling that morning knowing so many people cared. We will never forget it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, Pat Squire Matthew, Becky, Andy, Lynn and Garrett, and Robert Squire Newbury Park, CA

Dear John: I wish to put this in the Widows and Orphans Fund in the memory of John Squire. To me he represented what most firefighters love in a leader and comrade. He worked for me some years ago and I thought highly of him. Sad day indeed when I saw his name of passing on. Sincerely, John Adams Camarillo, CA to WoDFF Please accept this donation in memory of John E. Squire and Bruce A. Beal. Two great firemen from old 27s. Good times! Yours truly, Al Barrios, LAFD retired Moorpark, CA Dear Sirs: Enclosed please find a check for the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund in memory of John Squire, recently deceased. We feel that this is the best way to honor such a wonderful firefighter and human being. Sincerely, Stephen J. Engh Camarillo, CA

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April 2012 39
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A portion of fire-related jewelry profits donated to the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund.

40 April 2012

LOn RObERtS, Captain II FS 90-A SAtuRDAy, APRIL 21, 2012 LAFD Air Operations 16617 Arminta Ave Van Nuys, CA 91406 Luncheon: 12:00 PM Menu: Taco Bar $25, includes tax, tip & gift Call Fire Station 90 Grapevine (818) 787-6380 RObERt S. bOb HOLLOwAy, Captain I tHuRSDAy, APRIL 12, 2012 Kyoto Grand Hotel 120 S Los Angeles St Los Angeles, CA 90012 Social Hour: 5:00 PM Dinner: 6:00 PM Menu: TBD $65, includes tax, tip & gift Call Robert Franz (805) 795-9636 or Tanzi Cole (213) 978-3570 RODOLFO RuDy MARtInEZ, Inspector - FPB SAtuRDAy, APRIL 28, 2012 Friendship Auditorium 3201 Riverside Drive Los Angeles, CA 90027 Social Hour: 6:00 PM Dinner: 7:00 PM Program: 8:00 PM Dance: 9PM-12AM Menu: Mexican Dinner - NO COST - No Host Bar! Call Dolores Martinez (323) 343-1158 or Rene Ramirez (213) 482-6903 FRED A. LOPEZ, Captain II SunDAy, APRIL 29, 2012 Sportsmens Lodge 12833 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 Social Hour: 11:00 AM Lunch: 12:00 PM Menu: Chicken Breast in lemon herb caper sauce or grilled salmon $40, includes tax, tip & gift Call FS 28 by April 27th - (818) 368-3568 GARRy bInG tHE DuDE InGHAM, Firefighter FS 99-C SAtuRDAy, APRIL 28, 2012 94th Aero Squadron 16320 Raymer Street Van Nuys, CA 91406 Social Hour: 6:00 PM Dinner: 7:00 PM Menu: Buffet - $25, includes tax, tip & gift Call Jeremy Ingham (661) 400-2004 or email: jnjingham@aol.com RSVP by April 20, 2012

LuIS JARAMILLO, A/O Inspector SAtuRDAy, MAy 05, 2012 courtyard by Marriott 700 Huntington Drive Monrovia, CA 91016 Social Hour: 6:00 PM Dinner: 7:00 PM Menu: Petite Filet & Chicken Marsala $45, includes dinner, tip & gift - ($50 at the door) Call Gloria or Andy - (213) 978-3560 - RSVP by April 18, 2012

wAynE nAK nAKAMuRA, Engineer, FS 89-A wEDnESDAy, MAy 23, 2012 Sportsmens Lodge 12833 Ventura Blvd Studio City, CA 91604 Social Hour: 6:00 PM Dinner: 7:00 PM Menu: Chicken, Tri-Tip or Vegetable Lasagna $50, includes tax, tip & gift Call FS 89 by May 15th - (818) 756-8689 traditional Firemans Dinner RIcHARD REScuE RIcK MccLuRE, OCD, C-Platoon wEDnESDAy, MAy 30, 2012 castaway 1250 East Harvard Road Burbank, CA 91501 Social Hour: 6:00 PM Dinner: 7:00 PM Menu: Chicken Marsala, Prime Rib or Portobello Mushroom $65, includes tax, tip & gift Call Natalie Goshi @ OCD (213) 485-6009 - RSVP by May 18, 2012

cHucK cuRREy, FF/PM, FS 99-B FRIDAy, MAy 11, 2012 Altadena town & country club 2290 Country Club Drive Altadena, CA 91001 Social Hour: 6:00 PM Dinner: 7:00 PM Menu: Chicken or Steak $50, includes tax, tip & gift Call FS 99 - (818) 981-6379 - Spouses are cordially invited

April 2012 41

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42 April 2012

By craiG Fletcher, captain retired, Fs 109-c photos By FF/pm chris wan, Fs 55-B
t wasnt your typical Sunday afternoon at Fire Station 109. It was a very special occasion for Allen Bart that included his family, current and past station members, and a lot of old retirees. They came to bid congratulations for his last shift after 35 years of service to the Fire Department. Now the delicious BBQ tri-tips and chicken may have been part of the reason for the excellent turnout, but I think Allen was the real draw. Allen was destined to be a 30 year engineer. At age 15 he was working in his fathers auto repair shop in Van Nuys. He married his wife Tina in 1973 and joined the LAFD in 1977. He probably never told too many people inside the LAFD but he continued to work part time for his father until 1987. Al has two sons who have followed in his footsteps. Matthew has 10 years with the LAFD and is an engineer at 72s. Kevin just promoted to engineer with Ventura County in his 7th year. Al and Tina have four grandchildren, with one more due in May. Allen is a very busy and devoted son, dad, grandfather, and husband. Now that Allen will be retired and not be seeing much of the dreaded 405 any longer, Gov. Jerry Brown sent him a little gift to remember the most congested strip of roadway in all of America. In 25 years at 109s, Al has driven over the Mulholland Bridge 1000s of times. In commemoration, the Governor sent Allen a two pound chunk of concrete from the demolished Mulholland Bridge. It will look nice on his mantel at home, a memory of the countless hours spent on the 405 Freeway. Next, I was privileged to present Allen with his Personal Record Book. Dave Wagner bestowed the Retirement Badge provided by the Relief Association, and an emotional Fernando de Los Cobos presented the Station Gift. Due to budget cuts (seriously) the City failed to provide a 35 year pin or a City Council resolution. Finally, Allens sons Matthew and Kevin presented their dad with a beautiful plaque with a beautiful polished 4 way-valve, the Department Badge and a LAFD Engineer Helmet. After the presentation, each son spoke of there great relationship with their father; how he set such a great example for them to follow, and how they both were thankful of his commitment to there mom and family. Allen was a bit overwhelmed by all the events so far, but took the floor after all the others. He isnt the type who is at all flashy or wants special attention. He gathered his thoughts and thanked all in attendance. He gave a special thanks to his family and station personnel who helped prepare the food and tables. He took a small opportunity to pay special tribute for those who, while on his watch, have passed on but are not forgotten. He told a few firehouse tales but he chose to go into detail about an incident he responded to 20 years ago. It was a multi-casualty in the Sepulveda Pass where a head on collision had occurred. He recalled how most emergency personnel on-scene were concentrated on the severely injured. But he remembers finding an infant strapped in a car seat that everyone else had overlooked. Allen wondered to all present what ever became of the child? Thats the Fire Bizz. Al then switched to a little lighter conversation. He was surprised that no one had said anything but pure positives about his career, so he like the great engineer he is, he shifted gears and roasted himself. He recalled a few incidents that didnt go quite so well, like the time he lost the rigs oil plug and remained NAV over two hours for an oil change. And the time that he was responsible for a 63 Crown that was accidently filled with diesel fuel. In addition to being a great engineer, Allen is a person who maintains his physical condition like no other of his age and even better than most men years younger. He has in the last 10 years become quite an accomplished mountaineer. Im not talking about the little hills around Los Angeles. Were talking Mt. Rainier in Washington, 20,000 peaks in Ecuador, and Aconcagua, the highest in South America at almost 23,000. He attempted Denali in Alaska last year, and he and Chuck Bucher will once again try to reach the summit of North America in May. It was my pleasure to have worked alongside Allen for the 17 years he was my engineer. Any captain would be lucky to have such a quality engineer and person on his crew. Our manuals describe the duties and responsibilities of an engineer. If they ever put pictures next to the description, his would be an excellent choice. Congratulations to Engineer Allen Bart, and wife Tina, for 35 great years of service. You made quite an impression on everyone who had the honor to work with you, especially me. Enjoy your free time now, as you still have many, many mountains to climb.

April 2012 43

The LAFD Boat & Ski Club would like to invite our LAFD Families interested in making some long lasting memories to join us at this years event.

44 April 2012

ell, the time has come to say farewell to another big name in the LAFD family. On January 20, 2012, family and friends gathered together at The Odyssey Restaurant to celebrate the ending of a career and beginning of a new chapter for Captain I Marv Williams, 21-B Platoon. After a lot of hard work, sweat and tears from Capt I Tony Campos, the dinner went off without a glitch with the exception of having to get someone to go back to 21s to pick up the Retirement Axe 40 minutes before the event. At last count, I believe we finished off with approximately 120 guests. Tables were still being rolled in for the extra large turnout but everyone finally got a seat. Our own Department Chaplain, Battalion One Chief Greg Gibson began the gathering with a saying of Grace and a warm blessing for all attending. I was fortunate and honored to be able to M/C the dinner and chose to start off the with a slide presentation. The guests were entertained by a 60-40, truth-rumor walk down memory lane of Marvs career. Never letting the truth get in the way of a good story, we went from Marv making new bonds with his classmate Blackie to the everlasting blue exercise shorts. After the good laughs came the amazing food (Im assuming it was good, considering certain members with the initials Mike Fortini werent shy going back in for 2nd and 3rds of

dinner and desserts). As the dinner portion was coming to an end, one of Marvs daughters, Shawna Williams, made a surprise and touching speech about her memories of her dad through his long career and never forgetting to be a dad first. The presentations of the Retirement Axe, Badge, City Certificate and Service Pin went well. The presenters: Adam Knabe, Jeff Cawdrey and Bob Dunivin all had amusing stories of Marv from his argumentative side, choice of exercise wear, napping abilities and eating habits that usually ended in the same infamous phrase, Oh, my stomach. I shouldnt have eaten that much. - but never gaining a pound in his 35 year career. The winner, at least I think, was the presentation of Marvs PRB by his Capt II Brett Merrell. Covering his amazing career from firehouses, rig certifications, training and an impressive minimum number of days off due to illness or injury (11), Brett finished off the presentation with Marvs three golden rules for becoming a successful firefighter. (1)Work aggressive but smart. (2) Never get a perm. And (3) Never, ever under any circumstances . . . Well, if you want to know the third, call Marv or FS 21-B. All the boys from the RIDE FOR 9/11 made an impressive showing and presentation with a slide show of their adventures as well as having Marvs jersey beautifully incased.

