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www.thespectrum.ph VOL. 51 NO. 14 • February 26, 2008


FEBRUARY 26, 2008



Krazelle Escarilla Photo
LASALLIANS FOR TRUTH. Last February 22, the Political Science Society together

THE SPECTRUM POLL with other members of the University of St. La Salle Community joined a Motorcade
Rally in the streets of Bacolod to call for truth in the ZTE-NBN investigation.

73% of Lasallians believe Lozada

By Manuel Jeffrey O. Sistoso result shows a positive indication.

73.2% of Lasallians believe in the

“It means Lasallians are not
apolitical and apathetic. The
No Undecided Yes
testimonies of Jun Lozada in the
senate probe on ZTE-National
Broadband Network (NBN)
youth are capable of shaping their
own judgments based on how they
see Lozada and his statements,” 9% 17.8% 73.2%
Scandal that involved former Marapo said.
COMELEC Chair Benjamin 43% of those who said they
Abalos and the first family. don’t believe Lozada were Nurs-
In a poll conducted by The ing students while the remaining
Spectrum last February 20 and 57% were shared by four other
21, 732 students of the 1000 who colleges.
were asked said that Jun Lozada’s 41% of the Undecided were
statements are credible enough, also Nursing students, 21% from
17.8% or 178 remain undecided, the College of Engineering, 18%
while only 9% or 90 students said from the Arts and Sciences, 17%
they don’t believe Lozada. from the CBA and only 3% were
University Student Govern- education students.
ment President Amy Grace Gargar
who remains undecided said the The Spectrum Poll Explained
poll stressed the strong influ- The Spectrum Poll only asked
ence of the media in shaping the one question: Do you believe in
youth’s opinions.
“Most of the students just fol-
Jun Lozada’s statements on ZTE-
NBN Scandal? Their options: Yes, Do you believe in Jun Lozada’s statements
lowed what is the popular opinion
about the matter. They did not
actually take time to weigh things
No and Undecided.
1000 students were to repre-
sent the total student population
on ZTE-NBN Scandal?
and it’s so easy to say yes,” Gargar of the University of St. La Salle.
said. The Spectrum Poll was con-
Dean of Student Affairs Roger ducted to have a glimpse on Lasal-
Marapo meanwhile said the poll’s lian’s pulse on the issue.
Jun Lozada: Let me be the change I want to see
in the
Student Population Respondents By Jay Calleja, him in his journey for truth.
DLSP Media Bureau Chief
The prayer was disseminated by
CAS 14% 140 De La Salle Philippines, the head-
After the Eucharistic celebration at
CBA 30% 300 La Salle Green Hills last February
quarters of the 18 La Salle schools
in the country, in June 2007 as the
Photo from DLSP Media Bureau

BSN 35% 350 17, held to show support for Jun anchor of the One La Salle fund
Lozada's valiant stand for truth, campaign which aims to provide
ENG’G 15% 150 the ZTE scandal star witness and 20% full scholarship equivalents
La Salle parent shared that the One
EDUC 6% 60 La Salle prayer prayed during his
in all the La Salle campuses by the
time it celebrates its centenary in
TOTAL 100% 1000 son's first communion ceremony
in the same venue was what started JUN/3

Official Student Publication of the University of St. La Salle * USLS Coliseum Ground Floor, La Salle Ave., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental 6100 * Volume 51 Number 14

