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MARY DEEPTHI a student of MBA LOYOLA ACADEMY is undertaking a survey on STRESS

MANAGEMENT as a part of the project as per the course requirement. I request you to provide me with the following information. I assure you that the information will be kept confidential and will only be used for academic purposes.

Name : . Designation: Area of Work: Experience: Marital Status: .. 1. How do you rate the working conditions of the organization? a) Excellent Satisfactory. 2. To what extent your interpersonal relations in the organization b) Good c) Satisfactory d) Not

are maintained?

a) Excellent Satisfactory. 3.

b) Good

c) Satisfactory


What is the frequency of meetings between superiors and a) Weekly Once b)Many Times c)Only when required None. d)

subordinates being held?


What is the level of support you get from the top

management? 5. Are you a part of decision making process in the


6. 7.

Do you have job Stress? a) Yes b) No. If yes, does it, have effect on your personal life? Specify the factors creating job stress. How is your pay structure? How is the response of the top management towards your To what extent do you think is the management taking and implementing the feedback from the workers? a) Great Extent b) Some Extent b) No c) Not at all c) Some

9. 10.

work related problems.


Do you enjoy freedom in your work? a) yes What


Are your satisfied with the relations between employee and

employee in term of company process.

a) yes

b) No

By introducing what type of changes do you think the levels How often u face stress situation in your organization? a. Mostly b. rarely c. sometimes d. not at all 16. Most of your stress are related to a.work environment b. supervision c. work group d. social injustice

of stress can be reduced in the organization. 14.

16.What are the consequences of stress on you a.depresion b.frustrstion c.anger d.restlessness e.health disorders 17.Do u feel that a there is a need for condution of training programs/workshops to handle stress by organization authorities. 18.Stress.does it effect your health? Yes or no. 19.How do you handle stress situations? a.Optimistically b.With the help of others c.Depends on levels 20.Has stress ever influenced your working atmosphere? a. Yes b. No