The original thought of the dinner was to not make it a traditional retirement dinner but more of a party. So the idea of having a DJ till midnight was agreed upon. FF Cody Weireter who did a fabulous job and not by any fault of his own didnt really get the chance to show off all his abilities. It seemed that after the mic went around the room for the traditional telling of personal experiences and stories, it was getting close to the Man of the Hours speech time. Marv had earlier asked me to reserve 20 minutes to speak before the party got going. Two and a half hours later, Marv was still personally thanking and telling a story about everyone. And I mean everyone! Weather you worked 10 years at his side, had a V-8 with him once, or just worked at the Odyssey and took his plate after dinner, you were included. I did hear through the grapevine that a certain engineer did get his moneys worth with the DJ though. He was seen doing the Macarena and Electric Slide till 1am . . . by himself! I wanted to confirm the rumor but unfortunately he didnt even remember sitting down for dinner. Marv (and I know I speak for all who were lucky enough to have worked with you), you were truly an amazing partner to work with, an inspiration, a mentor and most importantly you are a true friend. Your experience, knowledge and work ethic will be greatly missed. Good luck in your new ventures and Godspeed.

April 2012 45

Annual report of the Board Chair and president/Ceo

Presented February 28, 2012, at the LAFCU Annual Meeting These past few years have been extraordinary in terms of the challenges that we as a Fire Family have faced. But thanks to our unique and exceptional membership base, LAFCU remains healthy financially with a 9.75% capital ratio in an environment where regulators consider 7% to be wellcapitalized. Thankfully, Los Angeles Firemens Credit Union has once again achieved good profitability. LAFCU ended the year with a net profit of over $5.5 million in 2011. We were very pleased to once again be able to provide members a giveback in the form of an Interest Refund and Extraordinary Dividend Bonus of over $1 million at year-end. This represents the credit union philosophy of being a true co-operative where members are able to share in the success of the Credit Union. As member-owners, the more business we do together as a Fire Family, the greater the financial reward will be for all members! Today, we also serve more than 194 fire departments within the State of California. Our goal is to continue providing value-added products and services tailored to meet the needs of our firefighter families. We hope that you have noticed that in 2011, we focused on service quality in our call center and now answer 90% of our calls within 30 seconds. We also recently launched our mobile banking platform and had over 2,500 members using the service in just the first week alone. As you are aware, the financial services industry continues to morph and change. And the economic environment, along with regulatory changes, may continue to present challenges for our fire families and financial institutions in general. But together, we can overcome any obstacle that may come our way. In 2012, we plan to focus on investing in our infrastructure by improving our processes and further enhancing our service levels by answering the phone in a timely manner, following through with our commitments, delivering accuracy in our work, and being knowledgeable regarding our members requests. We also plan on improving our delivery channels in order to become more convenient for our members. The Board, Management, and Staff want to also thank Ron Patterson who will be retiring from the board this year with 40 years of service! He has been instrumental in maintaining the core values of this organization and his countless volunteer hours on behalf of the membership will never be forgotten. Thanks Ron, we will miss you. On a final note, I will be stepping down as Chair this year. It has been a privilege leading this organization for the last six years. We have a great group of volunteers who sacrifice their time to represent our membership. I plan to remain on the Board of Directors and continue serving in a different capacity. Thank you again for your loyalty and for being a part of our Fire Family. Respectfully submitted,

Lawrence H. Metz Board Chair

Michael L. Mastro President/CEO

Thank you for protecting our homes & our communities.

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46 April 2012

By e. max henGst, captain, Fs 76-a

n January 26, 2012 approximately 100 friends, family and coworkers gathered together at the Los Angeles Police Academy facilities to celebrate the thirty-nine year career of Edward Banda Junior. Many members of Battalion Five were in attendance. The Master of Ceremonies was Battalion Chief Stephen J. Ruda. Having been the face of the LAFD as the Public Information Officer for many years, Chief Ruda was as smooth as silk. Many members past and present of Battalion Five were in attendance. Many were and are legends on the department. We were reminded that a legend in his own right, John Squire, had passed away this same week. A prayer was said by Department Chaplain George Negrete, and after enjoying a fine meal, the ceremonies continued with gifts and words of admirations from family and friends. Ed Banda was born in 1945. While in school he lettered in football and baseball. In his famous inauguration speech given by John F Kennedy, he reminded us Ask not what your country can do for you Ask what you can do for your country. Captain Banda most certainly has lived up to those words. His entire adult life has been in public service. In 1966 he joined the Navy and became a submariner on the U.S.S. Wahoo. In 1971 he was recruited onto the El Monte Fire Department. In 1973 the opportunity arose and Ed joined the LAFD. He served as a fireman, a chiefs aid, a chiefs adjutant (thats a staff assistant to you who werent born yet) and then as a Captain I for 27 years. Retired member David Lowe, who represented the Relief Association, presented the retirement badge. He told the story of the time when he and Ed were serving at old 27s. Apparently Dave was driving the squad while Ed was tethered and riding the tailboard. A car hit the squad. After the squad came to a stop, Dave ran around the rear to find Ed dangling in the air by his tether. Retired B/C Roger Gillis presented Ed with his Certificate of Service. B/C Chris Kawai presented the Personal Record Book. He stated, Ed was a product of the greatest generation. He has one son who is currently serving in the Navy, another who is an officer on another fire department and Mike who is currently serving on the LAFD.

photos By william thost, arson section

Kawai reminded all of us that when Ed joined the LAFD, Nixon was president and the annual income was $10,000. Looking through Eds PRB, there were legends that certified him such as Captain Barney Nipp. Chief Kawai concluded that Eds PRB represents trust, loyalty and leadership to his family and crew. Retired B/C Chief Craig Yoder presented Ed with his 39 year service pin. In fact Yoder tested to get onto the LAFD with Ed. Retired Captain Richard Barrowski got up and said a few words since he served with Ed at old Fire Station 41. UFLAC President Pat McOscar presented Ed with an axe and shield plaque. He described Ed not only as a good public servant but a good union member as well. Ed was always at meetings working for the greater good of the members. Ed also served on the Bargaining Unit. Eds son Keith was joined by his brothers Mike and Danny as they presented an axe head that has been chromed and engraved with the ranks and nicknames that Ed has endured through the years. His daughter Trish remained in the audience. One particular name, Edward Scissor Hands, he earned after he proved his agricultural skills or should we say lack of skills on a plant at Fire Station 76. Then there were All Night Eddy and Mad Dog Banda. But if you want to know the why, well let you ask him. Eds crew Fred Martinez, Mike Marquez, Gilbert Quintana, Andrew Ramierez and Alex Medina said a few kind words and presented their retired leader a plaque bearing an older model of a captains helmet and a red ice chest situated on a cart that looked like Engine 76. Kudos to his crew for putting a successful retirement dinner together, as well as Frank Martinez ram-rodding the whole thing. And finally it was Captain I Eduard Banda Jrs turn to talk. He thanked his lovely wife Gale, his family and friends for putting the event together. He remarked that some of his experiences were indescribable. He stated that he was impressed with some of the people he served with, one being a chief he drove, Frank Fasmer. He was impressed that Frank was a fighter pilot in World War II and that he felt privileged to drive him. Another was Chief Schneider, who also happened to be in attendance, and that he learned from Schneiders calm under fire and applied what he learned to his own captain skills. Back in the day, Ed would have to respond to a working fire from 7th and Santa Fe to the El Sereno district because they would be the closest. He closed saying that he was appreciative for the fact that he was the last man standing in his class of 1973 when 28 graduated from the LAFD tower, a major accomplishment. Finally, with some tears, Ed bid farewell and was given a standing ovation from all in attendance. Congratulations Ed, and hoping you have a long and healthy retirement.

