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Black Nobility There Is So Much Information That Has Not Made It To The General Public About: The Real/True

Royal Families, The Real Illuminati, The Original Vatican Priest Hood, The Europeans Being The First Slaves, The Original Empires Of China, The Original Charter Of London, The First United Nations, The Truth About Extraterrestrials, And The List Goes On And On. The Original Charter Of London, As You May Well Know, Is Governed By The Illuminati Or Private Banking Dynasties Of 13 So Called Royal Families; But The Truth Of The Matter Is, Their Original Charter Was Granted By Members Of My/Our Noble Families Who In Fact Are The Black Noble Shriners That Enslaved Europeans Prior To Europeans Enslaving Black People. The Term Slave Or Slavic Was A Term Used To Describe Indo-European Slaves Of The Black Nobles. Indo Europeans Were The First Slavs, Slaves Or Slavonics, Not Black People. Most People Think That Black People Were The First Slaves, But Of Coarse They Were Not, Europeans Want You To Believe That All Black People Are Descendants Of Slaves, We All Came From Africa On Slaves Ships In 1555 And All Civilizations Began In Africa. However, This Is Not True, Because Black People Were The First People Everywhere On The Planet Earth, Not Just In What They Call Africa. The Original Fertile Crescent Of Which Is Said To Be The Origin Of All Life On This Planet, It Ran From What Is Now Known As North America On The Coast Of Georgia, South Carolina And Florida, Down Through What Is Known As Africa On Into Mesopotamia Or What Is Known As The Middle East. It Also Connected To What Is Known As Mu And Lumeria, Which Runs Underneath The Oceans Into China And Japan. This Is Further Validation That We Did Not All Come From Africa, Because Most Of The Indigenous Peoples In South America And In The South Pacific Will Tell You That There Ancestors Came From Mu, Atlantis Or Lemuria And Not Africa. However, The Maroons In South America Will Tell You That They Were Slaves Brought From Africa. Some Of The Olmecs Came From Africa, But Others Came From Mu, Atlantis, Lemuria, Mars And The 19th Galaxy Called Sirius Or Septu. What Most People Fail To Overstand Is...That More Than 250,000 Years Ago, Georgia, South Carolina And Florida Was The Northern Part Of What Is Known As Africa Today. In Fact, What Is Known As Georgia, Florida And South Carolina Was Apart Of Egypt At One Time. Wahanee "The Golden City" And Egypt Of The West Has Become Common Household Names For These Territories And Locations By The True Indigenous Peoples Of These Lands. North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi And Alabama Was Also Apart Of The Olmec Lands Known As Utla And Later Became Known As Atlan. This Further Confirms That We Are Not All From Africa, But Are Indigenous To These Lands As Well. Even In Mesopotamia You Have Pyramids And Civilizations That Predate Those In Africa, So We Could Not Have All Come From Just One Location On The Planet Earth. We Were Everywhere And We Did Not All Come From Africa, Because There Are Plenty Of Pyramids And Mounds On The Coast Of Georgia And South Carolina That Predate The Pyramids In Egypt. Most Scholars Think That Egypt Was The First Of The Great Empires, But Not Booty, The Reality Of It Is, Egypt Or Khemet Was The Last Of The Great Kingdoms. In Fact, The 18 Dynasties Of Egyptian Or Khemetian History Made Public Today Is Only The Last Of The Great Empires, Which Were Built By Indigenous Black Nobles Or Aswud Nanya Netert-aat Wa Neteraat, Other Than The Original Mayan And Aztec Empire. The Egyptian Empire Came Out Of The Kish Empire Of The Nuwbun, Which Was An Olmec Empire In Aswan, Sudan Or Ta Nehisi. This Empire Originally Consisted Of Ethiopia, Sudan, Nubia, Uganda And Kenya, Long Before The Existence Of The Egyptian Empire. In Fact, The People Who Began The Egyptian Empire Were Not Born In Egypt, But Rather Nuwba, Sunnu, Ethiopia Or What Is Called Nubia Today. They Migrated To The Dessert In Egypt And Began Building. However, The Original People Were Born In Nuwba Now Called Nubia, Others Were Born In What They Call Asia And Mesopotamia Today And Not Egypt Or Kemet.

Some Even Came From The Sahara Dessert Of Which Some Historians, Say The Olmecs Originated. This Is Why Muu, Lemuria, Atlantis And The Underworld Is Such A Mystery To Them, Because They Are Only Dealing With These Subjects On The Surface. If Humanoid Female Skeletal Remains Were Found In Ethiopia, Which Have Been Dated 4.4 And 3.2 Million Years Ago, Called Ardi And Lucy, Then You Already Know That Women Are Much Older Than The Bible Claims And We Are Much Older Than People Want To Believe. None Of These Were Apes, Nor Did They Crawl On All Fours, They All Stood Up Straight And Were Negroid Women. In The Year 2000 A.D., French And Kenyan Scientist Found What They Are Calling The Millennium Man, Which They Say Date Back To 1.5 Million Years Ago, In Tugen Hills Of Kenya. However, One Of The Paleontologist By The Name Of Martin Pickford, Stated That It Is At Least 6 Million Years Old, Which Further Validates That We Are Much Older Than What These People Want To Believe. Another Finding Of 3.5 Million Year Old Skull Was Found In Kenya Africa Along The Shores Of Lake Turkana In The 1998-99 A.D., By Researchers From The National Museum Of Kenya. By The Way, All Of These Findings Were Of Female Negroids Or Black Women, Not Men, Hence This Is More Of Her-Story And Not His-Story. According To Many Of Their Scientist, The Height Of These Women Coincide With The Height Of The Nuwbun Ptahite, Pygmy Or Twa People. Others Think That Kemet Was The Original Name Of Egypt And Kemet Or Khemet Was The First. However, This Is Not True Either, The Original Name For Egypt Was Tama Re, Meaning Land Of Re, Then It Was Called Tar And Later Khemet, Mitsrayim And Finally Egypt. The Original Names For What Is Now Referred To As Upper And Lower Egypt, Was Uazit And Nekhebit, Which Were Both Ruled By King Narmer Or Menes, Who's Family Was From Ta Nehisi, Aswan, Nubia And Mesopotamia, Not Egypt. The Merging Of Uazit And Nekhebit By Way Of Maluk Menes, Is What Brought About The Egyptian Dynasties. Most Scholars Don't Even Know That The Original Rulers Of The Egyptian Empire Were Not From Egypt, But Rather Migrated To Egypt And Became Rulers. According To The Europeans, Osiris (Asaru) And Isis (Aset) Was First Mentioned In The 4th Dynasty And The Oldest Record Date They Have For Them Is 2500 BC. My Reason For Saying This Is Because Most People Like To Begin The Egyptian Empire With Asaru, Aset And Heru. Then Others Like To Go Back A Little Bit Further To Ma'at, In The 3rd Dynasty Of The Old Kingdom, Which They Have Dated Around 27802250 BCE. However, They Have Tehuti Or Thoth On Record As Being In Teotihuacn Or Central America With The Olmecs Around 3100 BC And There Are Records Indicating In The Olmec Writings That Tehuti Was Exiled From Egypt And He Came To The City Of The Gods In Mexico. The City Of The Gods In Teotihuacn, Is Where All Of The Gods Would Come To Meet And It Was Also Where Men Would Go To Become Gods. Olmec Emperor Meci Is Also Recorded In The Popol Vuh Of The Mayans, As Being In Central America Circa 3113 BC; Which Leaves Another Problem For The Europeans Inaccurate Dates And Timelines. Even The Long Count Calendar Dated August 13, 3113 BC., By Goodman Martinez Thompson, Was Found At The Olmec Izapa Site In The Vera-Cruz State, Which Proves That The Olmecs Birth The Mesoamerican Calendar System And They Were Already Here Long Before 1500 BC. This Means That If Any Of These Dates Are Remotely Close To Being Accurate, Then Just The Migrations Alone Of The Olmecs, Not The Existence Of Them, Are Older Than The Existence Of Osiris, Isis, Horus And Ma'at According To Their Dates. Now Think About The Dates Of Which They Have Given And What All Of This Really Means According To Their Own Dates. Khemet Or Kemet The Son Of Utnaphistim Or Noah Was Not Born In Egypt, But Migrated To Egypt From The Nuwbun Olmec Empire In Nuwba. His Father However, Was From What They Call Mesopotamia Or Modern Day Iraq. The Olmec Linage And Bloodline Has Also Been Traced Back To Utnaphistim Or Noah In Mesopotamia. Maluk Narmer Or King Narmer, Also Known As Menes, The Founder Of The Very First Dynasty Of Egypt, Family Was From What Is Now Called Ethiopia And Mesopotamia, Not Egypt. Khnum, One Of The Four Supreme Grand Hierophants Or

Masters Of Tama Re (Egypt) Was Also From Ta Nehisi Or Nubia And He Was Given The Script Of The Chemical Chart For The DNA Strands And The Mitochondria.

Khnum The Creator Of Man From The Earth In Nubia, He Was Known As Dedun "The Fashioner" And Was Responsible For The Procreation Of Humans In The Image And Likes Of The Gods. The Creation Story In The Book Of Genesis About God Creating Man From The Earth And Breathing The Breath Of Life Into His Nostrils, Came By Way Of Dedun Or Khnum Of Nubia, Who Migrated Into Egypt. His Wife Anukis Was From Ta Nehisi Sudan As Well And His Daughter Satis, Which Later Became One Of His Wives Was Also From Aswan Sudan.

Satis Being Worshipped By Sobekhotep III There Has Been Much Confusion About The Subject Of The Egyptians, Olmecs And Sumerians And Eye Trust That This Will Bring Closure To The Massive Confusion By The Scholars Of Today. The Kish Empire, Which Later Became The Kush Or Cushite Empire Was Created By The Nuwbuns, Which Later Became Known As The Olmecs. Kish Was One Of The Initial 14 Kingdoms Set Up By The Olmecs In Ganawa Or What Is Now Known As Africa And Mesopotamia. The Original Name For What Is Being Called Africa Today Was Ganun El Nuwba Or Simply Ganawa. Refer To El Katub Shil El Mawut By: Amunnubi Ruakhtah Most People Think That Afrika Or Africa Was The Original Name From Emperor Tirus Afrik Of The Zingh Empire More Than 15,000 Years Ago, But Not Butt, It Wasn't. The Word Afrika Came By Way Of The Arabic Word Afriqqiya Or Ifriqqya, Which Means To Divide Or Separate, Because The Land That Is Now Called Africa Had Begun To Separate Or Divide From What Is Called America Today. The Land Of Africa Is Now Saturated By The Same Pale Arabs In Egypt And Morocco, Who Was Responsible For Calling It Afriqqiya Or Separated In The First Place. There Was No Division In Between Africa And America When The Olmecs Migrated To The Americas Or When They Setup Mu, Lemuria And Atlan. The Word Atlan Came By Way Of The Olmecs, From The Word Utla, Which Means To Vacate In Olmec Or Ku-Shi. They Called North America Utla, Which Later Became Atlan And Atlantis. They Called South America Xian, Afmurrican And Later Amexem, They Called Central America Ulman Or Olman "Rubber Land" And They Called Afrika, Ganun El Nuwba Or The Land Of Gold And The Imperial City Of Gold, Which Later Became 7 Cities Of Gold In North America, Called Cibola By

Europeans. The Movie National Treasure Book Of Secrets Reveals Some Of These Facts. This Is Not History You Can Find In The History Books, But Only In The Pyramids, Hidden Clay Tablets Underground, Genetic Memory And Dynamic Observation Of Telepathic Transmission. Many Of The Things That We Speak Of And Know About Was Not Recorded In History And Was Only Communicated Telepathically Or Face To Face, Before Anything Was Ever Written Down. You Would Have Had To Have Been There Before The Beginning To Overstand. My Teachings Are Divinely Orchestrated From The Genetic And Cellular Level, Because Eye Am A Olmec Nuwbun By Blood And Birthright. These Are The Axioms Prior To Written Communications And The In/Out-Formation Alone Should Be Self-Evident. However, We Are Also Still Able To Prove And Substantiate Any Of Our Claims, Historically, Scientifically Or Otherwise. The First Branch Of The Olmec Tribe In The Americas Was The Wa-shi-taw. The Ku-shi Or Cushite People From Ethiopia And Nubia Are Washitaw People As Well, Which Is Why They Both Have Shi In Their Name, Because They Are Shi Or Xi People From The Imperial Xi Clan Dynasty. Anytime You See The Word Xi Or Shi In A Word, It Has It Origins From The Olmec People. In The Chinese Culture, You Have Words Like Shidoshi Or Teacher, Mitsubishi, Xian And So On, Which Came By Way Of The Olmecs, The Mayans Use Terms Like Xibalba, Xihi, Xiy "The Sun Deity" And So On, Which Again Came By Way Of The Olmecs And The Word Xi Or Shi Has To Do With Honor, Respect, Divine Women And Those Who Are Feared. Xi Is Greatly Rooted In The Aztec Culture As Well, With Terms Such As Xiuhcoatl "The Serpent," Xiuhtecuhtli "The Fire God," And Xihuitl "The Solar Year." Xi Is Also The 14th Letter Of The Greek Alphabet, Not To Mention Nu Is The 13th, Mu Is The 12th And Chi Is The 22nd Letter Of The Greek Alphabet. Is This Merely A Coincidence? Not By A Long Shot. The Ku-Shi And The Wa-Shi People Were The Taller And Darker Branch Of The Olmec Tribe And The Pygmy, Ptahite Or Nuwbun Olmecs Were The Shorter Ones With Fuller Features.