Timeline: ZTE-NBN Scandal

April 21. The Office of the President comes out with a press release
Jan. 30. Philippine Forest Corp. president Rodolfo Noel • Deputy Executive Secretary Manuel Gaite prepared ante-
that President Arroyo stood as a witness to the signing of five economic Lozada Jr., an IT expert who allegedly knows how the ZTE dated travel order to Hong Kong.
and trade agreements between the Philippine government and China. One contract was overpriced, flies to Hongkong two hours before • While he was in Hong Kong, Neri called and told him to
of these agreements is on the national broadband network (NBN) project the start of the Senate inquiry. The Senate orders his and Neri’s write a letter to Senator Juan Ponce Enrile to withdraw the
with the Zhong Xing Telecommunication Equipment Company Limited arrest. motion to arrest him and to not to drag First Gentleman
(ZTE). Jan. 31. The Senate attempts, but fails, to arrest Neri in his Mike Arroyo into the controversy.
April 27. Jarius Bondoc writes in his Philippine Star column of an office at the Commission on Higher Education because he did • Men, whom he did not know approached him, hauled
“unnamed Comelec official” who had a hand in the approval of the not report for work. him into a vehicle, brought him to different locations and
overpriced NBN deal. Feb. 1. The Senate sergeant-at-arms fails to arrest Neri in asked him to write a letter requesting for security detail.
Aug. 29. Rep. Carlos Padilla identifies Comelec chair Benjamin Abalos his house. • He met police officer Paul Mascarinñas and lawyer
as the official who brokered for the project. Feb. 5. The Supreme Court orders the Senate not to Antonio Bautista in a restaurant in Libis.
Aug. 30. Abalos denies Padilla’s allegations, but confirms that he and arrest Neri. Lozada arrives from Hongkong at 4:40 p.m., • Bautista told him to sign an affidavit while Mascariñas
some officials of ZTE are golfing buddies. He says that ZTE officials have but reports and text messages circulates that airport officials asked him to convince his sister to sign a letter requesting
paid for his trips to China. have kidnapped him. Malacañang denies any involvement in for security detail.
Sept. 3. ZTE issues a press statement that that there has been Lozada’s disappearance. • Mike Defensor told him to call a press conference to
“complete transparency in the proposal, evaluation, and approval of Feb. 6. Philippine National Police Chief Avelino Razon in deny that he was kidnapped and to say that he has not
ZTE’s application for the Philippines’ NBN contract.” the morning says he wasn’t aware of Lozada’s whereabouts. been involved in the issue.
Sept. 5. Senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr. files a resolution asking the Arthur Lozada, Rodolfo’s brother, files a writ of amparo before Feb. 11. Lozada and some government officials involved
the Supreme Court. Arthur’s wife, Violeta, files a separate writ in the controversy faces off in a Senate hearing.
Senate blue ribbon committee to investigate the NBN deal.
of habeas corpus. Razon says later in the day that Lozada is • Lozada stresses that he was taken against his will on his
Sept. 18. Speaker Jose de Venecia’s son, Joey, tells a Senate hearing
in police custody. arrival from Hong Kong.
that First Gentleman Mike Arroyo was the “mystery man” that pushed for
Feb. 7. Lozada, in a 2 a.m. press conference at La Salle • Atienza says he was acting on his own when he helped
the overpriced ZTE contract. Joey claims that Arroyo told him to “back
Greenhills, links Abalos and First Gentleman Mike Arroyo Lozada.
off” from the project.
to the US$329.5-million national broadband deal with ZTE • NAIA general manager Alfonso Cusi says his office
Sept. 22. President Arroyo suspends the NBN project.
Corp. He reveals that: received a request Feb. 5 at 4pm from his deputy Angel
Sept. 27. Iloilo Vice Gov. Rolex Suplico files an impeachment complaint
• Abalos threatened to have him killed. Atutubo for security for Lozada filed by Senior Supt.
against Abalos.
• When he quit the project in Jan. 18, 2007, the project was Paul Mascariñas Police Security and Protection Office
Sept. 26. Former economic planning secretary Romulo Neri tells a priced at $262 million, but when it was approved it was (PSPO) and Rodolfo Valeroso of the Aviation Security
Senate hearing that Abalos offered him P200 million to approve the ZTE already $329.5 million. group.
contract. Neri says he mentioned the bribe offer to President Arroyo, who • Abalos had wanted a kickback of $130 million, with $70 • PNP Director General Avelino Razon testifies that there
reportedly told him not to accept it. Invoking executive privilege, Neri million meant for Mr. Arroyo . was no kidnapping or abduction took place because
declines to answer questions on whether or not he got specific orders • He did not know the people who took him and that the PSPO group was provided upon Lozada’s request.
from President Arroyo to approve the ZTE contract. Abalos denies Neri’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources • Former environment secretary Michael Defensor says
allegations and tells the senators that Neri is lying under oath. He denies Secretary Lito Atienza had him fetched from the airport. he never asked Lozada to stop testifying about the ZTE
brokering the deal with ZTE but confirms that he has friends in the Chinese • Abalos threatened to have him killed. deal. He adds that he gave Lozada P50, 000 for his
corporation. • He has no direct line to the President and that it was expenses.
Oct. 1. Abalos resigns as chair of the Commission on Elections. Secretary Neri who talked to her about the deal. • Bautista denies Lozada’s allegation and says that the
Oct. 2. First Gentleman Mike Arroyo denies that he told Joey de Venecia Feb. 8. Lozada tells a Senate hearing the details of his affidavit he prepared was based on his conversation
Source: Newsbreak