April 2012 47

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layers have often asked me for advice on ways to improve their handball game. After much thought, I decided that this subject would be better handled by getting input from some of LAFDs finest. While researching this article, I found that good players share several common habits that are included in this article. I started by talking to Tati Silveyra (World Champion, National Champion, Professional) and he enthusiastically said play as often as possible, play against people of equal skill when you are starting out, and enjoy the competition. He emphasized that you need to play frequently to improve. I found that you must practice to improve your game. Many players think that playing is practice. Nothing could be further from the truth. Practice is practice! Get your headphones on and get on the court by yourself to work on skills. Rex Villaubi recommends that you practice shots with your off-hand three times for every one time that you use your dominant hand. Jerry Puga and Jonathan Stevens both recommend throwing a softball to develop your throwing motion and strength on your off-hand. Puga further recommends placing marks/targets on the wall and throwing for accuracy. I was taught to master one shot at a time. Eddie Marez states that players are too concerned about hitting kill shots. They should focus on getting in a good pre-shot position and striking the ball at the lowest point. He further stated that it is not necessary to hit every ball hard - placement is more important. Joe Castro stated that his game improved tremendously when he stopped pounding the ball every shot. Accuracy and variety are better tools. A smooth stroke allows you to relax your hand and bend your knees and follow through for a clean shot. John Libby has a philosophy that the serve is 75% of success on offense. As the server, you have the advantage and you should develop a variety of serves, including the lob, and practice until you are accurate. Most players return a repeat serve to the same location on the court. You can use the anticipated return of serve as a set up for a scoring opportunity. Eddie Marez states that players should never waste a serve. Always serve with your strong hand, and try to be accurate with your placement. Work on an aspect of your game every time you step on the court. If you are playing a much stronger player, focus on doing one thing well (i.e. returning serve with ceiling ball, returning serve with passing shot, hitting every ball to your opponents weak hand etc.). When playing a less skilled opponent, take the opportunity to develop your off hand or practice a new shot. John Libby mentioned a well-worn quote: Shoot for show! Pass for Dough! Remember that the best shot in handball is a passing shot. You

By the Commissioner

are more likely to successfully complete a passing shot than a kill shot because there is very little margin for error when executing a kill shot. Eddie Marez also stated that you should only swing hard when you have a good shot that you have practiced. Some of the best advice that I ever received was that the game is played with your legs. Rex Villaubi emphasized that you must be in top shape, and move your body into position so the ball is in your strike zone before each shot. Johnathan Stevens emphasized that players should play the full spectrum of handball (4-wall, 3-wall, 1-wall, small ball and big-ball). This will expand your variety of shots and your court awareness. Also, dont be afraid to play the matches that you think you will loose. Thats when you learn. Chris Yokoyama emphasized that a good warm up routine is a must. Practice your throws and a variety of shots. He further stated that court position is key. Always try to control the frontcourt. Ryan Carlos advises players to play as frequently as possible. Muscle memory is key to making shots. Play less skilled players 2 on 1 to improve your conditioning, and use the opportunity to practice off hand shots. Eddie Marez stated that when he has his opponent running and diving to retrieve the ball, he is in control of the rally. Dont rush and take a bad shot. Dont try new shots or serves during a match! Play with the skills that you already mastered. I actually won a tournament in the C Division using only a lob serve and fly kill shot. Be sure and warm up until you have a full sweat for tournament games and ladder matches. Failure to properly warm up will give your opponent an early lead that you may not overcome. Dont waste your warm-up. Practice your shots and accuracy during warmup. Play hard all the time! Watch videos, read books, play in USHA tournaments, and Practice, Practice, Practice. news and notes Jerry Puga (FS 26-A) is now #12 on the Department Ladder after defeating Chris Hart (FS 26-C) who is now #15. The Top Station Challenge between FS 2 and FS 92 is now under way, with each team winning one match. T-shirts are being made! Stay tuned for updates. Spring Doubles start in April, get a partner and start practicing!


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April 2012 49

LAFD Historical Society

Submitted by Frank Borden Director of Operations, LAFDHS

Portrait of assistant Chief Bethel f. Gifford

These are the unedited and spontaneous comments made to this writer during the preparation of this portrait of Bethel Francis Gifford, who was born in Garfield, Washington, on October 17, 1899. Young Gifford was raised in the beautiful setting of Lake Coeur dAlene, Idaho, living with his family in a houseboat on the lake. At 19, Bethel F. Gifford enlisted in the Marines. During his basic training he became a sharpshooter. Soon he found himself on a ship bound for the Philippines, and he had the distinction of being the first victim to ride the new ambulance, which had been transported to the area on the same ship. Leatherneck Gifford contracted the mumps on the trip; and because of the crowded conditions on the ship, he slept in the ambulance and rode it ashore during landing operations. After his release from the service, he worked as an auto electrician and later purchased a service station in Pasadena. This business venture did not last very long, because he was appointed to the L.A.F.D. on April 6, 1929. The scope of his firefighting experience extended from the hills of Hollywood to the waterfront in San Pedro; and it didnt take long for Fireman Gifford to earn an outstanding reputation. Soon he was promoted to Auto Fireman, and in a short 8 years he was appointed to Captain. He promoted to Battalion Chief in 1944 and shortly thereafter, he was assigned to head the Fire Department Shops and Storeroom. He continued this duty until the Fire Department reorganization in 1956, at which time Gifford attained the rank of Assistant Chief and was assigned to Division 1 in San Pedro. It was during his 12-year tenure at the Shops that he truly found his niche - the niche in which he contributed immensely to the operations of the LAFD. It didnt take long for Chief Alderson to recognize this hardworking and progressive fireman. In a memo to Chief Gifford in 1950, the Chief Engineer had this to say: Once again I had an opportunity to observe how S&M and all of its individual functions operate and how you have integrated your operations with the rest of this department. Frankly, of all the improvements which have been made in our procedure for the handling of mountain fires, I think that the greatest credit goes to S&M . . . Please extend to all of those concerned my personal thanks of every man who worked at this fire. My hat is off to all of you. According to Don Brittingham and Frank McGreeney, who worked for Gifford the entire 12 years, the following are a few of the accomplishments that can be directly attributed to Chief Gifford: --The Crown high-pressure wagon was designed by him; --He designed the two heavy utilities; --Responsible for more powerful (Hall Scott) engines in the Seagraves; --Developed the small crash wagon; --Improved the 1941 Mack tank wagons; --Developed Squad 9s wagon; --Helped in developing the three Mack salvage wagons; --Insistence of specified and adequate components for material, thereby preventing any possible inadequate or under-powered chassis for apparatus; While at Supply and Maintenance, Chief Gifford made many friends within his own Department, and many outside of it. Red Willmore, GM of Crown, told me, we have been in business since 1950. I must say that the company owes a large portion of its success to Bethel Gifford, namely through his insistence of not sacrificing quality for a price. He was a dedicated man and a true perfectionist with a progressive attitude. Jack Ruggles, of Seagrave was pleasant in stating his feelings to me - I considered Chief Gifford a very close, personal friend and the most unselfish individual I have ever known. He was highly intelligent, and I felt a tremendous admiration and respect for him. Horatio Bond, of the NFPA had this to say: . . . Battalion Chief Gifford kindly looked over the list of equipment shown in Appendix I of the former edition and gave us some excellent suggestions. On the basis of his review, we have decided that the list published is perhaps not exactly the one to use and so we have decided to leave Appendix I out of the revised edition.

was reminded by Captain Henry Amparan at FS 49 that LAFD Fireboat 4 The Bethel F. Gifford is celebrating 50 years of service this year. This story is about Assistant Chief Gifford who was responsible for planning and construction of the Boat named after him. The portrait was written by Otto Firgens and the article appeared in the March 1964 issue of the Firemens Grapevine:

in retroSpeCt-- A triBute to BetheL F. giFForD, ASSiStAnt Fire ChieF . . . Efficiency--very good. Obedience--excellent. Sobriety--excellent, was his Marine discharge report at the age of 20. . . . . . Good--very good--excellent, was his drill tower report. . . . . . A very good and willing worker-keen interest, quick to learn--will make a good fireman, was his probationary report. . . . . . He was strict--a man of convictions--you always knew where you stood. However, he was reasonable and always willing to listen. We held him in the highest of esteem, say the men he worked with at the Shops. . . . . . An experienced and progressive individual who was dedicated to the fire service and a true perfectionist, say manufactures who had contact with him regarding apparatus and equipment. . . . . . An unusually serious man meticulous--quiet--extremely reserved. Highly respected for his ability; likeable and a kind and understanding heart, say his firefighting comrades. . . . . . A wonderful husband, good father and family man, states his wife of 24 years, Frances Gifford. . .

50 April 2012

Bethel F. GiFFord was appointed to assistant ChieF on June 25, 1956. ChieF GiFFord Commanded division iii (san pedro) at the time oF his passinG.

A directive from the Board of Fire Commissions to Fire Chief Alderson in 1955 resulted in the following commendations: On the presentation of specifications for the bids and purchase of five triple combination pumping engines, the bids were reviewed very carefully. There was considerable discussion with respect to the expert manner in which these specifications had been prepared and particularly the fact that practically all of California and many other portions of the United States are looking to the LAFD for advice on specifications. This means that you are doing an outstanding job in the preparation of these specifications and the City of Los Angeles and the Fire Department will benefit for many years to come. I commend you on the excellent job you are doing not only on the specifications but with respect to your entire responsibility in Supply and Maintenance. Chief Gifford achieved his greatest personal satisfaction, and no doubt the greatest single contribution to the operations of the LAFD with the development and final delivery of Boat 4. Gifford actually spent untold thousands of hours dreaming, breathing and living Boat 4 while laying its plans. Bethel spent many hours of his own time in research, reading, talking and asking people about fire boats - even to the extent of spending his vacation time traveling, visiting and talking to people who could enlighten him in any way on these kinds of boats. He was personally responsible for researching, planning, engineering, building, outfitting, testing, and finally for the ultimate delivery of the boat in the Port of Los Angeles, were it was accepted by the Mayor and the Fire Department on February 22, 1962. The Boat 4 project, from its formative stage to its delivery, took about three years. Chief Gifford made at least 15 trips to San Francisco and Portland, visiting Norgard Architects and the Albina Engine and Machine Works during the architectural and construction phases of the Boat. On the trip to Portland, for the christening, the Chief took his granddaughter, Beth Ann Tapert, 7, who smashed the red, white and blue-wrapped champagne bottle against the bow of Boat 4 as she slid down the ways and into the river on a very rainy day, December 27, 1961. On February 14, 1962, Chief Gifford started the final phase of his pet project - the trip of the boat, under her own power, from Portland to Los Angeles. According to Gifford, this was one of the wildest boat rides I have ever experienced. As we were passing Astoria in high seas and foul weather, we experienced 15 to 20-foot waves, and I decided then and there that if we got through this, the boat was capable of anything. We made it in eight days and two stops. Engineer Sam Le Doux of Boat 4 and a crew from Albina also made the exciting trip.