Nuwbun Ptahite Olmecs Of Central America

The Kish Empire, Which Was Originally Setup In Mesopotamia By The Olmecs, Was Later Moved To Africa And Became Kush Before Cush, Because There Were 2 Different Kush Empires. You Have The Biblical Ethiopian Cush, The Mesopotamia Kish And Also The Book Of Ether Kish On The Tablet Of The Cross At Palenque. In San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan In Southern Mexico An Engraved Stone Known As Monument 47 Depicts A Olmec King Name Kish, Who Took The Throne On Wednesday, 25 March 967 B.C. The Original Kish Empire Existed Many Thousands Of Years Before The Egyptian Empire. In Fact, In 750 BC, King Kashata Of Napata The Present Capital Of Sudan, Had To Come In To Egypt And Take Over Because The Egyptians At This Time Had Political Instability And They Had Been Giving To Many Secrets Away To The Garubaat Or Disagreeable-s. Tefnut Daughter Of Atum Re And Khepri Moved Out Of Egypt And Into Nubia, Because Of Her Argument With Shu About Some Of These Issues As Well. She Became The Cat Woman Deitrest In Nubia, Which Was Really The Jaguar Ruler Of The Earth. The Hyksos Dynasty, Romans And Greeks Were Given To Much Information By The Late Dynasties Of Egypt And As A Result Of This, Many Of Our People Are Totally Lost And Most Of Our Khemetian Sciences Are Being Used Against Us. The Olmecs However, Kept Everything Away From These People, Which Is Why Our Language Is Still Un-Deciphered By Them, They Don't Know Where We Came From, They Don't Know Why We Disappeared, They Don't Know How We Built The Stone Heads, They Don't Know Why There Are So Many Olmec Structures On Mars, They Don't Know Why Olmec Cities Are Popping Up All Over The Planet Earth, They Don't Know So Many Things About Us And We Will Only Reveal To Them That Which We Want Them To Know, For The Safeguards And Protection Of Our Secrets. However, The Nuwbuns Now Called Nubians Only Ruled Egypt For About A Decade And They Left And Move To Other Territories In India, Asia And The Americas. These Are The Things That Has Not Been Revealed To The Public Until Now. This Is Hard For A Lot Of Scholars To Accept Because They Have Been Taught That We Are All From Africa And We Were Not Any Where Else On This Planet. If You Do A Little Research On Underwater Cities In Asia, Japan And China In Particular, You Will See Sunken Archipelagos With Olmec Faces On Them, Oceanographers, Scientist And Others Have Agreed That This Is A 300 Miles Underwater City, Which Had To Have Been Above Ground More Than 10,000 Years Ago And The Monuments And Structure Are Very Similar To The Olmec Structures In Central America. No Group Of People From Anywhere Of Any Type Was Neither Here Nor There Before Us. We Are The First And The Last, It Doesn't Matter How Long You Lie To Yourself, Because A Lie "Is Never Going To Become The Truth". In Northwest India, There Are Multiple Mile Long Underwater Cities, Which Are Said To Be The Size Of Manhattan New York, When Together. Also In YUNNAN PROVINCE, China Researchers Are Reporting The Discovery Of Mayan Pyramid-Like Buildings Under Fuxian Lake In Chinas Yunnan Province. They Are Using The Words "Mayan Pyramid-Like Buildings," Because They Are Still Afraid Of The Black Nobility. The Pyramids In Central America, Which Are Said To Be Mayan Are None Other Than Olmec Pyramids, Because The Pyramids Which Are Said To Be Mayan, Predate The Existence Of The Mayans. There Is Absolutely No Way That You Could Have Invented, Created Or Built Something That Existed/Exist Prior To Your Existence. The Pyramids Existed Thousands Of Years Prior To The Existence Of The Mayans And The Calendar That They Are Claiming To Be Mayan, Also Existed Thousands Of Years Prior To The Mayans. This Is What Is Meant By Black Nobility Cover-Up, In Stead Of Saying Olmecs They Will Say Mayan Until The Very End. Eye Am Going To See How Long They Are Going To Play This Mayan Game And Try To Accredit Our Legacy To Other People. Most Black People Are Not Descendants Of Slaves, But Are Ascendants Of Royal And Black Noble Families. This Does Not Mean That All Black People Are Ascendants Of Black Nobles, Because Some Are Descendants Of Slaves And Were Sold For Their Disagreeable Ways. One Of The Key Black Noble Families Of Black Nobility Was The Idrisid Dynasty Which Ruled Morocco From 789 A.D. To 926 A.D. The Idrisid Dynasty Was A Dynasty Of Malian Moors, Who Were The First Arab Rulers Of Morocco And Descended From The Ethiopian Moor Bilaal Habashi; Who Was The Son Of Rabah And Hamama, An Ethopian Moor From 551 A.D.- 641 A.D. This Bilaal Was Of

The Hebrew Essenic Branch Of Shriners Who Was Responsible For Passing The Sceptre Of Rulership From Israel To Ishmael Giving The Real Prophet Muhammad His Link To The Ancient Shriners Brotherhood Of Sayyids Called Shariyfs Or Nobles. Refer To Set The Record Straight By: Dr. Malachi Z. York This Idrisid Dynasty Was A Sacred Dynasty Of Black Nobles And Kings Such As King Mansa Musa Or Mansa Khan Khan Musa And His Half Brother Abu Bakari. These Were Malian Moor Admirals, Who Sailed To The Americas In The Year 1311 A.D. And Mixed With Another Dynasty Of People Who Had Been On These Lands Prior To All Other Civilizations. These People Were Originally Called The Nuwbun Xi (Shi) People And Now Called The Olmecs. The Wa-Shi-Taw Tribe Of The Olmecs Or The Xi (Shi) People Ascendants; Were Who King Mansa Musa And Abu Bakari Mixed With. The Washitaw Tribe Is One Of The First Olmec Tribes; That Birth The Yemassee Tribe Of The South Eastern Region Of Wahanee. Dr. Malachi Z. York Or Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle Is A Ascendant Of The Idrisid Dynasty Through His Great Grand Father Ben York, Son Of Old York And The Great Empress Verdiaces Is The Empress Of The Washitaw Nation By Way Of Anniamareea, A Washo Woman, Daughter Of The Old Empress, Ayimareeya. King Charles Wesley Mumbere And His Consort He Is The New King Of Uganda, Who Had Worked In The United States As A Nurse's Aid In Maryland And Pennsylvania, For Several Years. His True Identity Remained Confidential Until The Appropriate Time. He Was Granted His Royal Title At The Age Of 13, By Way Of His Royal Family And Royal Bloodline Of The Nuwbuns, Because The Olmecs Began The Royal Families In Uganda, Kenya, Nubia And Ethiopia. Black Nobles, Kings And Royal Families Are Popping Up All Over The Place Now. So, Give Me My Crown! They Are Sure To Continue Popping Up Because We Exist And This Is Not A Myth. This Bloodline And Lineage Is No Joke! "Chief Gondobay Manga."A.K.A Isaiah Washington Chief Of The Mende Tribe In Sierra Leone The Mende People Were The Immediate Family Or A Branch Of The XI(Shi) Gabelu Dynasty Of The Olmecs. They Were Also Apart Of A Prehistoric Trade Network That Began More Than A 100,000 Years Ago, That Became Wide Spread Throughout The World. The Washitaw, Yemassee Or Jamassee, Dogons And Other Black Tribes Of The Americas; Were Also Apart Of This Trade Network Of Cooperative Economics. Our Ancestors Are Calling Us Back Home To Our Own Systems Of Economics And Our Roots. The DNA Tumble Is Taking Place For Us At Present; As The Original Black Nobles, Chiefs, Kings And Gods Who Are Taking Our Rightful Place, And ReClaiming What Is Rightfully Ours By Birthright. Cinque The Rebel Leader Of The Rebellion On The Amistad Movie, Was From The Mende Tribe And Now Chief Gondobay Manga; The Mende (Shi) Chief, Who Is The Blue Crystal Storm According To Our Olmec/Mayan Cosmology, And Is Working To Restore Economic Empowerment Back To His Tribe Through The gondobaymangafoundation.org.

A Black Noble Of The Mende Tribe And Immediate Family Of The Olmec Tribe The Prophesies Of Our Ancestors Are Being Fulfilled Right Before Our Eyes; Through Us As Their Offsprings, And We Are Chosen To Do Great Things. We Are Currently Being Triggered Genetically To Move Into Our Rightful Space And Place On The Planet Earth. Some Of Us Are Evolving Into Whole Light Beings Again And Others Are Depleting And Regressing. No Longer Can We Apologize For Being Who We Are Nor Can We Pretend To Not Be Who We Are. We Are The Mother Culture Of All The

Americas, North, South And Central. All Other Tribes And Races Of People Came After The Olmecs, Who Were Later Called The Arawaks In South America. The Arawaks Were The Original Inhabitants Of Jamaica, Haiti, The Bahamas And Barbados. They Migrated From South America Before Settling In The Caribbean. However, According To Historical Records Of The European Settlers, Barbados Was Supposedly Uninhabited When The Portuguese Pedro A Campos Landed There In The Early 1500s. Nevertheless, It Was Previously Inhabited By The Arawak Native American Moors, Then The Black Caribs, Followed By The Portuguese And The English. The Arawaks Were Also The Original Inhabitants Of Suriname Before It Became A Sovereign Republic In 1975. The Olmecs Migrated Into Two Different Directions On This Side Of The Atlantic As The Original Atlanteans. One Group Of The Olmecs Migrated To The Eastern Islands Near The Bernuda Triangle And Settled In The Islands Of Jamaica, Haiti, Bahamas, Trinidad And Barbados. They Set Up Colonies On These Islands And Became Known As The ARAWAKS. The Arawaks Were The Original Inhabitants Of The Caribbean Islands. The Ciboney Or Cebonies Of The Greater Antilles And The Caribbean Islands Were Nuwbuns Or Olmecs, Who Lived In Various Caves In The Caribbean, Some Contained Large Crystals Like Many Of Olmec Caves In Central America. The Term Ciboney Which Means Cave Dwellers, Was Given To The Neighboring Indigenous Peoples Of The Arawaks In The Caribbean Islands. History Or His Story Has It That The Linguistic Affiliation Of The Ciboney Is Unknown, But Their Origins And Features Point To The Indigenous People Of Florida, Central And South America. Many Of The European Settlers Claim That Islands Like Barbados And Curacao Was Uninhabited Upon Their Arrival In The 1500s, But Of Coarse They Were Not Uninhabited, The Portuguese, French And English Settlers Just Killed Many Of Them Off And Enslaved The Others. Most Are Unaware That The Portuguese Jews Were Responsible For The First Form Of Slavery In The Caribbean. This Is Why Many Of The Indigenous People Of The Caribbean Speak Papiamento On Islands Such As Curacao And Barbados, Which Is A Dialect From The Portuguese, Not Dutch, French Or English. The Indigenous Peoples Of These Islands Were Ascendants Of Black Nobles And Kings From The Olmec Tribe Or The Imperial Xi (She) Clan Dynasty. They Became Psychological, Physical And Debt Slaves To The Portuguese Jews And The West Indian Corporation Formed By These Jewish Invaders. The West Indian Company Became Bankrupt After A Period Of Time And Was Purchased By The Dutch People Of Holland, Which Then Became Known As Dutch West India Company. Among Its Founding Fathers Was Willem Usselincx (1567-1647?), Which Consequently Gave Birth To The Name Of Places Such As Willemstad, Curacao In The Netherlands Antilles. On June 3, 1621, This Dutch West India Company Was Granted A Charter For A Trade Monopoly In The West Indies (Meaning The Caribbean) By The Republic Of The Seven United Netherlands And Given Jurisdiction Over The African Slave Trade, Brazil, The Caribbean, And North America. Some Of The Indigenous People In Brazil Speak Portuguese Because Of This. The Movie Called The International Explains How These Banks And Corporations Are In Business To Control The Debt And You As A Debt Slave To Their Federal Corporations. Title 28 Section 3002(15) Of The United States Codes Tells Us That The United States Is Nothing But A Federal Corporation. Title 28 Sections 3002 (15) United States means (A) a Federal corporation; (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or (C) an instrumentality of the United States.

