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Sinar Cahaya Kuala Ketil 2011 Comparison Between the Spot Question 7, 8, 9 & 10 with Actual Question in SPM


Sinar Cahaya Kuala Ketil 2011

SPM 2010 : Question 7 : Emperical Formula, Hydrocarbon Isomer, Food Additive Question 8 : Rate of Reaction (Temperature) Question 9 : Electrolysis Qustion 10 : Heat of Neutralisation Analysis of Section B and Section C of Trial Chemistry SPM 2011 States Pahang Question 7 Salts(Ionic Equation through Experiment, test PBI2, brown gas, yellow precipetate) Perak Basic Chemistry(Periodi c/ Bond/Mole) Haber Process, Glass and Ceramic Prop., PVC Polymer Heat of Displacement CuSO4,exp. reactivity of metal with oxygen SBP Basic Chemistry(Carbo n isotop, naphthalene cooling graph) Melaka Basic Chemistry(Isotop e, Basic Chemistry(Peridic Table-Reaction of Acid in different solvent, strong and weak acid Carbon compound, butene, hydrogenation, hydration, exp. Esterification Composite material, exp. The hardness of Exp. Preparation of soluble salt Rusting, redox reaction, Utube exp. KI&H2SO4 Combustion of alkane/alkene, exp. Heat if combustion of alcohol Question 8 Manufacture Substances in Industry(Polymer and Composit Material) Question 9 Carbon Compoound (Alcohol) Question 10 Acid and Alkalis (Role of water)+Prepara tion of Soluble Salt

Sinar Cahaya Kuala Ketil 2011 Group, Covalent bond,) Food additive & example Kedah Basic Chemistry(Molec ular & Emperical volume of gas, difference between bonds) Johor Electrolysis(silver coating with iron,metal displacement in CuSO4 Terenggan u Electrolysis (electrod factor, chemical cell Cu//Zn) Basic Chemistry(%nitrog en, covalent, comparison between chemical bonds) Heat of displacement(Zn+ CuSO4, energy level diagram) Alloy(aim, atom arrangement), ammonium Contact process Rate of reaction, collision theory, exp. Concentraion, x mark, Na2S2O3, H2SO4 Carbon compound(buta ne isomer,ester) exp. Compare hexane and hexene Rate of reaction (concentration), exp. Rate of reaction(size and temperature) Perlis Acid and base(water role, titration, insect bite& compare acid and base) Negeri Sembilan Haber process, process (NH4)2SO4, polymer Food additive, medicine Rate of reaction(catalyst, concentration HCl and excess Mg) Basic Chemistry(prop. Chemical bond) exp: Group 1 reactivity Concentration Zn2+, Cl& NO3Carbon compund (combustion, isomer, test C=C) exp. Esterification in lab U-tube, KI, redox at 2 electrode exp. Effect of metal on iron rusting Basic Chemistry(com pound physical prop. , chemical bond)exp. Electric conduction, Group 1 Sarawak Basic chemistry(periodi Carbon compound(isomer pH acid and base, water Rusting, redox reaction, MSG, salt, modern of acid, identify Chemical Cell,reaction at anode, redox, exp. U-tube, chlorine Group 1 with water) pure metal and alloy through neutralization), ionic test Cu2+& NO3Redox reaction (Displacement of halogen from halide solution)

formula, calculate sulphate, exp.

Sinar Cahaya Kuala Ketil 2011 c table, chemical bond) , alcohol dehydration, carboxylic acid, esterification) 9 6 5 5 3 role, soluble& insoluble salt, double decomposition 3 2 oxidation no., agent exp. Electrolysis Na2SO4 2 1