The official acceptance ceremonies for Boat 4 occurred on Thursday, February 22, 1962, at a dock next to Boat 2s quarters before a large and enthusiastic gathering of citizens who had also witnessed the new boats arrival. Many City officials, including Mayor Yorty, attended. Assistant Fire Chief Bethel F. Gifford, a veteran firefighter with almost 35 years of service, passed away while on active duty on January 18, 1964. The preceding comments by the people who knew and worked with him are a great tribute to the sincere, respected and understanding man who dedicated his life to the betterment of the Los Angeles Fire Department. He served the Department, the City and the community well. Chief Gifford was a Mason and a Shriner. Indirectly, Chief Gifford will be praised and thanked many times by members who operate Department equipment that is first-class in its operation, efficiency, power, endurance and reputation throughout the fire service because of the efforts and energies of this man.

Although he fought the idea of naming Boat 4, it seems to this writer that it might be proper and fitting and certainly worthy of dedicating the memory of this Assistant Chief by affixing the name of Bethel Gifford to the SuperStructure of Boat 4. WAnteD! We are looking for our vintage Nicro stainless steel vacuum coffee pots. The kind every fire station used in years past. We want to display one or two in the Hollywood Museum in the kitchen, We may even make a pot or two with it. I think I remember how from the old days. We are asking all stations to look in the back of your cupboards or storage lockers to see if you still have one. If so, give us a call or email.

wanted vintaGe niCro stainless steel vaCuum CoFFee pot like the ones piCtured.

new laFd FireBoat 4 enterinG the la harBor on its voyaGe From oreGon on FeBruary 22, 1962. photo oF all laFd FireBoats taken in Front oF old Boat 2s quarters on terminal island. CirCa 1970s

April 2012 51

eVentS AnD hAppeningS harbor Museum Display We now have a complete LAFD 35 foot extension ladder on display at the Harbor Museum. Months of scraping and sanding done primarily by retired Battalion Chief Don Cate, and the finish work by Mark Howell and Tim Griffin made this ladder museum quality. The mounting brackets were designed and installed by Mark. This is a display you will not find in many or any other fire museum. Next The restoration of a 50 foot bangor ladder. We need scrapers and sanders, so volunteer to help.

MeMoriAL For retireD BAttALion ChieF John Squire A memorial was held at the LA Fire Museum & Memorial for retired Battalion Chief John Squire in February. It was attended by over 300 family members and friends to remember John and pay tribute to him and his life. John was a former Marine and the Marines did a special flag ceremony for the family and a Marine rifle team fired a salute to John. It was all a very impressive event which John so deserved. Again our LA Firemens Relief Association did a great job assisting the family and coordinating the event with the LAFDHS.
the laFd Fallen FireFiGhters memorial was Filled with people attendinG retired Battalion ChieF John squires memorial Ceremony.

retried Battalion ChieF don Cate showinG some oF our volunteers how to sCrape and sand a ladder. this is one oF the two seCtions oF the 35.

retired enGineer mark howell

eXtension ladder in the


under the new display oF a mounted

35 Foot harBor museum.

CALenDAr for April & May 2012

April 2012

May 2012

LAFDhS Museum & Memorial 1355 no. Cahuenga Blvd. hollywood, CA 90028

52 April 2012

Show your support for the Fallen Firefighters Memorial. You dont need a golf index to play and hackers are welcome. Come get some cool Tee-gifts, win great prizes in the on-course games and raffles, enjoy great food and refreshments, and most importantly have fun while helping a great cause.

REGISTER BY PHONE Noel Murchet 714.330.3477 REGISTER BY EMAIL murchet@earthlink.net

When: Monday, June 18, 2012 ("C" Platoon on duty) Where: Check In: Fee: Tee Sponsorships: Porter Valley Country Club 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM $125 per person, all inclusive $200


The LAFD Historical Society is a California Non-Profit 501(c)3 Public Charity Tax ID 95-4680410

April 2012 53

CALL to orDer President John Jacobsen called the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association to order at 10:35a.m. roLL CALL MeMBerS preSent: John Jacobsen, President Juan Albarran, Vice President Andrew Kuljis, Secretary Trustee James Coburn Batt. 4 Trustee Chris Stine Batt. 6 Trustee Rick Godinez Batt. 7 Trustee Doak Smith Batt. 9 Trustee Frank Hernandez Batt. 10 Trustee Chris Hart Batt. 11 Trustee Craig White Batt. 12 Trustee Mark Akahoshi Batt. 13 Trustee Steven Domanski Batt. 15 Trustee David Peters Batt. 17 Trustee Steve Tufts Batt. 18 Trustee David Ortiz HQ 1 Trustee Kurt Stabel HQ 2 Trustee David Lowe Pension 1 Trustee Barry Hedberg Pension 2 Trustee Tim Larson Pension 3 David Ned Smith Exec. Director Controller Todd Layfer MeMBerS ABSent: Trustee Jeff Cawdrey Batt. 1 (Excused) Trustee Gene Bednarchik Batt. 2 (Excused) Trustee Mike Overholser - Batt. 3 (Excused) Trustee Gary Matsubara Batt. 5 (Excused) Trustee Bob Steinbacher Batt. 14 (Excused) gueStS: Tom Stires, Retired inVoCAtion & Flag Salute Andy Kuljis led the invocation. David Lowe led the flag salute. rAtiFiCAtion oF MinuteS John Jacobsen entertained a motion to ratify and dispense with the reading of the minutes of the Board of Trustees meeting held December 1, 2011. David Peters so moved. Tim Larson seconded the motion. There was no further discussion or objections. Motion carried to ratify and dispense with the reading of the minutes of the Board of Trustees meeting held December 1, 2011. preSiDentS report 1) John Jacobsen entertained a motion to appoint Chris Stine, Craig White, Robert Steinbacher and Steve Tufts into the vacant Trustee positions. David Peters so moved. David Ortiz seconded. Jacobsen stated that they will currently be recognized as; Stine - Battalion 6, White - Battalion 12, Steinbacher Battalion 14 and Tufts Battalion 18. There was no further discussion or objections. Motion carried to appoint the Battalion Trustee positions as stated. 2) Andrew Kuljis proceeded in giving the even-numbered Battalion Trustees and the Pension Trustee Barry Hedberg the Oath of Office for their positions. 3) Jacobsen stated that based upon the By-law changes passed this year, the new Trustee election process will begin in 2012. He indicated that in order to implement the new process, they need to group all the current Trustees into three separate groups. This will done by randomly drawing Trustee names for each of the three groups. The names were randomly picked as stated: group 1 Jeff Cawdrey Gene Bednarchik Chris Stine Michael Overholser David Ortiz Robert Steinbacher Barry Hedberg (Pension) group 2 Mark Akahoshi Rick Godinez Craig White Steve Tufts David Peters Doak Smith David Lowe (Pension) group 3 Gary Matsubara James Coburn Chris Hart Kurt Stabel Steve Domanski Frank Hernandez Tim Larson (Pension) Jacobsen stated that according to the new By-laws for elections, Group 1 will be up for election later this year, Group 2 will be up in two years and Group 3 will be up for election in three years. The cycle will continue with Trustees serving three years. 4) Jacobsen referred to the Pension Audit and stated that they have received some documents from them asking how LAFRA is currently conducting business, how we exchange information with the Pensions Department and what data is sent back and forth. He indicated that the Pension Department is looking to finalize the audit in February. 5) Jacobsen referred to Legacy Society which is part of the Planned Giving Estate Planning program. He indicated that we need to reconsider a few decisions from what was originally approved. The Marketing Department has raised the concern as to the message LAFRA would be sending to the membership by requiring a minimum donation to be part of the Legacy Society. He stated that after much research, the Marketing Department has asked the Board to eliminate the minimum contribution to be recognized in the Planned Giving/Legacy Society program. Craig White motioned to approve the elimination of the minimum contribution to be recognized as part of the Legacy Society program based on the recommendations from the Marketing Department. Frank Hernandez seconded. There was no further discussion or objections. Motion carried to approve elimination of the minimum contribution to be recognized as part of the Legacy Society program based on the recommendations from the Marketing Department. 6) Jacobsen informed the Board that Liz Denison was going to provide an update regarding the FRITS system as well as other system conversions. Liz Denison provided an update on the FRITS system and the impact of nine different organizations that exchange data with changing their computer systems. She reported that U.S. Bank and Kaiser were the simplest in reprogramming as well as the Medicare D interfacing. She indicated that the Pension Department is now receiving the LAFRA monthly updates electronically and mentioned that there were some glitches with their accounting system. She mentioned that the Marketing Department has put in a new Donor Perfect system that has interfaced well with the FRITS system and now have the capability to import data from the system. She reported that the interfaces with HSB and the Anthem Blue Cross systems were highly inflexible. She indicated that the changes they made in the data exchange were very significant which caused some glitches with the programming but has been dealt with. She reported that there were many issues with the Long Term Care interfacing and indicated that there were some manual functions with billing differences. She stated that they continue to experience issues because Unum is manually creating their spreadsheet that is sent to LAFRA once per month. She indicated that Unum is working on automating that process and are 75% done. She referred to the changes in the active members payroll system. She stated that currently they exchange one file per month with the payroll department but may increase to six files per month. She indicated that they also added a few reporting functions in gathering data for the Assistance Committee and added a report process for dealing with memorials. The Board thanked Liz Denison for her efforts and many years of service

54 April 2012

to LAFRA which will continue in to the future. ViCe preSiDent report Juan Albarran asked for those interested in helping with the Grass Valley event which will be held May 16th through May 20th. inVeStMent CoMMittee report Jacobsen mentioned that the Committee and any interested Trustee will meet with Garth Flint at an off-site meeting to discuss Beacon Pointes roll with LAFRA and other pressing issues concerning investments. He stated that the meeting will be scheduled for some time in March. eXeCutiVe DireCtorS report David Smith informed the Board that they are working on the 2012 budget and will first present it to the Administrative Committee on January 18th and then submit for approval at the February Board meeting. He also mentioned that the kick off meeting for the Audit Committee will be on January 26th to begin the annual audit by the outside audit firm. ADMiniStrAtiVe CoMMittee report Chris Hart presented the following motions. The committee recommends and I so move to pay the usual and customary bills in the amount of $732,439.97. There was no discussion or objections. Motion carried to pay the usual and customary bills in the amount of $732,439.97. The committee recommends and I so move to pay the professional fees in the amount of $8,528.84. There was no discussion or objections. Motion carried to pay the professional fees in the amount of $8,528.84.