These So Called Countries No Longer Use Physical Slavery, But Rather Economic Slavery, By Way Of Their Corporations And Psychological Slavery By Way Of Their Fiction Religions. This Is Why None Of These Corporations Such As, The United States, United Kingdom And Kingdom Of The Netherlands; Ever Honor Any Of The Religious Laws Of The Holy Books That Their Representatives Claim To Believe In. Exodus 20:13 Says Thy Shall Not Kill And Exodus 20:15 Says Thy Shall Not Steal, But The People Who Claim To Believe In The Bible Do These Things All The Time. They Have Stolen Indigenous People Land And Killed Many Of Our People In The Process. The Churches Are No Different Because They Are Corporations Under The 1954 Ways And Means Bill, And Have A Special Tax Obligation Under 501(c) 3 Or 501(c) 4 Of The Internal Revenue Codes. These Are Commercial Codes Created By The Federal Government For Corporations Or Businesses. Where Does The Money That People Give In Church On Sunday Go? Is It Only To The Pastor Or Is It To Him And The Corporation That He Works For? If You Research The Origin Of The People In The Caribbean, You Will Find That The Majority Of Them Originated From The Arawak Native Americans And The Black Carib Or Garifuna Tribe. The Word Carib Comes From The Spanish Word Caribe Which Means Cannibals And The Word Garifuna Is An Indigenous Word Which Means Cassava Eating People." The Reason That Some Of The Black Caribs From The Southern Jungles Of The Caribbean Were Cannibals; Is Because They Were Mixing With The Reptilians And The Hindu East Indians. The Mixture Of These East Indian Hindus And Africans Are Called Coolies. The Original Jamaicans Were Called Xaymaca Which Means Isles Of Springs And Due To Them Mixing With The East Indians, Spanish, British And The Reptilians; A Lot Of Them Now Have A Or B Blood And Not The Original O. By Them Being Mixed With These Particular Races Of People, Their Blood Have Developed Anti-Body Generators Or Antigens. The Original O Blood Does Not Have These Antigens And Is The Predominant Blood Of Muurs Or Black People And Native Americans. The Olmecs Have O Blood, The Original Tama Re( Khemetians) Or Nuwaupians Have O Blood And 80% Of The Native Americans Have O Blood. The Reason That Most Of The Native Americans Of Today Have O Blood Is Because They Are Descendants Of The Olmecs, Who Are The First Black Native Americans. They Were Already Here In The Americas Millions Of Year Before The Continental Drift, According To The Records Of Our Ancestors And They Originally Came From Sirius, Not Africa. They Were All Over The Planet Earth And They Even Built Monuments On The Planet Mars As Well. They Also Had The Genetic Blue-Print And Chemical Charts For Designing Specific Races Of People. The Blood And The Genes Determine Everything About A Person Or A People, So It Is Vitally Important For You To Do A Genealogical Check And Also Know Your Blood Type. The Western Europeans, Southern Chinese And Many Japanese Generally Have Type A Blood, Which Was The First Form Of Distorted Or Mutated Blood, By Way Of Mixing With Certain Animals Or Beings With A Different Chromosome Structure, Like The Teros Or Cone Heads. Elongated Skulls Came By Way Of The Teros, Of Which The Olmecs Mixed With To Create The Chinese. This Mixing Began In Atlantis And Became Widespread Throughout The World. It Can Be Found In Ancient Sumeria, Among The Watchers Of Kurdistan, The Egyptian Royal Families, Peruvians In Peru, All Parts Of Africa, Mexico, Asia And So On.

Egyptian Goddess Head

Olmec Teros Elongated Head

Mangbetu Cone Head

Most People Believe That These Are Deformities And This Is Not Totally Incorrect, Because It Really Has More To Do With The Teros Chromosome Structure And Their Psychic Powers. The Teros Were Not Deformed Beings, But Rather Highly Advanced Beings With Cone Heads. So, Being Born With A Cone Head, Doesn't Necessarily Make You Deformed. Atlan And Later Atlantis Was Composed Of Many Different Races And The Tero Cone Heads, Mixed With Certain Indigenous Cultures And Granted Them Certain Psychic Powers And Scientific Knowledge, Which Left Remarkable Impressions On The World, Because They Were Of The More Advance Races Of People. They Also Have Epicanthic Eyes Or What Is Known As Slanted Eyes Today. Authors Such As Zechariah Sitchin, Erich Von Daniken, George Hunt Williams And Others, Have Connected The Ancient Sumerians, Extraterrestrials And Other Advance Civilizations To The Olmecs, In Their Writings, Lectures And Teachings. Needless To Say, They Have A Valid Reason To, Because There Are Some Many Monuments And Statues, With Olmecs, Sumerians, Mayans And Others; Which Have On Space-Suits And Are Traveling In Spacecrafts On The Pyramid Walls. There Were Also Several Blood Experiments And Genetic Engineering Projects, Which Were Developed And Has Been Responsible For The Creation Of Specific Races In The Egyptian, Olmec And Sumerian Cultures. The Original Chinese Were Black People Called, Xia, Yi, Shang And Senune, But The Chinese Of Today Are The Lighter Strand Chou People, Which Came By Way Of The Epicanthic Or Slanted Eye Teros And The Olmecs Of Asia. This Is Why Theses Particular Chinese Don't Have The Original O Blood, Because They Were Down Graded To A Lesser Strand And Have A Different Chromosome Structure. 75 To 80% Of Native Americans Still Have The Original O Blood, Because They Were Children Of The Olmecs, By Way Of The East Yi (Black Chinese). These Were The Original Carriers Of The O Blood, Which Was Later Passed On To The Other Native Americans, Such As The Mayans, Hopis, Aboriginals And Aztecs. Evidence Of The Native Americans Being A Mixture Of The Chinese And The Olmecs, Is The Hollow Hair Texture And Shovel Teeth, Which Can Only Be Found In Native Americans And Orientals Today. The Native Americans Received Their Shovel Teeth And Hollow Hair From The Black Chinese Yi People Of China And Some Of The Other Features Of Which They Have In Common, Is Dark Skin, A Broad Nose Flat Nose, Thick-Lips, And Special Eyelids, Of Which They Both Received By Way Of The Olmecs.

The Black Shang Writing Has Been Found On Many Of The Olmec Sculptures. In Fact, The Olmecs Used The Early Shang Oracle Script For A While, But Then It Evolved Into Epi-Olmec And Later Nahuatl Or The Language Of The Mayans. The Chinese Language Scholar Han Ping Chen, Professor Mike Xu And Other Shang Scholars Have Confirmed The That The Shang Oracle Script Was Indeed Apart Of The Olmec Language, After The Original Olmec Script Was Established. There Are Several Books Out About Chinese Pre-Columbian Explorations And Migrations To The Americas. In Particular, There Is One By An Author Name Louise Levathes, Entitled: When China Ruled The Seas, And The Author Maintains That The Shang Chinese Were Sailing To The Americas Around 1000BC. Now, The First Question Should Be: Why Was The Shang Dynasty Sailing To The Americas At That Time? And Who Do You Think That They Were In Contact With At That Time? Remember, There Are Radio-Carbon Dates For The Rise Of The Olmecs In The Americas, Which Is 1000 To 1200BC, That Coincidentally Coincides With The Shang Dynasty Fall In China. Why Would You Say That Is? There Are Also Records Indicating That There Was An Olmec Migration From Asia, Over The Land Bridge In Between 10,000-15,000 BC. See http://www.paamedjayu.com/IndigenousAmericansTheOriginofTribes.html# For Moor In/Outformation On The Subject Of The Olmecs Offspring's. The Eastern Europeans, Hindu East Indians, Northern Chinese, Koreans And A Small Portions Of Japanese Mainly Have Type B Blood. Also The Fake Jews Of Today Known As Ashkenazic And Sephardic Jews, Also Carry The Same B Blood, But Mainly The B Negative Type. Is This Because They Came To B- Negative? Because All They Have Been Is Negative Since They Have Stolen The Legacy Of The Real Black Ashkenazic Jews, Falasha Jews And Sephardic Jews Of Spain, Morocco, Nigeria And Ethiopia. The Hindu East Indians Of India Came To The Americas After The Chinese Missionary Hoshan In The 4 Century AD, And They Mixed With Some Of The Chinese Mexicans And Produced Even More Stocks Of The Inuit And Eskimos, Which Now Reside In Canada And Alaska. In Fact, The Hindu East Indians Are The Ones Who Gave The People Called The Mayans, Their Name Mayan, Which Means Illusion. This Is Why People Are Still Under The Illusion That The Mayans Were The Inventers Of The 13 Moon Calendar. The Word Mayan Is A Sanskrit Word, Not A Native American Word And The Hindus Do Not Have O Blood, Neither Does The Animals That White People Say That Black People Evolved From. The Oldest Blood Is O Blood, Which Is Universal Blood That Can Be Given To Any Blood Type, But It Only Accepts Other O Blood And None Of The Other Blood Types. This Means, That If A Woman Has O Blood And Is Impregnated By A Man With B Blood, Then The Blood Will Not Mix Or The Other Blood Will Be Conflicting With The O Blood And She Will Either Be Provided Pills, A Shot Or A Blood Transfusion Will Be Required, Otherwise The Child Would Die. Blood Types A And B Produce Antibodies That Reject Each Others Types Of Antigens, But AB Which Is Less Than A 1000 Years Old, Will Accept The A, B And O Type. In America More Than 5 Million People Are Getting O Blood Transfusion Into Their Bodies Each Year, In Particular Caucasians, Who Are Now Using Our Blood For Their Survival. They Call It ABO Blood Group Transfusion. The Ultraviolet Radiation Of The Sun Is Destroying The Cells In Their Body And The Dead Cells In Their Body Are Weakening Their Immune System, Which Results In Their Death By Melanoma Or Skin Cancer. People Continue To Come Up With All Sorts Of Excuse And Trick-nology To Hide The Truth About Our Legacy, Heritage And Royal Bloodline. This Is Why Eye Provide So Many Indisputable Facts, Because Eye Don't Want To Hear Any Of Their Mess Or BS. Remember, The Queen Of England Has B Blood Of The Brit Blue Bloodline And She Is Claiming To Be Of The Royal Bloodline Of Moses, Abraham And Thutmose Of Ancient Khemet Or Tama Re. Not To Mention: That They Are Not Really Of The Brit Blood Anyway, But Their Booty Are Of German Reptilian Blood, By Way Of Saxe-Coburg And Gotha And No One Question's This At All, But When We Provide Photos, Genetic Blue- Prints, Historical Records And Scientific Facts, We Are Still Not Who We Are. Why Is This? When We Have The Ahocahamelaneen, We Have The Dominant Genes And The Oldest Blood. Yet, We Are Still Not Who We Are? These Are The Combinations Of Which Make A Race Of People Dominant And No Scientist, Doctor,

Anthropologist Or Historian Can Refute This. It All Begins By Way Of The Genealogy, Blood Type And The Genetic Blue. Different Blood Types Notice That The O Blood Has No Antigens Surrounding The Blood And All The Other Blood Types Have Different Anti-Generator Dots Surrounding Them. These Are The Conflicting Factors In All Other Blood Types, Inclusive Of RH Blood As Well. Nubian People Who Have Any Of These Other Blood Types, Have Developed This From Various Mixing In Their Family Or Malaria, Which Was Responsible For Sickle Cell Anemia And The Blood Developing These Natural Defense Mechanisms. Intelligent Bacteria Causes The Blood To Sickle In Attempt To Defend It Self. Sickle Cell Was A Progressive Evolution Of The Blood, Which Protected What Is Known As African People From Being Wiped-out By Malaria. Different Migrations From Various Environments And Regions Are Also Responsible For Some Blood Diseases And Infections In The Blood Of Nubians. Most People Don't Know About The Many Migration Of Black People Around The World, Some Of Our People Migrations Have Not Been Recorded In History Books, But Only In Our-Story Prior To His- Story. Most Of Our-Story Has Not Been Told And The Europeans Are Only Guessing With All The Wrong Dates About Us And Our-Story/Our-Fact/Our-Truth. Some Of Our Migration Story Is Recorded On The Stela 5 Of Izapa And It Clearly Confirms That We Made 12 Migration To Utla, Amexum And Ulman. This Is Where The Bible Tree Of Life Story Comes From In Revelation 22:2 And The Mormons Also Believe That This Is Confirmation Of The Validity And Authenticity Of The Book Of Mormons. The Mormons Also Believe That They Are Descendants Of The Olmecs. The Twelve Manner Of Fruits In Revelations Is About Our Migrations, The 12 Tribes With The Tri-Leaf Symbol Of Royalty And Healing The Nations By Planting The Seed Of Life. Revelation 22:2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. Stela 5 Of Izapa Tree Of Life Tablet "To-NacaQua-Hui-Ti" The Movie Called "The Fountain", Makes An Attempt To Cover This, But Only From The Mayan Perspective. We Migrated From Mesopotamia To Asia, From Asia To Africa, From Africa To South America, From South America To North America And Canada. We Also Migrated To The Caribbean From South America And Became Known As Ciboney. This Is Only Another Group Of Olmec People Who They Have No Knowledge Of. In