to back off from the NBN deal. President Arroyo, while on a state visit to departure for Hong Kong and his disappearance upon arriving. with Lozada in the restaurant.
China, cancels the NBN deal with ZTE Corp. Among his claims are: • Manuel Gaite says Lozada requested assistance in
Oct. 25. Joey de Venecia tells a Senate hearing that Abalos promised • He told Environment secretary Lito Atienza that he did avoiding the Senate hearing.
First Gentleman Mike Arroyo US$70 as kickback from the NBN project. not want to testify. • Mascariñas says no force was used against Lozada.

Where are the Filipino Youth?

By Harvey Keh students, it
can help build
public hospitals
country great again? Could it be
the Filipino Youth has given up in
its fight for a clean and effective
The past weeks we have so people can government? Has the youth given
witnessed yet another political receive proper up on our future? I hope I am
scandal that has rocked our health care and wrong because what is at stake
country, the ZTE Broadband it can provide here is not just my future or the
Scam wherein former COMELEC adequate housing future of the poor; it is our shared
chairman Benjamin Abalos with to thousands future that we have to continue
the apparent blessings of the First of families. But to fight for. Ayaw ba natin na
Gentleman, Mike Arroyo was said in this case, 6 dumating ang araw na bawat
to have asked for a commission of Billion Pesos Pilipino pwede nang magkaroon
US$ 130 Million or a whopping will just end up ng kalidad na edukasyon? Ayaw
6 Billion Pesos in exchange for in the pockets of ba natin na dumating ang araw
his influencing our government’s one or maybe a na hindi na natin kailangang mag
decision to award the broadband few families and abroad at mahiwalay sa pamilya
deal to ZTE, a Chinese worse, we will all para magakaroon ng magandang
Telecommunications Company. have to pay for trabaho? If we can all work
To make this happen, the ZTE their greed. together and join forces, we can
Broadband Contract was greatly Nakakainis show this administration that we
overpriced at US$ 329 Million at Nakakagalit will not just sit idly while they
and worse, the government to ang nangyayari sa continue to corrupt and destroy
be able to make this deal push ZTE Deal na to, our future, remember that in
through would have to loan harap harapan na 2010 the Filipino Youth will be
this amount from the Chinese tayong ginagago able to elect the next President of
government. In short, the US$ ng gobyerno natin our country. *Let us not wait till
130 Million kickback of Abalos and as one of my then to make a change, let us act
and his cohorts will have to be students in class now, our country needs US Now!
paid for by our tax money. said, he wouldn’t
To make things even worse, Source: www.pinoyworld.wordpress.com
be surprised if [Editor’s Note: It was Valentine’s
the government tried its darn best another scandal comes out within week when Harvey Keh sent an
to cover this deal by pressuring the Truth. Again, our government Bobby Dacer who at the height of what happened like the 1 Billion the next few months… it seems email with the subject "Where are
Joey De Venecia, the first star tried every trick to ensure that the Erap impeachment was also Peso Fertilizer Scam and the Hello that Malacañang is already so used the Filipino youth" to various youth
witness to stop talking about Lozada wouldn’t be able to testify picked up by unidentified men Garci Scandal. As Jun Lozada to scandals because they know e-groups. Harvey Keh is the Director
this in the Senate and in public, in the Senate, leading to his alleged and after weeks of looking for further said in his testimony at the they will eventually get away for Youth Leadership and Social
Joey didn’t want to cover up the kidnapping as soon as he arrived him, they finally found his body Senate, the Standard Operating with it once media and the public Entrepreneurship of the Ateneo
truth thus, Malacañang led by the from Hong Kong where he hid along with the body of his driver. Procedure in our country now is grow tired of hearing about these
de Manila-School of Government
congressman sons of President for a few days. Two men picked I can go on and on about this that every government contract is scandals. Pero para sa akin, mas
and a Lecturer at the Ateneo de
GMA led a revolt at Congress up Lozada as soon as he got out of but the point is, this government overpriced by 20%, the 20% goes nakakalungkot na parang walang
Manila University-Loyola Schools’
which ousted Joey’s dad, then the plane and brought him around has continued to steal our people’s to the pockets of our government pakialam at walang ginagawa ang
Speaker Jose De Venecia. The karamihan sa kabataang Pilipino Development Studies Program and
Metro Manila and even to Laguna money from under our nose and leaders who helped in pushing
next star witness whose courage against his will. If that can happen they continue doing this because the deal. This is indeed very sa mga nangyayaring ito, it seems Department of Theology. Harvey is
we so admire, Jun Lozada initially to Jun Lozada, that can happen they know they can get away with disappointing since 6 Billion that the Filipino Youth which also Executive Director of AHON
didn’t want to go to the Senate to every Filipino in this country. it. Just look at the many scandals Pesos can help build so many led the change in EDSA 2 is Foundation, a corporate foundation
and take part in their investigation In Jun Lozada’s words, when he that have rocked the administration classrooms for our public school nowhere to be found. Could it of Filway Marketing, Inc. that
because as he said, if he ends up in was picked up against his will, of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo students, it can provide so many be that the Filipino Youth has helps build public elementary school
the Senate, he will be forced to say he already thought about the late which we already have no idea college scholarships to deserving given up all Hope for making this libraries.]

