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PRODUCT SHEET: CA Capacity Manager

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CA Capacity Manager

Business stakeholders demand application performance in support of their business goals. IT executives must deliver that service while maintaining a balance between performance, cost and risk. CA Capacity Manager allows you to guarantee service levels to the business, make the right IT investment decisions with confidence, and clearly communicate the cost and value of IT to stakeholders across the enterprise.

Product overview
CA Capacity Manager provides insight for IT investment decisions: Locate under-utilized servers and reliably predict the effects of reallocating workload to virtualized servers Evaluate and select which data centers to consolidate to reduce cost while maintaining service levels Determine if your applications are performing to committed service levels Determine the hardware requirements to support strategic business applications Identify which infrastructure components need upgrading or which may be virtualized Optimize complex virtualized environments for cost and performance Find the best hardware to meet the business needs Quickly analyze the cost of possible change scenarios Safely predict the impact of business changes on production applications and their performance

CA Capacity Manager

Maximum use and optimal density Reduced costs of IT infrastructure with safe, reliable consolidation and virtualization IT investments aligned with business needs for IT services Accurate, reliable decision support for IT investments Less time spent firefighting performance issues Balance of application performance, cost and risk Accurate prediction of application behavior from IT changes Peace of mind from reliable capital expenditure planning, service level commitment and IT service delivery

Product features
Decision support for IT investments
CA Capacity Manager provides insight into the right mix of infrastructure investment to deliver good business outcomes like acceptable end-user response time, to compare and contrast vendor alternatives with ease, and to determine which infrastructure meets service levels at the best cost. CA Capacity Manager solutions allow you keep risk at a minimum by identifying performance bottlenecks early and budgeting to correct them. Using both technical and business data, youre able to make informed business decisions about IT with absolute clarity and certainty.

Full virtualization, consolidation and cost mitigation support

Industry research reports that most IT shops use only 1820% of their CPU capacity. CA Capacity Manager will help you identify opportunities for consolidation or virtualization, maximize VM saturation and realize the potential savings. You will know with certainty how applications will behave after the migration to virtualization, freeing you to make those changes with confidence. CA Capacity Manager will allow you to plan your capital budgets to maintain service levels in support of the business.

CA Capacity Manager

Figure A

Server utilization heat map

Heat Map showing future utilization scenarios for a virtualized data center

Plan and manage your IT infrastructure

CA Capacity Manager provides prescriptive insight into the infrastructure needed to optimize your IT operations. CA Capacity Manager supports ongoing planning in virtualized and physical environments to ensure your systems will perform in the face of constant change. CA Capacity Manager includes capabilities to plan new enterprise application deployments, and to design disaster recovery and high availability environments.

Turn performance data into insight

Your current performance monitoring data provides long term value when used to model future performance. The value in using the data you already collect is that you can quickly create an accurate simulation of your applications and infrastructure, and make virtual changes to it, without risk to your production systems. CA Technologies customers regularly realize over 90% accuracy in their predictions with CA Capacity Manager, so you will have all the insight you need to make informed IT investment decisions.

CA Capacity Manager

Interactive reporting
Once your model is created, you need to be able to accurately convey the results to your stakeholders in business terms. CA Capacity Manager produces powerful and compelling reports that empower both technical users and business executives to quickly evaluate options and scenarios, and to make correct decisions. An open interface allows you to integrate results with any reporting application, enterprise dashboard or intranet, ensuring that stakeholders receive the information they need to make informed decisions.

Collaborate within your business

Models and results can be shared within your organization. An open XML format allows distributed teams to share their insights between team members or business units. Groups can work together to ensure the overall success of IT and business initiatives.

CA Capacity Manager provides IT investment decision support for:

Reporting and communicating the capacity, performance and cost of IT to non-technical users Identifying under-utilized servers where infrastructure consolidation or virtualization can safely occur Optimizing complex heterogeneous virtualized environments to cost-efficiently meet business needs Meeting the end-user response time and service level goals of business sponsors Selecting hardware with the best cost/performance mix for new servers or components Designing the optimal IT infrastructure to support business growth objectives Planning for disaster recovery and high availability scenarios

CA Capacity Manager

Supported data sources

CA provides a central repository for all performance, capacity and business data. Data sources supported include: CA eHealth BMC Performance Analyzer for Servers HP Performance Agents via HP Performance Manager and HP Interconnect HP Performance Insight Microsoft Performance Monitor MICS/DB2 Integrated Research Prognosis UNIX SAR Tivoli ITM IBM NMON SAP VMware Virtual Center Custom Data Adapter Software Development Kit

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