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Maximum Marks: 120

Question paper format and Marking scheme: 1. This question paper has 30 questions of equal weight age. Each question is allotted 4(four) marks for each correct response. 2. (one fourth) of total marks allotted to each question i.e., 1 mark will be deducted for indicating incorrect response 3. No deduction from the total score will be made if no response is indicated for an item in the answer sheet. 4. There is only one correct response for each question. Filling up more than one response in each question will be treated as wrong response and marks for wrong response will be deducted accordingly.

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A proton and an -particle are accelerated through the same potential difference. The ratio of the de-Broglie wavelengths of proton and -particle is 1 (1) 2 (2) (3) 2 2 (4) 2 2 The pair of structures given below represents


(1) Conformational isomers (3) Chain isomers


(2) Position isomers (4) None

A coloured precipitate is obtained when H2S gas is passed through an aqueous solution of salt in presence of ammonium hydroxide. The precipitate dissolves in dilute HCl & reacts with NaOH to give white precipitate, which on standing turns in to a brown/black mass. The brown/black mass on fusion with KNO3 & Na2CO3 gives green mass. The cation of the salt is (1) Co2+ (2) Mg2+ 2+ (3) Ni (4) Mn2+ A mixture containing 0.05 mole of K 2Cr2O7 and 0.02 mole of KMnO4 was treated with excess of KI in acidic medium. The liberated iodine required 1.0 L of Na2 S2O3 solution for titration. Concentration of Na2 S2O3 solution was


(1) 0.40 mol L1

(2) 0.20 mol L1

(3) 0.25 mol L1

(4) 0.30 mol L1


Cl2 / h X 4 structural products . X is


Which one of the following oxo-acids of sulphur has S-S linkage and one lone pair of electrons on each sulphur atom (1) H2S2O6 (2) H2S2O5 (3) H2S2O3 (4) H2S2O4

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An ideal solution of two liquids A and B is placed in a cylinder containing piston. Piston is pulled out isothermally so that the volume of the liquid decreases but that of vapours increases. o Negligibly small amount of liquid was left and mole fraction of A in vapour is 0.4. If PA = 0.4atm
o and PB = 1.2atm at the experimental temperature, which of the following is the total pressure at which the liquid is almost evaporated?

(1) 0.334atm 8.

(2) 0.667atm

(3) 1atm

(4) 2atm

Observe the reactions/ tests given for the following compound and select whether it gives + ve or - ve tests


Select the correct statement(s) . (a) The graphite is diamagnetic and diamond is paramagnetic in nature. (b) Graphite acts as a metallic conductor along the layers of carbon atoms and as semiconductor perpendicular to the layers of the carbon atoms. (c) Graphite is less denser than diamond (d) C60 is called Buckminster fullerene (1) b,c,d (2) a,b,d (3) a,b,c,d (4) a,b,c


Ammonium hydrogen sulphide dissociates according to the equation NH 4 HS ( S ) NH 3 ( g ) + H 2 S ( g ) If the observed pressure of the mixture is 1.12 atmosphere at 1060C, what is the equilibrium constant Kp of the reaction ? (1) 0.3136 atm2 (2) 2 atm2 (3) 1 atm2 (4) 0.4842 atm2


Which of the following carbonyl gives 4-methyl pent -3-en-2-one on reaction with dilute NaOH solution with heating. (1)Acetaldehyde (2)Acetone (3) Formaldehyde (4) Propanal

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About alkali metal liquid NH3 solution which of following statement is not true ? (1) Blue colour is due to ammoniated electrons. (2) Blue colour changes to bronze on dilution due to formation of metal clusters. (3) with increse in concentration of alkali metals paramagnetic nature decreases due to electron-electron combination. (4)On heating blue colour becomes colourless due to formation of metal amide and H2 gas.