The committee recommends and I so moved to approve the conference schedule list for 2012 and to approve up to four Trustees to attend each conference. There was no discussion or objections. Motion carried to approve the conference schedule list for 2012 and approve up to four Trustees to attend each conference. MeDiCAL CoMMittee report David Peters presented following motions. the

Motion carried. James Coburn read the names of members who recently passed and asked for a moment of silence from the Board. MeMoriALS David R. Bayless Raymond T. Camuzano Leon E. Eggers Jack M. Davis Gerald J. George Jack W. Creager Douglas P. McDonald David P. Kober Wayne H. Jepsen ASSiStAnCe CoMMittee James Coburn presented following motions. the

the Grapevine magazine. SChoLArShip CoMMittee report Doak Smith stated that they have placed information about the Scholarship Program on the website and it will also be published in the next Grapevine. He mentioned that the application deadline will be in April and the essay exam will be held in May. Setting oF DAteS 1) Buzzard Bait Ride January 13th 15th 2) L.A. Athletic Club Poker Tournament January 28th 3) Hook & Ladder Enduro March 24th 4) Corbin Bowl May 6th 5) Lane Kemper Softball Tournament May 9th 6) Grass Valley May 16th 20th 7) Hope for Firefighters June 7th 8) Over the Line Tournament September 13th 9) LAFD Invitational Golf Tournament September 24th 10) IFEBP Annual Employee Benefits Conf. November 11th 14th 11) LAFRA Open House December 1st retireMent DinnerS 1) Marvin Williams January 20th The Odyssey (Cawdrey) 2) Ed Banda January 26th L.A. Police Academy (Lowe) 3) Chris Kawai February 17th Brookside Country Club (Akahoshi) 4) John Martinez March 1st San Antonio Winery (Larson) 5) Fred Lopez April 29th Sportsmens Lodge ADJournMent John Jacobsen entertained a motion to adjourn. David Ortiz so moved. Kurt Stabel seconded. There was no discussion and no objections. Motion carried to adjourn. The Board of Trustees meeting adjourned at 11:30am. John Jacobsen, President

The committee recommends and I so move to accept the applications to the Medical Plan. There was no discussion and no objections. Motion carried to accept all applications to the Medical Plan. David Peters informed that they will hold a special Medical Committee meeting on Jan 17th to discuss the ensuing years plan. reLieF CoMMittee report James Coburn presented following motion. the

The committee recommends and I so move to accept the donations in the amount of $17,187.26 to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund. There was no discussion or objections. Motion carried to accept the donations in the amount of $17,187.26 to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund. eMergenCY ADVAnCeMentS James Coburn presented following motion. the

The committee recommends and I so move to pay: The Sick & Injury benefits in the amount of $16,411.33 The Estate Planning benefit in the amount of $6,593.90, The Life & Accident Withdrawals in the amount of $3,006 The Relief Death Benefits in the amount of $40,500 There was objections. no discussion or

The committee recommends and I so move to approve the emergency advancement applications for active and retired members. There was no discussion or objections. Motion carried to approve the emergency advancement applications for active and retired members. grApeVine/WeBSite CoMMittee report Chris Hart informed that the Administrative Committee approved up to $2,000 for consultant services for the website. He mentioned that on Jan 17th he would like to hold a Website Committee meeting to discuss plans for the future of the website and for

Motion carried to pay the above Relief benefits. James Coburn stated that the Relief Committee is requesting an actuarial study of the Relief Fund and benefits to include the financial position of the fund and expenses. He stated that the committee wants to determine future plans for the membership and possible benefits.

April 2012 55

Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund

December 2011
LoS AngeLeS FireMenS CreDit union nitA K eVAnS FounDAtion Fire StAtion #10 hArLAn r. WooD WHICH REPRESENTS MY YEARLY CONTRIBUTION JAMeS r. LeAKe IN GRATITUDE FOR THE DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Antonette C rAYCrAFt toDD SAnDS Bonnie rAitt DAnieL Leon roBert D. pAtterSon FOR ALL THE GOOD GUYS GONE pAt JeSSup peter hAtZiAntoniou Stephen h. ConWeLL John M. SCherrei IN MEMORY OF TONY ENNIS riChArD WAtterS Don riCKLeS etheL CruMpACKer Mr. & MrS. John StephenS IN HONOR OF GLENN ALLEN riChArD M. LAMBine J. Benoit KAren A LArSon SteVen B. rYDer ChriStopher C. enniS IN MEMORY OF YOUR BROTHER thoMAS A. enniS RETD ASSIST. CHIEF StAnLeY D. SteVenS IN LOVING MEMORY OF OUR SON DAVE STEVENS WiLLiAM A. BeneKe IN MEMORY OF CHIEKO TESTERMAN DoriS S. tuCKer IN MEMORY OF ARNOLD TUCKER MArCiA BreWer IN MEMORY OF RUSS MCMENAMIN Kenneth L. DAMeron IN MEMORY OF TONY ENNIS roBert W. LeVingSton IN MEMORY OF GERALD J. GEORGE Bettie CLArK LAWrenCe KroKeS John Squire heLen SChuLZ FS 92 eXtinguiSher FunD FS 98 eXtinguiSher FunDS DeLoreS S ShoDeen eDWArD hoLLAnD JeAn A FreY FrAnCeS WAtt CoMpLete heALth SYSteM inC BettY L CLAriCh FuMiKo huMBerD Jr roger giLLiS MArY JeAn MurphY CAroLYn MorriS DuDLeY e. SorenSon DorY JoneS CLArenCe r. StApeL IN MEMORY OF B. JUNE RUPP Fire StAtion no 26 heLen MegorDen WiLLiAM BurniDge DonALD CAte CALDWeLL LADieS goLF ASSoCiAtion riChArD WAtterS JAMeS e. giLLuM FROM THE BREAKFAST GANG DAVe BADgett IN MEMORY OF TONY ENNIS Dee Ann MADSen IN MEMORY OF MY HUSBAND CAPTAIN PETER MADSEN

56 April 2012

REAL ESTATE FOR RENT For rent or LeASe. Townhouse in Valencia. 2 BDRM & 2 BTHRM with garage and carport in gated complex with pool & spa. Located next to city park and YMCA. $1750 with all appliances. Available in Jan 2012. Call Jesse (310) 350-8481. horSe propertY, LAKe VieW terrACe - Near FS24. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, newly remodeled kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Formal living room, plus family room. 3 pipe corrals, arena, 2 barns, trail access. Motor home and horse trailer parking. Gardener included. Available October. $2800/month. Eng. Ames (818) 257-4549. LoVeLY 110 Yr. oLD hiStoriC houSe to share in San Pedros historic waterfront dist. Private bedroom with private full bathroom, kitchen, laundry, air conditioning, spacious back yard, sorry, no private parking, $700 month. Cindy 310 831-0926. thiS ChArMing SpACiouS 2 BeDrooM hoMe is centrally located in the heart of Encino. Features hardwood flooring throughout with a large master suite, bath, cathedral ceilings and walk-in closets. The upstairs can be separate with its own entrance. Downstairs is a bedroom, full bath and powder room. Big backyard, garage and additional parking for RV. $2500 for the above, or rent just the master suite, $1000, downstairs for $1500 a month. Call Tracy (818) 704-9592. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 3 BeDrooM, 2 BAth riVerFront hoMe. Fully furnished on Colorado River near Parker, AZ on the California side. Purchase complete or be 1/2 owner and split expenses. Call Mike Proffitt at (714) 968-4656 or (714) 655-1367 cell. 40 X 13 StorAge With roLL up Door. Boat or RV. Gated complex with security, RV dump, restrooms, all concrete. Located near

boat ramps in Lake Havasu. (562) 301-4557. $30,000 or OBO. Steve Dickinson, 12-A.

BuiLD Your DreAM hoMe on beautiful San Juan Island in Washington State. 10 acres with views of water, neighboring islands and Mt. Baker. $550,000. Retired Capt II LAFD (360) 378-2190. Ask for Wendy. CuStoM Log hoMe- Kings Canyon Sequoia Area. 4200 sq ft, 2 story, 3 bedroom/2.5 baths. Master bed has walk in closet w/French doors and deck. Large game room w/bar and wood burning stove. Huge gourmet kitchen w/six burner professional Garland range, Sub-Zero freezer and refrigerator. Hard rock maple counters and maple cabinets. Large loft with library and office overlooking great room with vaulted ceilings and riverrock fireplace. Pella windows and doors. Hardwood floors throughout, tile in kitchen, laundry and baths. Central vac. Deck on three sides. 15 acres fenced. Tennis court, pool, 2 car garages, 40X60 metal bldg. Septic and 40 gpm well. $650,000. Contact Ray Oster (559) 338-2220 or email rsoster1@dishmail.net for more info and photos. For SALe. 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo fully furnished in Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico. Short walk to small fishing village, beach, restaurants, etc. LAFD retired. (909) 392-8941. heLp! MAKe oFFer! northern AriZonA elevation 6500 ft. Cool summers 4 1/2 acres fenced. Fruit, shade, native cedar, & pine trees. Very nice home, near fishing, elk hunting & ski resorts. Price reduced - $55,000. Call (620) 2346165 home or (620) 960-4002 cell. Pictures availabe upon request. LoVeLY 2800 Sq Ft 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on Marrowstone Island near Port Townsend, Washington. Sits on 4 plus partical wooded acres with Puget Sound. 230 foot waterfront view. Has barn for RV storage. City water, oil heat in floor. Past home of LAFD get together. Call Vonnie Rogers (360) 385-7544.