Many Ancient Nuwbun Tablets And The Popol Vuh, They Have An Olmec Emperor By The Name Of Meci, Who Was Said To Arrive In Mexico Circa 3113 BC, With 8-12 Ships From Ganawa, So This Is Further Confirmation That Their Dates Are Wrong About Our Migrations In The Americas, Since It Has Already Been Proven That We Were Here Prior To Their Dates. Another Group Of The Olmecs Migrated To The Americas, North, South And Central. They Were Called Washo Or Racoon People In North America And Settled Into The Areas Of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina And Georgia; Under The Names Washitaw And Yemassee. We Were Called Olmecs By Our Children The Aztecs In Central America And Were Called XI(Shi) By Our Children The Chou People In China. However, We Called Our Selves Nuwbuns And We Educated All Other Races On The Planet. We Are The Original Nuwbun Nasu Black Seed, Not Light Skin, High Yellow, Off White Or Pink. We Also Overstand That No One Wins The Race In Racism, As The Master Teacher Has Always Reminded Us Of; With That Being Said, We Must Still Honor The Legacy Of Our Ancestors With Great Honor And Not Pretend As If We Are Still Not The Dominant Race On This Planet. We Know That We Are The Dominant Race By Genetics Alone; Because 1 Drop Of Black Blood In Any Other Race Will Convert That Race Into The Black Race Through Their Offspring. That One Drop Of Black Blood Is The Black Mans Sperm; Which Is Really White Blood From A Black Seed. A Prime Example Of This Would Be President Barack Obama, Who Had A Caucasian Mother And A Black Father And As You Can See Barack Obama Is A Blackman By His Melanin And Skin Color. He Is Another Blackman Being Genetically Triggered To Take His Rightful Place In The Galactic Spin Of Our Now Time Prophesies. Eye Am Not A Racist, But More Of A Raceologist, Because Eye Study All Races And State The Facts About All Races. We Have Been Denied Our Birthright And Inheritance For Far To Long, So Now It Is Time To Correct The Wrong. Here Is A Question Which Was Asked Of Me By Way Of A White Man Via Email Who Declared To Me That He No Longer Wanted To Be White. "in your divine estimation is Barrack Obama a White man or a Blackman"? Barrack Obama Is A Blackman Based Upon The Melanin Content In His Skin, The Sperm From His Father And The Concentration Of Carbon In His Body. However, He Was Hatched From The Egg Of A White-Woman, Which Means He Has The Spirit Of A Tamahu And Caucasian Blood. The Standard Blood Type For A Real Caucasian Is AB And When President Obama Arrived At The G20 Summit In London, He Was Accompanied By White House Nurses, Surgeons And Other Medical Professionals, Because He Has A Blood Disease Of Which They Have Kept Concealed Until His G20 Visit To London, This Disease Is Due To His Mixed Blood Of Antigens And Defects In His Genes. Caucasian Blood Is Not Supposed To Be Mixed With Nuwbun O Blood, Which Is Why Barrack Had To Have A Blood Transfusion For His Birth Survival And All Of His Medical Professionals Were Prepared To Give Him An AB Blood Transfusion At The G20 Summit. This Is Caucasian Blood Not Nubian. See BBC New Report Entitled "President Obama's Security Bubble, By: Max Deveson. THE FIRST SHALL BE THE LAST As You Can See The Prophesies Are Now Being Fulfilled As Predicted. The First Is Now The Last And The Last Is Now The First. The First President Of The United States Under The Article Of Confederation Was A Blackman By The Name Of John Hanson; Who Many People Still Will Not Acknowledge As Such. The New Country Called The United States Was Actually Formed March 1, 1781 With The Adoption Of The Articles Of Confederation And The President At The Time Was John Hanson; Who Was Chosen Unanimously By Congress, (Of Which The So Called First President Of The United States George Washington Was Apart Of). In The Image Is A Man Who Has Dark Skin And Is Wearing A Powdered Wig While Sitting At The Table Just To The Left Of The Men Standing In The Center Of The Engraving. This Dark Skinned Man Is John Hanson In His Position As President Of The Continental Congress. In The Original Painting Hanging In The U.S. Capitol Rotunda, The Dark Skinned Man Does Not Appear!!!

The Above Information Was Gathered EYE Assume From Research Obtained By Dick Gregory. However, Eye Do Overstand That There Has Been A Lot Of Confusion And Discrepancies About The History And Life Of John Hanson. This By Enlarge Is No Accident, Simply Because Of What It Actually Means And What It Does To The Very Foundation Of The Fiction Establishment. Quite Naturally This History Would Be So Conveniently Mixed Up, But None Of The White Freemason And Rosicrucians History Is Ever Mixed Up. This Is No Different Than What President Barrack Obama Is Currently Experiencing With The Validity Of His Presidency Now Being In Question, Due To Him Not Being A US Born Citizen. However, Many Of The Former Presidents Of The United States Were Not US Born Citizens, But None Of Them Were Ever Questioned About It, Because They Were Not Black. My Point Being, There Must Be Some Truth To John Hanson Being The First Black President Under The Articles Of Confederation, Because Everything Is So Conveniently Mixed Up And Confusing About His Presidency, Just As It Is With President Barrack Obama. The Most Controversy Always Surrounds That Which Is Different Or Outside What The Mainstream Media Is Accustom To Hearing Or Seeing As Ordinary Or The Common Thing. There Are So Many Things That Should Be Questioned About The History Of This Country And The Public Officials Who Have Represented This Country. For Example: (1) Why Didnt Benjamin Franklin Ever Meet Benjamin Banneker, In Spite Of Them Both Working With And Knowing All The Same People? (2) Why Was Benjamin Banneker Recorded As Being The First Black Presidents Appointee And Where Did He Get All Of This Knowledge Beyond All Of His Teachers In The School Of The Quakers? (3) Who Is The Black Person On The Back Of The 2-Dollar Bill? Is It John Hanson? Is It Robert Morris Or Is It Charles Thomson? All Three Of These Questions Have The Same Problem And Thats The Color Of All Three Individuals Mentioned Above. According To The Caucasians These Were All White People? But The Photo Of The Person Being Mentioned On the Back Of The 2-Dollar Bill Is A Black Man. If You Remember Correctly, We Were Told In School That George Washington Was The First President Not John Hanson. This Photo Of This So Called John Hanson Has Recently Popped Up In The Last 6 Or 7 Years After The Subject Of President Hanson Became Popular. This Is Why The Subject Of The First Black President Is So Mixed Up Because The Lucipherians Are Mixing It Up. Again, Who Is The Black Man On The Back Of The 2-Dollar Bill? It Is Clear That The Person On The Back Of 2-Dollar Bill, Being Mentioned, Was Not White And Here We Have White Photos Of People Who Are Said To Be The Black Man On Back Of The 2-Dollar Bill. Cant You See Why It Is So Confusing And Conflicting Information Because The Lucipherians Are Keeping You Confused By Design. White People Are Always Doing This Kind Of Stuff, But We Continue To Ignore It As If It Doesn't Exist. If A Person Was Black Then Let Them Be Black, Don't Change Their Image, Blow The Nose Off Of Their Statue And Try To Make Them White, Chinese, Hindu Or Any Other Race. We Have Never Changed A Person Who Was Chinese, European, Hindu Or Any Other Race For That Matter In History, To A Black Person Who Was Not Black And We Have Never Stolen Any One Else's Legacy. However, All Other Races On The Planet Have Done This To Us And We Are The Ones Who Are Called The Racist When We Highlight Our True Legacy. This Doesn't Make Any Sense To Me, Because They Are The Ones Who Are Faking It. The Aboriginals In Canada Are Claiming That They Are The First Nation Of People On Earth And How Can This Be, When They Are Part Eskimo, Hindu And Mayan? The Olmecs Were The First Peoples From Chile In South America On Up To Canada In North America. They All Need To Stop It And Accept The Truth. Now, Back To John Hanson, We Know This Was A Blackman Because The Photo Above Is Self Evident And The Right Hand Man To Former President Hanson Was Benjamin Banneker; Who Was Also A Blackman And He Is Recorded In History As Being The First Black Presidential Appointee. Benjamin Banneker Is Also Accredited With Creating The First American Clock Out Of Wood, Developing The Layout For The Streets And Monuments For The Nation's Capitol, Washington, D.C., Including The White House, Capitol Building And Treasury Building. His Grandfather Is

Recorded As Have Being A Member Of A Royal Family From Africa; Which Further Supports The Bloodline Of Black Nobility. His Grandfather Was From The Royal Family Of The Dogons Of Mali. Grandfather Banneka Was His Name And He Passed On Much Of The Ancient Sacred Wisdom Of The Dogons On To Benjamin Banneker. Former President Hanson And Benjamin Banneker Were Both Ascendants Of Black Nobles And Master Masons. This Country Was Founded By Royal Black Nobles And Not European Settlers. In Essence, The First President Of The United States Was A Blackman And The Last President Of The United States Is A Blackman. The Last President Meaning; Of What We Refer To As The Old World; Which Ends December 21/22 In The Year 2012. Barrack Obama Will Be President Of The United States At Least; Until The Closing Of The Cycle Of The Old World And Should Certainly Be Re-elected As President Into The New World. Maybe Or Maybe Not, Because The End Is Near. These Are Prophesies Of Old, Which Were Predicted By Us Many Thousands Of Years Ago And We Have The Data To Prove It. The Olmec Calendar Predicted This Many Thousands Of Years Ago And Has Been Quoted As Being The Most Accurate Cosmology, Astronomy And Time In The History Of Time. President Barrack Obama Was Born August 4, 1961, Which Is The Red SelfExisting Skywalker According To The Olmec/Mayan Cosmology. He Was Born A Galactic Activation Portal And His Number Is 4 According To Our Cosmology And Time. He Was Elected President Of The United States On November 4, 2008 And He Is Said To Be The 44th President Of The United States. As You Can See All Of The 4's Are Present In His Divinations. November 4, 2008 Was The Yellow Cosmic Sun Called Ahau, Which Is Equivalent To The Sun Of Leo In The Western World Astrology. As You Well Know President Barrack Obama Was Born A Leo According To Western World Astrology. He Was Also Born Self-Existing, A Galactic Activation Portal And His Number Is 4. In Essence Again, November 4, 2008 Was Self-Existing, A Galactic Activation Portal And It Just Happens To Be The 4th Day Of The Month; Which Is President Barrack Obama's Number. Not To Mention That November 4, 2008 Was The Last Day Of The Star Wavespell, Which Will Go Into The Self-Existing Harmonic Until November 8, 2008. The Self-Existing 4 Is Certainly President Barrack Obama And He Will Be In Office Until The Year 2012 Just As Our Prophesies Have Predicted. Even Though, President Barrack Obama Is Only A Puppet Master For The Fiction Establishment, It Was Predicted That He Would Be President At This Time. By The Way, President Barrack Obama Also Carries A Black Madonna From The Black Royal Families Of Africa. However, He Can Only Do What He Is Told By The People That He Work For, There Is Only One Black Senator In The US Senate And The Other 99% Is Not, Furthermore, President Barrack Obama's Cabinet Is Over 90% White, So What Is He Going To Do For You? This Is One Blackman Surrounded By The Same White People Who Are Causing The Same Problems Throughout The World. They Are Passing Laws, Which Are Forcing People To Take Swine Flu Shots, That Are Killing People And It Is A $1000 Fine For The Refusal Of This Quarantine And They Cannot Be Sued If The Shot Makes You Sick Or Kills You. :King-Etznab-Shaquan: El Rey Also Known As Chief Black Feather Eagle By Birthright; He Is Yemassee And Olmec By Way Of His Father And Mother. The Last Dragon Emperor Of The Nuwbuns. Even Though Genetics Don't Lie And The Proof Is In The Pudding, They Are Still Going To Say, The Olmecs Were Not Black And He Does Not Look Like A Olmec Too Me.