Official Student Publication of the University of St. La Salle * USLS Coliseum Ground Floor, La Salle Ave., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental 6100 * Volume 51 Number 14

Corruption allegations Statement of the University Student Government

On the NBN-ZTE Expose of Jun Lozada

bombard PGMA Admin

By Arjay D. Solitario Virgilio Garcillano allegedly talking against President Arroyo
The University Student Government calls on all LASALLIANS to exercise responsible
citizenship NOW and to show utmost concern and awareness to the present political
and social crisis that burdens the lives of all FILIPINOS.

about rigging the election results, by two lawyers from PRO- We call all LASALLIANS to guard the TRUTH and to uphold JUSTICE. We stand united
FOUR DAYS after she assumed was released to the public. The CON(stitution) saying that she with the Lasallian Family of the Philippines to seek for Truth and Justice.
the presidency, Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo administration challenged was behind in giving out 1 year
Arroyo approved the controversial its critics to bring the matter to the PhilHealth Insurance Card to
We urge all LASALLIANS to be DISCERNING of the facts presented by Mass Media and
power plant contract and awarded court. Arroyo’s coalition dominates persuade the recipient to vote
the project to the Argentine firm the lower house and blocked Arroyo for President.
by Political Personalities involved.
IMPSA (Industrial Metalurgicas attempts for impeachment. FIRST GENTLEMAN Jose
Pescamona Sociedad Anonima). 14 JOCELYN I. BOLANTE, Mr. Miguel Arroyo allegedly stayed at We ask all LASALLIANS to be CONSCIENTIOUS of their choices and decisions.
days later, Arroyo administration Arroyo’s classmate at the Ateneo de a $20,000 per night suite at the
approved the sovereign guarantee Manila University and a colleague MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, All Lasallian Student Leaders, WE believe this crisis is crucial in shaping the future of our
on IMPSA’s loans that was at the Rotary Club District Nevada during the boxing match, beloved country; in our HOPES of building a united Philippines; and in our IDEALS to
alleged to be in exchange of a $14 3830, oversees the Ginintuang last March 19, between Manny become witness as a CHRISTIAN NATION.
million bribe. On how the bribe Masaganang Ani program. The Pacquaio and Erick Morales of
was divided according to reports: alleged diversion of funds that is Mexico.
Today, we COMMIT to promote this stand as ONE LA SALLE.
Hernando “Nani” Perez collected supposedly for the project was used One of the many controversies
$2 million, the Arroyo couple for President Arroyo’s campaign. the first family had was the