riVer pArCeLS. Three 20 acre Klammath River frontage parcels in beautiful Northern California30 miles from Oregon. Electricity and telephone available. Rarely used County-maintained road runs through. Very private. 6 miles from Happy Camp. Each parcel has more than 700 front feet of river. $195,000 - $295,000. Contact Troy Bonar, LAFD retired. PO Box 466, Happy Camp, CA 96039 or call (530) 493-2453 or fax (530) 493-2589 or email: troy@sisqtel.net SKi the SuMMit! Big BeAr, 4+2, 5 minutes from snow summit, downtown and the lake. Located in the desirable Fox Farm area. 2 storyupstairs 2+1, downstairs 2+1 turn key condition, ready to enjoy. Fully furnished. Investment Vacation or Retirement. $359,000 Call Therese (818) 216-4628 or theresewyman@ msn.com ten MinuteS to LAKe nACiMiento- Beautiful 2400 sq ft, 3 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath home. Spacious open floor plan, remodeled kitchen, solid surface countertops, 4 car garage, covered porch is great for enjoying the breathtaking views on 11 acres, new roof, raingutter, exterior paint, will sell furnished. Jill Johns (805) 490-8196. SERVICES AA Free ConSuLtAtion at the Law Offices of EDWARD R. DANOFF - Located in Santa Anas original FIRE STATION NO. ONE. We provide services for SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS including auto, boat, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, and wrong death cases. DIVORCES, including custody, support, modifications and restraining orders. REAL ESTATE - BANKRUPTCY - CRIMINAL DUI - TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT HOURLY DISCOUNT RATE TO FIREFIGHTERS. Thirty years experience. Former volunteer fireman. Orange and Los Angeles Counties call (714) 972-8355 - Inland Empire and Palm Springs/ Desert Area call (800) 794-5297. ALternAtiVe terMite Treatments: ECOLA Services, Since 1983. Fumigation/ tenting is NOT your only option. Direct heat, environmentally caring, no poison gas, no need to vacate for days. Electro-Gun/ Microwave/ Tim-Bor. 2 year written warranty on all work

performed. Lifetime renewal option available. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call Susan Fries (800) 332-BUGS (2847). Firemans wife. BoAt & pWC StorAge Firemens discount. 10% off first months rent & no deposit required. Winter rates available. Located on the Colorado River, close to launch ramps. All Seasons Storage 800 North K St., Needles, CA 92363. (760) 326-2001. BuiLDing pLAnS. Residential: patios, decks, additions/remodeling, repairs, new construction, design. Commercial: tennant improvement, ADA compliances and more. George Lavallee (805) 532-1905 office. cre8iveanswers@hotmail.com ChooSe Your DreAM CruiSe - Princess Cruises, Royal Caribean, Holland American, Carnival and more... 3 to 21 day getaways to Alaska, Hawaii, The Bahamas and many other exciting destinations. Call Patricia at (661) 265-9440 or toll free at (877) 7HI-SEAS, or email pliefeld@qnet.com wife of LAFD Mechanic, sister of LAFD Captain. CrAig SAnForD heAting & Air - Free estimates, residential, commercial. Great rates for LAFD and LAPD. Toll free (877) 8911414, (661) 298-3070, FAX (661) 298-3069. State License No. 527114 CrAne SerViCe All kinds of lifts - A/C Units, Spas, Construction, Beams, Poles, Appliances, Man Baskets available. Insured and bonded. Leonard Campbell Owner/Operator (818) 340-8907 DrYWALL SerViCe, new construction, remodel, repair, acoustic ceilings removed. All types of textures. Licensed, bonded and insured. Gregg Avery, F.S. 66 A residence (805) 494-9037. FireFighterS tAXeS - Are you getting the most from your tax returns? I am a wife of a firefighter and specialize in their returns, with 60% of my clients being firefighter families. Taxes done at you convenience; my office or by phone. Available year-round. TaxPro, Barbara Ravitz, 661-257-7606. FireFighter DiSCountS. At Farmers Insurance Group, I can assist you in deciding what options best meet

April 2012 57

your insurance needs. Free competitive quotes available for homeowners, auto, life, RVs, boats motorcycles and more. As a former LAFD and LAPD Commissioner, and coming from a family of firefighters (3 brothers and 1 nephew), I understand your need for an agent that can make your life a little easier. For a free quote, please call the Corina Alarcon Insurance Agency at (818) 263-1723. FLoWerS For ALL oCCASionS. La Petite Florist offers only the finest floral arrangements, plants and gifts delivered in Orange County and nationwide through Teleflora. Family owned and operated since 1976. Browse our website for hundreds of ideas at www.lapetiteflorist. com or call (800) 682-3327. Gina Cawdrey, LAFD wife. hAi teCh LASerS inC. - For all your engraving needs. X-mas gifts, Retirement etc. Friend of the LAFD. Hai Tech Lasers Inc., 25026 Anza Dr., Santa Clarita CA 91355. (661) 775-0210 inDoor BoAt StorAge in Simi Valley. Secure facility with state-of-the-art video and alarm system. Spaces from 15ft. to 40 ft. Protect your investment and prevent weather damage. Limited spots available. FREE SERVICE WITH 6 MONTH LEASE. Sorry no RVs. itS tAX tiMe AgAin. Specializing in Firefighter and Paramedic Returns, Electronic Filing available, year round bookkeeping and accounting, business and partnership returns, payroll. All computerized processing with over 25 years experience. Call early for an appointment around your schedule. Robert Sanchez LAFD-OCD retired (818) 367-7017, cell (818) 216-1040. reAL eStAte FinAnCing. Interest rates are at All-Time-Lows. Refinance & Purchase Loans, Investment/Second Home Loans/ Equity Lines/2nd Trust Deeds, No Points/No Fees Loans, VA, FHA, Conventional Loans, Lending in many other states. Mortgage lending with exceptional customer service, integrity, strength and experience. For your Free Mortgage Analysis, call (714) 469-8900. Jay Trementozzi, Mortgage Banker. DRE# 01113819, NMLS# 241591.

reAL eStAte SerViCeS - Start a new life in the gorgeous communities of Temecula and Murrieta. Top rated schools, world renowned wineries, numerous golf courses, lakes, shopping and a great family atmosphere. Located 78 miles from HQ between Los Angeles and San Diego. Call Mike Utley at (951) 775-8491 (LAFD Retired). reBeCCA MArtin LAnDSCApe. Architectural landscape design and installation. A full service design/build landscape firm that creates unique custom exterior environments that will increase the value of your home and bring you years of outdoor enjoyment. Rebecca Martin, LAFD wife. (818) 216-3637. Lic# 936577. rebeccamartinlandscape@ gmail.com tAX ALert For FireFighterS Dont lose thousands of dollars during your professional career to the IRS! Let HEWITT FINANCIAL GROUP, the specialists in firefighter tax services, prepare your tax return and review your prior years tax returns. We specialize in tax planning and preparation for firefighters. We also offer FREE REVIEW of your last four years of tax returns. Call us today at (800) 573-4829 or visit our website at www.alhewitt.com WhetSeL tAX SerViCeS Specializing in law enforcement and firefighter tax preparation. Call or fax Mari Whetsel at (661) 360-8707 or visit at 27726 Briarcliff Place, Valencia CA 91354. WinDoWS & pAtio DoorS vinyl replacement windows & Patio doors. I also carry aluminum, wood and entry door systems. Rick Brandelli, Capt. LACoFD, FS 8-C (800) 667-6676. www.GeeWindows.com VACATION RENTALS 4 BeDrooMS, 4 BAthS, Game Room, 3000 sq. ft. upscale Big Bear Lake cabin. Pool table, foosball, darts, ping-pong, gas BBQ. Private road close to lake, Village. Walk to Snow Summit, great for summer. Accommodates 13. Until November: Midweek-$250; Weekends: $295. For summer specials or holiday/winter rates call (949) 683-3028. steps2summit.com BeACh Front SunSet BeACh oAhu, hAWAii - North

Shore at Sunset Beach. Two separate homes 2+ den, 2ba, sleeps 8. $225 per day and 2br + 1ba, sleeps 6. $200 per day! Both share large tropical yard. View 7 surf breaks from backyards to pipeline. Contact Betty at (808) 372-7558 or Barker LAFD retired (805) 985-4001. Big BeAr CABin - All season, restful views from decks. Two story, sleeps 6, half mile to lake, two plus miles to slopes. Fireplace/Wood, cable TV/DVD/VCR. Full kitchen, completely furnished except linens. Pets ok. $95/$105 (two day minimum). $550/$600 a week, Beep or Donna Schaffer 1+(760) 723-1475. www.schaffercabin.com Big BeAr CABin. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 story. Sleeps 8. Near ski slopes & lake. Fireplace/wood, cable TV, DVD,VCR, full kitchen. Completely furnished. $85/$95 per night. Minimum 2 nights. Holidays extra. Weekly available. All Season. Sheri (909) 851-1094 cell or (760) 948-2844 home. Big BeAr LAKeS FineStDeluxe lakeside townhouse, 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 cable TVs, HBO, DVD, WiFi, 2 wood burning fireplaces, laundry room, tennis court, indoor pool, sauna, spa, boat dock. Fully equipped, including all linens. Sleeps 6. 310-541-8311 or email cindy14@cox.net Big BeAr VintAge CABin. 2 minute walk to village. 5 minute drive to both slopes. Lake view. 2 bed, 1 bath, sleeps 6. Contact: bigbearescapes.com/pikes-place Owned by LAFD member. BuLLheAD/LAughLin. Large new Custom 3 bedroom/2 bath home 4 minutes from the casinos and close to Katherines Landing. Quiet cul-de-sac. All amenities. Everything is new. 60 TV in living room. TVs in all bedrooms. Large formal dining room. BBQ and large patio overlooking the mountains. 35 ft X 3-1/2 car garage w/ gym equipment. Wireless internet w/ on site computer. $150 per night + $75 cleaning fee. No smoking or pets please. Scott at 805-208-1598 or h2oratscott@aol.com. CAtALinA BeACh CottAge - 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, one block to beach, view, fully equipped housekeeping unit. Marci (818) 347-6783 or Clarence (310) 510-2721.