Old King Tu El Rey

New King King Etznab Sha-Quan El Rey

On His Mothers Side, He Is Olmec And On His Fathers Side, He Is Yemassee. However, He Doesn't Like To Deal With His Yemassee Side As Much Anymore, Due To A Lot Of Other So Called Yamassee Or Yemassee People Giving Yemassee A Bad Name. :King-EtznabShaquan:El-Rey Is Completely Embracing His Olmec Dynasty Linage And Resurrecting His Empire. According To The South Carolina Department Of Archive & History, The Yemassee Nation Was Composed Of Remnants Of Several Tribes And Were Located In 10 Main Towns-5 Lower And 5 Upper. The Original 12 Tribes Of Yemassee And Their Children Were; The Oconee, Ocmulgee, Yamacraw, Catawba, Comanche, Arikara, Cherokee, Choctaw, Kiowa, Pequot, Mohawk, Creek, Cheyenne, Crow, Shinnecock, Mandan, Sioux, Blackfoot, Seminole, Shoshuni, Navajo, Powhatins, Yamanese, Nez Perce, Zuni, And Mohican Whom Were All Living Under The Umbrella Of The Black Yemassee Nation At One Time. This Is The Same Structure Found In Egypt With The Double Crown Of Lower Egypt With The Noble Black Bird And Serpent In A Sacred Symbol; And, In The Olmec Structure As Well. Each Of These Towns Had Their Own Yemassee King, Which Can Also Be Found In The National Archives Of London, Of Which He Has Retrieved Copies Of. As You Can See, Even In The South Carolina Department Of Archives And The London Archive They Have His Family On Record As Kings Before They Began Calling Them Chiefs From England. Research King Chasee Or The Chasee King, Altamaha And Okata Cacique. Both Sides Of His Family Were Declared To Be Extinct Until The Recent Resurrection Of His Families Lost History And Records Were Passed Down To Him And Now He Is Crowned King Of A Dynasty That Goes Back More Than 50,000 Years. The Olmec Empire Of Olman, Imperial Xi(She) Clan Dynasty And Nu Altamaha Olmec Kingdom Is Authenticated An Recognized Globally By Many Countries And Nations Worldwide. The Imperial Xi (She) Clan Dynasty Of The Olmecs Or Nuwbuns Is Recorded As Being The Oldest Indigenous People And Dynasty Of The Americas. Very Little Is Known About Both Sides Of His Family To The Public: The Olmec Side And The Yemassee Side. This Is Due To Both Cultures Being So Old And The Suppression Of What It Might Mean For The Rest Of The World. The Olmecs For Example Are Now Recognized As The Mother Culture Of All Of The Americas (North, South And Central America) By Most Scientist, Historians And Archeologist. However, There Is Still A Major Cover Up By The Fiction Establishment And Other So Called Indigenous People, Who Are Suppressing The Fact That The Colossal Megalithic Structures, Pyramids And Other Sacred

Monuments (Which Suggest That These Were Black People) Could Possibly Have Been Black People. These Were And Are Still Black People, Whom Most If Not All Indigenous Cultures Owe Their Sciences (Language, Writing, Customs And So On) Too. In Essence, He Didnt Find This It Found Him Through Blood And Divine Purpose. He Has The Sacred Records And Crown Jewels That Were Hidden Underground For Thousands Of Years About Who His Family Is And Was Thousands Of Years Ago. According To Many Of Our Sacred Manuscripts, Legends, Avatars And Hidden Records; Many Of The Europeans; Who Are Claiming Black Nobility, Had To Come To Our Black Noble Families As Shriners To Become Freemasons. Thus, You Have The Term Freemason, Which Means You Had To Be Freed From A Slave And Be Initiated Into The Lodge Under A Mason To Become A Freemason. The Term Lodge Began With His Family As Nuwbuns; And, The So Called Red Indians Or Native Americans Adopted The Term Later For Sweat Lodges And The Likes. The Movie National Treasury Book Of Secrets Reveals What The City Of London And The District Of Columbia Have Been Hiding From The General Public About His Family In The Resolute Desk. The Original Vatican Priest Hood Were Nuwbun Or Black Kings And Noble Priestess From What Is Now Known As West Africa, Morocco And Mali. This Is Why The Vatican Still Worship The Black Madonna Even To This Day. The Black Madonna Is Even On The Coat Of Arms Of The Pope And The Vatican. In Essence, There Were Moroccan Kings, Priests And Priestesses From Morocco, Nuba And Mail Who Sailed Via Spain, Portugal, France And Italy And Became The Official Religious Leaders Of The Vatican As Moors. This Is Why The Black Madonna As The Empress And/Or Priestess Was Referred To As Amor A Latin Term Which Means Beloved. They Referred To Her As Beloved An Endearing Term That Was Considered Sacred And Holy. This Same Term Of Endearment Is Still Being Used By Priest, Reverends And Rabbis For Wedding Ceremonies, And Is Used In The Bible To Address Highly Respected Women. She Was The Original Mother Mary And Baby Jesus Icon By Early Christian Worshippers And Was Changed To Being A White Woman Called Mary, Who The Bible Refers To As A Prostitute. The Shrine Of The Black Madonna Shrine Of Shriners Is Where The Original Vatican Priest Hood Began.

Our Woman On The Pope Coat Of Arms

Black Madonna And Baby Jesus

Many Of You May Not Be Aware That All The Founding Mothers And Fathers Of All World Religions Were Black And The Gods That Many Of The Other Races Once Worshiped Were All Black In Their Original Form. Daniel 7:9 Gives A Description Of God From The Ancient Of Days, And It Describes The Hair Of His Head Like The Pure Wool. Daniel 7:9 And I Quote: "Beheld Till

The Thrones Were Cast Down, And The Ancient Of Days Did Sit, Whose Garment Was White As Snow, And The Hair Of His Head Like The Pure wool: His Throne Was Like The Fiery Flame, And His Wheels As Burning Fire." As You Can See His Hair Was In A 9 Ether Spiral, Which Is The Hair Of Indigenous Black People. All The Original Gods And/Or Goddesses Were Black And "Wooly Haired" According To All Of The Original Clay Tablets Written In All Of The Original Languages. ALL The Earliest Pictures And Statues Of The So Called Jesus Christ Depicted Him As Being Black And Revelation 1:14-15 Describes His Hair Texture, Like Lambs Wool And His Feet Like Burnt Brass. In The Sacred Catacombs Of Rome Where Images Of The Black Jesus Appear, And Some Even Say It's For The First Time, You Have These Black Paintings And Statues Of The Black Madonna, The Black Jesus, The Apostles And Other Biblical Characters That Still Survive Today From Early Christian Worship. The Vatican And The Most Sacred Icons Of The Roman Catholic Church, Such As The Vatican Coat Of Arms And Even Some Of The Most Prominent Cathedrals In Europe, Still Worship The Black Madonna And The Black Baby Jesus. The Vatican Still Holds A Lot Of This Blackness Very Sacred From The Original Forms Of Worship. In The British Museum There's A Gold Coin, That Was In The Time Of The Roman Emperor Justinian II, That Shows Jesus With Kinky 9 Ether And/Or Curly Hair.

Black Madonna Worshiped In Russia

Black Madonna Worshiped In Rome

Black Madonna Being Worshiped In Germany Santeria, Bodega 2006, Jordan Stratford

The Black Madonna San Francisco Santeria, Bodega 2006, Jordan Stratford Changed To Holding A White Baby

This Is The Same Pattern That Has Just Played Out And Now Its Time For The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth So Help Me Pa Temp Ta. The Term Black Was And Is Still Highly Favorable Amongst The Elite World Leaders And Most Religious Organizations In The Private Sector. The Word Catholic It Self, Comes From The Black Sacred Cat Women Of Egypt With Holistic Sciences Called Tefnut. Thus You Have The Cat-OfHolistic-Sciences Or The Catholics, The Holy Cat Sphinx And The Black Cat That The Catholics Use In Witchcraft. The Science Of Blackness Was A Very Sacred Science To Us Called Alchemy Or Al-Chemistry And Thus You Have Black Magic; And, The Greeks And Romans Referred To Us As Moors Or Morenos Which Means Black. Now, Black Magic Is Referred To As Evil Magic By White People Who Are The Real Devils; Which Have Manipulated And Deceive The Whole World.

TEFNUT Daughter Of Atum Re And Khepri She Left Egypt And Moved To Nuba With The Nuwbuns Or Olmecs.

The Her-Em-Aket Now Called The Sphinx The Original Holy Cat Woman Nose And Lips Blown Off.

Notice That The Europeans Always Blow The Nose And Lips Off Of All The Original Black Icons And Monuments That Suggest That Black People Were Builders Of The Most Ancient And Greatest Civilizations That Ever Existed. They Are Now Trying To Include Themselves In Our Most Ancient Cultures And Exclude Us From Them. In Britain, Black Cats Were Known For Bringing Good Luck, But In The Western World It Became The Complete Opposite. All Of The Prominent Civilizations Of Mesoamerica Are Known To Have A Jaguar God, Of Which They Once Again Got From The Olmecs. The Black Jaguar In Particular, To The Olmecs Were Known As The Gods Of The Heavens, The Earth And The Underworld. Most People Think That The Lion Is The King Of The Jungle, But It Is Really The Jaguar, Because The Jaguar Has The Strongest Bite Of All These Feline Predators, They Can Also See In The Dark, They Know No Fear And They Bite You In The Brain, Not The Throat. One Chomp To The Brain Or Skull And Their Prey Is Dead, The Lion And All The Other Felines Go For The Throat. The Black Panthers Paramilitary Group Of The Americas, Also Use The Black Jaguar As There Sacred Feline, Because The Jaguar, Also Known As The Black Panther Knows No Fear.

Black Jaguar Of The Earth

Olmec Jaguar In The Pyramid Of Tula

Everything That Our Ancestors Have Built Has Been Accredited To Everyone Else; Outside Of Our Race. The Major Cover-Up Is To Hide The Fact That All Of The Original Legends, Gods, Avatars And Messiahs Were All Black In Their Original Form. This Is Why They Have Turned Jesus White, Muhammad Pale Arab And Buddha Chinese. Many Of Their Cultures And Other Cultures Have Been Calling Themselves Moors Or Black In Their Own Language; In Fact The Term Black Became A Widely Spread Term Throughout The World For Many Cultures, Who Were And Are Still Claiming Black Nobility And Dont Even Know It.

The Original Black British Coat Of Arms

Moorish Symbol Of The Morocco Shrine

The Original Crown Of Black Nobles Before The Fiction Crown And Fiction Black Nobility Claimed By Europeans. **Shouts Out To Robert Strong Rivers For Making Photos Available.**

Here Are 18 Of The Black Nobility Moorish Family Crest In Germany. These Black Nobility Family Crest Were Uncovered By Joel Rogers, Who Was A Nuwbun Historian Born In Jamaica. It Has Been Said That Jo-El Rogers Found More Than 500 Images Of Black Noble Families In Europe, Much Like The Ones Below. Just Imagine 500 Black Nobility Families Crest That Are Purposely Being Hidden From The Public To Conceal The Truth. This Leaves Another Tremendous Problem For Them, Because This Is In Europe, Not Africa. These Are All Black Nobles Whom Were There Before The So Called "White-Black Nobles".

These Are Black Nobles Coat Of Arms, Which Are Registered In Europe As Royal Families, Not Slaves And Cotton Pickers. In Europe, There Are Also Black Noble Family Crest Which Carry The Name Morrison, Which Means Son Of A Moor. Thus, A Name Like Robert Morris Would Have Its Origin With The Black Nobility Moors Of Europe. This Further Supports, That If Robert Morris Is The Person On The Back Of The 2-Dollar Bill, Then He Would Have Been, Either Named After A Moor, Gotten His Authority Or Power From The Moors In Europe And/Or The Son Of A Moor. The Black Person On The Back Of The 2-Dollar Bill Was Definitely A Moor, So These People Need To Just Cut The Crap And Accept The Truth. Eye Hear That Some Of The So Called Moors Of America Are Saying That The Word Moor Doesnt Mean Black Or Dark Skin, But Navigators Of The Seven Seas. The Problem With This,

