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Academic Discipline and Discourse

Weve reflected on our own literacies and investigated various discourse communities. In this unit we are examining communication within our academic/professional fields. We will conduct secondary research in our fields and write an academic research paper. MISSION STATEMENT: By researching an issue of interest to you within your academic field, you will practice analyzing and using multiple sources, and begin to understand how research and writing is conducted and shared in your field of study. Requirements: This assignment requires you to select a topic in your academic field that is of interest to you. You will research your topic and develop a thesis supported by your research. You must collect 4-6 sources and cite them in the format used by your field (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.). Your research paper must be 4-6 pages, double-spaced, in a standard 12-point font. Additionally, you must complete a works cited page in MLA format. We will work on composing a thesis and using sources in class. Key Resources: Writing About Writing Introduction & Chapter 5, OWL resources, your own knowledge and research DUE DATES: Research topic/question due List of three potential digital sources due Data press conferences to be completed in conferences Rough Draft due Two rough draft copies for peer review due Final Draft due

Grading Rubric Academic Discipline & Discourse (150 points)

Thesis (25 points) A Thesis is clearly indicated and insightfully articulates an argument/pointof-view. Paper is wellwritten, logically organized and makes insightful use of its sources. Bibliography is correctly formatted in the style appropriate to your field. The research paper has been thoroughly proofread for grammar and spelling errors. B Thesis is clear and articulates an argument/ point-of-view. Papers structure and use of sources has been clearly thought out. Bibliography is formatted in the style appropriate to your field with some minor errors. The research paper has few spelling or grammatical errors. C Thesis attempts to articulate an argument/ point-of-view. Paper shows some attempt at structure and use of sources. Bibliography is formatted in the style appropriate to your field but with some major errors. The research paper has some distracting spelling or grammatical errors. D Thesis is unclear and/or does not articulate an argument/ point-of-view. Paper makes little use of sources and/or is unorganized. Bibliography is incomplete and/or full of errors.

Content/Structure /Use of Sources (90 points)

Bibliography (25 points)

Mechanics: Grammar, Spelling (10 points)

The research paper has numerous spelling and grammatical errors.

F: Project not completed.

Created by L. Curtin 2012