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Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relays
Culture and Leisure Committee
24 April 2012 1 1.1 2 2.1 Purpose of report This report seeks approval of the plans for the Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relays in Edinburgh this summer. Main report The Olympic Torch will travel round the United Kingdom between 19 May and 27 July 2012, passing within 10 miles of 95% of the population of the UK. In Scotland it will travel through all 32 local authority areas. The Olympic Torch will arrive in the west of Edinburgh on 13 June at 17.00 from Broxburn. Thereafter the Torch will be carried through the city on the following route and is expected to arrive at Edinburgh Castle at 19.20: • • • • • • • • • • • • • 2.3 2.4 Calder Road; Chesser Avenue; Slateford Road; Shandon Place, Ashley Terrace, Gray’s Loan; Colinton Road; Holy Corner; Bruntsfield Place, Leven Street, Home Street; Lauriston Place; Forrest Road; George IV Bridge; Lawnmarket; Castlehill; and Edinburgh Castle.


Work is under way to identify and engage with schools and communities along the route to ensure the Torch is welcomed to Edinburgh. On the morning of 14 June the Torch will leave Festival Square and travel east down the Royal Mile before passing through Holyrood Park and exiting the city en route to Musselburgh. Along the route there will be a number of activities provided by the Olympic Torch presenting partners - Samsung, Coca-Cola and Bank of Scotland (Lloyds TSB). Details of these activities will be confirmed at a later date. 1


11 3 3. The Olympic Torch Relay will be broadcast on the BBC’s ‘red button’ and plans are under way to take two hours of live. determination. where the four flames will be united to create the Paralympic flame.6 The evening celebration will be held at Edinburgh Castle on 13 June. The content for the Flame Festival is being developed in conjunction with LOCOG (the London 2012 organising committee) and other cultural providers in the city.8 2. Edinburgh has been selected to represent Scotland and will host the Torch and Flame Festival on 26 August. The first of the two community content sections will be a musical presentation from a local school and young people. national television from Edinburgh’s evening celebration on 13 June.2. The Torch Relays may therefore help to foster good community relations and will promote the talents and abilities of certain equality communities. Equalities Impact The Torch Relays may remind spectators of the Olympic values of excellence. Details of the presenting partners’ content will be announced in due course. An announcement on how to obtain tickets is expected at the end of April. the second section will be a local music act which will have won a ‘battle of the bands’ competition organised by the Young Promoters through the Usher Hall. The day will end with a procession through Inverleith Park and a Flame Festival on stage. The total running time of the evening celebration is expected to be two hours and twenty minutes. These groups are currently being identified by Council officers in collaboration with Disability Sport Scotland. the traditional home of the Paralympic movement. The Torch will be taken to local community and sporting groups during the day.2 .9 2. friendship and respect. The evening celebration will be ticketed. which are courage. Financial Implications The cost of hosting the Olympic Torch Relay and the Paralympic Torch Relay (£90.000) was approved by the Committee at its last meeting and is contained in the Corporate Governance Events budget. Permission has been granted for this year only to erect the Tattoo stands early so that they may be used for the event. Flames lit in each of the home nations will travel to Stoke Mandeville. and of the Paralympic values.7 2.1 4 4. There will be no cost for the tickets themselves but there may be a cost for postage. inspiration and equality. The Scottish flame will be lit in Edinburgh on the morning of Sunday 26 August. As the 2 2. The Paralympic Torch will be hosted by five UK cities and take place over five days at the end of August. and the Paralympic Torch events will help raise awareness of the range of disability sports clubs and opportunities that exist across the Lothians.1 4. The show comprises three sections from each of the presenting partners as well as two community content sections of ten minutes each which the Council has programmed. Young people will be showcased in the evening celebration on 13 June. The report’s contents are of some relevance to the general equality duty of the Equality Act 2010.10 2.

waddell@edinburgh. tel 529 3657 lynne. Recommendations It is recommended that the Committee approves the plans for the Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relays in Edinburgh.uk Lynne Halfpenny.gov.gov.uk Wards affected Single Outcome Agreement Background Papers All and City Centre in particular Supports National Outcomes 1. Head of Culture and Sport. In addition.1 Environmental Impact LOCOG is committed to ensuring all events are managed in a sustainable way.halfpenny@edinburgh. one of the Torch Relay’s four guiding principles is to create a sustainable Torch Relay that minimises vehicles in the convoy and establishes best practice in fuel economy. 5 5. the overall equalities relevance score is 2 and a full Equalities Impact Assessment is not required. 6 and 13 Report entitled “Core Festivals and Events programme for 2012/13” to Culture and Leisure Committee on 22 February 2012 3 . It has been instrumental in the development of the BS8901 specification for a Sustainable Event Management System which guides the planning of the Torch Relays. Senior Events Officer.1 Alastair D Maclean Director of Corporate Governance Appendices Contact/tel/Email None David Waddell. tel 529 4929 david. 6 6. 4.expected impact is positive.