Once Again Is The Language. In What Language Does The Word Moor, Morenos, Maurus Or Mauritania, Mauro, Moura, Moro, Mouro, Moir Or Mor Means Navigator Of The Seven Seas? The Answer Is Simple, None Of Them, Because It Doesnt Mean Navigator Of The Seven Seas, It Means Dark Skin Or Black As In Black Nobility. The Pale Arabs, Portuguese, Spanish, Latin, French Or Italians, Never Called Us Navigators Of The Seven Seas. They Referred To Us As Dark Skin Or Black Nobles. However, We Did "Navigate The Seven Seas," But We Were Not Called "Navigators Of The Seven Seas" By These People. Eye Have Also Heard The Argument About The Term Blackamoors And Why Would They Call Us Black, Black? Well, This Is Quite Simple As Well, This Is Similar To What Is Being Stated When You Call Yourself A Moorish Noble, Which According To Some Moors Would Be Navigator Of The Seven Seas Noble, But Then Why Would You Turnaround And Claim Black Nobility? Moorish Nobility And Black Nobility Is The Same Thing, If Not Then Where Did The Term Black Nobility Come From? Eye Have Never Heard Of Navigator Of The Seven Seas Nobility Have You? The Blackamoors Were The Ones Who Were Former Slaves And Became Free Once They Became Free Masons And The Term Blackamoor Was Not A Separate Term, But One Word, That Meant Dark Skin Person. As You Can See There Is No Navigator Of The Seven Seas In Any Of The Dialects From Spain, Europe On Over To Germany. Even On The Coat Of Arms Above The Name Schwartz Is Used, Which Is A German Word For A Black Noble Or Moorcroft (Also Morecrofte Or Head Of The Moor). In French, They Called Us Moir Or Le Noir (The Black). These Were The Original Black Nobles Of Black Nobility, Of Which Many Secret Societies Are Now Claiming As White People. The Original Black Eagle Bird Of Nobility Is Where Many Of The Secrets Came From Concerning Many Of The Secret Societies Of Today. There Are Many Golden Cities Of Hidden Treasuries And Secrets, Which Were Left By Our Ancestors Many Hundreds Of Thousands Of Years Ago. Much Of Our Information Has Been Fabricated And Plagiarized By The So Called 13 Bloodlines Of The Illuminati. (1) The Astor Bloodline (2) The Bundy Bloodline (3) The Collins Bloodline (4) The Dupont Bloodline (5) The Freeman Blood Line (6) The Kennedy Bloodline (7) Li Bloodline Of China (8) The Onassis Bloodline (9) The Reynolds Bloodline (10) The Rockefeller Bloodline (11) The Rothschild Bloodline (12) The Russell Bloodline And (13) The Van Duyn Bloodline. They Also Have Other Interconnected Bloodlines, Such As The Disney Bloodline, The Krudd, McDonalds And The Likes. The Original Illuminati Was Started By Our Noble Ancestors In Mesopotamia, Asia , And Egypt Long Before The Existence Of European Settlers. In Essence, The Original Illuminati Was Not Evil And Was Not Corrupt, Until The Arrival Of The Fiction Levitical Priest Of Babylon And The Hyksos Dynasty Invasion On The Original Egyptians Of Egypt. This Is Why They Cover Up The Faces Of The Original Egyptians And Blow The Noses And Lips Off Of The Statues And Monuments To Accredit Our Legacy To Other Races. King Narmer's Family Were The Ku-Shi Or Kushite Olmec People From Ethiopia And The Nuwbun Sumerian Shi People From Mesopotamia. This Is Why He Had A Broad Nose And Thick Lips Just As The Original Olmec People Had And Do Today. The Original Nuwbun Buddha Also Had The Same Features, Because They Were Both Apart Of The Same Family Tree And Royal Bloodline. The Real Buddha Shakyamuni, Was Born A Young Prince From A Royal Family Called Shakya. This Was Another Black Noble Royal Family Of Indra Now Called India. His Father Name Was King Shuddhodana, The Young Prince Now Known As Buddha Denounced The Throne To Become King And Became A Buddha Instead. He Was Born In A Place Called Lumbini In 624 BC And Indra Now Known As India Was Apart Of Ethiopia, Which Was Apart Of The Nuwbun Olmec Empire Of Nuba. Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia And Kenya Was Also Apart Of This Empire That Became Widespread Throughout The Earth. In Essence, This Particular Empire Of The Nuwbun People Now Called The Olmecs, Ran From What Is Now Called Africa, Into India And On Over Into Asia. This Is Why They Made An Attempt To Change The Original Buddha From Nuwbun To Chinese, Japanese, Indian And Vietnamese. This Was Their Way Of Making An Attempt To Separate The True Black Royal Families Of Africa, India,

Europe And China. This Is Information That Has Been Hidden From You To Keep You From Knowing The Truth About You're Heritage Or Her-It-Age And Birthright. This Is The Age For HerTo-Be-It And The Reclaiming Of Our Birthright. We Are The Real Black Nobles Of Black Nobility And They Are Claiming Our Birthright And Pretending Like They Are The Kings, Emperors And Queens. *The Word Krishna Is A Sanskrit Word That Means Black, The Word Indra/India Also Means Black, The Word Ethiopian Is A Greek Which Means Black, The Word Egyptian Is Greek Word That Means Burnt Face Or Black, The Word Cush Is A Cushite Word That Means Black, The Word Ham, Khemet Or Kemet Is A Nuwbun Word That Means Black, Mitzraim Is A Aramaic Word That Means Black, Hammurabi Is A Sumerian Word That Means Black King And Has Been Fabricated To Mean A King With Famous Codified Laws. Ixtliton Is A Nahuatl Word That Means Black Face And Ik Chuah Was A Black Mayan God Of Traders And Merchants. The Word Buddha Also Means Black And The List Goes On. Many Of These Names Are The Same Names Of The Black Noble Families And Kings In The Old Testament Of The Bible. Carrying The Title Of Black, Blackness Of Black Nobility Was Very Important To Us And All The Others Who Adopted Our Culture, Customs, Gods, And Sciences, Which Is Why All Of The Original Gods Names Meant Black And Our Science Called Alchemy Meant Science Of Blackness. :King-Etznab-Shaquan: El-Rey, Like Malachi Is The Black Eagle Family Which Is The Symbol Or Totem That Birth All Other Birds. On The Yemassee Side Of His Family He Is Chief Black Feather Eagle And On His Olmec Side Of The Family; He Is King Etznab Shaquan El Rey An Ascendant Of King El Rey Found In Central America. In Native American Folklore The Eagle Is The Highest Of All Birds As The Thunder Birds, The Black Eagle In Particular Is The Highest Of All Birds. Many Of The Native American Tribes, Who Were All Initially Under The Umbrella Of The Olmec Empire, Washitaw Empire Or The Yemassee Nation Of The South Eastern Region Of The Americas, Called Us Neh-su Or Black Bird Person. Nehsu And Nasu Were The Indigenous Titles Of Us As The Black Eagle People Or The Black Seed Of Black Nobles. Even In Chinese Literature The Black Bird Is The Symbol Or The Totem That Birth All Other Birds. There Are Similar Accounts Of This As Previously Mentioned In Native American Culture Where The Black Bird Rescues The Red Bird From The White Bird And Retreats Back To The Cave. This Analogy Ties Back Into The Nuwbuns, Li Shang Or Black Shang People Of China Who Rescued The Red Indian From The European Settlers, Who Were Also In The Caves Of The Caucus Mountains In Russia. Most People Dont Know That The First Two Major Empires Of Asia Were Founded By Black People. The XI( She) Which Were The Olmecs And The Yi Or The Li Shang; Meaning Black Shang. The Zhou Dynasty Of The Chou People Or The Mongoloid Race Called Us Li Ming Or Black Headed People. According The Ancient Sumerians Writings And Text, We Were Called SaqGig-Ga Or Black Headed People By Them Also. The Olmecs Or The Xi (She) And The Li Shang People Mixed With The Chou Or The Modern Day Chinese To Produce What They Call The Red Indians. The Skeletal Remains In China Are Predominately Black Or Negroid, The Pyramids In China Were Built By The Olmecs XI And Their Successors Of Yi, Naga And Cambodian Negroids Such As Angkor. The Aztecs Were Children Of The Olmecs, Through The Hopi Indians And Mayans, Who Were Children Of The Olmecs Through the Dogons. The Dogons Were A Branch Of The Olmec Tribe Through The Egyptians And The Cushites. The Mayans Were Children Of The Olmecs Through The Black Chinese Or The Li Shang. The Word Li Means Black In The Chinese Dialect And As I Said Before They Are Calling Themselves Black Nobles. As In The Name Jet Li, Which Means Jet Black And That Is Exactly What They Called Us; JET BLACK. The Li Blood Line Ties Back Into The Olmecs Through The Black Shang Dynasty. The Easter Island Rapa Nui People Were Children Of The Olmecs Through The Teros, Who Were A Race Of Beings From The Planet Jomon. The Teros Were The Original Cone Heads That Mixed With Olmecs And Birth The Rapa Nui Ancient Inhabitants Of Te Pito Te Henua, Called The Navel Of The World.

The Original Nuwbuns Or Olmecs Set Up 14 Kingdoms Around The World That Birth Most Of The Indigenous People On The Planet 1) Tilum, 2) Salaam, 3) Mu, 4) Lumeria, 5) Qodesh, 6) Nippur, And 7) Ashkolan 8) Sippar, 9) Kish, 10) Kutha, 11) Shuruppak, 12) Uruk, 13) Isin And 14) Eridu. The Incas Became Children Of The Olmecs Through The Mochica And The Chi-mu. Notice The Word Chi Which Was Originally XI (Shi) Pronounced She And Mu Was The Land From Which They Came. The Words Chi And Shi Are Still Being Used In Chi-na Or Asia Today; In Such Words As Tai-Chi, Mitsubishi Or Mfundishi. Notice The Word Mfundishi, Which Means Grandmaster In The Chinese Laghut Or Langauge And Comes From Mu-Fundi-Shi Or The Olmec Marital Arts, Which Gave Birth To The Chinese Martial Arts. Others Refer To It As Moorish Martial Arts Or Jilinda, But The Letter J Is Not Old Enough To Be Considered As The Original Name For It. The Shi-kamu Salute And The Mu-Fundi-Shi Is The Original Created By The Nuwbun Muurs. In Fact, The Chinese Masters Were Instructed To Bring Back The Shi Martial Arts, Which Is Now Called The Chi Martial Arts Back To Us Through INGANGA TOLO NAA. The Instructions Were To Bring Shi Or The Chi Back To Chicago Or Chi-cago In Shi-Town. Inganga Tolo Naa Is The Master Teacher Of Grandmaster Mfundishi Kijauna Vita, Who Was World Champion For 6 Years With Over 200 Titles And Over 30 World Titles In His Career. Quiet As Kept, Pa Sayud Mustalameed Master Teacher Inganga Tolo Naa, Who Is In Fact A Black Nuwbun Grandmaster; Known By The Elite Martial Arts Masters Of The World, To Have BEATEN BRUCE LEE In Tournaments With The Xi(She) Kong Olmec Martial Arts. As You Can See, These Are Real Masters And Super Heroes Who Do Masterful Martial Arts And Stunts Like No Other People On Earth. We Are The True Masters And Black Nobles Who Started All The Arts And Science Being Accredited To Other Races. This Is Not About Racism; This Is About Revealing The Truth Of What Is And Enlightening Our People About How Powerful And Noble We Really Are. Even The Chinese Language And Writings Were Birth By The Mende Nuwbuns Or Olmec People From Nuba And The Sumerians. In Spite Of The Different Pronunciations Of Some Of The Words, They Still Have The Same Meaning, Symbols And Shapes Of The Wedge Script Writings Of Cuneiform, Mende And Cushite Language. In Fact, All Semitic Languages Including Chinese, Which Gave Birth To Japanese, Which Gave Birth To Korean: All Came From Our Language Which Is Now Called Olmec Nuwaupic Or Simply Epi Olmec. Our Language Is A Combination Of Hieroretic, Cuneiform, Nuwaupic And The Olmec Mende Script. These Are The First Languages Ever Spoken On This Planet And Gave Birth To All Other Dialects On The Planet, Such As: Accadian, Chaldean, Phoenician, Aramic (Hebrew), Ashuric (Arabic) Amharic, Sabean, Gheez, Sanskrit, Farsi, Urdu, Ugarit And So On.

Cuneiform - Ancient Nuwbun Writing -

Chinese Oracle Bone

None Of This Has Anything To Do With Racism Or Ruler-ship. What Is Racism Anyway? This Is About Honoring The Truth About What Is; And, Breaking The Magical Spell Of Illusion Created By The Fiction. Most, If Not All Races On The Planet Have Made A Conscious Or An Unconscious Effort To Deny Black People And Our Contributions To This Planet For Thousands Of Years; And, This Is Not Speculative This Is Absolute. How Do We Get Pass The Lies That Have Been Perpetrated About Our Race Of People? How Do We Redeem Ourselves With Honor? How Do Eye Live On This Planet Knowing That Eye Am The Ascendant Of Kings And Gods And Not Honor That? How Do We Put An End To The Illusion That Has Been Perpetrated By Others? Every Other Culture (From Asia, Japan, Europe And Throughout The World) Have Their Own Gods That Look Like Them, Avatars, Emperors, Kings, Queens, And The Likes; And No One Has Anything To Say About Them. Butt Not But When It Comes To A Black Person Honoring Their Bloodline Or Anything Close To It, It Immediately Becomes A Problem For Everybody. In Acknowledgement Of This, I Stand Proud Knowing And Being Who I Am. These Are Just A Hand Full Of Things Shown To Prove That There Is Still A Major Cover Up Of Our People. I Cannot And Will Not Apologize For Who I Am In The Universe Nor On The Planet Earth. Most People Accredit Thanksgiving Day To Pilgrims Of European Origin; However, The Fourth Thursday Of Each November Being The Day Of Thanksgiving Was Declared By John Hanson The First President Of The United States Of America, Under The Articles Of Confederation. John Hanson Was An Indigenous Black Man Of Moorish Nationality; And, Once Again The Caucasians Have Deliberately Portrayed Him As Another Deteriorating Asian Or Caucasian. They Have Taken Down His Photo As A Blackman And Replaced It With Not One, But Two Photos Of These Deteriorating Asians Or Caucasians. It Has Been Documented That John Hanson Established One Of The Great Seals Of The United States Of America, Which All Presidents Have Been Required To Use On All Official Documents Since. However, The Original Great Seal On The Back Of The Dollar Bill Was Established By The Order Of Quest Free Masons From Europe. The First Great Seal Seal Was Exclusively Used For Royalty Of The Royal Families In Europe. It Is Document That Former President Hanson Established The First Treasury Department, The First Secretary Of War, And The First Foreign Affairs Department. However, We Know That Many Of The Black Moorish Nobles Were Intimately Involved In The Continental Congress, Establishing The Republic And The Designing Of The District Of Columbia.