13. A solution of 200 ml of 1M KOH is added to 200 ml of 1M HCl and the mixture is shaken well. The rise in temperature T1 is noted. The experiment is repeated by using 100 ml each solution and increase in temperature T2 is again noted. Which of the following is correct ? (1) T1 = T2 14. (2) T2 = 2T1 (3) T1 = 2T2 (4) T1 = 4T2

Arrange the following diazonium ions in decreasing order of their rate of coupling with phenol


Match List-Iwith List-II List-I(Metals) (a) Au (b) Al (c) Pb (d) Sn (a) (b) (c) (1) 3 1 2 (2) 3 4 1 (3) 1 2 4 (4) 3 2 4

List-II(Process/methods involved in extraction process) 1. Self reduction 2. Liquation 3. Electrolysis 4. Bayer's process (d) 4 2 3 1


A certain acid-base indicator is present in 75% blue form at pH 5. This indicator has acid form red and basic form blue. At what pH will the indicator show 90% red form? [log 3 = 0.4771] (1) 5.47 (2) 3.56 (3) 3.39 (4) 10.01 A metallic carbide on treatment with water gives a colourless gas which burns readily in air and gives a precipitate with ammonical silver nitrate solution. The gas evolved is (1) CH4 (2) C2H6 (3) C2H4 (4) C2H2


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Which of the following will displace the halogen from the solution of the halide ? (1) Br2 added to NaI (3) Cl2 added to KCl (2) Br2 added to NaCl (4) Cl2 added to NaF


Which of the following is correct? (1) Specific conductivity of a solution decreases with dilution, whereas molar conductivity increases with dilution (2) Specific conductivity of a solution increases with dilution, whereas molar conductivity decreases with dilution (3) Both specific conductivity and molar conductivity decreases with dilution (4) Both specific conductivity and molar conductivity increases with dilution The compound A in the following reaction is



The true statement about oxoacids of phosphorus is (1) Order of their reducing strength is H3PO2 > H3PO3 > H3PO4. (2) Hybridisation of phosphorus is sp3 in all these. (3) All have one P=O bond (4) All of these.

22. An element crystallizes in bcc as well as fcc lattices having edge lengths 300 and 400 pm respectively. The ratio of their densities would be (1) 1.18 23. (2) 2.28 (3) 3.38 (4) 4.48

The product (P) of the following reaction is

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All the following complex ions are found to be paramagnetic : P : [FeF6]3- ; Q : [CoF6]3R : [V(H2O)6]3+ ; S : [Ti(H2O)6]3+ The correct order of their paramagnetic moment (spin only) is : (1) P > Q > R > S (2) P < Q < R < S (3) P = Q = R = S (4) P > R > Q > S In a reaction A products, the rate is doubled when the concentration of A is increased 4 times. If 50% of the reaction occurs in 1414 sec , how long would it takes for the completion of 75% reaction. (1) 4242sec (2) 2825 sec (3) 2414 sec (4) 2121 sec



Which of the following sets of bases are present in both DNA and RNA (1) Adenine, uracil, thymine (2)Adenine, guanine, cytosine (3) Adenine, guanine, uracil (4) Adenine, guanine, thymine Which of the following is a wrong order with respect to the property mentioned against each (1) (NO) > (NO) > (NO)+ [bond length] (2) H2 > H2+ > He2+ [bond energy] (3) O22- > O2 > O2++ [Paramagnetic moment] (4) NO2+ > NO2 > NO2 [bond angle] One litre of a gas at 300 atm and 473 K is compressed to a pressure of 600 atmosphere and 273K. The compressibility factors found from the curves are 1.072 and 1.375 respectively at the initial and final states. Calculate the final volume (1) 370.15 cc (2) 480 cc (3) 500 cc (4) 200 cc Which set is correctly matched. (1) Dacron or Terylene : (2) PVC : (3) Nylon-6, 6 : (4) Buna-S rubber : The borax bead is chemically (1) B2O3 (2) Na2B4O7 (3) Na3BO3 (4) B2O3 + NaBO2




Condensation polymer Biodegradable polymer Addition polymer

Natural polymer


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