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Alexander Duquesne is from the illustrious city of Shazrahad, one of the famed Seven Cities in the country of Karnaath,

a northern country known for its extensive arctic landscape, common use of necromancy, and deep culture with even deeper pockets. Born into the noble family of Duquesne, Alexander was raised as the second son of Baron Gerard Duquesne, a nobleman in the upper echelons of Shazrahad, and Selecia, Baron Duquesnes wife and distant cousin to the current ruler of Karnaath, Kyrus the Indomitable. Despite being born with a silver spoon in his mouth (as most nobles in Karnaath are), with one older brother and sister and two younger twin sisters, Alexander had to fight to distinguish himself from his siblings. While his older brother was a natural sorcerer and shadow mage, and his older sister was a beauty who could do things with a spear most couldnt, Alexander took to Necromancy with a natural talent that drew many an envious gaze from his peers. While others struggled to even raise a simple animal as a mouse, Alexander was raising wolves and other, more advanced creatures. While studying in one of the many crypts, Alexander made a friend that would change his life forever; Wyatt. Wyatt was a boy from the surrounding countryside, part of the sovereign nation intricately tied with Karnaath, Brigandine. Wyatt and Alexander took an instant liking to each other, and became steadfast friends over the next few years. Later in his life, Alexander was approached by Lindsays group as a potential trainee, an offer which he accepted. While he furthered his arcane studies, he was forced to learn his way with his weapon of choice. After choosing the Scythe, a weapon synonymous with his country, he continued to train in both the arcane and martial. However, Alexander received shattering news after a particularly grueling day of training, Wyatt had been killed. Apparently, a carriage carrying a nobleman had been going down the street and Wyatt was unable to escape the carts wheels. Crushed to hear of his friends violent death, Alexander quit Lindsays group to return home and pay his respects to his friend. However, Alexander could find no mention of his friends death in the courts. He found Wyatts bloated, rotten corpse lying by the side of the road, unmoved from where the cart had thrown his broken body.

In the weeks that followed, despite Alexanders inquiries, no charges were brought to bear against the noble whose cart had run Wyatt down. It was then that Alexander learned an Absolute Truth. The only thing that mattered in this world was power; the power to take, the power to create, the power to protect, all of it, it required power. Rather than let this realization crush him, he made a vow, that he would gather as much power as he could, no matter the cost so he could protect and create and kill. He would accumulate such command and wealth that he would be powerful enough to do as he wanted. While reburying himself in his studies, he began to go to the galas and balls which the nobility of Karnaath were known for, the ones he had avoided since childhood, to insinuate himself amongst the upper class and make allies where needed. Years later, Alexander is an up and coming prodigy, becoming both a proficient user of Necromancy and an affluent noble with influence. Though his older brother Gregory is the natural heir to gain control of Duquesne house, Alexander is gaining supporters and powers to rival that of his brothers. Having travelled outside of Karnaath, he has made some important contacts in the surrounding kingdoms. However, Alexander plans to wrest control from his brother and become the rightful heir to the Duquesne house are about to come to fruition. While almost always the center of attention due to his natural good looks and charisma, Alexander has never been one to settle down. However, to become the heir to the Duquesne house, in addition to gathering political allies and a vast wealth, he needs one final thing; a wife. Not to suffice with the less than finer things in life, Alexander has orchestrated an arranged marriage to the daughter of a foreign noble family, whos backing and power should be just enough to tip the balance in his favor.

And so, Alexander departs the Duquesne Estate and the city of Shazrahad to procure his queen in the foreign town of whatever would be best to the plot