The Real John Hanson

The Fake Hanson 1

The Fake Hanson 2

In Essence, The United States Government Was Initially Setup By Black Nobles And Some European Freemasons Who Were Being Taught By Black Nobles, How To Set Up Government. "To The Republic For Which It Stands" Was Set Up By Moorish Nobles, Not A Democracy, Which Was Set Up By European Settlers. John Hanson Who Was A Black Noble Appointed Unanimously By Congress (Of Which George Washington Was Apart Of) And Under The Tutelage Of Benjamin Bannaker; Who Was The Right Hand Man Of Former President Hanson. Benjamin Bannaker Was Another Black Moorish Noble And Mason, Who Is Accredited With Creating The American Clock Out Of Wood And Designing The City Of The District Of Columbia, From The Ancient Dogon Sciences. This Black Nobility Cover-up Runs Quite Deep And Has Been Suppressed To Keep Black People In Bondage. The Original Crown Of The U.K. Came From Us As Black Nobles And Kings, The Original Vatican Structure And Priest Hood Were Of Black Nobles And Priestess, The Original Statue Of Liberty Was A Black Woman Before The Europeans Changed It And Stated That Their Statue Of Liberty Is An Ancient Roman Goddess Of Freedom From Slavery, Oppression And Tyranny. The Original Statue Of Liberty Was A Black Woman Celebrating The End Of American Slavery In 1865. They Even Stole This And It Had To Do With The End Of Slavery For Black People. There Is Said To Be An Original Copy Of The Real Statue Of Liberty In The Museum In The City Of New York On 5th And 103rd Street. A Continues Wicked Evolution Of European Lies And Deceit Has Destroyed Many Generations Of Our People. From GeneRation To Gene-Alteration And No One Seems To Have Anything To Say About The Obvious Evil And Manipulation By The Western Supremacy European Establishment. These Are The Most Ridiculous, Sick And Twisted People On The Face Of The Planet Earth And For Some Reason We Think A White Man Name JESUS IS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR. PLEASE! Every Since We Have Embraced This Eurocentric Concept Of God; We Have Been Powerless And Not To Mention, Just As Corrupt As They Are. The Truth Hurts And So Does The Lies That He Continues To Tell Us. Only The Devil Will Lie To The WHOLE WORLD For Hundred Or Even Thousands Of Years About Something That He Knows Is Not True. LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES!

Black Nobility Is Something That Was Started By Indigenous Black Nobles, Prophets And Priestess, Who Were The Original Rulers Of The Planet Earth; Master Masons Who Built Pyramids, Temples And Mounds For Spiritual Purposes. It Wasnt Until The Arrival Of The Europeans That All Hell Broke Loose, With Them Claiming To Be Royal Black Nobles Of Our Black Noble Families. This Is Why The So Called Queen Elizabeth II Is Claiming That Her Bloodline Runs Back To Abraham And Moses Or Thutmose Of Ancient Egypt. How Can This B? When Her Blood Is Blue? This Means That She Would Not Be Able To Give Blood To Any Of These Indigenous O Blood Nuwbuns, Because Our Blood Would Reject That Blood. IF THE BLOOD DOESN'T FIT, THEN YOU MUST ADMIT! As Eye Said Before, Genetics Don't Lie And Neither Does The Blood. She Also Carries A Sekhem, Shobat Or Sceptre With The Largest Cut Diamond In The World Called The STAR OF AFRICA. Why The Star Of Africa On Her Sceptre And The Claim Of Black Nobility? The Reason For This Is Because All Of This Started From A Righteous Order Of The Zodok Priest And Became Unrighteous By The Hyksos Dynasty And Other Roman Invaders Into Our Sacred Orders. The Word Zodok It Self Means Righteous And In The Coronation Of The British Monarchs Has The Hymn Of The Zodok Priest Written By Handel In It. The Illusion Of Black Nobility And Power Has Been Kept In What Is Known As The Queens Blue Bloodline And The So Called Dragon Gene. The Dragon Blood Or Gene Was Originally Our Family Because It Was The First Form Of Evolution On This Planet, Which Was Passed Down To The Chinese Through The Olmecs. This Is Why The Dragon Is God To The Chinese And December 21/22, 2012 Is The Years Of The Dragon And The End Of Olmec Calendar. The End Of The Calendar Meaning The Long Count And The New Cycle Will Begin With A New Sun. This New Sun Is Called The Dragon Sun Or The Sun Of Righteousness. Imix The Dragon Mother Of Olmec/Mayan Cosmology And The Olmec/Chinese Dragon Will Merge As One In The Year 2012 And The 6000 Year Moon Cycle Will Be Complete.

The Chinese Imperial Dragon /

The Olmec Dragon Serpent

The First Form Of Evolution For Us On This Planet Came By Way Of The Dragon Serpent, Not The Snake Serpent. If You Look Into The Chinese Zodiac You Will See That The Dragon Is The 5th Sign And The Snake Is The 6th Sign, Meaning The Snake Serpent Was After The Dragon Serpent. The Dragon Is In The Sky And The Snake Is On The Ground, Thus As Above And So Below, But The Snake Signify The Lower Vibration And The Dragon Exemplify The Higher Vibration. The Agreeable Dragon Serpent Represents Us In Fire Form As Imix And The Kundalini Body Wisdom Called Chicchan. This Is Why The Olmec Serpent Dragon Has No Legs And The Next Evolution Was Through The Chinese Dragon With Legs. We Were The Celestial Dragon Gods Of Cosmic Energy In Fire Form Before Being In Human Form. This Is Why The Chinese

Zodiac Has The Dragon And Is Recognized As The God Of The Gods And The Olmec/Mayan Cosmology Has The Serpent Chicchan And The Dragon Mother As Imix. Anytime That You Are Dealing With The Feminine Principle, There Is Evolution And Birthing Involved; This Is Why Imix Is The Dragon Mother Of Birth And Releasing BEING. This Is Apart Of The Olmec Cosmic Calendar. The Return Of The Olmec Dragon Is :King-Etznab-Shaquan:El-Rey According To The Chinese Zodiac, Which Was Birth By Way Of Olmec Cosmology And Also The Tablets Of Reincarnation. The Prophesies Of Reincarnation Is A Very Intimate Part Of Our Olmec Sciences. Many Are Still Confused About The Dragon Serpent, Reptilian Snake And Also The Nagas Of Central America And Asia. Portions Of The Nuwbun Prophesies Of Reincarnation Tablets Can Be Found In The Book Of Revelation Or The Revealing All Nations Time Period. This Is Further Confirmation Of The Ending Being Near, Because The Book Of Revelation Is The Last Book Of The Bible And The Year 2012 Is The Closing f The Cycle. The Seven Headed Dragon Being Mentioned In Revelation 12:3 Is Only The Divine Dragons For The Supreme Deity Of The Universe Called "Sambhu" In Asia. Sambhu Is A Nuwbun Olmec God From Asia. Revelation 12:3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. Most People Think That The Olmec Calendar Was Created By The Mayans, But The Mayans Didnt Even Exist When This Calendar Was Created. The Mayans Began Their Ascendancy Around 500 B.C. After Utilizing Everything That The Olmecs Had Passed On To Them. The Olmec New Calendar Was Created 3113 B.C., To Connect With The Pyramid Of The Sun And Moon That They Had Built In Teotihuacn Or The City Of The Gods. This Calendar Was Not The First Olmec Calendar But The 3rd Olmec Calendar; Which Means That They Were All Ready Masters Of Time And Chronology Before Building Pyramids In The Americas. Bear In Mind, That The Original Mayans Were Black People Also, Because They Were Offspring's Of The Olmecs Through The Black Chinese Or Yi People And They Took The Information Given To Them By The Olmecs And Flourished Until The Arrival Of The European Invasion. They Also Later Adopted Some Of The Disagreeable Chinese Customs, So The Olmecs Had Gotten Rid Of Them, For Doing Human Sacrifices And Virgin Blood Practices. The Aztecs Only Existed A Few Hundred Years Prior To The European Invasion Into Mexico And The Incas Existed Only A Few Hundred Years Prior To The Spanish Conquest. How Can You Take Credit For Something That Existed Prior To Your Existence? Hah! What! Further More, The Mayans, Aztecs Nor The Incas Had The Technology Of The Gods From Sirius, Which Are Us The Nuwbun Messengers Or Sengers Of The Mess. The Olmecs, Egyptians And The Sumerians Are The Only Ones Who Had the Technology To Build These Things That All Other Races Are Taking Credit For. We Overstood All Of The Systems Of This Universe On This Side Of The Black Hole And The Other Universe On The Other Side Of The Black Hole. Eye Know That If Eye Tell Yall What Is, Yall Are Going To Be Stealing My Stuff And Saying That Eye Already Knew That, Just Like A Lot Of These Negroes And Tamahu-aat That Be Stealing The Supreme Grandmaster Malachi Z. York Out-formation And Not Giving Him Credit For It. It Doesnt Matter Who Gets The Information First Or Who Was The First One To Say It; Just Get In Formation And Give Credit To Us When We Dropping The Crown Jewels. The Only Reason That We Knew How To Create Natural Time Calendars And Astronomy; Is Because We Overstood Both Galaxies Meaning The 18th And The 19th. The Milky Way Galaxies Is The 18th Galaxy And Illyuwn Is The 19th. We Overstood That This Was Initially A Tri-Solar System, Meaning With 3 Suns Prior To All Other Races Being On The Planet. Even With The Information About The Sumerians And The Annunaki Being Disseminated By Zecharia Sitchins And Others, They Are Still Only Understanding The Acknowledgement Of One Sun And Not Three. We As The Olmecs, Egyptians Or Tamare-yeans And Dogons; Were Already In Acknowledgement Of Three Suns And A Tri-Solar System, Prior To All Other Races Knowledge Of This. Many People Still Dont Have Any Knowledge Of This. The 3 Suns Of The Orion Belt Of Asaru, Sirius A, B And C And Apsu, Utu And Shamesh. You Have Some Civilizations That Calculate Cycles By The Sun,

Others By The Moon And Others By The Stars; However, The Olmecs Calculate All Three In One. The Olmecs Also Had A Sacred Cross On Their Helmet Which Symbolized Nibiru The Planet Of Crossing And The Tree Of Life Called To-Naca-Qua-Hui-Ti. The Olmec Dragon Sun Of The Milky Way And The Jaguar Sun Will Align With The Vortex On August 13, 2013.

Amenhotep Tama-re

Dogon Priest Mali

Nubun/Olmec King Nuwba

Only The Civilizations That Overstood That This Planet Was Apart Of A Tri-Solar System; Prior To The Crash Of Nibiru Into Tiamat, About 4 Billion Years Ago; Are The Ones Who Could Give You Precise Accurate Measures Of Natural Time. This Is How You Know That The Olmecs Had Prior Knowledge From A Greater System; Before Coming To A Lesser System, To Re-Introduce Natural Time To The Rest Of The World. Now, The Mayans Are Being Accredited With Our Inventions Of Natural Time And Our Pyramids. December 22, 2012 Is The Olmec Calendar Date For The Closing Of The Moon Cycle And The Rebirth Of The Second Sun Emerging From The Black Hole Or The Hunabku. This Doesnt Mean The End Of The World As In All Of Humanity, But The End Of The World For The Lunatics Of The Lunar Cycle. The Lunatics Of The Lunar Cycle People Are Your Ice-Age Cave Dwellers Who Cant Stand The Sun. These Chem-trail Lunatics Will Not Be Able To Stop The Coming Of The Second Sun. The Dragon Sun Emerging Through The Hunabku Or The Black Hole Is The True Sun Of Righteousness. This Is The Sun Of Righteousness That The Christians Are Talking About, That Will Come On A Cloud And All Eyes Shall See It. However, All Eyes Will Not Be Able To See It, Just The Eye Who Are Here To See It And The Eyes That Are Worthy Of Seeing It. Notice In The Book Of Malachi; Of The King James Version Of The Bible, That Sun Of Righteousness Is Spelled SUN AND NOT SON. Malachi 4:2 And I Quote But Unto You That Fear My Name Shall The Sun of Righteousness Arise With Healing In His Wings; And Ye Shall Go Forth, And Grow Up As Calves Of The Stall. With This Sun Comes Great Repentance And Transformation. This Is Called A Dimensional Shift Or Paradigm Shift Into A New World Of The Fourth Dimension. The Dimension Of This Planet Ascending Into The 4th Or Mental Plane Of Soul And Thought. Forming A Square Of Perfection In The Universe And The Alignment Of The Milky Way Galaxy, The Planet Earth, The Planet Venus And The Moon Along With Two Suns And Nibiru. All Coming Together As One To Make The Number 7, As The Earth Is Currently Known As The 7th Planet On The Seven Tablets Of Creation By The Sumerians. The Sumerians Who Are Also Our Ancestors; Were Taught By The Annunaqi Or These Beings Who Anu Sent To Qi Or Earth Specifically. The Annunaqi Came Down To This Planet And Taught The Sumerians Here On Earth. The Nommos Came Down To This Planet And Taught The Dogons About The 3 Suns And The Secrets Of The Stars Here On Earth. The Egyptians Or Tamare-ans Were Taught By The Neter-aat Here On Earth. The Olmecs However, Were Taught By The