University of St. La Salle

collected $7 million, and the rest Jocelyn Bolante cleared the name alleged illegal importation of 32
to their accomplices. of the First Gentleman from any HIGHBRED HORSES. The
ON AUGUST 18, 2003 the involvement. mastermind - first presidential son
first gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo NORTHRAIL PROJECT Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo.
Political Science Society
was accused by Senator Panfilo that costs $503 million will
Lacson of money laundering evict 40,000 families that will These are just among the many A PRAYER
amounting to P 321 million in be relocated somewhere else. scandals that erupted during the
campaign funds and contributions The cost is allegedly overpriced. PGMA Administration. We, the Political Science students of the University of St. La Salle, guided by the principles
to a secret bank account under According to reports, evicted Now, it’s the ZTE-NBN anchored on Fides, Veritas, Fidelis and Servitium, declare the following statements
the fictitious name Jose Pidal. families were forced to buy Scandal. The President is predicted in response to the issues of corruption and moral bankruptcy that are plaguing our
Mr. Arroyo’s younger brother, overpriced construction materials to face more challenges as PGMA government:
Ignacio, came out to say that he is from suppliers favored by National continues to reject calls for her
Jose Pidal. Housing Authority (NHA) using resignation.
HELLO GARCI scandal started the provided assistance money.
Fides (Faith)
after the audio recording of the BEFORE THE May 2004 Sources:
conversation of President Arroyo elections, a disqualification case Newsbreak, PCIJ, “Scandals in the - We believe that amidst these dark, turbulent times, there is a God of justice and
and then Election Commissioner was filed before the COMELEC (First) Family” by Yvonne Chua mercy who guides those who seek, stand and fight for the truth;
- We believe that the values and teachings that Jesus Christ espoused in His ministry

Computing the Overpriced ZTE

are vital in reinvigorating our morally exhausted society;
- We believe that, in line with our La Sallian idealism, we are called to move hearts,
change minds and touch lives;
- We believe that the La Salle Brothers are guided by the wisdom of God in their
Wednesday, 30 January 2008 decisions and actions with regard to the issues at hand.

vs vs
Veritas (Truth)

- We trust that the statements of Mr. Rodolfo Noel “Jun” Lozada, Jr., under oath, are
true and driven by the right motives;
- We urge CHED Chairman Romulo Neri and all those who have knowledge about
the network of corruption by our public officials to speak out and join the pursuit of
- We insist that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her allies should not hold
Source: Newsbreak

back the truth from the people, especially with the use of government resources;
- We call on our fellow students, especially our student leaders, to condemn the
culture of corruption not only in government but also in all institutions of our society
and join the call for truth and accountability;
Last Updated ( Friday, 08 February 2008 )

Fidelis (Loyalty)