DeLuXe LAKeSiDe toWn hoMe. 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 fireplaces, washer, dryer, gas barbeque. Indoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, locker room with shower. Tennis court, boat dock, cable TV, HBO. Fully furnished including linens. 3 miles from Snow Summit. Sleeps 6 max. (310) 541-8311 DeSert ConDo Rancho Mirage (near Palm Springs), 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, fully furnished condo & WiFi Internet. Also 2 bedroom and den, 2 bath, TV and VCR, pools, spas, tennis courts, gated community. From $110 per night. No pets or smoking. Barbara (626) 798-2484. ForMer L.A. FireFighter and Family offering gorgeous Baja Mexico Property for rent. Coast-side Gated Community with pool/spa, surfing, and loads of fun. 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms. Fully Equipped Kitchen. Call Kathy at 510-4685003 for more information. Go to: lasgaviotas.com/Hse_toscana.htm for pictures, availability calendar, and information on the area. FuLLY FurniSheD, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, sleeps 6. Close to Canyon Lodge, pool, spa, recreation room, laundry facilities, condo has been beautifully remodeled, photos available, $200 a night winter - $125 a night summer + $150 cleaning fee. Call for holiday pricing. Joe Angiuli, South Division (626) 497-5083. goLFerS-BoAterS -otherS! SAVe $$$ on hoteL rAteS!! Luxury condo rental - Direct from Owner. One bedroom two bath luxury condo located in Mexican resort area of Nuevo Vallarta, just 15 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta Intl Airport. Unit is part of Grand Marina Villas, part of the Paradise Village Hotel complex, and includes use of 18 hole El Tigre Golf Course. Weekly or monthly rates. For info: Web site: homepage.mac.com/ edynichols e-mails: edynichols@mac.com or (310) 395-7804. hAVASu LAnDing - Waterfront on Lake Havasu. 3 bedroom, 3 bath. Boat mooring out front. Fully furnished. Direct TV, WiFi, BBQ, Casino, new grocery/meat market. No pets/smoking (310) 418-1577. June LAKe CABin - Scenic 2br/2ba cozy, cabin with views. 5 minutes from Fishing and Skiing.

58 April 2012

Fully furnished. Wood Deck, Sleeps 8, wood burning stove, full kitchen, cable Tv/Dvd, stereo, phone. Detached garage/room for boat. Call for summer/winter rates. Cleaning fee applies. Jeff Easton 105-A, (805)-217-5602 - junebound@ gmail.com KApALuA, MAui. Luxurious ocean view Kapalua Ridge 1 and 2 bedroom villas from $145/$250, 7th night FREE. Fully equipped with washer/dryer, Hi speed internet, WiFi, cable TV, free resort shuttle, minutes from ocean. Features 3 white sand beaches including BEST BEACH in the world, Kapalua Bay Beach, 100 miles of hiking trails, 2 golf courses with great discounts, 10 tennis courts, zip lines, 2 spas, golf academy, horseback riding, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, kayaking, shops, restaurants. Contact Terry or Diane @ 800-326-MAUI (6284). www.kapaluavacations.com/the_ ridge.asp or email info@kapaluavacations.com LAKe ArroWheAD Blue Jay cabin charming two-story with creek, large deck, two baths, complete kitchen, TV,VCR/DVD, fireplace, washer and dryer, walk to Blue Jay Village. Sleeps 6. $90/ night. NO PETS! Bruce or Sue Froude, (805) 498-8542. LAKe hAVASu BeACh Front. Located at HAVASU LANDING RESORT a gated community on the California side of Lake Havasu. Swim, Ski or fish from the front yard. Buoys in front of home for overnight boat(s) tie-ups. No need to launch boat each day. Walking distance to a CASINO, restaurants and grocery store. Adjacent to miles of off-road desert trails, great for ATVs, 4 wheelers and Motorcycles. Beautiful landscaping with a lawn from the home to the lake. Covered patio with furniture and a gas BBQ. Four bedrooms with beds for 10.Two full bathrooms. Check Craigslist for pic. $350. Per night 10% discount for a week. For Reservations call Bud @ 818 352-4422 LAKe hAVASu BeAutY For rent - 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1600 sq.ft. Fully furnished with all amenitiesLaundry & BBQ. 13,000 sq.ft. lot. 3 car boat-deep garage. 3 miles from launch ramp. Close to downtown shops & restaurants. View of the lake. Quiet street in good neighbor-

hood. No pets. No smoking. Snowbird rates. Call Mike (661) 510-6246 LAKe hAVASu CitY. New Custom 3 bedroom/2 bath home on lake side of Hwy 95 north side of town. Quiet street. All the amentities. 60 TV in living room. TVs in all bedrooms. Wireless internet with on site computer. BBQ on large patio. Swimming pool. Near marinas and restaurants. $150 per night. $85 cleaning fee. No smoking or pets please. Scott at 805-208-1598 or h2oratscott@aol.com. LAKe hAVASu hoMe for rent. Built in 2004. 1800 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Newly/fully furnished w/all amenities of home. Large garage 20x32 with tall doors. Large area for guest parking. Located less than a mile from lake on a quiet cul-de-sac! RV hookups. Ask for FF discount. Call Ryan Penrod (310) 804-1801 or Nicole (909) 263-8177. LAKe hAVASu hoMe - Beautiful 3 bed, 2 bath home that sleeps 8. Lake view, RV access, boat parking, everything is new. Quiet street in great neighborhood, just minutes from London Bridge. Call John for pricing at (323) 449-4473. Snowbird rates and firemen discount available. LAKe hAVASu Landing California. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, wifi, DirecTV, BBQ, full laundry, slip-in marina included, just steps away. 180 degree view of lake and your boat in slip. Huge covered patio. No pets. No smoking. Larry Mc Andress ret 112A (714) 963-9344 or (714) 393-1464. LAKe hAVASu VACAtion hoMeS for rent. Each fully furnished with all amenities of home. Every home has a lake view, pool, RV access, boat parking, ample guest parking and sleep up to 8 people. Check out our website @ werenthavasu.com or call (928) 855-5848 or (661) 212-3191. LAKe tAhoe getAWAY 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with all of the amenities complete kitchen, washer/ dryer, TV/ VCR. Quiet neighborhood near the lake, casinos and ski slopes. $600.00 per week. Call Cal or Linda @ (805) 584-2718. LAKe poWeLL houSeBoAt. 68 Sumerset. 2 staterooms, 2 cuddy

cabins, 2 baths. Will sleep 10 to 12. 2 ref. fully equipped kitchen, BBQ, TV, DVD, Twin A/C. Party top, flybridge, V8 drives, 12 KW ge., 100 gal. aux. fuel tank with pump. Dan Coyle (805) 494-8854. LA quintA - Gated community, fully furnished deluxe home, three bedrooms, three baths on the 10th fairway of the Dunes Golf Course in La Quinta Country Club. Two car garage, large patio with barbecue. No pets, no smoking. $200/night - 2 week minimum, plus refundable security deposit. Call (323) 254-3874 MAMMoth ConDo Cozy 2 bedrooms, 2 bath. Fully furnished, WIFI, 3 TVs, pool, spa, tennis, walk to shuttle, Old Mammoth area. Winter $115, Summer $90, plus maid $126. Includes linens. No pets, no smoking. Call (310) 540-4648. MAMMoth ConDo - Fully furnished, 1 bdrm, loft, 1 1/2 baths, sleeps 4. On shuttle route. All amenities: Sauna, Pool, laundry on premises. Fall/Winter prices. $100/ night. Spring/Summer $85/night. One time $70 cleaning fee. No smoking, no pets, contact: Julian Edwards (909) 573-3815 MAMMoth - 1 bedroom Summit condo, sleeps 6. Convenient underground garage parking, jacuzzis, gym (pool, tennis in summertime), shuttle right outside! Across from chair 15. Winter $110 per night, Summer $80 per night plus $65 cleaning fee per stay. All linens included. Drew or Nancy Oliphant (661) 513-2000. MAMMoth ConDo - MAMMoth eStAteS, 4BR/3BA, fully furnished, linens, full kitchen, TV/ DVD, stereo, fireplace, pool , jacuzzi, sauna. 2 blocks from gondola village. 1 block to ski shuttle. Winter $315/night, Summer $200/night, plus cleaning. Includes city bed tax. No pets, no smoking, sleeps 8. Dory Jones (310) 918-0631 or Kelly Corcoran (310) 619-5355. MAMMoth ConDo - Mammoth Estates. 4br/3ba. Fully furnished. All amenities: Sauna, Jacuzzi, Pool & Recroom. Walking distance to Gondola & Village. On free shuttle route. Multiple night discounts. Price includes cleaning + linens. Sleeps 10. No smoking, no pets. Mike Jacalone (805) 529-2052.