Shuyuhkh Or The Annunaki In The 19th Galaxy, Prior To Them Coming To This Earth And Were Sent Here Especially To Re-Introduce Natural Time And Plant The Seed For The Rest Of The World To Become Civilized. Traces Of The Olmecs Can Be Found In Just About Every Culture On The Planet And Just About Every Location On The Planet. All Of The Americas, North, South And Central., India, Africa, China, The Caribbeans And So On. This Is Because They Circum Navigated The Globe And Built Many Thousands Of Pyramids, Cities And Megalithic Structures; Above Ground, Underground And Underneath The Oceans. The Reason That There Is So Little Information Known To The General Public About My Family, Is BecauseThat Which Was A Secret We Always Kept Sacred. We Are The Agreeable Dragon And Serpent Race Beings And The Europeans Or The Tamahu Are The Disagreeable Dragon And Serpent Race Beings. The European Dragons And Serpents Are The Draconians And The Evil Reptilians From Draco And And Pleiades. The Olmec Dragon And Serpent Are Celestial Energies Of Fire Birth And The Kundalini Of Healing Wisdom Called Chicchan And Imix. We Are Currently Approaching The Rebirth Of The Olmec Dragon Serpent And The Next Phase Of Evolution For Mankind On The Planet Earth. The Crystallization Of Psychic Energy And Our Genetic Shift Of Evolution In This Crystal Skull Time Warp Brings About Change In Consciousness. I :King-Etznab-Shaquan:El Rey Was Born In The Year Of The Dragon And On The Crystal Tone In The Universe. The Crystal Skulls That Are Claimed To Be Mayan And Aztec Are None Other Than Olmec Crystal Skulls. The Olmecs, Who Were Originally Called Nubuns, Left 13 Master Crystal Skulls; Which Contains Information About The Past, Present And Future. These Thirteen Master Skulls Are Holding Information About The History Of This Planet, The Evolution Of Mankind, The Future Of Humanity And Above All, Their Ascendants And/Or Descendants Purpose For Being On The Earth. The Olmec Shamans And Priest Has It, That These 13 Crystal Skulls Are To Be Found By Future Generations; Which Are Scattered Throughout The Planet, That Will Some Day Be Brought Together In A Grid Matrix And Restore What Was Lost With The Removal Of Our Barathary Gland. This Means That The Nasu Black Seed, Which Birth The Namu Yellow Seed, Which Birth The Hamu Brown Seed, Down To The Tamahu Red Seed Of Amber Light, Will Regain Their 4 Higher Senses, Of Telepathy, Psychometry, Intuition And Clairvoyance By Way Of The Crystal Skulls Or The Annunaki. You Will Only Take Offense To This Type Of Information If You Are A Racist; Whatever That May Be Because, Eye Know What A Scientist Is, And A Pharmacist, Nutritionist And So On, But Eye Don't Know What A Racist Is, But It Seems To Be Something Negative Concerning Race. However, We As Black People Never Had A Problem Accepting God As Being A White Man Name Jesus Before. It Wasnt Until We Were Allowed To Travel The World, Re-Learn Our Own Ancient Languages And Read For Ourselves; That We Found We Were Being Lied Too. Jesus Was Never White, We Were Not All Brought Over Here On Slave Ships From Africa, And Christopher Columbus Didnt Discover America And So On And So On. Our Biggest Problems As Black People Occurred, When We Stopped Listening To God And Mixed With The White Canaanite (Hittite) Cursed Seed. We Had A Perfect Genealogy And Undiluted Bloodline Until The So Called King David Violated The Law Of God, By Marrying A Canaanite (Hittite) Woman; Which Was Completely And Totally Forbidden By God. In Genesis 24:37-38, Abraham States That He Was Made To Swear By His Master Or God That He Would Not Marry The Curse Seed Of Canaan. He Was Also Instructed To Only Go Into His Own Kindred And He Told David The Same Thing. However, The Book Of Nehemiah Shows That Neither David Nor Solomon Had Listened To God. Nehemiah 13:26-27 And I Quote Did not Solomon king of Israel sin by these things? yet among many nations was there no king like him, who was beloved of his God, and God made him king over all Israel: nevertheless even him did outlandish women cause to sin. 27 Shall we then hearken unto you to do all this great evil, to transgress against our God in marrying strange wives?

In 1 King 11:1-5, The Law Was Already Made Clear That We Were Not To Come In Unto These Strange Women, As The Bible Calls Them; Because FOR SURELY THEY WILL TURN AWAY YOUR HEART AFTER THEIR GODS. We Were Strictly Forbidden By God From Coming In Unto These Strange Women Of Other Nationalities, Such As Edomites, Which Were A Branch Of Mongoloid, Mixed With The Shaggy Lei Strand, Hittite, Ammonite And So On. They Did Not Have O Blood, Nor Did They Have A Royal Bloodline, So They Were Considered As Strange, According To The Bible. 1 Kings1:1-5 And I Quote: But King Solomon Loved Many Strange Women, Together With The Daughter Of Pharaoh, Women Of The Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, And Hittites; 11:2 Of The Nations Concerning Which The LORD Said Unto The Children Of Israel, Ye Shall Not Go In To Them, Neither Shall They Come In Unto You: For Surely They Will Turn Away Your Heart After Their Gods: Solomon Clave Unto These In Love. 11:3 And He Had Seven Hundred Wives, Princesses, And Three Hundred Concubines: And His Wives Turned Away His Heart. 11:4 For It Came To Pass, When Solomon Was Old, That His Wives Turned Away His Heart After Other Gods: And His Heart Was Not Perfect With The LORD His God , As Was The Heart Of David His Father. 11:5 For Solomon Went After Ashtoreth The Goddess Of The Zidonians, And After Milcom The Abomination Of The Ammonites. As You Can See David And Solomon Both, Like Father, Like Son; Destroyed The Perfect Genealogy Of Our Royal Bloodline. The Royal Bloodline Was Now Infected And Cursed By Solomon And David. The Royal Bloodline Could No Longer Travel Down Through Solomon Because He And His Father Destroyed The Lineage. Each And Every Time We Have Violated The Law Of God; We Have Suffered A Curse In The Process. Ham Was Cursed Through His Son Canaan Because He Violated The Laws Of God And Saw His Father Naked. His Son Canaan Was An Albino That Mixed With Other Albinos In Albania And The Isle Of Patmos. This Now Bring Us To The So Called Conquering Lion Of Judah Called Haile Selassie; Who Many Rastafarian And Others Are So Wrongfully Worshiping As The King Of Kings. First Of All, If Haile Selassie Was A Descendant Of Solomon And King David; Then You Already Know That Their Heart Was Not Perfect With God And They Infected The Royal Bloodline. However, Haile Selassie Was Never The Seed Of Solomon To Begin With; He Was In Fact The Seed Of Benjamin By Way Of His Son Rosh, Which Later Became Ras. Rosh Was The Son Of Benjamin And Hildah And Out Of His Family Was Ras Tafari Makonnen, Which Was The Real Name Of Haile Selassie. The Name Haile Selassie Is A Amharic Name Not An Aramic, Aramiac Or Hebrew Name, And It Means Power Of The Holy Trinity. The Reason For Him Having This Name Is Because He Received A Western Education At A French Catholic Mission In Harar. He Was Taught By Evil Catholics And Europeans From Europe. In Fact, He Was Known To Be A Tyrant And Strategist Under European Influence To Be Appointed Governor Of Sidamo, A City In Ethiopia, In 1910 And Like George Bush He Stole The Throne From Another Evil Tyrant; To Become The Emperor Of Ethiopia. In Essence, He Was Not Of The Royal Bloodline, Of The Black Nobles Of Ethiopia, But Illegally Inherited The Throne Of A Black Empire. According To An Article Written By Marcus Garvey On June 27, 1925, Entitled, The Failure Of Haile Selassie As Emperor; Haile Selassie Sold Out 12 Million Black People During The War In Abyssinia. According To The Honorable Marcus Garvey In This Article, He Was Playing The Fool For The Europeans And They Were Telling Him What To Do And How To Surrender, How To Call Off The Successful Thrust Of His People Against The Italian Invaders And He Goes On To Say That Haile Selassie Followed All Of Their Advice And Ultimately Ran Away From Ethiopia To England. This Does Not Appear To Be A Conquering Lion To Me; This Appears To Be A Traitor, A Coward And A Phony. If Haile Selassie Was Really The Conquering Lion Of Judah Then He

Would Not Have Ran To Europe And He Would Have Had The Name Bar Yahuwda At So Point In His Life. By The Mere Fact That He Never Had The Name, He Never Had Dreadlocks And He Sold Out To Europe; We Can Categorically Say That He Was In Fact A Phony Like W.F. Mohammad. Haile Selassie, Leaving His People To Be Massacred By The Italians And Leaving The Serious White Race To Laugh At Every Negro According To Garvey And Say- He Is Incompetent, We Told You So. Is Enough To Make A Grown Man Cry? We Have To Many Phonies And Not Enough Of That Real Deal. Check It Out For Yourself And You Will See The Truth About Him And W.F. Mohammad Or Wallace Dodd Ford. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Offered A $100,000 Reward To Anyone Who Could Prove That The So Called "Savior" And Wallace Dodd Ford Was The Same Person, Because Wallace Dodd Ford Got Arrested And The N.O.I., Did Not Want To Believe That He Was The White Convict From Portland Oregon, That The FBI Said That He Was And Wallace Dodd Ford, Who Was Said To Be Allah In The Flesh, Ex Wife Came Forth And Proved That They Were One In The Same Person, But The Honorable Elijah Mohammad Never Paid The Reward. This Was Not Honorable And The Nation Of Islam Is Still Denying This, Because They Cannot Except The Fact That They Have Been Tricked And Lied Too By Another White Man. Any Honest Person Can See That This Is A White Man, Who Was Proven To Have Caucasian Blood By The FBI And The FBI Case No.56062, Matches The Fingerprints Of The Person Known As W.F. Mohammad. The Federal Bureau Of Investigation, United States Department Of Justice Has This In Chicago Illinois, On February 9, 1943 A.D. And Ford Was Arrested By The Detroit Police Department On 5/26/33, With Case No. 45138. He Had Also Claimed To Be The Reincarnation Of Noble Drew Ali In 1929 And The Moorish Science Temple Fell For That After The Death Of Noble Drew Ali And The Economy Collapse. He Was An Imposter And Con-Man From Portland Oregon, Not Allah The Supreme Being. The Reptilian Agenda Is To Stop The Original Nuwbun Race Of People From Regaining All Of Their Lost Powers, Due To Abuse Of Power In The Past. The DNA Explosions And Implosion Of The Original People Has Already Begun And The Reason For The Black Nobility Cover-Up Is To Stop The Real Black Nobles From Knowing And Exposing The Truth. You Have Now, White People Who Are Claiming That They Have 12 DNA Strands And 12 Melanin Centers And Even A Stupid Person Knows That This Is Not True. Eye See That Many Of Them Now, Are Doing Everything That They Can To Validate Themselves In Many Of Our Ancient Cultures; Which Is The Typical Thing To In These Days And Time. All Of A Sudden They Want To Be Spiritual And Conscious; After They Have Murdered, Stole And Destroyed The Whole Planet. How Can You Claim Black Nobility When You Are White As A Snow Flake? They Are Basing Their Black Nobility Claims On Cursed And Infected Seeds; By Way Of Solomon, David And The Caananites/Hit'tites. An Infected Or Cursed Seed Is Not To Be Confused With The Royal Bloodline. The So Called Black Nobility Families Attending The Spanish Crown Prince Felipe. These Are The Same People That Tell All Of Their Family Members To Stay Away From Black People And Are Claiming Their Royalty Through Our Ancestors And Are Thanking Them By Blow The Lips And The Nose Off Of Their Statues.

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Last But Not Least, The Final Note On Black Nobility. Note That There Was A Man So Noble About His Ability; That He Change His Name To Noble And The Last Name Ali Or Most High. A True Prophet And Master Who Wrote His Own Quraan Of Which The Honorable Elijah Muhammad And Others Were Using Prior The Perverted Pale Arab Version Of The Quraan. A Man Who Gave The United States Government A Loan For About 25 Million Dollars In Gold And Is Said To Have Received A Mandate From The Pan American Conference, For All Of The Lands Of North, South And Central America. This Is A Very Important Mandate; That I Would Like To See For Myself And All Of These Lands Are Said To Be Held In A Vast Or Express Trust. If This Is True, Its Another Cover-Up Of All Of This Land Being Returned Back To The Original Black Nobles. This Is Black Nobility At Its Best; To Take Back The Land Of All The Americas And Fund The Bankrupt Government On The Land That You Took. The True Black Noble Man Of The Hour. Can You Handle The Truth? Prophet Noble Drew Ali Born January 8, (1886 On A Cherokee Reservation To July 20, 1929)