Jun Lozada... - We insist that the powers granted by the Constitution to our government officials, be
exercised properly and judiciously to defend OUR Civil Liberties and Human Rights
and not to be used for selfish ends;
from page 1
www.thespectrum.ph - We call on our congressmen and local government officials that they must act in
VOL. 51 NO. 14 FEBRUARY 26, 2008 school year 2011-2012. accordance with the will of their constituents and not as servants of political largesse
Mr. Lozada recounted that for political ends;
Editor-in-Chief Manuel Jeffrey O. Sistoso when he decided to testify in the - We demand that the Rule of Law should be respected to protect the whole citizenry
Managing Editor Arjay D. Solitario Senate, 'I was just trying to save and not for political convenience and expediency;
Newspaper Editor Aries D. Cariño my soul. I didn't know I would
Asst. Newspaper Editor Allen Gabriel M. Iñigo save our country's soul.' He then
Magazine Editor Janela Joy R. Libo-on Servitium (Service)
led his supporters in praying the
Asst. Magazine Editor Neslie Faith V. Sianson One La Salle prayer:
Literary Editor Jamie F. Bentinganan - We join in the Communal Action that calls for the liberation of truth and moral
Layout & Graphics Editor Rigil Kent B. Ariola renewal of our society;
Asst. Layout Editor Timothy A. Escopete
Let me be the change I want to see
to do with strength and wisdom all - We urge our fellow students to be vigilant and to stand for what is just and true;
Newspaper Writers Magazine Writers that needs to be done - We implore our mentors to continue guiding us with the values and principles of our
Arthur Jason I. Javellana Andrea Y. Derecho founder, St. John Baptiste de La Salle, in these times of turmoil in the country; and
and become the hope I can be
Kathreen Joyce I. Tubid Marcelina Yandall - We call on every Filipino, in service to the nation, to walk the path of truth that Jun
John Alexander M. Cuyoca Celine Chua
Epi Ma. Kassandra A. Dajao Set me free from my tears and Lozada treaded.
Randell T. Aranza Photojournalists hesitations
Hector Gregory A. Benedicto WE BREAK OUR SILENCE BECAUSE:
Layout Artists Krazelle M. Escarrilla Grant me courage and humility
Jumpee P. Tipon Paolo Trio Fill me with Spirit to face the
Mark Romulo C. Tumbagahan
- We do not want the values that St. La Salle and our Mentors instilled in us be sown
Editorial Assistants in unfertile grounds;
and start the change I long to see
Illustrators Regi Joseph B. Arguelles - We do not want to live in a society where the culture of lies and deceptions is a way
Patrick U. Ellaga Mervin G. Vera of life and telling the truth is an extraordinary thing to do;
Jobelle G. Vallega Charmae Labao Even if I am not the light
- We do not want to inherit a political system with corruption, greed and avarice;
Moderator I can be the spark
Ms. Hannah Papasin-Mariveles In faith, service and communion
- More importantly, we do not want EVIL TO TRIUMPH BECAUSE WE DO
The Spectrum is the Official Student Publication of the University of St. La Salle. Its let us start the change we want NOTHING.
editorial office is located at the USLS Coliseum Ground Floor, La Salle Ave., Bacolod to see
City, Negros Occidental 6100; it can be reached through the telephone number, (034)
432-1187 local 172 and e-mail address, spectrum_usls@yahoo.com. The change that begins in me
All rights reserved. No part of The Spectrum may be reproduced in any form with-
out the written consent of the publication. All contributions become The Spectrum prop- St. John Baptiste de La Salle, PRAY FOR US.
erty and the Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to edit all articles for publication.
Member: National Alliance of Lasallian Campus Journalists.
Live, Jesus, in our hearts FOR- Live Jesus in our hearts, FOREVER.

Official Student Publication of the University of St. La Salle * USLS Coliseum Ground Floor, La Salle Ave., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental 6100 * Volume 51 Number 14

The ZTE-National Broadband Network (NBN) Scandal
has caught the attention of the youth at the start of 2008.
The Spectrum randomly asked Lasallians about their stand on the issue.
Compiled by Timothy A. Escopete