MAMMoth ConDo - 2 bdrm, 2 bath, 2 TVs, phone, garage, pool, jacuzzi, fully furnished - exept linens. Near shuttle/chair 15. Winter $125/night. Weekends and Holidays $110 midweek. Summer $95/night. $495/week. No smoking. No pets. Jim Johnson (818) 992-7564, FS 80C. MAMMoth ConDo - Clean 1 bedroom, 2 bath. Sleeps 6. Walk to Village and Gondola. Shuttle out front. Close to Canyon Lodge. Fully furnished, spa, ski locker, underground parking and wireless. Midweek special. No pets. No smoking. $120 winter, $90 summer. $65 cleaning fee, includes linens. Jeff or Tonya Clemens (805) 499-8160. MAMMoth ConDo Mammoth Estates newly remodeled 4BR/3BA, sleeps 11, fully furnished, 1 block from new gondola village. Jacuzzi, pool & sauna, recreation room. Call Glen Mackie @ (760) 930-0544 for firefighter pricing. For more information go to mammothgondolavillage.com MAMMoth ConDo - Sierra Manors Sleeps 7. 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath. Fully furnished except linens. 2 TVs/VCR/DVD, stereo/CD. Dishwasher, microwave, sauna, jacuzzi, pool. No smoking/No Pets. Shuttle at door. Winter $140/night, Summer $90/night, Plus $80 cleaning fee and City Bed Tax. Brian & Karen Salvage LAFD Retired (805) 499-7752. MAMMoth LAKeS - One bedroom, extremely charming wildflower condo. Full amenities, close to shuttle. Antiques, art, satellite TV, fireplace. Sleeps 4. Winter $110, Summer $85. Call (818) 371-6722 Email: shakesong@aol.com MAMMoth rentAL BY oWner - Studios 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroom rentals, budget to luxury rates, fully furnished, stocked kitchens, bedding, towels, all locations, some pet friendly, complimetary WiFi. Mammoth Rental by Owner affiliated with Mammoth Lodging Association, high standard cleaning, maintenance, 24/7 emergency contact. Visit www.MammothRentalByOwner.com photos and descriptions. Contact us info@ mammothrentalbyowner.com or call (818) 883-2488 or (888) 472-5777. MAMMoth SKi & rACquet: Southwestern decor. Sleeps 4. King

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bed. Full Kitchen, TV, VCR, DVD. Garage parking. 5 min walk to Canyon Lodge. Winter $155/nite, $175 Fri, Sat, & Holidays; Summer $100/ nite. 2 nite min. addl nites less. Jeff & Lisa Moir. LAFD Air Ops (661) 254-5788 MAMMoth ConDo Wildflower, 1 bedroom sleeps 4, king bed and queen sofa bed. Fully furnished, fireplace, dishwasher, stereo, TV/ DVD, phone, spa, sauna, pool and tennis court. Linens and cleaning fee. On shuttle route. Winter rate $100/night, summer rate $70/night. Mike Greenup (805) 583-8239 or cell (805) 338-9955. MAMMoth SKi & rACquet: Walk to Canyon Lodge. Studio loft sleeps 4. Queen beds, full kitchen, 2 baths, garage parking, TV, VCR, DVD. Winter Sun-Thurs $100.nite; Fri & Sat $115/nite plus cleaning fee $100. Non smoking complex. Joel Parker, LAFD retired. email: cat25sailor@juno.com or (213) 399-6534. MAMMoth. SKi in - SKi out at lift 15, 2 bedroom including master suite, 2 bath condo. TV/DVD in living room. Good sound system. Gym, spa, fireplace, very roomy, underground parking, tennis courts, pools, and outside BBQ area. (310) 476-4784. Email: barbarawinters@ yahoo.com or visit website: www.mammothrental.com MAui BeACh Front ConDo on nApiLi BAY - 50 from water. Studios and 1 bdrm. Luxury furnishings + full kitchen. All the amenities! Mauis best snorkeling/beach. All island activities & Kapalua Airport within 4 minutes. 5-day minimum, from $125.00 night (regularly $310 night). Call Sandra or Bill for info/reservations (818) 886-3000 or (800) 889-8641 toll-free or pmimaui@aol.com Please visit: www. napilibaymaui.com MAui ConDo 1 and 2 bedrooms. Centrally located on beautiful Maalaea Bay. Excellent swimming and snorkeling; white sandy beach. Minutes from golf, tennis, fishing, shopping, airport and resort areas. Marsha Smith or Jeanne McJannet. Toll free (800) 367-6084. www. maalaeabay.com MAuiS MoSt BeAutiFuL BeACh - Napili Bay. Beautiful furnished condo with kitchen and

daily maid service. 15% discount off already lowest prices in the area. Don Sprenger (949) 548-5659 or (800) 336-2185. niCArAguA SurF ConDo - Enjoy UNREAL surf in a FRIENDLY SAFE COUNTRY. Golf a new course and hang out by the pool. Walking distance to beach. 3 bedroom 2 bath. See for yourself at: nicasurfnturf.com. Contact Chris Hart (714) 742-3325 or email: Chrismhart22@verizon.net oAhu, hAWAii north Shore at Sunset Beach. Two ocean front houses on large tropical yard. 2 bedroom and den, two baths and 2 bedroom, 1 bath. Each looking at the sunset break. Completely furnished. Contact Betty Suratt regarding Barker Houses (805) 985-4001 or (808) 372-7558. oXnArD CA - SiLVer StrAnD BeACh - Beach house vacation rental. 3 story, fully furnished 3br/2ba main house+1br/1ba guest house, sleeps 8-12. Linens included, wireless internet, cable tv/ dvd, washer/dryer, bbq, ping-pong, bikes, boogie boards, beach chairs, large decks, and views. 1 small block to beach. (805) 241-7221 www.BeachHouseOxnard.com www.VRBO.com/111325 pALM DeSert. 3 bedroom, 2 bath. Fully furnished. All new. Direct TV and WiFi all bedrooms. Private patio with BBQ. Private 60 unit complex with 2 pools, 2 jaccuzzis, 2 tennis courts. Near College of the Desert. One level. (310) 418-1577. pALM DeSert SingLe-LeVeL. 2 master suites. Turnkey located in Ironwood a gated community near The Living Desert and just 2 miles from the El Paseo. 6 swimming pools/spas, mountain views, 4 patios, courtyard, fruit trees, 2-car garage, 2 nights Mon. stay. 25% off for LAFD. Bob (714) 504-1763. pgA WeSt (LA quintA) tpC StADiuM goLF CourSe ConDo. Luxurious 3+2 lake front condo on the 11th green of the world famous Stadium Course. Gated, community pool & spa, 4 TVs/cable/dvd, washer/dryer, BBQ, garage, no smoking or pets please. $150/ night w/6 night min. + cleaning. Seasonal/extended stay discounts. Buzz - LAFD (949) 322-7979 PGAWestVacation.com

rAnCho MirAge 2-2, gated complex, double garage, tennis, pools, spa, bikes, cable tv/vcr, microwave, bbq, washer/dryer, decorator furnished. Close to golf, restaurants, and shops. $90/night. Margo Idol (805) 498-1513 or Ruth (805) 498-4616. roSArito BeACh Cottage. Charming 2 br./2 ba beach cottage (not a condo) located in the Quinta Del Mar project approximately 25 miles south of San Diego. 24-hour security, lg. patio w/ocean view, bbq, fireplace, cable TV, microwave, 3 pools, jacuzzi, tennis, horses, 2 rest. (music and dancing), ride the waves, off-track betting, golf nearby. 2-day min, $95 day. Midweek/weekly rates available. Photos and info @ Lockhart (619) 429-4060. choice1. com/rosaritobeachcottage.htm SAn CLeMente BeACh houSe - Two bedroom fully furnished private home. Sleeps 6 laundry, wireless internet, tv/dvd, movie channels. Enough off street parking for 4 SUVs, large enclosed backyard, 3 minute walk to pier. 5 minute walk to downtown, pet friendly. David Laub, LACOFD (949) 306-5532 or dlaub@aol.com or vrbo.com/93330 SAn CLeMente BeACh. This stylish 1 bedroom/1bath rental is only 200 yards from the beach and a 10-minute walk to the pier or downtown. The unit is beautifully decorated and has all the comforts of home. Includes large plasma in living room and smaller TV in bedroom. See more info and photos @ VRBO.com/344173. Rates: Oct - Apr $150/night (2 night min.) weekly $850. May - Sept $200/night (2 night min.) weekly $1150. Non refundable cleaning fee $100. Call Ron or Kathy (949) 831-7693 or email klm318@cox.net SKi-in/out 2 bEDROOM, 2 bath across from Eagle express chairlift (CHAIR 15). Has TV in Living room and Bedroom, very spacious unit, fireplace, dining area, Gym, spa includes jacuzzi & sauna. Exterior of complex totally refurbished. Underground parking. www.mammothrental.com. (310) 476-4784. SKi the greAteSt SnoW on eArth In Park City, Utah and avoid the 5 hour grueling drive to Mammoth. 2 bedroom/2 bath. Tri-level townhome. Located a short

drive to three world-class ski resorts. (Deer Valley, PC Mountain Resort, The Canyons) $1100/week - $1600/ Holiday. Call Ron (310) 415-6788 South LAKe tAhoe Romantic Chalet Family getaway. 3 bed/2 bath plus loft. Sleeps 810. Cable TV, washer/dryer, microwave, woodburning stove. 7 minutes to casinos and Heavenly. Located in Tahoe Paradise. Call Shawn or Rose Agnew at (661) 250-9907 or (661) 476-6288. VACAtion rentAL - So Lake Tahoe, 3 Bd 2 Ba home with all amenities. Close to Lake, Casinos and Ski Slopes $650 wk or $130 nt $100 Cleaning. www. SLTgetaway.com. Call Cal or Linda @ 805 584-2718 or email LSchlotzhauer@gmail.com VACATION VEHICLES 2006 MotorhoMe For rent. Very clean 31 Fleetwood Jamboree Class C. 2 slide-outs, sleeps 6, 2 TVs/ DVD/VCR, tow hitch, awning. Winter -$150/night, Summer -$200/night. 3 night minimum. No pets. No extra fees. Dale (951) 768-3809. AMeriCA trAVeLer rV rentALS - We rent motor homes and travel trailers. Special discount for Fire and Police. Check out our sales department. (661) 273-7479. Motor hoMeS For rent: Several 2006 Class A 32 Foot Motor Homes, with Double Slide Outs, Fully Loaded, Free Housekeeping Kit, Camping Kit, Discount Prices Starting at $150.00 to $180.00 per night. Serving family & friends of LAPD , LASD, IPD, OXPD, OX Fire, LA CO., LA City, Ski Clubs ask for our 25% off weekly rental rates. Visit us at www.so-calrv.com or call 661714-7689 or 661-297-2398. ALSO AVAILABLE BIG BEAR CABINS, 3 bedroom 2 bath with pool tables & spas. PLEASE CALL FOR MORE DETAILS.

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