He who has no sin cast the first stone. Any truth change I believe in him because he’s Lozada was against PGMA
must come from those who have clean hands. In confusing consistent. If what he’s saying right? I think he is trying
times, (1) beware of false prophets, (2) discernment over is not true, he could have to correct what was wrong.
emotions and (3) look who’s contradicted himself. But there are still people
talking. To oust GMA and replace - Rodniel R. Rospuesto who are opposing. But
her with another trapo is not the ENEC 5 it depends, on how you
answer. We will again repeat the interpret the story.
cycle from EDSA 1 to EDSA 2. His statements are true because - Lydee C. Ledesma COHM2A
We will never change. We will only (1) his family is at stake and (2)
repeat history. he is credible. Sometimes he is crazy that’s why
- Mr. Jose Marie T. Bayona, Asst. Discipline Officer - Farah Jenny D. Ambag I can’t believe him because he is
COMT3A moody - smile, cry, etc. It’s his
Being a civilized and democratic society, we should always style and all is “drama.” What
adhere to the rule of law and it dictates that we should In yearning for the truth, we have he’s saying can’t be trusted.
follow the constitutional process. I’m not saying that nothing to lose but our chain and a - Marc Emerson R. Gabriel
Lozada’s statements are all wrong but I’m sure not all his great nation to gain. ENCH5A
statements are correct. We should not be easily swayed - Matthew O. Parreño,
by his theatrics and we should not be so emotional or ABPO3A
passionate in confronting this kind I believe he is credible. He is
of issues. Only in the Philippines What he’s saying is real but consistent in his statements.
that it’s so easy to make saints there is no better president than These days it’s hard to find a
and heroes and with the kind of PGMA because our economy has person who would risk his own
attention and media treatment improved. life for his country.
given to Lozada, he is now in the - Bea Grace L. Pedreso BN2K - Marie Diane Andrea G. Taleon BN2
pedestal as that of a saint.
- Atty. Cesar Distrito, Political Science Professor His allegations has basis but lack
He is credible and he’s telling the of witnesses and support of the
Actually, it’s tiring to hear all those expose because we truth that is why he was kidnapped officers from the government. I
have all of those every year and to prevent him from telling it. think he is right.
it’s a trend in the government. - Jimmy D. Bustamante Jr. BN4I - Cyril V. Villason
They want change but there is COMT3B , COMK3C
no real change. The situation is He is saying the truth because
getting worst especially each time there is consistency in his
testimonies and whatever question
there is a new official.
the senate will ask, he can answer.
What is $130 Million?
- Gladys May P. Guinabo, BEGS4B - Carmela C. Tadena BDSP2A By Reese Fernandez, Team RP

6,500,000,000 PHP for ONE family IS EQUAL TO:

I don’t watch that news. I don’t I believe in Lozada. He won’t
really care. risk his family’s safety if what Luxury cars they could parade in the streets with no speed
- Madelyn T. Lobaton, limit, coding, or any respect for traffic policies
he’s saying isn’t true. It would Vacation houses that would be empty for 11.75 months a
COHM2A be useless to testify if the people year
won’t do something to stop the Family vacations in Europe, the US, the Moon, etc.
continuing corruption. Handbags that are more expensive than low cost houses
I believe in Lozada because the Watches that could send a dozen scholars from pre-school to
- Marie Michelle L. Pama, high school
La Salle brothers do and because BSPS2A
I am a La Sallian. Anybody who 6,500,000,000 PHP IS EQUAL TO:
can quote Rizal deserves my He is credible. If I were in his
support too. 108,000 families that would be given decent homes that they
place, I won’t risk my life if I am could live in for 15-20 years
- Ma. Sophia G. Chua BEEN4A just lying. 77,380 employees that would be fairly supported for one year
- Roda M. Hugo ABMC3A 135,416 Scholars who could go to decent colleges for four
I don’t think he is credible. I years
think he is babbling nonsense. 40,000 people who would get health insurance for a year
11,607 Scholars who could study in ATENEO or LA SALLE
That’s all. 50% true and 50% I pitty him. for 4 years with stipend and school supplies allowance
- Mark Alvin Castor- Because he speaks the truth, his life 9,285 Public School libraries that would serve 18,570,000
Hinolan COMA3A is in danger. Why bother to speak public school students

and sacrifice life if it isn’t the truth.

I don’t believe in him. He could - Cristina Reynes COMA2B WHAT IS 130 MILLION DOLLARS TO YOU?
have done it before. Why only
now? Personal Interest? How many schools would that be?
- Anduesito V. Esparar, How many children would be given laptops for their

USLS Security Guard I am for the truth but we have to follow the process. Senate education?
How many street children could be saved from the streets?
inquiry brings us to nowhere. We have to use the courts of I am inviting you to calculate for your country.
Lozada is reliable. I can say that law to seek the truth and not public opinion because it is
he’s telling the truth. I support him.
extremely dangerous. We may lose control of the situation Make a Difference through educating the Filipinos in your own
- Deljun V. Ordon network. Fan the Flames and NEVER allow ANYONE to get away
ENEC3D and end up in anarchy. with our money, our rights, our opportunities, and our dignity
as a Nation.
- Atty. Jovi Gayatao, Political Science Professor

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